Jenn-Air Range S136 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Jenn-Air S136 Range?

Timer part number 12200028 for Jenn-Air S136

The S136 Range uses timer part number 12200028.

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S136 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Maytag S136 Range, Whirlpool S136 Range

S136 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Control panel Parts diagram
S136 Range Control panel Parts diagram
Door Parts diagram
S136 Range Door Parts diagram
Access panel Parts diagram
S136 Range Access panel Parts diagram
Top assembly Parts diagram
S136 Range Top assembly Parts diagram
Body Parts diagram
S136 Range Body Parts diagram
Internal controls Parts diagram
S136 Range Internal controls Parts diagram
Liner Parts diagram
S136 Range Liner Parts diagram
Blower motor (cooling) Parts diagram
S136 Range Blower motor (cooling) Parts diagram
Blower motor Parts diagram
S136 Range Blower motor Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
LAKE STEVENS, WashingtonDigits do not light up. Timer does work but can't read to figure out how much time it is set for. Not sure about other functionsBeyond Repair
buna, Texasself cleaning will not workBeyond Repair
Lancaster, KentuckyCannot set timer or clockAwaiting receipt of timer
Lancaster, KentuckyCannot set timer or clock. Cannot use self clean featureAwaiting receipt of timer
Surrey, British Columbiaclock & oven functions not workingBeyond Repair
Dennison, OhioWould like to purchase refurbished timer.Awaiting receipt of timer
Dennison, OhioThe timer will not function. Unable to perform the self-clean function only display's 00:00Awaiting receipt of timer
Yakima, WashingtonSelf clean in-op
Time bake in-op
PleaSANT VIEW, TennesseeNo display, no clean function.Awaiting receipt of timer
Lincoln, Californiaclock and timer do not work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Batesville, ArkansasClock / timer does not work at allAwaiting receipt of timer
Broadlands, IllinoisNo displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Boston, VirginiaThe knob for setting the timer/clock works intermittently, right now not working at all. This unit needs to work correctly for the self-cleaning feature to work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Crescent city, CaliforniaBroke knob off timer.Repaired
Uxbridge, Massachusettsoven bake and broil not workingRepaired
Timmins, OntarioSelf clean function does not workRepaired
Pasadena, MarylandNeither timed bake nor self-clean features work. The oven door locks and other features work. if you have any installation instructions, I would appreciate them. I have not removed the timer.Repaired
bath, OhioDead, VFD has scorch mark inside of glass (lower left corner). 470uF cap blew, melting PCB trace, I have replaced capacitor and used jumper wires to replace traces.Beyond Repair
Janesville, WisconsinNo Display Self Cleaning will not operate .No Clock .Awaiting receipt of timer
Peoria, IllinoisWe had a power surge due to a utility pole that was struck by a vehicle and broke the linesAwaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for Jenn-Air Range S136 Timer Repair

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self clean will not come on . oven operates normally for all settings. when you set to clean, fan comes on but red indicator light does not come on and oven does not heat up. i have searched for a common solution but havnet found one. i did find another person online with the same concern. but no answer to problem
The lower oven door locked with an F9 error code after normal use, not a cleaning cycle. I have found the latch switch and wiggled it so it returned to the unlocked position. It seems to want to stick mechanically in the locked position unless it is wiggled just right. It also has been cooking too fast. What is the reason for the oven door lock? If it is only for self-cleaning I'd rather just disable it entirely. How can I disable it so the oven will still function? If I must repair or replace it, how do I figure out what went wrong? Might it just need WD-40?
jenn-air oven model S136C connections for a switch for the oven blower/oven light.there are four colored wires- double brown, double blue,double white,single blue.please provide a diagram for these four connections to the switch.
I am looking for the owners manual for the slide in Jenn Air of 1990 that is model no. S136 and does not have electronic display. I would also like to know what to do with the lava rocks slabs and the griddle (like what goes under the griddle to heat it and what are these fake rock slabs and how do they get heated). No where on the entire internet (I have searched for 4 hours and wasted 45 dollars) has this manual or any valid link, even though some sites say they do (they link to a new oven manual that is totally different). So does anyone actually have that manual for the S136 made in 1990? Thanks.
I have set both selector knobs to clean, the fan is running fine. When I move the door lock lever to the lock position a loud grinding sound starts and will continue until I move the lever back to the unlocked position. The pre-set cleaning time does not appear on the display, it continues as the clock. How do I fix this?
Jennair s136 drop in oven I am trying to resurrect an old jennair s136 oven. It sat unused for 3-4 years. I have been able to clean off most of the grease but owner keeps oven turned off at fuse box b/c the fan won't turn off. I have been looking for a manual online and can't find one. Want to try cleaning cycle but dont have instructions.
jenn air s136 range won,t self clean all functions work except cleaning . fan comes on when clean selected . lock door but no lights come on and oven does not heat up. any ideas?
finding side panels (decorator) for a S136 JennAir range (p/n 701997) I am in dire need for side panels (decorator) for a S136 JennAir range (p/n 701997). I have called nearly every place listed on Google, but they ALL tell me that Maytag ** longer makes this part, thus it's ** longer available! There must be a whole warehouse of these parts somewhere. rusting away. I can**t believe that every last one of them was turned into Toyotas! So, if someone has a lead to where I might find at least the right side panel, I'd be a happy camper! I'd prefer BLACK, but if someone has a white one, I'll paint it!!
Jenn-Air S136 Grill-oven--auto clean not working 18 year old Jenn-Air S136 Grill-oven--auto clean not working. When turning SELECTOR and TEMPERATURE knobs to clean, fan goes on but no heat from oven. Clean and lock indicator leds not lighting up. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks LW
My Model S136 JENN-AIR's oven will not come on and the self clean function doesn't work. It's a 1995 range and has worked fine until the oven just stopped heating.
I have a Jenn-Aire s136 electric ranges that clicks. The clicking comes from the clock circuit board K1 (solenoid?). Everything seems to work. What is going on? Is this something that I can fix, I have a multimeter and a soldering iron.
I have a 20 yr old model S136 oven. I still love it and it has worked flawless up to now. All the heating functions work itermentently. I will start using the top elements and then they will stop working for no reason. The indicator lights on the front are still lit and the fan and lights all work. This happens to both sides. The oven has the same problem. Sometimes it comes on and sometimes it doesn't. IF I wait or fool with all of the controls it will sometimes come back on. The problem comes and goes without reason and it only seems to affect the high voltage elements of the oven
Installed Jenn-air S136..oven worked. Today oven, broiler do not is not in auto. Indicator lite does not turn on. Oven worked a week ago. How do you trouble shoot this problem?
I have a Jenn-Air Model S136 drop in oven. My ERC ( I think ) was making a chattering sound) when I turned on the oven, so I thought I could replace it myself. Ordered the part, got it without any instructions on how to replace it. I removed the four screws under the panel that has the ERC installed on it, it pivots out toward me a little, but not enough for me to find other screws(?) to remove it completely. There used to be a brochure Maytag #16000550 that was a procedure for Remove/Replace but I can't locate it anywhere. Could someone help me with this removal procedure? Bud Blubaugh Stone Mountain, GA XXX@XXXXXX.XXX
I need a new toggle/fan switch for my Jenn Air oven S136, and to install it
My Jenn-Air S136 won't unlock, we've tried shutting the power off and jiggling the handle and we still can't get it open
I have a Jenn-Air oven model #S136. I can't get the clean cycle to work. After I enter the shutoff time the display does not go to clean.
How do I replace the oven seal on a Jenn air S136C oven