712024 Jenn-Air Range/Stove/Oven Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Jenn-Air timer model # 712024

Jenn Air ERCs and Jenn Air stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Jenn-Air
Part Number :  712024
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color : 
Description :  Mechanical Range/Oven Timer

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
north mankato, MinnesotaJenn-Airs125712024completeruns to a point and hangsAwaiting receipt of timer
Caledonia, OntarioJenn-AirS120-C712024N/AMinute timer/clock set stem broken off. Timer works otherwise.Awaiting receipt of timer
Silver Springs, FloridaJenn-AirS 125712024 ???N/AReplaced motor/solenoid, but timer mechanically catches after turning one minute, then stalls.Awaiting receipt of timer
Norwich, New YorkJenn-AirS125712024N/Aclock is very noisyRepaired
Bexley, OhioJenn-AirS120712024None. It is mechanicThe clock will sometimes run for a short time after being set, but it stops again, usually within a few hours.Repaired
Bexley, OhioJenn-AirS120712024None. It is mechanicThe clock will sometimes run for a short while after being set, but it stops again, usually within a day.Repaired
Akron, OhioJenn-AirS125712024N/ATimer not working properly - stops and startsAwaiting receipt of timer
Ocoee, FloridaJenn-AirS125712024N/ATimer was making loud noises and the property manager was notified by maintenance.Repaired
Lithia Springs, GeorgiaJenn-AirS120712024N/AI need a timer, Please quote me to rebuild or replaceAwaiting receipt of timer
asheboro nc 27205, North CarolinaJenn-AirS125712024N/Aclock just stopped. can't use the self cleaning oven part. can't ue the timer.Repaired
Fletcher, North CarolinaJenn-AirS125712024N/AWill not functionAwaiting receipt of timer
Avon, ConnecticutJenn-AirS125#712024N/AMechanical entire timer failed which controls, the oven, oven temp, cleaner mechanism, actually, the entire oven shut down. The burners on the cook top all work.Awaiting receipt of timer
parmus, New JerseyJenn-Airs120712024N/Acustomer did self clean then oven locked and clock/control not workingRepaired
Dubois, PennsylvaniaJenn-AirS125712024N/AThe Time of Day clock quite workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Strasburg, PennsylvaniaJenn-Airs125712024N/Aclock/timer failureAwaiting receipt of timer
Carriere, MississippiJenn-Airs120712024N/Adoes not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Emmaus, PennsylvaniaJenn-AirS125712024N/AClock on timer is broke.Awaiting receipt of timer
Plainville, ConnecticutJenn-AirS-125712024N/AClock does not work at allBeyond Repair
Asheville, North CarolinaJenn-AirD 140712024N/ATimer stoppedAwaiting receipt of timer
Wirtz, VirginiaJenn-AirS120712024clock quit runningthe clock quit runningRepaired
Belleville, IllinoisJenn-AirS120712024Clock QuitThe clock stopped and the timers. It will ring if set to zeroAwaiting receipt of timer
Lakeville, ConnecticutJenn-AirS125712024NATimer does not work. Clock does not advance.Awaiting receipt of timer
STROUDSBURG, PennsylvaniaJenn-AirF120 0R D120712024N/APOSTS HOLDING KNOB BROKEN OFFAwaiting receipt of timer
Plymouth, MassachusettsJenn-AirS125712024N/AIt just stopped workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Lorraine, Qu├ębecJenn-AirD140-c712024n/aCompletely stopped working!Repaired
De Soto, MissouriJenn-Air#S120#712024N/AMy clock runs everything, time bake, clean ,etc. The digits of the clock are not turning on their own. If I change the time manually, it doesn't continue to move. I really do hope you can fix it. I love my stove!!!Awaiting receipt of timer
Seattle, WashingtonJenn-AirS125712024N/Adoes not function at allAwaiting receipt of timer
Lake Park, MinnesotaJenn-AirS125712-024Stopped runningClock stopped runningRepaired
Caledonia, OntarioJenn-AirS120-C712024N/AStem on timer broken, otherwise clock and oven timer work.Repaired
Chapel Hill, North CarolinaJenn-Airs120712024N/Ano longer worksAwaiting receipt of timer
Frewsburg, New YorkJenn-AirS120712024N/Aclock, timer does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Florissant, MissouriJenn-AirS120712024N/AClock does not work...can not use Time Bake.Repaired
Keller, VirginiaJenn-AirS120712024no code/not electrontimer/clock not runningRepaired
Denver, ColoradoJenn-Airs120712024N/AFrozenAwaiting receipt of timer
Sydney Mines, Nova ScotiaJenn-AirS125-C712024N/Aclock bearings goneAwaiting receipt of timer
Cincinnati, OhioJenn-Airs125712024completeClock does not work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Seattle, WashingtonJenn-AirS125712024noneClock is non-functional.Repaired
Eldora, IowaJenn-AirS120712024N/AClock on timer quit working - motor no goodRepaired
Grand Rapids, MichiganJenn-AirW214712024N/AMechanical clock does not runRepaired
Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaJenn-AirA125712024Not ApplicableOne day, the clock stopped working, and thus so did the main timer and other timers on the unit.Beyond Repair
Selkirk, ManitobaJenn-AirS120C712024N/AClock stopped. Also minute timer setting shaft is broken short. Please replace if possible. I can live with it as is if no replacement is available. Getting the clock working is more important.Repaired
Escondido, CaliforniaJenn-AirS125712024n/aclock not working, affecting the self cleaning.Awaiting receipt of timer
San Diego, CaliforniaJenn-AirS125712024n/aclock not working, affecting the self cleaning.Repaired
West Simsbury, ConnecticutWhirlpoolGen Air Range S120 Oven Clock Assembly712024Clock don't work NeeThe 24 clock stopped working. Knob spindles ends brokenAwaiting receipt of timer
Hume, MissouriJenn-AirS-125712024clock not workingclock not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Bay City, MichiganJenn-AirS 125712024N/AClock does not work - thus cleaning cycle will not work.Repaired
McCook, NebraskaJenn-AirS125712024N/Aclock just stopped and timer does not work either.....If you are unable to repair mine, then we are fine with a reconditioned one.Repaired
Renton, WashingtonJenn-AirS 125712024N/Atimer & clock non functioningRepaired
hattiesburg, MississippiJenn-Airs125712024N/Astopped workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Swan Lake, ManitobaJenn-AirS125-C712024N/AMy time of day clock does not advance properly. My timer has the minute timer, time of day, and start and stop time controls in the same unit.. I would consider a reconditioned or repairing my timer if a new one is not available. many years ago the clock would not advance and we took it apart and advanced the gears in the back of the clock.Repaired
Swan Lake, ManitobaJenn-AirS125-C712024N/AMy time of day clock does not advance properly. My timer has the minute timer, time of day, start and stop time controls in the same unit. Please repair. If it is not possible I would like my timer back. FYI many years ago the clock would not advance and we took it apart and advanced the gears in the back of the clock. It worked until now.Repaired
montgomery, AlabamaJenn-Airs125712024no code stems are bastems will not hold knobsRepaired
Fairport, New YorkJenn-Aird140712024N/AClock stopped workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Saint Clair Shores, MichiganJenn-AirD140 475734PT712024N/ACLOCK NOT FUNCTIONING.Repaired
Fort Myers, FloridaJenn-AirD140712024not digitalclock gears were making a grinding noise and losing time- then minute timer failed as wellBeyond Repair
Fort Myers, FloridaJenn-AirD140712024not digitalgears were making noise and lost lots of time, then
minute timer stopped working as well
Beyond Repair
warren, OhioJenn-Airs125712024????Clock can be set to correct time but it never advances or moves to a different time by itself. It is frozen.Awaiting receipt of timer
Mogadore, OhioJenn-AirS120712024UnknownThe clock stopped running and the stem needs to be replaced.Repaired
Gatineau, QuebecJenn-Air712024N/AClock and timers wont workAwaiting receipt of timer