12200028 Jenn-Air Range/Stove/Oven Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Jenn-Air timer model # 12200028

Jenn Air ERCs and Jenn Air stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Jenn-Air
Part Number :  12200028
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color : 
Description :  Clock

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
rocky ford, GeorgiaJenn-AirS13612200028N/Aoven will not go into self cleaning.Awaiting receipt of timer
Kitimat, British ColumbiaJenn-AirW106B-C12200028N/ASymptoms unknown. It is from my mothers oven. She said the "controller failed" there is a burn mark in the display.Repaired
Little Rock Ar., ArkansasJenn-AirW2750W12200028N/ADisplay shows all zeros. Will not function in any way.Awaiting receipt of timer
San Antonio, TexasJenn-AirWW2750W12200028N/AThe self cleaning oven does not work and the clock does not work. Repairman indicated the self cleaning oven needs a working clock in order to come on. Jenair no longer makes this part. Please advise as to when/how you can repair this.Awaiting receipt of timer
Lake Jackson, TexasJenn-AirWW2750B12200028N/ACan not set time or timer. Middle know does not workBeyond Repair
Altamont, New YorkJenn-AirSCE4340W12200028Oven only works on 2Believe something failed during self cleaning After that oven did not work properly
Comes on at 200 deg setting but will not work on other settings
Awaiting receipt of timer
Wichita Falls, TexasKenmore629.4696512200028N/ACannot set clock time or the timer intervalRepaired
Flagstaff, ArizonaJenn-AirSCE 4340B12200028NoneAfter auto cleaning oven the timer shows only 00:00. The clock cannot be set and the timer cannot be set. I have disconnected the stove for 15 minutes but when reconnected the same problem persists.Awaiting receipt of timer
Summerville, South CarolinaJenn-AirW206B12200028N/Aclock, timer, and self-clean function will not work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Lynchburg, VirginiaJenn-AirS15612200028NoneOven will not go into cleaning cycle. Clock and other functions work. If you have one in stock could you give the cost and/or approximate cost of repairing the one I have and also the turn around time.Awaiting receipt of timer
Social Circle, GeorgiaJenn-Airs13612200028N/Atimer does not work / cannot user over timer for cooking / cannot use oven timer for cleaning cycleAwaiting receipt of timer
Greentown, IndianaMaytagCDE8520ACB12200028N/AThe oven no longer can go into self cleaning mode. Suspect a relay on the clock assembly has failed. The rest of the oven works like the burners and oven. Just not getting the self cleaning signal when activated.Awaiting receipt of timer
st louis, MissouriJenn-Airseg19612200028timer dial doesn't fTimer dial does not functionAwaiting receipt of timer
Wiggins, MississippiJenn-AirSCE4340B12200028N/AOven Timer not working, clock not working, self cleaning not working.Repaired
Orlando, FloridaJenn-AirSEG19612200028N/ATimer / Clock light sup but not working when turn knobsAwaiting receipt of timer
Morgantown, West VirginiaJenn-AirS-16012200028n/athe LED display is dark / no display seen. no sounds on pressing the buttons.Repaired
Wiggins, MississippiJenn-AirJenn Air SCE4340B12200028N/ATimer not working, time not showing, cannot use oven clean feature.Repaired
Heath, TexasJenn-AirWW2750B12200028noneJena-Air clock failed. Looking to purchase a reconditioned clock/timer. I could send back the core, if needed.Awaiting receipt of timer
Madison, ConnecticutJenn-AirS-13612200028Just 0000 won't do aJust displays 0000 won't let us do anythingRepaired
Gaithersburg, MarylandJenn-AirS16012200028N/AClock inoperative, suspect shaft encode and pushbutton switchesAwaiting receipt of timer
Occidental, CaliforniaJenn-Airww2750B12200028N/AOven won't self-cleanRepaired
Royal oak, MichiganJenn-AirS13612200028N/ANo longer keeps timeAwaiting receipt of timer
Creston, British ColumbiaJenn-AirS136W-C12200028N/AThe self clean does not work, other functions don't seem to work all the time as well.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Bowie, MarylandJenn-AirWw2750b12200028N/AClock/timer not working. Would like a replacementAwaiting receipt of timer
Brighton, MichiganJenn-Air12200028NoneHad a power surge. The timer and display are deadAwaiting receipt of timer
Holland, MichiganJenn-AirS13612200028N/Aself cleaning cycle does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Stanley, New BrunswickJenn-AirW136-C12200028N/ADoor will not unlock after self cleaningTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
Knoxville, TennesseeJenn-AirS15612200028N/AMy entire electronic clock component quit during/after a severe thunderstorm. Core Sentric could not repair - said it was fried.Awaiting receipt of timer
Leo, IndianaJenn-AirS15612200028N/ADoes not work at all. Completely blank.Awaiting receipt of timer
Ovid, New YorkJenn-Airseg19612200028N/Atotally blank screenAwaiting receipt of timer
Los Altos, CaliforniaJenn-AirSEG19612200028N/ADisplay shows 00:00
No control available on any knobs
Awaiting receipt of timer
Union, MissouriMaytagMaytag CDE85212200028N/Aelectronic clock/timer has quit working and needs to be replacedAwaiting receipt of timer
Sterling, MassachusettsJenn-AirW2720W12200028No codeThe timer is blank. Circuit breakers were good and had power to timer.Repaired
Mercer, WisconsinJenn-Airs13612200028knob broke offbroken knobAwaiting receipt of timer
Reno, NevadaJenn-Air12200028N/ASelf cleaning cycle will not work. Relay on board not closing as it should (?) when in self cleaning cycle.Repaired
Raleigh, North CarolinaJenn-AirWM2750W12200028N/AWe've broken on this timer the post on the front of the timer that works as the "Enter" function. The timer works except for that.
So-we'd be interested in what you offer, as
1. New timer and price
2. Reconditioned timer and price.
3. Possibility of fixing the broken plastic post (It's snapped off pretty good. Tried to glue it together with Superglue --didn't work)
Awaiting receipt of timer
miami beach, FloridaJenn-AirJenn Aire12200028N/Acannot use self cleaningAwaiting receipt of timer
appleton, WisconsinJenn-Air204247A12200028N/ASelf cleaning function does not work. Oven and broiler work.Repaired
Madison, ConnecticutJenn-AirS136122000280000Clock and oven functions not workingRepaired
Plainview, MinnesotaJenn-AirSEG19612200028N/AAppliance works good, other than the display on the control board is no longer visible.Awaiting receipt of timer
Fletcher, North CarolinaJenn-AirS13612200028n/aOven cleaning will not work.Repaired
wilmington, DelawareJenn-Airs15612200028N/Adoes not work, can see scorch mark on it.

had a power outage , stove was off, but when power came back on there was smoke coming from this part

I would like to decide about warranty after I figure out if it can be repaired
Awaiting receipt of timer
Rutland, MassachusettsJenn-AirS16012200028N/Ano display. Its been out for 10 years.Beyond Repair
Winnipeg, ManitobaJenn-AirS156W-C0112200028N/Atimer shows 0000, the timer cannot be changed to show time, be used as a timer, or allow the oven self cleaning functions to workRepaired
Conway, ArkansasJenn-AirS13612200028N/ATimer reads 00:00 Cannot set time or timer. When I turn the middle knob, nothing happens.Repaired
Mooresville, North CarolinaJenn-AirS13612200028NATimer works completely except that the numbers are so dim as to be readable only in a darkened room.Awaiting receipt of timer
Rutland, MassachusettsJenn-AirS16012200028No displayNo displayRepaired
miami beach, FloridaJenn-AirJenn Aire12200028N/Acannot use self cleaningAwaiting receipt of timer
Danielsville, GeorgiaJenn-AirS13612200028N/AClock/Timer does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Olathe, KansasJenn-AirSCE4340B12200028N/AWe can set the clock and it works but intermittently the "Stop Time" shows on the sccreen and it beeps erratically. The beeping is not consistent at all..Repaired
west chester, PennsylvaniaJenn-Airsvd8310s12200028N/Apower surge must have blown it outAwaiting receipt of timer
JAMISON, PennsylvaniaJenn-AirW206B12200028N/ABurned outAwaiting receipt of timer
ChristianstedJenn-Airs13612200028N/ATimer makes a criket sound, doesn't come on either!Awaiting receipt of timer
Shreveport, LouisianaJenn-AirWWW2750B12200028NoneThere timer appears to be dead. No lights, nothing. The ovens still operate.Awaiting receipt of timer
Bethel, VermontJenn-AirSeg19612200028N/AOven will not self cleanAwaiting receipt of timer
Clarkston, MichiganJenn-AirS13612200028N/ANo display at allAwaiting receipt of timer
utica, PennsylvaniaJenn-Airww27210p12200028no display or controtimer was working then just went blank it has 120 volts going to control boardReplaced with reconditioned timer
New Berlin, WisconsinJenn-AirS13612200028n/aWill not go into self clean mode. Door lock mechanism, solenoid, and all micro switches work as normal, but the 'Clean' light will not come on and there is no heating. I am assuming a timer will repair the problem.

I really just want to inquire to see if you have one in stock. I tried calling but got a recorded message in a language that I do not speak.
Awaiting receipt of timer
OCEAN CITY, New JerseyJenn-AirS16012200028N/Atimer inoperativeAwaiting receipt of timer
La Crosse, WisconsinJenn-Airsve4750012200028noneled display is blank. buttons still functionRepaired
Leland, MississippiJenn-AirSEG19612200028N/ADisplay randomly resets... sometimes it comes right back on and other times it remains blank, then beeps and comes back up.Awaiting receipt of timer
Leland, MississippiJenn-AirSEG19612200028.N/Aintermittent restartAwaiting receipt of timer
Fenton, MichiganJenn-AirW20612200028nonetimer and clock inoperativeAwaiting receipt of timer
Herrin, IllinoisJenn-AirW14612200028N/ANo displayBeyond Repair
Russellville, AlabamaJenn-AirW106W12200028N/ANo functions workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Center Valley, PennsylvaniaJenn-Airww27210p12200028nonebake element failed and replaced but power no longer to top oven, bottom oven operating normally.
light in top oven still works.
Need new or reconditioned electronic clock assembly
Awaiting receipt of timer
Pasadena, MarylandJenn-AirS13612200028N/ANeither timed bake nor self-clean features work. The oven door locks and other features work. if you have any installation instructions, I would appreciate them. I have not removed the timer.Repaired
Timmins, OntarioJenn-AirS136-C12200028n/aSelf clean function does not workRepaired
Leland, MississippiJenn-AirSEG19612200028N/ACompletely dead...Awaiting receipt of timer
Morse, LouisianaJenn-AirWM2750B12200028NATimer does not light upRepaired
Vicksburg, MississippiJenn-AirWW2750W12200028??The Clock displays all zeros or gets stuck on 5. Timer does not work which makes the self-cleaning function inoperable, too.Repaired
Houston, TexasJenn-Airw2750w12200028N/Aoven still works but display does not.Awaiting receipt of timer
Lebanon, TennesseeJenn-AirS16112200028N/AHas some type of failure. Lights are outRepaired
Marquette, MichiganWhirlpoolJenn-Air SVD8310S12200028na - no displayno display, no button actionBeyond Repair
Richmond, OntarioJenn-AirD146-C12200028N/ATimer completely blank. Oven and display not indicating any response.Beyond Repair
barnegat, New JerseyJenn-AirS-15612200028N/ADuring a storm, electrical power was lost. When power was restored, clock display failed to function and display screen was blank.Awaiting receipt of timer
Vineland, New JerseyJenn-AirW14212200028nonetimer/clock not working, unable to use cleaning program.Beyond Repair
Fairfax, VirginiaJenn-AirSEG196W12200028N/ANo indicators at all...display off and blank.Awaiting receipt of timer
Williamsville, New YorkJenn-Air2023712200028none showing, can't Had a power surge on one leg. lost timer, clock & cleaning functions. Oven works under these conditions otherwise rest of the Jenn-Air works fine. Likely the module got zapped unless some other fuse/ breaker is at fault. I'll leave that to your skills!Awaiting receipt of timer
Batesville, ArkansasJenn-AirS13612200028n/a no led read-outClock / timer does not work at allAwaiting receipt of timer
Elmira Heights, New YorkJenn-AirSEG19612200028N/Ano output on digital clock/ timer,
oven cleaning operation doesn't work
Beyond Repair
Boca Raton, FloridaJenn-AirSCE 4340 B12200028NoneTimer on 00.00, knobs don't workAwaiting receipt of timer
Pasadena, CaliforniaJenn-AirWW27210P12200028Screen blankScreen went blankAwaiting receipt of timer
Baie-Comeau, QuebecJenn-AirS166-c12200028Luminosité faibleAwaiting receipt of timer
Burkburnett, TexasJenn-AirSVD8310S12200028Clock, timer, oven lClock, timer, oven lock do not workAwaiting receipt of timer
PleaSANT VIEW, TennesseeJenn-AirS13612200028N/ANo display, no clean function.Awaiting receipt of timer
Burkburnett, TexasJenn-AirSVD8310S12200028Won’t lock, oven wClock doesn’t work, timer doesn’t work oven won’t lock and oven won’t clean. Oven does workAwaiting receipt of timer
Burkburnett, TexasJenn-AirSVD8310S12200028Won’t lock, oven wClock doesn’t work, timer doesn’t work oven won’t lock and oven won’t clean. Oven does workAwaiting receipt of timer
Burkburnett, TexasJenn-AirSVD8310S12200028Won’t lock, oven wClock doesn’t work, timer doesn’t work oven won’t lock and oven won’t clean. Oven does workAwaiting receipt of timer
Dennison, OhioJenn-AirS13612200028All 00:00The timer will not function. Unable to perform the self-clean function only display's 00:00Awaiting receipt of timer
Lilly, PennsylvaniaJenn-AirRun 01, S15612200028UnknownAt first the timer would not shut off when the Enter Knob was pressed. At a later date, the digital clock had no display of anything. On January 14, I tried to used the self cleaning oven and it would not set or heat. Note: I do not know if this is an electronic or mechanical Range/Oven Timer. The-email we received had Howard Simons name on it.Beyond Repair
Dennison, OhioJenn-AirS13612200028N/AWould like to purchase refurbished timer.Awaiting receipt of timer
Appling, GeorgiaJenn-AirW13612200028No displayNo displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Berlin, MarylandJenn-AirW136-C oven12200028N/ANot coming on time clock outAwaiting receipt of timer
Appling, GeorgiaJenn-AirW13612200028No displayNo display. Oven operates properly otherwise.Beyond Repair
Surrey, British ColumbiaJenn-AirS13612200028N/Aclock & oven functions not workingBeyond Repair
Roberts Cree,, British ColumbiaJenn-AirS156-C12200028N/AReplacement timer requiredAwaiting receipt of timer
Rome, GeorgiaJenn-AirWw27210p12200028No display at allNo display on oven.Beyond Repair
Lancaster, KentuckyJenn-AirS13612200028N/ACannot set timer or clockAwaiting receipt of timer
Lancaster, KentuckyJenn-AirS13612200028N/ACannot set timer or clock. Cannot use self clean featureAwaiting receipt of timer
Monument, ColoradoJenn-AirW2750W12200028NoneTimer no longer works. Also cannot turn on self cleaning through the controls. Temperatures work fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Castle rock, WashingtonJenn-AirW2720w12200028N/AWater shorted out timerAwaiting receipt of timer
Asheville, North CarolinaJenn-Airw13612200028N/AThe common electrical feed to our home was cut outside by my grading contractor. It burnt out several items, including this timer. The oven still works, but there's no cleaning function without the timer.Beyond Repair
buna, TexasJenn-AirS13612200028N/Aself cleaning will not workBeyond Repair