71002331 Jenn-Air Range/Stove/Oven Timer Repair

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Jenn-Air timer model # 71002331

Jenn Air ERCs and Jenn Air stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Jenn-Air
Part Number :  71002331
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color :  Black
Description :  Circuit Board / Timer

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Circuit Board / Timer timer Part Number 71002331 is used in the following appliances

Recent Service Requests for Jenn-Air Part Number 71002331

CityModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Newkirk, OklahomaSVE47100BF3,F5Keeps throwing codes when trying to use oven.Repaired
Chambly, QuebecSVE47100WCF5When oven gets up to temperature we either get a beeping sound with an F3 error message or an F5 message. I tested the temp sensor prop and sensor is in the values range.Repaired
Gatineau, QuebecSVE47100WCN/ATotally blank ( dark) no indication of powerRepaired
Greensboro, North Carolina629.46975F3Hello. I am hoping my oven timer can be repaired. Howard Simon has been helping me diagnose the problem. I copied and pasted my two emails to him below to provide some context. Thanks. Hello. I was wondering if you have a 71002331 oven control board on hand for sale. If not, then I can send you mine in for repair where I am getting a F3 code (the oven shuts off when baking for 15 minutes or so). Also, the plastic button on the upper right (the up arrow key) is broken, but I was able to repair it with electrical tape (by taping the plastic piece back to the plastic tab on the control board). I was wondering if you could possibly fix that somehow if I was to send it to you. If not, then I could be content with my electrical tape repair. Thank you for your time. Hello Howard. Sorry for the late reply. The sensor is 1079-1081 ohms at room temperature. The past several years the oven would have a temperature of 20-25 degrees Fahrenheit below the control board setting. I was able to note this by using several standalone oven thermometers. For example, at 350 degrees, the thermometers would show about 325-330 degrees. Also, I have noticed recently that when I set the temperature, the fan would turn on for about a second and then turn off. Sometimes the fan would turn on by itself for a second and then turn off while the oven was unattended (when baking). Recently, I had bumped the front of the oven when the oven was not turned on and I heard the fan turn on for a second and then back off. I am not sure if what I heard is a fan, because it is so brief. But it does sound like my exhaust fan which is controlled on the top of the range. I did check my electrical tape repair on the button inside the control board. It seems to be holding up. I thought that the heat might cause it to lose its adhesiveness. Maybe the above information will help us diagnose the problem. Let me know your thoughts. I do appreciate it. Thanks. John.Repaired
Plymouth, New HampshireSVE47100WN/AThe control board has failedAwaiting receipt of timer
West Kelowna, British ColumbiaSVE47100BCNoneTroubleshooting indicates the oven controller has failed. Everything else on the range works, just no bake or broil. Elements test okay, as does temperature probe. Appears to be a lead disconnected from one of the capacitors.Repaired
Alameda, CaliforniaSVE47100WN/ADoesn't work.Beyond Repair
YORK, MaineSVE47100BN/ATimer doesn't work and can't increase temp over 350Beyond Repair
YORK, MaineSVE47100BN/ATimer and up temp button do not work...Beyond Repair
YORK, MaineSVE47100BN/ATimer and up temp button do not work...Beyond Repair
YORK, MaineSVE47100BN/ATimer's stopped, as well as the up temp control.Beyond Repair
Bend, OregonSVE47100WF3 / F5When oven gets up to temperature will begin beeping with an F3 error message or an F5 error code. I have replaced the temperature sensor and still have the same problem.Repaired
Thomson, GeorgiaSVE47100BN/ANot WorkingAwaiting receipt of timer
Pollock, LouisianaSVE47100BF-3. F-5.Had F3 and F5 codes. Finally the broiler element stays on when power is applied. Have to turn off breaker to kill broiler. If this one is unrepairable, please send a rebuilt controller in its place if you have one.Repaired
Concord, New Hampshiresve47100wno codeWe woke up one more to our stove just making a clicking sound. There was no readout on the display. The burners turned on, and the clicking stopped if we turned it on to bake, but again, no readout on the display. It did display the temperature when selecting bake, and it did heat up, but again, nothing stayed on the display.Repaired
Moseley, Virginiasve 47100noneno display, no oven control, cooling fan runs constantlyBeyond Repair
Moseley, VirginiaSVE47100none/blankNo oven control at all. Cooling fan runs constantly. Stove and grill still function.Beyond Repair
Ottawa, OntarioSVE47100WCNoneAfter power failure stove hummed / buzzed timer display was black clock, oven control did not work... a few hours later display lit up and everything worked perfectly. This happened again but took a day to come back to life. Last time after power failure it has been 3 days and has not come back to life... suspect it is deadRepaired
Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QuebecSVE47100WCNoneThe control board of my Jennair stove SVE47100WC is broken since I had an overvoltage issue in my house. Do you have a replacement part available? Or do you think it is repairable ?Repaired
Elberton, GeorgiaSve47100bF3 f5F3 f 5 error continued after replacing temperature sensorAwaiting receipt of timer