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Last updated: Mar 21, 2024

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Highly recommended…

Dec 01, 2021Just wanted to say thank you for the quick repair! My old timer was cutting out and causing the oven to turn off after as little as 15 mins. Just made a Thanksgiving dinner that, between the different courses, saw the oven on for 16 hours straight, no overheating issues on the timer. Highly recommended!

A. Moran
Bloomfield, Connecticut
Re: Amana Amanda args7650 Part Number: 31944801, 31-31914801, PS2034176 or AP4041311.

Great Job…

Sep 25, 2020The repaired timer worked perfect keeping me from replacing my dishwasher that worked great. (other than the timer) Great Job

Brian Frederick
Norwalk, Connecticut
Re: Bosch SHU3032UC/U12 516652A

…avoided an untimely and expensive kitchen renovation…

Jul 21, 2019Very happy that I chose to use I made an inquiry initially and realized that I could ship the timer and relay board out and still use the cooktop. It didn't take very long and everything worked nicely when I put it all back together. The oven is like new again and we avoided an untimely and expensive kitchen renovation as the older convection oven and cooktop were very well made and capable of many more years of reliable service once the timer was repaired.

Great experience!

Randolph Rheault
Somers, Connecticut
Re: Maytag CHE9800BCB PS2003183

…very satisfied customer…

Feb 22, 2016I received the repaired Maytag oven controller today, installed it, and it works just fine. I wanted to thank you for repairing the unit and installing the new overlay. Please feel free to use this note as a reference for a "very satisfied customer"

Thank You

John Gauger
Winsted, Connecticut
Re: Maytag CHG9800BAE 74001639

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