Why Repair your Appliance Timer?

Beware of Hidden Costs

Don't forget about all of the hidden costs associated with replacing your appliance, these may include:

  • Time to research and select a new appliance
  • Delivery charges
  • Disposal fees
  • Installation charges (particularly for gas appliances)
  • Taxes
  • Extended warranty
  • Time to learn how to operate the new appliance

Cost Savings

Repairing appliance timers is much cheaper than replacing them. Our timer repair fee is typically 50-80% less than the cost of new replacement timers. This cost savings is the number one reason why consumers and service firms choose to repair faulty timers.

For ovens, the timer and the elements are generally the only parts that fail, therefore, it makes sense to replace these since the oven itself can last for many years. Repairing, rather than replacing, appliances will almost always reduce your total cost of ownership.

Better Warranty

Most appliance manufacturers only warranty new parts for 90 days; our repaired timers are guaranteed for a full year.

Want more than one year of protection? Learn about our affordable Extended Warranties.

Better Quality

In many cases, repaired timers are “better than new”. This is because timers typically fail due to manufacturing flaws. If you replace your failed timer, there is a good chance that the new timer will suffer from the same flaw that your original timer had. When we repair your failed appliance timer, we can frequently correct its inherent flaws, so it is less likely to fail again.

We practice a highly-robust quality assurance methodology utilizing sophisticated proprietary computerized testing equipment. Our methods ensure that every timer we rebuild has been proven to function across all cycles and for extended periods.

Lack of Replacement Parts

If you have an older appliance, you may find that new replacement timers are no longer available. We manufacture many of our replacement parts so we are able to repair timers long after they can be replaced. If your failed timer is obsolete or unavailable, we can still rebuild it.

Environmentally Responsible

Not only do you save money by repairing your appliances, you also help save the environment. You reduce your carbon footprint by extending the life of your appliances and you help reduce the demands on landfill sites. Most landfill sites also charge a fee to dispose of your used appliance.