316207511 Electrolux/Frigidaire/Kenmore Range (Stove, Oven) Timer

Part Numbers 316207511, 316207531 and 316557511 are interchangable.

If you are ordering from stock we include a new overlay, also called a touch pad, face plate, decal, etc. You will need to let us know the color of your appliance so we can send the correct (white or black) overlay. Also note that there may be a slight variation in the button arrangement but the replacement timers are all functionally identical.

It is also worth noting that this series of timers has an inherent design flaw that results in a very high rate of failure. We correct this flaw in our in-stock timers before we send them to our customers.

This series of timers is suitable for the following appliance models:

Fridgidaire ERCs


Kenmore ERCs

79092321301, 79092322301, 79092324302, 79092329301, 79092420301, 79092421302, 79092422302, 79092423302, 79092423303, 79092424301, 79092680301, 79092680302, 79092681301, 79092681302, 79092682301, 79092683301, 79092683302, 79092683303, 79092684301, 79092684302, 79092850301, 79092850302, 79092851301, 79092851302, 79092852301, 79092853302, 79092853303, 79092854301, 79092854302, 79092859301, 79092889301, 79092889302, 79093553301, 79093553302, 79093553303, 79093850301, 79093850303, 79093851303, 79093852301, 79093853303, 79093854302, 79093854303, 79093859302, 79093859303, 79094320300, 79094320301, 79094321300, 79094321301, 79094322301, 79094322303, 79094324301, 79094324302, 79094329300, 79094420301, 79094421301, 79094422300, 79094422301, 79094424300, 79094681301, 79094682300, 79094682301, 79094684301, 79094689300, 79094850301, 79094851300, 79094852300, 79094852301, 79094853300, 79094854300, 79094854301, 79095320301, 79095320302, 79095321302, 79095321304, 79095322301, 79095324303, 79095329300, 79095329302, 79095420302, 79095421302, 79095421303, 79095422302, 79095422303, 79095423303, 79095424302, 79095424303, 79095429302, 79095429303, 79095681302, 79095683302, 79095684302, 79095689302, 79095882302, 79095884301, 79095884303, 79095889301, 79095889302, 79095889303

Kelvinator ERCs


Tappan ERCs


Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Electrolux/Frigidaire/Kenmore timer model # 316207511

Electrolux ERCs and Electrolux stove clocks and timersFrigidaire ERCs and Frigidaire stove clocks and timersKenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Electrolux/Frigidaire/Kenmore
Part Number :  316207511
Appliance Type :  Range (Stove, Oven)
Color : 
Description :  Clock/timer

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Twin Falls, IdahoKenmore790.94851300316207511N/AOven doesn't workAwaiting receipt of timer
DELTONA, FloridaKenmore316207511N/AEVERYTHING WENT BLANKAwaiting receipt of timer
Holts Summit, MissouriFrigidaire790.95680302316207511N/ABurntReplaced with reconditioned timer
Bountiful, UtahKenmore316-207511N/AClock went out and range stopped workingAwaiting receipt of timer
sparks, NevadaElectrolux79095322303316207511noneBurnt pcbAwaiting receipt of timer
Weatherford, OklahomaFrigidaire316207511N/AOven will not work.. Repair person said timer had gone out..Repaired
Wanaque, New JerseyFrigidaireFEF352AUF316207511NoneBurnt out.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Louisville, KentuckyFrigidaireFEF366CCC316207511F1StoveTop works but oven does not. One day oven started locking over and over, and display showed F1 or maybe E1. had to unplug and press several buttons to get back to normal (but oven does not work anymore!Awaiting receipt of timer
DALLAS, GeorgiaFrigidaire316207511N/AAwaiting receipt of timer
Ridgefield, WashingtonKenmore?316207511noneturned on oven.
oven made popping sound and circuit breaker kicked out. I removed the timer and saw burn marks on board.

My neighbor had same problem few months ago. he sent you same part for repair.

If you made him happy, you will make me happy.
Ridgefield, WashingtonFrigidaire790.95682302316207511N/AThe Timer blew out and smoked the PC boardRepaired
Sebring, FloridaPlease SelectFEF366CCE316207511NoneHoward said $116.00

Please send timer from stock Black face/ English
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Wilmington, MassachusettsFrigidaireFEFL74ASG316207511N/AOven does nothing. I spoke with you on the phone and was told no core charge as my timer is probably not repairable.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Bay Minette, AlabamaKenmore79094321302316207511N/AController lights up with indicator but oven elements never come onRepaired
Florence, KentuckyFrigidaireFEF352ASF316207511F1Timer Initally gave F1 error. Unplugged range for 15 min, and plugged back in. Did not get error code, but now the oven will not heat.Awaiting receipt of timer
Hamel, MinnesotaKenmore790.92681301316207511NoneHeard a pop and small amount of smoke, after that the display was dead. There is power going to the unit.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Hamel, MinnesotaKenmore790.92681301316207511NoneDisplay is dead. Checked and there is power going to the unit. We heard a pop and saw a small amount of smoke come from the unit when it died.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Elma, WashingtonKenmore79094321300316207511F1Beeping, door lockedAwaiting receipt of timer
Burley, IdahoKenmoreKenmore 79095682302316207511F1oven doesn't heat upAwaiting receipt of timer
Mattawan, MichiganFrigidaireFEF366ASK316207511N/ANo output from L2 outputAwaiting receipt of timer
mt jackson, VirginiaFrigidaire316207511N/Aoven wont workReplaced with reconditioned timer
Foley, AlabamaFrigidaireFEF352ASF316207511F1Replaced with reconditioned timer
Douglasville, GeorgiaKenmore790.95689301316207511F1F1 code and beeps, it initially tripped breakerRepaired
lafayette, LouisianaFrigidaire316207511N/AF1 code, not working. I just want to purchase a reconditioned EOCReplaced with reconditioned timer
Nettleton, MississippiKenmore790316207511F1F1 code on display. Oven beeps, oven door locks.Awaiting receipt of timer
West Lafayette, IndianaKenmore316207511N/Astock part#316418208 can be replacement. Overlay is black. Please call if there are any problems; 765-463-5247 or 765-490-9266. Our neighbor wants to get back to baking soon!Repaired
Woodinville, WashingtonKenmore79095322301316207511N/AHoward Quoted $ 106 plus core by return mail

Beeps, won't do anything else.

Please notify of shipping, and tracking # at jnmaclane@frontier.com
Replaced with reconditioned timer
cody, WyomingKenmore790.95889303316207511F1got the F1 fault and then the oven doesn't heat. I checked the temp probe and it shows 1084 ohms at room temp.Beyond Repair
Dunedin, FloridaFrigidaireNot sure316207511F1Turned on oven, electrical "POP!" and a little smoke, nothing serious. Stove works fine, but no oven. Looks like control panel wants to keep cycling through self-clean mode, and starts to beep incessantly. Push a button and it shuts up for 20 seconds or so and then starts all overAwaiting receipt of timer
fairfield, OhioFrigidaireFEF366CCB316207511shorted out, burnt.Pop and flash. Everything works but no heat on bake or broil. Inside unit, found burnt and shorter spot behind bake and broil buttons.Awaiting receipt of timer
cody, WyomingKenmore790.95889303316207511F1got the F1 failure code and now the oven doesn't heatBeyond Repair
Naples, FloridaKenmore316207511unknownTurned oven on and heard a loud pop and saw some smoke rising. Oven doesn't work thru controler but burners do.Awaiting receipt of timer
Winthrop, WashingtonFrigidaireFEF366CSF316207511N/ANeed reconditioned timer to replace old oneReplaced with reconditioned timer
Souderton, PennsylvaniaKenmore316207511none - deadoven made a popping sound, then went dead. (on xmas morning cooking a 24 pound turkey!) tripped the breaker. when breaker was reset, top elements worked, but no display on clock, no oven functions.Beyond Repair
westtown, New YorkKenmore79094423301316207511f1tripped breaker, now displaying f1, oven doesn't work stove still does.Awaiting receipt of timer
Terre haute, IndianaKenmore316207511N/AOven won't work screen blankAwaiting receipt of timer
THOMSON, GeorgiaKenmore316207511N/ACLOCK WENT OUT, THE OVEN WILL NOT WORK. THE STOVE TOP STILL WORKS.Awaiting receipt of timer
Kelowna, British ColumbiaFrigidaire316207511N/ATimer had a shortAwaiting receipt of timer
Mt.Carmel, IllinoisFrigidaireFEF355ASJ316207511NoneFailure as your web site described. Power surges, no funtions and no lights.Repaired
Franklin, TennesseeKenmore790.95680301316207511No code display darkTurned oven on--loud "pop" no bake no broil, no power to display, other elements on top of stove work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Michie, TennesseeFrigidaireFEF352ASF316207511F1Oven made a loud pop and a small spark shot out the top. Error code F1 is now on the screenAwaiting receipt of timer
Streetsboro, OhioKenmoreKenmore 790316207511F1F1 burner works but will beep F1 beep... Etc
Unplugged it and shut breaker off.... It needs to be replaced
Awaiting receipt of timer
emporia, KansasKenmore790.95321301316207511noneled board flashes incompetent letters and numbers , oven snd clock do not work.Replaced with reconditioned timer
State College, PennsylvaniaKenmore79095429301316207511NoneOven stays hot after pressing stop.Awaiting receipt of timer
cottage grove, OregonKenmore316207511N/Aerror f1Replaced with reconditioned timer
CHAPEL HILL, North CarolinaKenmore316207511N/Atransformer shortedAwaiting receipt of timer
WALKER, MN, MinnesotaKenmore790.92853302316207511NONEOVEN WILL NOT HEAT-PREHEAT, NON OPERATING BROILER ALSOReplaced with reconditioned timer
jacksonville, TexasKenmore316207511N/Aoven not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Mt.Carmel, IllinoisFrigidaireFEF355ASJ316207511NoneFailure as your web site described. Power surges, no funtions and no lights.Repaired
Lebanon, PennsylvaniaKenmore316207511n/aTimer/digital display shorted outAwaiting receipt of timer
Reidsville, North CarolinaKenmore790.95324301316207511F-1Stove top works, but beeps continuously. Code appears to read F-1, but digits are not all lit. Howard quoted $106.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Hatboro, PennsylvaniaKenmore316207511N/AN/A as I am ordering a new timerAwaiting receipt of timer
Preston, MarylandKenmore316207511N/ATrace on PWB blew, not repairable. Wish to purchase a reconditioned unit with white face coverReplaced with reconditioned timer
Talking rock, GeorgiaKenmore316207511N/AAll electronic displays work but oven will not heat up.Awaiting receipt of timer
THOMSON, GeorgiaKenmore316207511N/ACLOCK WENT OUT, THE OVEN WILL NOT WORK. THE STOVE TOP STILL WORKS.Awaiting receipt of timer
Wetumpka, AlabamaKenmore79095889302316207511F1F1, oven doesn't work, stove top does workAwaiting receipt of timer
Harrison, MichiganKenmore79095424302316207511noneoven inopAwaiting receipt of timer
maysville, West VirginiaKenmore316207511f1shorted out. and tripped the breakerAwaiting receipt of timer
COTTAGE GROVE, OregonKenmore316207511F1ERROR CODE F1Replaced with reconditioned timer
Concord, North CarolinaKenmore79095322303316207511flashno clock or oven, stove top OKReplaced with reconditioned timer
North Wales, ArkansasKenmore790316207511F1Display dead, tripped circuit breaker and beeps continously.Awaiting receipt of timer
Dorval, QuébecKenmoreC970-655821316207511N/Ablack face color will do as wellAwaiting receipt of timer
rutherfordton, North CarolinaFrigidairefef 352awg316207511N/Ano power on timer and oven will not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Leonardtown, MarylandKenmore790.95322301316207511noneSpark came from top of stove near display when warming up Broiler. Display is dead and oven don't work. EOC board is burnt up. The oven/stove is white. The EOC part number is 316207511 with a white overlay part number 316220839.Awaiting receipt of timer
Charleston, West VirginiaKenmore316207511N/Ablew a transistor or something. Stove works. Oven does not as well as the whole display is darkAwaiting receipt of timer
hoschton, GeorgiaKenmore79095322301316207511N/ABurnt up need to replaceAwaiting receipt of timer
Grantsville, UtahKenmore790.95680902316207511?Oven does not turn off. Range worksAwaiting receipt of timer
abingdon, VirginiaKenmore316207511N/Aspark blacht boardAwaiting receipt of timer
Concord, North CarolinaKenmore79095322303316207511flash, then deadclock dead, range to OKReplaced with reconditioned timer
Rossford, OhioFrigidaire316207511N/ABlown circuit boardAwaiting receipt of timer
lavigne, OntarioKenmore970316207511droven not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Saint Paul, MinnesotaKenmore79095681301316207511N/AOven stopped heating, display went blank. Nothing shows on display. Cook top works fine. Oven light works fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Miami, FloridaKenmore79092683301316207511burnedthe board is burned on the backAwaiting receipt of timer
Greenfield, TennesseeFrigidaireFEFB68CBA316207511N/ANeither broiler element nor bake element will work. Elements have been tested and are good.Awaiting receipt of timer
Oakridge, OregonKenmore316207511N/ABang and electronic control no longer works for kenmore oven, electronic control has burn marks near L1 and L2Awaiting receipt of timer
GARDENDALE, TexasKenmore316207511N/Arun away oven tempAwaiting receipt of timer
Sandy, OregonKenmore790.95429301316207511N/AOven does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
HAZEN, North DakotaKenmore79092682302316207511???The oven, clock and all quit at the same time. The stove top burners still work...Beyond Repair
canyon lake, TexasKenmore316207511N/Acircuit poppedAwaiting receipt of timer
Garland, TexasFrigidaireFEF366CCB316207511N/AI heard a bang in the inner (smaller burner) and a spark. After this the timer and oven is not working anymore but the 4 burners still works.Awaiting receipt of timer
lighthouse point, FloridaFrigidairefef366ccb316207511N/Anone of the buttons workAwaiting receipt of timer
Derry, New HampshireKenmore790.94680300316207511N/Aclock and controls seem to function fine, but oven elements not working - board is burnt, open pad under relay K3Awaiting receipt of timer
Rixeyville, VirginiaFrigidaireFEFB68CBA316207511F1FAILURE CODE F1Awaiting receipt of timer
GILLETTE, WyomingKenmore316207511F1will not turn on, time just flashes and eventually it will turn on to broil by itself. there was a loud pop noise and a blue flash from behind the top panel.Awaiting receipt of timer
Madras, OregonFrigidairefef366ask316207511N/Aboth oven elements are brand new, a repair guy looked at it and said this is the part we need.Awaiting receipt of timer
spokane valley, WashingtonKenmore79093851302316207511N/ABurned out board. Also need to order the black overlay part number 316220841Awaiting receipt of timer
Woodland Park, ColoradoKenmore790.95423302316207511NoneDead timer assy. Loud pop, now dead. Top burners work, oven will not heat. No clock, no LEDS or lights. Panel is just dead.Awaiting receipt of timer
montreal, QuébecFrigidaire316207511N/Ais burnAwaiting receipt of timer
Cherry Hill, New JerseyKenmore79092850302316207511F1F1 code flashes
oven cannot be used.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Leesburg, GeorgiaKenmore790.95682302316207511N/Abroil bake elements don.t workRepaired
Cambridge, OhioFrigidaireFEF366CCE316207511?Oven and broiler stopped working. Checked for 240 volts @ oven element connection: no voltage with oven set to 365 degrees. Clock and range elements working.Awaiting receipt of timer
Lévis, QuebecFrigidaire316207511N/Adoes not workRepaired
Leesburg, GeorgiaKenmore790.95682302316207511N/Abroil / oven elements don't workRepaired
Union City, IndianaFrigidaireFEF351CUB316207511N/ABake and Broil do not work. All other functions work fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
pennellville, New YorkKenmore790-9588310316207511noneblankAwaiting receipt of timer
Castro Valley, CaliforniaKenmore316207511F1Error code "F1.". Oven won't work. Stove still does. Appliance is black.Awaiting receipt of timer
Lillington, North CarolinaKenmore790.95322301316207511N/AI'm looking for the whole unit - oven is out of commission.Awaiting receipt of timer
Rouyn-Noranda, QuebecFrigidaireCFEF369ACH316207511N/AMy oven board control just explosedAwaiting receipt of timer
Church Point, LouisianaFrigidaireFefl74asg316207511NoneHeard "pop" and blew breaker. Black markings on electronic oven control.Awaiting receipt of timer
Guyton, GeorgiaFrigidaire316207511N/AMine not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Bellbrook, OhioFrigidaireFEF366CCB31620751101Unit sparked and blew circuit. Reset circuit, and unit keeps trying to lock oven door, then an alarm.Beyond Repair
Bellbrook, OhioFrigidairefef366ccb31620751101While using oven, there was a spark from the control panel and circuit blew. When circuit reset, got a code 01 failure, and the oven door lock kept cyclingBeyond Repair
MURFREESBORO, TennesseeFrigidaire316207511N/APop then heating elements quit workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Fairbanks, AlaskaKenmore79095889302316207511N/APartial lit, oven will not workAwaiting receipt of timer
NEW BERN, North CarolinaFrigidaireFEF352AWF316207511F1Tripped circuit breaker: reset C/B and F1 came up. Tried power off reset, with no change.Awaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCFEF369ACH316207511N/AOven won't turn on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Freeport, IllinoisFrigidairefef355asg316207511N/Ano displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Sarasota, FloridaKenmore79095422302316207511N/AMain board burn out.Awaiting receipt of timer
Sarasota, FL 34238, FloridaKenmore79095422302316207511N/Alower ranger not working.Awaiting receipt of timer
Burlington, WisconsinKenmore790.94681301316207511NoneBake will not come on.
Element is fine
Awaiting receipt of timer
colchester, ConnecticutFrigidaire316207511N/AThe timer failed (F1).Awaiting receipt of timer
Concord, North CarolinaKenmoreKenmore316207511N/Aoven wont heat upAwaiting receipt of timer
Lexington, KentuckyFrigidaireFEF366CCE316207511NANot clock, no oven, stove top appears to workAwaiting receipt of timer
levis, QuebecFrigidairefrigidaire316207511FE somethingthis unit has been repaired allready.
a resistance has blown, the display is bugged and the oven heats erraticly
I prefer a new unit

I have changed my shipping address
Awaiting receipt of timer
levis, QuebecFrigidairefrigidaire316207511FE somethingthis unit has been repaired allready. a resistance has blown, the display is bugged and the oven heats erraticlyAwaiting receipt of timer
ROTONDA WEST, FloridaKenmore79092322301316207511F1F1 error codeAwaiting receipt of timer
Ocala, FloridaKenmore790.95423301316207511NoneThe over will not heat and there is no lights in the timer , wife heard a pop, and the breaker trip. Wife didn’t notice There over wasn’t working until she when to use it. The burner all work on top .Awaiting receipt of timer
Edmonton, AlbertaFrigidaireCFEF369ACH316207511N/AWhile oven was on and baking, loud pop was heard, which tripped the breaker. Breaker flipped back and stove top worked again, no error code displayed on screen. Oven will appear to be able to turn on, but will not heat, either on bake or broil. Stovetop continues to function normally.Repaired
Ocala, FloridaKenmore790.95423301316207511NoneThe oven doesn’t work or the time , there is nothing showing on the display. But the stove top work just fine .Awaiting receipt of timer
Northumberland, PennsylvaniaFrigidaire316233860316207511F1Beeping and flashing f1. Only way to stop it is by unplugging. Stove works fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Anamosa, IowaKenmore316207511N/ANo displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Chicago, IllinoisFrigidaireFEF366ASK316207511F1F1 code can't be cleared by resetting or power off cycleAwaiting receipt of timer
Radford, VirginiaKenmore790.95680301316207511F1Constant beep and "F1" on power up. Prior to this, the clock worked, but the oven did not heat up.Repaired
Tullahoma, TennesseeFrigidaireFEF366CCE31620751101Spark Pop BlackoutAwaiting receipt of timer
Weldon Spring, MissouriFrigidaireFEFL74ASF#316207511N/AWent blankAwaiting receipt of timer
Minneapolis, MinnesotaFrigidaire316207511N/ABig pop blew main breaker stove worksAwaiting receipt of timer
Minneapolis, MinnesotaFrigidaire316207511N/ABig pop. Blew main breaker. Stove works oven does not. No displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Three Rivers, CaliforniaKenmore790.95684302316207511NoneTotally stopped workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Louisville, KentuckyFrigidaireFEFB68CBC316207511N/AOven was preheating, heard a loud Pop then circuit breaker was tripped. When I reset the circuit breaker, the oven and control panel did not work but the cook top does.Awaiting receipt of timer