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Last updated: Mar 21, 2024

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You have eased my frustrations and made my wife very happy

Oct 05, 2012We received our timer about 2 weeks ago and it works great! I was extremely frustrated and disappointed that our newer oven quit working and the replacement timer was discontinued.

When our oven quit working, it was so frustrating. After taking parts to the repair center getting them tested, told they were bad, paid unnecessary money, and waiting week after week for new parts, only to be disappointed. Paid for a technician to come to our home for a diagnostic, ordered more unnecessary parts, wait for additional time for shipping, only to once again be disappointed.

If you could only imagine how upsetting this could be, let alI ne going w/o an oven for that long of time and throughout the holidays. You have eased my frustrations and made the wife very happy.I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for fixing out oven timer.

Jason Thornwall
Taylorsville, Utah
Re: Amana acs4250aw 31-32108001-0

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