Clock Dim Displays

Many timers suffer from dim display problems. This is where the stove functions normally but the digital readout on the clock is not very bright and difficult to read. Over time the readout becomes dimmer and dimmer until it gets to the point where it is not bright enough to allow you to read what it says.

Just like other timers, these timers that are prone to dim displays also fail for a variety of reasons. Whenever we receive one of these timers for repair we always change the digital readout to a brand new display unit (even if the failure was unrelated to a dim display). We do this to restore the timer to new condition since it is just a matter of time before the displays start to become dim so we don't want to simply fix the original problem then send the timer back to you and take a chance that you will start to experience dim display issues within a few months.

We are one of the few companies (perhaps the only company) that has access to new replacement displays. Most other repair companies either can't repair the dim displays or they replace them with used displays with questionable longevity.

Due to the extra parts and labour that is required to repair these timers we charge extra when there is a failure in these timers that are prone to dim displays. The repair cost for these timers is $187. We often have reconditioned versions of these timers built up in inventory, when available, the cost of these in-stock timers $219 plus a refundable core charge of $50.

The timers under discussion include the following part numbers (but there may be a few others not listed here): 318010400, 318010100, 318010102, 318010600, 318010900, 318010700, 318010701, 318012924, 318012925, 318012927, 318012928, 318012934, 318012935, 318012929, 318013700, 318013800, 316080102, 5303935100 thru 5303935796, 14-33-347, 00486752, 486752, 318012903, 318013100, 318013200.