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Last updated: May 8, 2022

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…speedy and efficient repair…

May 03, 2022The timer has now been successfully re-installed in our range which is now back in full service thanks to your speedy and efficient repair to this item.

This was done in a quick and easy way and we appreciate the quality of the work that was performed


John Gerrard Peacock
Grand Manan, New Brunswick
Re: Whirlpool WERP4110PQ1 9760422

…within a week was informed that my timer was successfully repaired…

Apr 18, 2022I have a 27 year old Maytag Washing machine that had a failing control timer. Searches for a replacement yielded only the information that the part was obsolete and unavailable until I came upon Appliance Timers information on rebuilding timers. I competed the service request and was given very detailed information on the process to get my timer rebuilt.

The price was very acceptable and the timing was also. I followed the instructions on mailing the timer to them in Quebec and within a week was informed that my timer was successfully repaired and on the way back to me. Thank you Appliance Timers for saving me the hassle and cost of replacing a very good machine!!

Dennis Cooney
Erie, Pennsylvania
Re: Maytag LAW9304AAE 22001256

…money well spent…

Apr 16, 2022Appliance Timers repaired/rebuilt a 30+ year old timer from my Kenmore washing machine. Good turn around time and the timer now works like it's supposed to, saving me from having to purchase a new washing machine for a few more years. It was money well spent.

Kelly Peters
Regina, Saskatchewan
Re: Kenmore

Exceptional customer service

Apr 13, 2022Exceptional customer service and a very speedy delivery. Works perfect, thanks so much.

Holly Ivens
Woodville, Ontario
Re: Frigidaire

Highly recommend this service…

Apr 07, 2022I had given up hope for repairing an ancient Maytag A712 washer. The issue was a broken mechanical timer. However, due to the washer's age, there were no replacement parts available. It was a great day when I found Appliance Timers.com on the Web. Once they had received the timer, they repaired it at a cost less than an OEM part, had one been available, and it was back in the mail in only two days. We reinstalled the timer and it's working perfectly. Highly recommend this service.

Laura Cleaver
Cincinnati, Ohio
Re: Maytag A712 WP206228 (timer case says 52869)

I will definitely recommend this business…

Apr 04, 2022Our bake element stopped warming and we noticed the timer was not showing signs of it heating up. Appliance Timers was extremely fast at solving the issue and with shipping! They even helped me to troubleshoot shoot the fuse issue I was having after installing our oven. I will definitely recommend this business to anyone who needs oven repair help!

Andrea Tousignant
Lethbridge, Alberta
Re: Frigidaire CGEB27S7CB1 318010701

…exceptional company to deal with…

Mar 31, 2022I would like to say that this was an exceptional company to deal with. After emailing them received a quick reply . I sent my timer to them and it was repaired and returned promptly, installed it and works perfectly . Thanks

James Maxwell
Lorette West, Manitoba
Re: Whirlpool GJP85802 9754114 or WP9754114

…working wonderfully…

Mar 24, 2022I have an older Whirlpool washing machine and the timer on it broke. My repairman could not get a new part and I looked everywhere and could not find one either.

I mailed them the timer on March 1st (using the fastest UPSP shipping available) and they received it March 8th. I received an invoice on March 20th, paid it that day and the timer was sent Fed Ex the next day. I received it on March 24th and had it re-installed. The washng machine is now washing its first load and appears to be working wonderfully.

Thank you, appliancetimers.com, for refurbishing the broken timer and allowing me to keep the "old style" washing machine that fills with water and has an agitator. The process took a bit longer than I had hoped, but I would do it again. So far I am very happy with the results.

Thank you for being an honest business and for the wonderful customer service.

Sue F
Turtle Lake, Wisconsin
Re: Whirlpool LSR7233DQ0 WP3948171

…works like new!…

Mar 21, 2022The mechanical timer in my dad's washing machine would intermittently stop during a wash cycle. We couldn't find a replacement due to its age (it's over 40 years old), but managed to find this site which offered repair services. We've been using the repaired timer for nearly a month now and it works like new! Thank you very much for fixing it - I would definitely use your service again if the timers in any of his other appliances quit. To anyone reading this and considering sending in their timer, the service is well worth the price!

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Re: Inglis

…kept it out of the land fill…

Mar 15, 2022the timer we sent in for rebuild was not available from the suppliers. Yet the oven was in perfect condition. This option of sending away and having it fixed was not only cost effective for the consumer but also kept it out of the land fill. Yes it worked out and looks great. Thank you

Jerry Wall
Smithers, British Columbia
Re: Electrolux

…saved me from having to buy a new oven…

Feb 19, 2022ApplianceTimers repaired and returned my 27-year-old oven timer board. I re-installed it, and everything is working fine.

There was a neighborhood power outage here. The oven just hummed after power was restored. A local repairman IDed the board as the trouble spot but could not repair it due to parts unavailability. After checking oven prices and having a drink I found ApplianceTimers.com via an internet search on the timer part number. The site information about their history with this part was straightforward and informative. Comments were positive except for a few complaints about no or slow responses to inquiries. I asked a couple of questions about my situation and received a short informative response in two days. The repair took a little over three weeks - a week going out USPS, a week minus inhouse, and a week plus coming back FedEx.

I recommend their service. It saved me from having to buy a new oven because of a discontinued timer (actually 2 ovens if I wanted them to match).

Joe Marshall
Redwood City, California
Re: Jenn-Air W27100B 71002123

Excellent service

Feb 10, 2022Excellent service and turn around time. Once they received the part, they repaired it and sent back within three days. Timer works as originally designed. I would recommend them for any similar repairs. Only wish Fedex was as prompt with their delivery service.

William Clearwater
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Re: General Electric JTP45BA3BB WB44T10055 replaced with WB44T10283

Awesome service!…

Feb 07, 2022Awesome service! They received our control board on Friday and had it ready the following Monday. Our oven is working again and as a bonus the display is brighter and the annoying buzzing is gone! I highly recommend ApplianceTimers

Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

…you guys are the best…

Feb 04, 2022Thank you so much for the repair and quick turnaround of my outdated maytag timer. I so appreciate your turning it around in ONE DAY and getting it back to me quickly. You guys are the best and I highly recommend you! Thanks again every so much!

Jeanne Boswell
Cochranton, Pennsylvania
Re: Maytag Maytag A8840 207374

…saved them the huge expense…

Jan 31, 2022I am an apprentice electrician in Atlanta Georgia. A friend of mine recently had a range fail and was seeking repair for the main circuitboard. She tried another vendor who couldn’t fix it and we ended up finding you, luckily. Not only did you guys spend a lot of time working with my friend to help her figure out what was wrong and what she could do, and explain your process….. etc. , etc. but you gave her hope when everyone else gave her a canned answer.

You know how good you are - I just wanted to write a message and let you know that now we both know how good you are, how kind you are, how thorough you are. There were some other electrical problems including trouble at the breaker panel that we since rectified and now the range is operational and your repairs seem to be working great. That saved them the huge expense of having to buy another product and having to modify their cabinets to fit in a new stove.

In the future, I’ll be sure to send the business your way. If you have a preferred website for us to post your reviews such as on Google etc., please let me know and I will be happy to go there and sing your praises as well. you did what no one else could, you did it in an extraordinarily professional and high-quality manner. Saying I’m grateful just doesn’t quite say enough. Thank you and we wish you continued success.

Very best regards,

William Squires
Atlanta, Georgia

Works like new

Jan 16, 2022Broiler function wouldn't come on. Works like new again.

North Bay, Ontario
Re: Kenmore

…works like a charm…

Jan 14, 2022Howard said he was 99% sure he could fix my soon to be 29 year old Maytag timer. I debated if I wanted to bother sending it the whole way to Canada and be without a washer for how long but decided it was worth a shot. It took longer for it to get there with the holidays than it took him to fix it. My timer came back yesterday and I was doing a load of laundry 15 min later! It works like a charm and I am soooo happy I sent it to get fixed because there are NO TIMERS left in this world I am certain.

Thank you Howard!!!

heidi myers
erie, Pennsylvania
Re: Maytag LAT9593AAL 208196

…works perfectly…

Jan 03, 2022Excellent experience: My initial phone call was promptly answered by a live and knowledgeable person who correctly diagnosed the issue. He suggested replacement rather than repair since he predicted (as it turned out correctly) that the original board would be too damaged for repair. He gave practical advice for the installation new board. The new board arrived well secured and 1 day ahead of expected delivery. Board installed without issue and stove now works perfectly.

Guy Quesnel
Ottawa, Ontario
Re: Kenmore C970-445681 318183403

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