Timer Pricing Exceptions

At ApplianceTimers.com, we have a simple timer pricing structure so you know exactly what will will have to pay to get your timer repaired or to purchase a rebuilt timer from our inventory. However, there are a few timers that are difficult to repair or hard to obtain so these are priced separately.

GE Double Oven Timers require more work to repair so we charge twice our normal repair fees for these.

Bosch/Thermador 486752 Range Timer Including substitutes Thermador 14-33-347, 35-00-571, 35-00-751, 100-796-00 and 487604

Fridgidaire range timers with part numbers beginning with 31608 or 31801 such as 318010700 and all timers that suffer from Stove Clock Dim Display Problems.

Special repair charges apply to all Bosch/Thermador Mechanical Washing Machine and Dishwasher timers such as the Bosch 264177 Dishwasher Timer, 092198, 624177 and others. The repair service fee for these mechanical timers is $136.

Borg 86600W timers with a retrofit kit.