Appliance Timer Removal

Most people have never replaced an appliance timer before and are apprehensive about trying this on their own. In most cases, this can be done very easily using a few common tools. If you, or someone you know, is somewhat handy you should have no problem following the instructions below. If you run into any difficulty, call us toll free at 1‑888‑519‑1939 and we will do our best to assist you.

Disconnect Power

Before removing or inspecting your timer, it is extremely important that you disconnect the power to your appliance. If the appliance has a digital display, take note of any failure codes that may be present in this display before you disconnect the power.

Gaining Access to the Timer

You may need to open up your appliance to gain access to the timer. Some timers can be accessed from the back of the appliance others require removal from the front. Check your Owner's Manual as this may include a diagram that shows how the timer can be accessed.

Here is a collection of third-party videos that you may find useful:

As you remove the screws, it is a good idea to tape them near the location from which they were removed. This will help ensure that all of the screws are replaced correctly when installing the repaired timer. This is especially important when all of the screws are not the same size.

Label the Wiring

Before removing your timer, you should always label the wires that connect to the timer to ensure that it is reconnected correctly. We recommend using masking tape and a permanent marker to associate the terminals that are to be connected. If there is a wiring harness connected to the timer, be sure to mark the orientation of the harness to make sure it not reversed when plugging it back in.

Unplug the Terminals and Harnesses

Most of the wires connected to your timer will have pressure terminals that can be slid off. You may need to gently wiggle the terminal back and forth disconnect the terminal. The wiring harness may have a clip that needs to be held to allow removal. Some terminals require a screw to be removed in order to disconnect the wire.

Remove the Timer

Identify the screws and brackets that hold the timer in place and remove these. Once again as you remove these screws you may want to tape them near to the holes where they belong.

Be careful when handling the timer board to avoid damaging any of the attached components.

Remove the Peripherals

When sending us a common range timer or a mechanical timer, it is usually sufficient to just send the timer, itself.

If the problem timer is an electronic timer from a washer, dryer or dishwasher, or a specialty range, please include any peripherals connected to the timer. For example, we will need to have the touch-pad and connecting cable to facilitate our diagnosis and testing. In some cases, we may also require the transformer and relay board to facilitate our tests. If there is a wiring diagram for the timer in the owner's manual or affixed to the appliance, please send this as well.

If you are unsure which peripherals to send, please call us toll free at 1‑888‑519‑1939.