Jenn-Air S125 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Jenn-Air S125 Range?

Timer part number 712024 for Jenn-Air S125

The S125 Range uses timer part number 712024.

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S125 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Maytag S125 Range, Whirlpool S125 Range, S-125, S-125-C

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Durham, North CarolinaClock does not work and metal prong for the timer is broken so that it can't hold a clock knob, so I'm looking for a replacement rather than a repair. Range works great other than that.Awaiting receipt of timer
Seattle, Washingtonclock/timer non-functionalRepaired
Morrow, Ohioclock broken (numbers won't fall), so I can't use the self-cleaning function.Repaired
Minneapolis, MinnesotaTimer control knob post broken off.Awaiting receipt of timer
Prescott, ArizonaClock doesn't work. Sn ser.number. 428008pxRepaired
Fort Collins, ColoradoClock does not work
Minute timer does not work
Start/Stop control does not work
Swan Lake, ManitobaMy time of day clock does not advance properly. My timer has the minute timer, time of day, and start and stop time controls in the same unit.. I would consider a reconditioned or repairing my timer if a new one is not available. many years ago the clock would not advance and we took it apart and advanced the gears in the back of the clock.Repaired
Swan Lake, ManitobaMy time of day clock does not advance properly. My timer has the minute timer, time of day, start and stop time controls in the same unit. Please repair. If it is not possible I would like my timer back. FYI many years ago the clock would not advance and we took it apart and advanced the gears in the back of the clock. It worked until now.Repaired
McCook, Nebraskaclock just stopped and timer does not work either.....If you are unable to repair mine, then we are fine with a reconditioned one.Repaired
Escondido, Californiaclock not working, affecting the self cleaning.Awaiting receipt of timer
San Diego, Californiaclock not working, affecting the self cleaning.Repaired
Exeter, New HampshireTimer stopped. Flip cards can be moved as in setting time, but the clock is not running.Repaired
Keller, Virginianot runningRepaired
Plantagenet, OntarioNOTHING IS WORKING

Seattle, WashingtonClock is non-functional.Repaired
West Barnstable, MassachusettsTimer does not run or actuate self cleaningRepaired
Harpswell, MaineThe clock and the timer just stopped working. I would guess the motor in the assembly went. I would like to have a reconditioned sent to me and then I can send the broken one back in exchange.Repaired
Ann Arbor, MichiganClock and timer stopped workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Sydney Mines, Nova Scotiaclock bearings goneAwaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for Jenn-Air S125 Timer Repair

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What is box #14 for on my w-2 form? There is S125 in that box on my form, what does that mean?
I have an electric Jenn-Air model S125, about a 1985-1987 model. One of my elements stays on constantly regardles of how low you set the temperature on it (I have brand new element cartridges). I know it's some kind of thermostat that has gone bad. I have three questions: 1. Where is the thermostat located? 2. Where can I find out how to disassemble it to get to the thermostat? 3. Where can I get a replacement thermostat? Thank you. Manuel
I have a Jenn-Air oven Model S125. The clock no longer works. The parts are not available. The service man came out and showed me how to start the self cleaning process outside the use of the clocks. Sadly enough I did not write the procedure down and cannot remember how to do it. I turn the selector knob to CLEAN, then the temperature knob to CLEAN; lock the door. The fans go on; the CLEAN light does not come on immediately, nor later and the temperature stays cold. Can you help me find a way to clean this oven
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Are my S125 health deductions considered tax deductable on my 1040?
what are codes c447 s125 dodge ram 1500 hemi 2006
Regarding Jenn-Air range Model S125-C ...only the left side elements are working. Can this be repaired? Or do i need a new range? George Pilney West vancouver BC Canada
Jenn Air range S125 convection fan turns on slowly; clock, clock and self cleaning do not operate. Can these problems be repaired or do they warrant a new range? The range is 23 years old.
I have a GE washer which will not agitate. The motor sounds fine. It fills and spins and empties properly. I took off the agitator and the air bell housing and am down to the transmission shaft and 6 sided nut. How do I know if the air bell housing is stripped? It looks OK as far as I can tell but I have no clue! Should I go any further in removing anything. HELP! I don't have the $150 or $200 to pay a repairman if I can do it myself.
clock stoped. Since the clock doesn't work can't clean the oven. The range top fan won't work either. Looking at parts I believe I need "AP369873" clock Assembly. Will this take care of the problem or is there another internal part that runs all the above? dg
I have a Jenn-Air oven model S125. I think it's about an 1987 model. The range-top and flat/griddle work great but a few months ago I notice the clock quit working and the oven no longer works. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.