71002123 Maytag/Jenn-Air Range (Stove, Oven) Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Maytag/Jenn-Air timer model # 71002123

Maytag ERCs and Maytag stove clocks and timersJenn Air ERCs and Jenn Air stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Maytag/Jenn-Air
Part Number :  71002123
Appliance Type :  Range (Stove, Oven)
Color : 
Description :  Clock control

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Recent Service Requests for Maytag/Jenn-Air Part Number 71002123

CityManufacturerModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Wapwallopen, PennsylvaniaMaytagCWEW6800ACB(none)blank display, small aux relay board buzzes constantly, no buttons workRepaired
Mandeville, LouisianaMaytag9855VVVnoneblank display, no buttons work, and relay board buzzes continuouslyAwaiting receipt of timer
New Springfield, OhioJenn-Air27100N/AOven would heat but no control over temp time operation etc. Failed during cleaning cycle.Repaired
Roman Forest, TexasMaytag9855VVVN/AWe heard a sound & saw a flash the clock went wild we re set the breaker and all seamed well but the burner only does 1/2 heat and will not turn off. the oven will reach above 300 but we do not know how high. I flip the breaker to off to turn off the oven.Awaiting receipt of timer
Cartersville, GeorgiaMaytagCWE6800A?Stopped working after power outageRepaired
Stillwater, MinnesotaJenn-AirJenn air W27100BF 2Originally we got a F2 error. I replaced the heat sensor. The error seemed to go away, but the oven took forever to get up to temp. Then I turned on the broiler and it won't turn off. Pushing the cancel button would silence the beeping for a while, but it would again show an F2 or F3 code, and start beeping. I ended up turning of the circuit breaker. I tried to stove again yesterday and when I turned on the oven to bake, only the broiler came on.Repaired
Cartersville, GeorgiaMaytagCWE6800AN/ATimer stopped working after a loss of powerRepaired
League City, TexasJenn-Air27100N/Alast one broke, need a new or reconditioned oneAwaiting receipt of timer
Tallapoosa, GeorgiaMagic Chefmagic chefN/Awould not broilAwaiting receipt of timer
Springfield, VirginiaJenn-Airw27100bN/Athe oven was working and then would not turn off. the bake element come on and stays on when the breaker (to the over) is turned back on.
the touch pad does not respond (turn off the oven, etc.)
League City, TexasMaytagNoneblank display, small aux relay board buzzes constantly, no buttons workBeyond Repair
Statesville, North CarolinaMaytagCWE6800ACEnoneboard just humms----- no display---no fault codes---Awaiting receipt of timer
Kennebunk, MaineJenn-Airww27110bNone that I could seCannot use the temperature control buttons to raise the temp or set time. Only can lower temperature or run through 24 hours to set time. Switch appears okay however extension to push button skin area is broken off.Repaired
Idyllwild, CaliforniaJenn-Airw27100wnone showingit doesn't do the function requested by pushing the buttons, and does things like lock the door when it shouldn'tRepaired
La Habra, CaliforniaMagic Chef9855vvvN/Adown temperature not working. clock is changing time when down temp is pushedAwaiting receipt of timer
Chapel Hill, North CarolinaJenn-AirN/Acant see displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Cupertino, CaliforniaMaytagCWE6800ACENoneWhen main power is turned on there is a continuous buzzing sound. The display is blank with no error codes. The oven is completely in operational.Repaired
Socorro, New MexicoJenn-AirWW27110BN/Adouble oven and top oven does not turn on. repair person said it was the control board but part not avialalbeRepaired
Harper, TexasJenn-AirW27100BnoneThe temperature increase presser is broken. When increasing temperature above 350 degrees, element will not work.Repaired
Kent, WashingtonJenn-AirJenne Air WM27160BF-2Broiler comes on and won't turn off.Awaiting receipt of timer
Fort Worth, TexasJenn-AirW27100Wpower surge from powControl board/panel does not power up. Failure due to power outage from power company and subsequent surge when power restored to house. Smells like burnt bakelite.Awaiting receipt of timer
marshall, VirginiaMaytagN/Aoven bake will not come one it goes tobroilAwaiting receipt of timer
Chantilly, VirginiaJenn-Airww27110BF2During baking, Broiler will turn on and create an overheat condition. Usually, we can turn off the breaker, let the oven cool, and then turn it back on. Recently, the broiler now turns on immediately when power is restored to the oven.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Poulsbo, WashingtonJenn-AirWW27110F2Broiler coil is stuck on. If new or reconditioned oven control board is not available, we are willing to consider sending ours in for repair.Repaired
Anchorage, AlaskaWhirlpoolCWE7800ACBBad button for uppinCannot raise temperature but can lower it.Awaiting receipt of timer
Poulsbo, WashingtonJenn-AirWW27110F2Broiler element turns on and will not turn off unless power breaker is shut off.Repaired
Indianapolis, IndianaMagic Chef9855vvvN/Ahad a buzzing noise and went blankRepaired
Aurora, OhioJenn-Airww27110wf-2power outage-power restored- turned top oven on to bake -got code of f 2 shuts off bake and broiler turned on in top oven. contact points in one of the relays look in poor conditionAwaiting receipt of timer
ceres, CaliforniaMaytagcwe7800 aceN/Awhen you press bake it jumps to broil every time. top oven not workingRepaired
Comanche, TexasMaytagCwe7800aceN/ACan't increase heatingRepaired
Baton Rouge, LouisianaJenn-AirW27100BN/ANo clock, no display, key pad won't function, no sound, power is good.Repaired
Andover, ConnecticutMaytagw27100wN/Atakes forever to heat up then will not stay at a temperature go higher or shut off.Repaired
Skiatook, OklahomaJenn-AirW27100WN/AUp down arrows to change temperature, run timer, etc. stopped working. Upon removal of timer, see that button top and connector below were broken off for this functionRepaired
Greens Fork, IndianaJenn-AirW27100WN/ATemperature selector for increasing not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Caldwell, TexasJenn-AirW27100wF2Oven comes on and want turn off, and touch pad won’t work unless breaker is turned off. Then after sitting overnight turn breaker on then it may or may not work. F2 code every now and then. Before this broiler would not work. Please contact me! I need to ask some questionsAwaiting receipt of timer
Charleston, South CarolinaJenn-AirW27100WN/Athe oven will only go up to 350 degrees when you try to set it to a higher temperatureRepaired
Livonia, MichiganMaytagCWE6800ACBN/Atemp up arrow doesn't work
temp down arrow is intermittant
Little Meadows, PennsylvaniaMaytagCWE6800ACENo code, BAKE buttonBake button does not work/. Ser # 12084730UQRepaired
Scandia, MinnesotaJenn-AirWM27160Wwont set temp..goes wont set temp..goes to broil

do you have any in stock?
denton, TexasJenn-AirW27100WN/AHello! The oven will only go up to 350 degrees when you try to set it to a higher temperature. Do you have any of these parts on hand for purchase? We need it asap and could then send in ours if needed. Look forward to hearing from you!
Awaiting receipt of timer
Redwood City, CaliforniaJenn-AirW27100Bn/aOven exhibits no signs of life except for hum.
Previous inquiry 12/29/21 2:10PM Pacific
Oven failed after wide area power outage. Now no lights or anything other than low frequency hum. Service rep said likely control panel or relay. Timer failure consistent with your site page about this timer (nice touch by the way).
San Jose, CaliforniaMaytagCWE7800ACEnonearrow "up" button broken. believe plastic button piece has broken off. sending the broken piece.Repaired