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… I'll undoubtedly be using them if I need timer service in the future…

Jul 18, 2023Maytag mechanical timer 206230The timer in our '80s vintage Maytag washer went out in May, 2023. I searched for about 2 weeks for a replacement; without success. Finally, an internet search turned up The website looked promising, so I gave Mr. Simons a call. He immediately said the timer could be repaired, so I decided to send it up north (there wasn't any alternative, really). It went out on May 15th, and I had it back before the end of the month. After the timer was reinstalled, I determined that the drive motor had failed, and taken the timer out with it. Once the motor was replaced, the rebuilt timer, and the machine, worked perfectly again. Thanks to Mr. Simons and for their expertise - I'll undoubtedly be using them if I need timer service in the future.

Randy Sorenson
Spring Valley, California
Re: Maytag model LA506 Mechanical Washer Timer Part Number 206230

…better-than-new condition…

Jul 18, 2023When our 30-year old oven timer failed, we turned to Appliance Timers to fix the old timer. In just days, it came back to us in better-than-new condition. I highly recommend this company for their expert service.

Peter Rothenberg
Porter Ranch, California
Re: Dacor Model W305 Part Number 82648

…saved me hundreds of dollars

Aug 01, 2022I wished to let you know that the Bosch dishwasher timer you repaired for me worked perfectly. It was an older dishwasher and I was not able to find a new replacement part. I was expecting to purchase a new appliance, but your repair saved me hundreds of dollars. And that is important in these times.

Thank you for the great service.

Jack Schroll
Oakland, California
Re: Bosch 516 617A

…repair is great…

Jul 18, 2022The lead time was a little long, but the repair is great. The readout is nice and bright and the oven now heats properly. Thanks for a nice repair with no surprises.

Roger Hamlin
Petaluma, California
Re: Thermador RDSS30RS

…expert repair…

Jun 27, 2022Thank you so much for your expert repair efforts, our old Maytag washer is up and running like the day we installed it some 25+ years ago. Manufactures, for a multitude of good and BAD reasons simply do not make equipment like they use too. lt's a blessing that people like you are able to keep these fine efficient old machines running.

My kindest regards to you sir,

Phillip Louis Salvato
El Cajon, California
Re: Maytag LAT9593AAW 208196

…saved me from having to buy a new oven…

Feb 19, 2022ApplianceTimers repaired and returned my 27-year-old oven timer board. I re-installed it, and everything is working fine.

There was a neighborhood power outage here. The oven just hummed after power was restored. A local repairman IDed the board as the trouble spot but could not repair it due to parts unavailability. After checking oven prices and having a drink I found via an internet search on the timer part number. The site information about their history with this part was straightforward and informative. Comments were positive except for a few complaints about no or slow responses to inquiries. I asked a couple of questions about my situation and received a short informative response in two days. The repair took a little over three weeks - a week going out USPS, a week minus inhouse, and a week plus coming back FedEx.

I recommend their service. It saved me from having to buy a new oven because of a discontinued timer (actually 2 ovens if I wanted them to match).

Joe Marshall
Redwood City, California
Re: Jenn-Air W27100B 71002123

…service is excellent…

Dec 23, 2021Thank you so much! We just installed our new timer and everything works great! We can bake cookies again. Your service is excellent. We will recommend your company to anyone who asks. Feel free to use our endorsement.

Thanks again

Stephen F Johnson
Woodside, California
Re: Thermador RDF30QB 486752

…works perfectly…

Feb 24, 2021Thank you for the fine service on the oven timer. The unit works perfectly. This saved me from having to purchase a replacement oven. I am very grateful.

, California
Re: General Electric JGBP35GEP1 WG AP2632694

…services were amazing…

Sep 22, 2020Your services were amazing. thank you so much for your timely repair and return of my timer. My washer is working like new and I avoided the purchase of a new washer.

Dana E Freeman
Walnut Creek, California
Re: Maytag LAT9616AAM 22001691

…strongly recommend your company…

Sep 05, 2020I just want you to know how pleased I am with the service provided by your company. You repaired my timer in an efficient amount of time. Upon receipt of the repaired timer, I put it back into the oven and it works perfectly. Thank you so much for helping me. I will strongly recommend your company to anybody in need of appliance repair.

David Ramm
Chula Vista, California
Re: Jenn-Air D156 205983

…works very well…

May 06, 2020The timer you repaired works very well. Thanks for your help.

Hobie Burgess
Lake lsinore, California
Re: Maytag 22 38832 12001620

…working like new

Oct 03, 2019Repaired dacor range timer model w305b-82648Our problem was the knob to set the temp (and time) did not go up and down linearly when turned. It hops around, eventually landing on the correct temp (time) by trial and error. We had an appliance repair service say there was no way to get a replacement. I did have the repairman assist with removing the controller board with display so that I could be sure to put it back together. The whole process to what appears to be a completely new timer took about 2 weeks, most of the time consumed by shipping from the San Diego area to Canada. Not only is it working like new, but the knob for setting the timer had snapped off and we thought it could never be replaced. That was fixed and it wasn't something that we even asked for. I wish I had known about the service before we ended up spending $$$'s to get a repair person out to tell us he couldn't really solve the problem.

Very satisfied!

Karl Rudnick
Solana Beach, California
Re: Dacor W305B 82648

…works perfectly…

Mar 08, 2019Thanks so much for fixing my timer! It works perfectly. Saved me a couple thousand dollars. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner will be a breeze this year.


Traci Larinto
Pasadena, California
Re: General Electric JKP27WOP1WG WB27K5040

…received the rebuilt timer very quickly and in excellent condition…

Sep 28, 2018I received the rebuilt timer very quickly and in excellent condition. A quick swap of the old timer and my range is working like new again. Having access to parts that are discontinued by the manufacturer is a wonderful thing and kept me from having to replace an otherwise fully functional appliance. Thank you for the quick service and the high quality part.

Ahmet Aydogan
San Francisco, California
Re: Frigidaire

…a really good deal…

Sep 27, 2018First time customer here. These people fixed our timer, oven temp controller with no problem, it works like new.

We are so use to just ordering a new part, but when you can't find a new or used part, you replace the item. Well don't even though it seems like a hassle to mail it to them it is worth it. They kept us informed on the progress of the repair and when it was shipped.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THESE PEOPLE. I had 2 choices, spend 1300.00 on a new oven OR 200.00 to repair it. Total cost , was right at 200.00 with shipping, I feel I got a really good deal.

Palm Springs, California
Re: Unknown

Jul 15, 2018After month long fruitless searching for new timer or repair shop, my wife already selected new dish washer. Then, I almost accidently discovered Canada's ApplianceTimers .com. I contacted them, got info, sent timer, paid fixed price, received repaired timer, installed it and my wife uses washer as before.

Thank You Howard.

San Meteo, California
Re: Kenmore Mechanical Washer Timer

Thank you so much for a very great business.…

May 23, 2018Dear

You are AWESOME. We received our timer yesterday and I reinstalled it in our stove today. The display was nice and bright. The clock worked. I had to wait ten agonizing minutes to see if my oven would function. How great it was to see it reached 350 within the timeframe and to see a glowing red element throwing off heat. I can’t thank you enough. I admit I was very skeptical, and quite honestly thought I was throwing money to the wind. You have definitely proved me wrong. Better than that, you saved me over $6000 for a new stove.

Thank you so much for a very great business. I’m so glad I found you and took the leap of faith that you could fix my EOC. So many Frigidaires and I’m sure other appliances exist on that one part alone. Hope you make millions, but don’t raise your rates. I might need to use you again.

Very happy indeed. Thank you again.

Virginia Pavlow
Redondo Beach, California
Re: Frigidaire PLCF489CCC 318010102

You made it new…

Nov 04, 2017Many thanks. Appliance Timers is Great! 25 year old stove, GE, no parts. You made it new, with Handyman, Terence Galati.

Janice Salomon
Northridge, California
Re: General Electric

…works like new

Apr 03, 2017I just wanted to thank you for a job well done!   Timer was shipped back promptly and is now back in the oven and it works like new — display is even much crisper than before. Thanks again for enabling us to get our oven repaired vs having to replace the whole appliance.

A happy customer,

Stephan Meier
Los Altos, California
Re: Thermador 14-33-347

…display is brighter than … when it was new!…

Sep 27, 2016We just wanted to say THANK YOU so very much for fixing our oven/timer control for our Kenmore Elite Stove!

We had all but given up on this stove....Our son searched online and found you....We sent the part to you and kept our fingers crossed.

Not only did you send it back working ...but the digital display is brighter that it ever has been even when it was new! It had gotten so dim we literally had to close the blinds and turn out the lights and cup our hands around it to see the temperature read out ... it was crazy. You literally saved us a couple of thousand dollars on a new stove. You have very happy customers here....the first thing I did was bake brownies...we had been with out an oven for 7 months....with California weather and it being Bar-B-Que season we didn't miss it a lot...but my family missed my baking, so now we can really plan for the holidays and all the goodies that go with it !!!

Thanks Again....I have been singing your praises to all who listen!

Lee-Anne & Paul Martinez
Suisun City, California
Re: Kenmore 790.75503 318010102

Works perfectly!…

Jan 11, 2016Thank you! Installed the rebuilt part today. Works perfectly!


John Myers
Oakdale, California
Re: General Electric jtp10gsbg

Saved $1000…

May 05, 2015I was crestfallen to find that GE no longer supplies replacement timers for my 20 year old oven and that I would have to pay $1500 to replace my wall oven.

Then I found your website, read the testimonials, and decided to give it a shot. The shipping to Canada was a bit more than predicted ($42), but it was well worth it.

We received our timer back promptly and our oven works great! Thanks for saving us over $1000!!

Thanks a million!

Elizabeth Crary
Fresno, California
Re: General Electric Jtp14w0vzww Wb27k5195

I am thrilled…

Apr 30, 2013I am still thrilled that you repaired the timer. I have been in contact with Sears and they are in the business of customer non service. I contacted the consumer advocate, Clark Howard, and told him of the problem with Sears and that you did a great job. Hope that is ok.. I also hope you will be repairing shortly.

Ray Rasmussen
Tollhouse, California
Re: Frigidaire 790.99513307 5304461061

…expert, timely service

Mar 04, 2013Thank you for following up on the oven timer repair. We installed the unit a week or so back, but didn't get a chance for a thorough test until last night. And the oven is back in business! This is a tremendous help since now we will not have to replace the range for big $$$. Thank you for the expert, timely service.

J Rethwish
San Diego, California
Re: General Electric JGSP31GER1WG WB27K5038

…saved us about $2000.00…

Dec 12, 2012Hi Howard,

I don’t use google or facebook so unfortunately cannot give you a review there. I thought your service was excellent, especially the very specific instructions you gave for shipping which were very helpful. Once you received the timer, the turnaround time was amazing! The timer we sent was repaired and is working great. That saved us about $2000.00 compared to replacing the double oven that is in place.

Since many of the properties we manage are older, we will probably be using your services again.

Thank you,

Margaret Hellen
McClellan Business Park, LLC
Vice President Property Management
McClellan, California
Re: General Electric JKP27G0D2BG

…very happy…

Nov 27, 2012I am very happy! The turkey and pies for Thanksgiving turned out perfect and that’s all thanks to you! I’ve liked you on Facebook and will let others know about your service. Thank you again.

Make it a great day,

San Jose, California
Re: General Electric JTP11WS WB27X5482

…saved me approximately $2500.00!…

Nov 12, 2012My expecations were exceeded! Nothing could have been improved. My local Coastal Appliance guy (genius) reinstalled the oven and it works perfectly. Thank you for being available when I called, too. So grateful. $240.00 all in---saved me approximately $2500.00!

Linda Plager
Santa Cruz, California

I appreciate all the time that you took with me over the phone…

Oct 22, 2012The timer was installed the next day after it arrived and everything has worked quite well. I appreciate all the time that you took with me over the phone to get the problem diagnosed to avoid sending in a possibly working timer.

Once we were able to diagnose the that the problem was the timer I was quite impressed with the short time it took to repair and return the part.

Thank you for all you help.

Kevin Pack
Ramona, California
Re: General Electric J KP15A0V1AA WB 27K 5190

You guys are lifesavers…

Jan 11, 2010This is a thank you note. My Dacor w-305 now works perfectly. You guys are lifesavers…miracle workers; or at least you saved us a couple of thousand smackers. You were our last resort before replacing the oven. Quick service, good communication and all that. Thank Howard especially; he convinced me that you guys could do the job. I note that you appear to have done more than a simple repair… all the switches including the rotary appear to have been replaced, and do they work smoothly. You did a rebuild! The picture of one of your rebuild stations on your website also convinced me you had a reliable business. And most of all, I thank the bloke that actually did the work… whoever he is. Please let me know if I can be a reference, or if there is somewhere else I can send this praise and recommendation.

Dave Pevear
Jamul, California

Thank You!…

Dec 09, 2009Thank You for the oven control repair. We can now bake bread again!

Happy Customers,

John and Gail Day
Moss Landing, California

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