486752 Bosch/Thermador Range/Stove/Oven Timer

Don't replace your Thermador range, replace the timer and save hundreds of dollars!

The Thermador 486752 ERC is NLA (discontinued by the manufacture) but we often have rebuilt units in stock! Our replacement timer is suitable to replace Thermador 14-33-347, 35-00-571, 35-00-751 and 487604 which are all substituted by 486752.

Note that when we repair this timer we always replace the display with a brand new display and all relays that are prone to failure are also replaced. Our in-stock reconditioned timers also have new displays and relays. These new replacement displays are extremely difficult to obtain and replacing the display is the only effective means to correct a dim display problem. Never send your thermador timer to a repair shop that does not have new displays. The reason is that there are only three ways to correct a dim display problem:

  1. Replace the display with a brand new display. This will restore the display back to new condition so it should remain visible for 7 - 10 years.
  2. Replace the display with a used display harvested from another timer. In this case, you have no way of knowing how old the donor timer is. If the display was taken off of a six-year-old timer, its life expectancy is only 1 to 4 years.
  3. Change the resistors in the board to send more current to the display. This is a temporary "sugar high" that will burn out the display within a few months. So, it looks like the problem has been corrected when, in reality, it is just a ruse.
Thermador 14-33-347 Timer

We have special pricing and core charges when ordering this timer from our inventory. The core charge will be refunded if you send back your existing (failed) timer.

Order Type

Core Charge

Reconditioned Timer (when available)$285$50$335


1. Shipping is not included in the above prices but reconditioned and new timers all come with a full year warranty.

This timer is suitable for these range models:

Thermador RDDS30
Thermador RDDS30QW
Thermador RDDS30V
Thermador RDDS30VQB
Thermador RDDS30VRS
Thermador RDF30
Thermador RDF30QB
Thermador RDF30QW
Thermador RDF30RS
Thermador RDFS30
Thermador RDSS30
Thermador RED30V
Thermador RED30VQB
Thermador RED30VQRS
Thermador RED30VQW
Thermador REF30
Thermador REF30QB
Thermador REF30QW
Thermador REF30RS
Thermador RES30
Thermador RES30QB
Thermador RES30RS
Thermador RES30W

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Bosch/Thermador timer model # 486752

Bosch/Thermador ERCs and Bosch/Thermador stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Bosch/Thermador
Part Number :  486752
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color : 
Description :  Electronic Range/Oven Timer

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Recent Service Requests for Bosch/Thermador Part Number 486752

CityManufacturerModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Helena, MontanaThermadorThermador RDDS30Vn/aoven will not heat beyond 280 degrees .Replaced with new in-stock timer
Wyncote, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDSS30no displayHeating element blew, and apparently fried the timing module's circuits. Now, nothing displays on timer. No fading or intermittent lighting, just a single blackout moment.

Local dealer is replacing oven element, but can't repair or even replace this timer. Suggested we buy a new range altogether (morons!).
Stowe, VermontThermadorN/ALooking to buy New TimerReplaced with new in-stock timer
Camarillo, CaliforniaBoschRDDS30VPSN/AI would like to purchase a new Timer.
The bake element will not turn on. Bake element is new.
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Asheville, North CarolinaThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AWas roasting peppers on Broil. Codes started flashing but I don't remember what they were. The door locked and the fan turned on inside. I pushed the cancel button and was able to get my peppers out and then closed the door back it relocked, the display went blank but the fan kept going. I tried turning breaker off and on to no avail.Repaired
Malvern, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDDS30Nonebaking element doesn't heat up. Broiler works.Repaired
Drexel Hill, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDSS30RSF1Electric oven unit will not work, unit makes a loud intermittant beeping soundRepaired
Alma, ArkansasThermadorRDSS30QWN/ADisplay has gone dim and then out completelyReplaced with new in-stock timer
Oakton, VirginiaThermadorRDSS30RSN/AOven is not working and a repairman checked it out and mentioned that is the Clock/control panel that needs to be replaced / repaired.Awaiting receipt of timer
Fairfield, ConnecticutThermadorRDF30N/ADisplay became dim, and then blank, do display. Board functions , just no display.Awaiting receipt of timer
berkeley heights, New JerseyThermadorrdf30rsN/Ano bakeAwaiting receipt of timer
Manorville, New YorkThermadorRDSS30RSN/ADigital display is blank. Able to press bake/broil/clean and hear click but nothing displays and we are able to cancel as well hearing another click. ERC also locked the oven and starts the fan. I have to manually take a hanger and depress the latch to open oven and turn off fan. But it seems relay is still in on position because when I close the oven again it locks.Repaired
Terrebonne, QuébecThermadorRDDS30N/AI need a new timer 486752Replaced with new in-stock timer
seattle, WashingtonThermadorRDF30RSService diagnosisOven will not heat. 240 volts not being sent to lower heating element from oven controller.Awaiting receipt of timer
Nepean, OntarioThermadorRDFS30QWLED Lights are very LED lights are very dim or not working
Require NEW timer.
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Nepean, OntarioThermadorRDFS30QWLED Lights are very Require a repaired/reconditioned serviceable timerReplaced with new in-stock timer
Nepean, OntarioThermadorRDFS30QWLED Lights are very LED lights are very dim or not working
Require NEW timer.
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Nepean, OntarioThermadorRDFS30QWLED Lights are very Require a repaired/reconditioned serviceable timerReplaced with new in-stock timer
Golden Valley, MinnesotaThermadorRDF30QWF-1F-1 flashes, alarm bell sounds. Neither pushing "Cancel" button nor turning off/on power source restore normal operation. Service tech said part needs to be replaced.Awaiting receipt of timer
Saratoga Springs, New YorkBoschRDF30RSN/AOrdering new timer.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Cleveland, MississippiThermadorRDSS30RS/01N/APlease sell me a NEW 486752 ControlReplaced with new in-stock timer
Seattle, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VRSN/A1. I would like to purchase a new ECR board.
2. This would be a $40 Fed. Express - Next Day delivery request.
3. I will send in old board for rebate after receipt and installation of new board.
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Atlanta, GeorgiaThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AOven will heat.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Woodinville, WashingtonThermadorN/ADim displayReplaced with reconditioned timer
Alexandria, VirginiaThermadorRDDS30VN/Ai need a new 486752Replaced with new in-stock timer
Santa Fe, New MexicoThermadorThermadorN/APlease send a new unitReplaced with new in-stock timer
Butler, IndianaThermadorRDFS30QWN/ABoard will be mailed from customer K. Swaim. Original diagonsis from CoreCentric Solutions was the "relay board arced to the logic board" beyone drpair.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Westfield, New YorkThermadorRDF30RSN/AOven will not heat and beeps until the breaker is shut off.Replaced with reconditioned timer
van nuys, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VRSF1BEEPING FLASHING F1 ERROR.
Marshfield, MassachusettsThermadorRDDS30N/ABake element doesn't heat. Broiler and range top work.
Part number 486752
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Lafayette, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30QVBN/AOven will not heatReplaced with new in-stock timer
BROADVIEW, IllinoisBoschN/ANEED NEW TIMERReplaced with new in-stock timer
San Jose, CaliforniaThermadorRED30VRSN/AAccording to your website I see you have a limited number of brand new replacement units in stock for a cost of $429.00. I would very much like one of these new units if you have one. If not I would be interested in a reconditioned unit. My Oven is an unusual size, and cannot be replaced without rebuilding my cabinets, so I need to keep it going as long as possible.Replaced with new in-stock timer
dayton, WashingtonThermadorrdds30vrsN/Asend a new oneReplaced with new in-stock timer
Montrose, New YorkThermadorRES30QnoneThe + Temp button sticks so can't set the oven temperatureReplaced with new in-stock timer
LaSalle, QuébecThermadorN/AOven can't heat more then 250FReplaced with new in-stock timer
Coos Bay, OregonThermadorrdss30N/ABase element does not workReplaced with new in-stock timer
Morristown, New JerseyThermadorRDFS30QSN/ABuying new timerReplaced with new in-stock timer
Richmond, VirginiaThermadorRDDS30VRSBURNED UPBURNED UPReplaced with new in-stock timer
High Point, North CarolinaBoschTermodoreN/ADisplay is OK. Please just repair control panel. Howard we spoke on the phone on Tuesday. If you would send this back next day air I would appreciate.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Conifer, ColoradoThermadorRDSS30F1Self cleaning mode completed but door will not unlock and fan running.

Display shows 'Door Locked'.
Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Hubbardston, MassachusettsThermadorRDDS30VQBN/AOven heater will not turn off. Assume a relay is bad. Clock display is OK.Beyond Repair
Cincinnati, OhioThermadorRDD30SVF1 with convectionOven on bake does not get to temperature. New element did not fix this. Oven on convection gives F1 error code. Works on broil.Replaced with reconditioned timer
EDGEWATER, MarylandThermadorThermador RDDS30VRSF1, F3sparks, excessive heat
++If you can't repair it, salvage what you can & send one from inventory.
Staten Island, New YorkThermadorRDFS30F1Surge in the house occurred and the display went out. When it came back it displayed an F1 code and began beeping.Repaired
Post Falls, IdahoThermadorRED30VQWN/Awhen you turn the circuit breaker to apply power to the stove the beeper for the timer comes on and will not shut off. Cannot use the oven at all.Awaiting receipt of timer
Eureka, CA, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VQBN/AWon't turn on at all.Awaiting receipt of timer
Coos Bay, OregonThermadorRDSS30N/ARepair man said clock module/board was no longer available. The oven broiler works, but the bake does not. The back heating element works. I was told one of the three relays on the board probably has failed. I'm interested in getting it fixed, and I would go with a new unit if available, a repaired unit or repairing mine. I don't know if this is considered an electronic or a mechanical unit. It has little push buttons for settings.
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Minnetonka, MinnesotaThermadorRDFS30QN/ALED lights are dim. Will not be shipping the timer.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Bainbridge Island, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VQBN/AMy current timer suffers from a dim display problem (nearly unreadable). I understand from your web site that this is not repairable, so I would prefer not to send it in. My preference is to purchase a new module from your stock as advertised on your web page for this timer. If new is not available, do you have any refurbished in stock? Thanks.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Cincinnati, OhioThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AI am needing to purchase part number 486752 Thermador oven control that I spoke to Howard about. The part is to be $194.00 plus $50.00 core. Please send us an invoice for $244.00 so we can get the part on its way!
Replaced with reconditioned timer
MARSHFIELD, MassachusettsThermadorRDDS30VN/AReplaced with new in-stock timer
Vaudreuil-Dorion, QuébecThermadorRDDS30display oven temp + Cannot see very well oven temperature display. And since 1 week, no broil. The control does not give the 110vReplaced with new in-stock timer
Independence, West VirginiaThermadorrdds30vrsf1F1 codeReplaced with new in-stock timer
Richmond, VirginiaThermadorRDDS30VRSBURNED UPBURNED UPReplaced with new in-stock timer
Middleton Ma 01949, MassachusettsThermadorRDF30QSNONELIGHTS HAVE GONE DIMReplaced with reconditioned timer
Cincinnati, OhioThermadorRDD30SVF1 with convectionI would like to purchase a rebuilt timer (not new). I will be returning the old timer. It is not dim.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Rockport, MassachusettsThermadorREF30QWN/AComments from our appliance repair technician: The display brightness seems to be normal. The broil works fine. The bake looks to work on the display, but does not heat up. When I switched the bake and broil wire on the control, and then selected broil, the bake unit heated up. I suspect that the bake relay on the control is bad."Repaired
Bergen, New YorkThermadorRDF30QBLCD Display BadNot shipping old timer. Purchase new timer 486752Replaced with new in-stock timer
Eureka, CA, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VQBN/ADoes not function at all.Awaiting receipt of timer
West Bloomfield, MichiganThermadorN/AI'm not sending old timer to you.Repaired
West Bloomfield, MichiganThermadorN/AI'm not sending old timer to you.Repaired
Boulder, ColoradoThermadorRED30Vnonebottom element does not heat upRepaired
Saranac Lake, New YorkThermadorRDDS30VRSN/Amain element ,recently replaced, does not heat (no power to element)..everything else worksRepaired
Trenton, New JerseyThermadorN/Adisplay is gone, need new (no repair)Replaced with new in-stock timer
Hardyville, VirginiaThermadorRDDS30VRSDon't know. Oven wilOven will not workReplaced with new in-stock timer
Atherton, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VN/ARange doesnt work, dark LED's, no apparent power.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Charlotte, North CarolinaThermadorRDDS30VN/ALite is too dim to read. Need to purchase new timer unit.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Independence, West VirginiaThermadorrdds30vrsf1F1 codeReplaced with new in-stock timer
LaSalle, QuébecThermadorRES30RSN/AAwaiting receipt of timer
Bloomington, MinnesotaThermadorthermadorN/Acan't read the temperatureReplaced with new in-stock timer
Cary, North CarolinaThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AThe baking element will not turn on. I can hear the relay sound (like it is kicking in), but the voltage is not present and the element does not work up. I am not sure if it is the timer itself, or maybe the relay... but it is not obvious from visual inspection.Repaired
Ogden, UtahThermadorRDDS30VRSF-1/F-3Broil Element Relay not closing intermittently
F-1 and F-3 intermittently
Oven run-away tempatures intermittently
Replaced with new in-stock timer
ADVANCE, North CarolinaThermadorRDDS30VRSN/ADIM READOUTReplaced with new in-stock timer
Boucherville, QuébecThermadorRDSS30N/ADisplay window is blank. It was working perfectly before.

An appliance technician came and told us the timer needed to be replaced but they were no longer made so we would need to buy a new oven. Thank goodness, I found you guys!
Replaced with reconditioned timer
gardner, MassachusettsThermadorN/Aelement shorted and burnt out clock.Awaiting receipt of timer
Minneapolis, MinnesotaThermadorRDFS3ORSN/AReplaced with new in-stock timer
Roslyn Heights, New YorkThermadorThermador RDSS30N/AIf cannot be repaired, please offer a new replacementRepaired
Vaudreuil-Dorion, QuébecThermadorRDSS30display oven temp + After talking to Howard, I will keep my control and buy a new one for $429.00 plus shippingReplaced with new in-stock timer
Belle River, OntarioBoschrdds30vrsjust deaddead display and oven controlReplaced with new in-stock timer
Orinda, CaliforniaThermadorThermador RDDS30VRSN/AOven doesn't heat up, Thermador tech determined that it was due to this control unit.Repaired
Bearsville, New YorkThermadorRDFS30 / RDSS30nonebake factor in oven ceased to work. element was replaced without effect. Unit was checked by a local tech who found timer to be defective in the bake functionRepaired
Bethesda, MarylandThermadorrdds30N/Adisplay dim; temp variesReplaced with new in-stock timer
Garden Grove, CaliforniaThermadorRDFS30QWN/ADigital display is very dim. Able to press bake/broil/clean but cannot read the temperature.Awaiting receipt of timer
Seattle, WashingtonThermadorRDSS30N/ATimer sometimes works; convection fan works intermittently.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Nashville, TennesseeThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AWILL NOT BAKE BUT WILL BROIL. LOWER ELEMENT IS GOOD. LED ON FRONT PANEL IS VERY DIMReplaced with new in-stock timer
port townsend, WashingtonNot Applicablerdds30vrsN/Aoven won't heatReplaced with new in-stock timer
glastonbury, ConnecticutThermadorrdds30vrsN/AALL 4 BURNERS ARE NOT WORKINGAwaiting receipt of timer
Seattle, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AThere are two problems. The major one is that the bottom oven heating element will not heat. When I hit bake, it will not heat to above 280 degrees. We checked the heating element and it is OK. The second problem is that the temperature portion of the display is very dim and hard to read.Repaired
Arlington, VirginiaThermadorRDSS30N/ADisplay is dead. Occured after main oven element burned up.Repaired
Bellevue, WashingtonThermadorNone - broils when bWhen bake mode is selected broiler turns on instead. When convect mode is selected broiler turns on instead. When broil selected broiler turns on.

Thermador Model RDDS30VRS
SN# 20020018
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Arlington, VirginiaThermadorRDSS30N/ARepaired
Tryon, North CarolinaThermadorRED 30VN/AReplaced with reconditioned timer
Nashville, TennesseeThermadorThermodor RDSS30RSN/ADim dispay
Sicky buttons
Clock and temp settings run out of control
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Richmond, VirginiaThermadorrdf30rsN/AGetting to hot. Calibration did not work. Sensor ohmed out at 1050 at room temp. (o.k.)Repaired
Georgetown, OntarioThermadorRES30N/ABake element not working...broil is working. Relay is good, and element is good.Replaced with reconditioned timer
North Vancouver, British ColumbiaThermadorRES30RSN/Awhen the bake button is pressed there is an audible click sound however it does not connect to the control to turn on. This is the same for the cancel button. The clock does not display a time anymore.Repaired
San Carlos, CaliforniaThermadorno codedisplay is dimmReplaced with new in-stock timer
Gilette, New JerseyThermadorRDFS30N/ADim DisplayReplaced with new in-stock timer
cowlesville, New YorkThermadorred30vqwN/Aeverything works on the stove but the oven heating element test and is good.Repaired
Tracy, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VN/Adigital display/control panel doesn't work. No clock display, oven settings don't work, therefore oven doesn't turn on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Durham, North CarolinaThermadorRDFS30QWnonedisplay is dim. irratic oven temperatureReplaced with new in-stock timer
MURRELLS INLET, South CarolinaThermadorN/AReplaced with reconditioned timer
Palm City, FloridaThermadorThermador range/ovenBlinks off and resetNormally OK. However, after an hour or so of oven baking, the display goes totally black and 5 minutes later all comes back. Stovetop is unaffected during all of this.Replaced with new in-stock timer
cowlesville, New YorkThermadorred30vqwN/Aeverything on the stove works but the oven, had coil checked and is good . this is the 3rd time we have had a module go bad on this stove.Repaired
Detroit, MichiganThermadorRDFS30QBF1Oven turns on by itself.Replaced with new in-stock timer
North Vancouver, British ColumbiaThermadorRES30RSN/AClock does not display. Oven does not turn on when bake button is pressed or any of the other buttons linked to this control. There is an audible click when bake button and cancel button depressed however it does not connect.Repaired
Santa Cruz, CaliforniaThermadorDual-Fuel Model RDDS30VunknownPower surge resulted in range burners igniting and oven light on but oven control inoperableRepaired
Thornhill, OntarioThermadorRDFS30RSN/AOven bake element stopped working.
Repairman said new element and timer/board needed.
Replaced new burner however new timer/board is no longer available.
Summit, New JerseyThermadorRDDS30VQBF1When using BAKE, the upper element heats up but then does not turn off -- it just gets hotter and hotter until an F1 error appears.Repaired
Nashua, New HampshireThermadorRFDS30QBN/ADisplay is dim.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Farmington Hills, MichiganThermadorrdss30FriedStarted with weak display and arched it out when removing.Repaired
Medicine Hat, AlbertaThermadorRED30VRSN/ACould not control temperature of oven and display has become too dim to read.Repaired
Birmingham, MichiganThermadornone-display is gettI would like to buy a refurbished thermador 486752 display...I will be sending you back a thermador 14-33-347 for core refund.I need this ASAP as I have taken apart my oven.Replaced with reconditioned timer
rancho palos verdes, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RSN/ADisplayed is dimmedAwaiting receipt of timer
Manchester, MassachusettsBoschThermador RDFS30RSDim LED'sDim Timer lightsRepaired
Orem, UtahThermadorrdss30rsN/Adisplay is unreadableAwaiting receipt of timer
Windsor, VermontThermadorrdf30f1broiler comes on with bake and overheats.Awaiting receipt of timer
sumrall, MississippiThermadorRDDS30VQBF1Bake or Broil after 1 Minute Beeps F1 errorAwaiting receipt of timer
White Rock, British ColumbiaThermadorRDDS30VN/AMy oven is 13 years old. The broiler works, but the oven will only heat to 280 degrees and only after a long period of heating. As well, the LED read-out is very faint. I would prefer to have it rep486752.aired as I don't need to have it replaced immediately.Repaired
Fox Island, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VRSNo codeBake element replaced last year. On preheat, broil element will turn on and heat, but bake element wont. Called service and was told timer unit was broken and no longer made.Repaired
Manchester, MassachusettsBoschRDFS30RSDim LED'sDim LEDRepaired
Lafayette, IndianaThermadorRDDS30VnoneDisplay is very dim.
I understand I am buying a repaired timer for $335 and then returning my dim one for a $50 core refund.
Birmingham, MichiganThermadordimI just talked with you. you said reconditioned timer should be available in about 4 day. I would like to buy one. I will then sent you my timer for refundable care charge. Thank you. Chris WilhelmReplaced with reconditioned timer
Doral, FloridaBoschN/AF1Awaiting receipt of timer
Kaleden, British ColumbiaThermadorThermador RDDS30RSN/AOne top gas burner does not operate on a regular basis. Oven broiler works, bake element doesn't. (bake element was replaced)Repaired
cincinnati, OhioThermadorrdss30blankblank screen. control inoperable.Awaiting receipt of timer
Maple Valley, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30vNAOven will not heat up, down vent will not operate. Power to unit checked and is present.Awaiting receipt of timer
Weare, New HampshireThermadorRed30vrsF-1Top of stove works but oven will not work cannot set tempAwaiting receipt of timer
port washington, New YorkThermadorduel fuelf1switches from bake to broil ...some timeRepaired
Austin, TexasThermadorREF30QWN/ADim DisplayRepaired
Arlington, VirginiaThermadorRDDS30VN/AI have two. One shorted and everything appeared to go out.
the other does not allow oven to heat
Awaiting receipt of timer
White Rock, British ColumbiaThermadorRDDS30VN/AMy oven is 13 years old. The broiler works, but the oven will only heat to 280 degrees and only after a long period of heating. As well, the LED read-out is very faint. I would prefer to have it rep486752.aired as I don't need to have it replaced immediately.Repaired
Boise, IdahoThermadorThermador RDDS30no code just dim ligThe display light is really dim for the oven temp.Repaired
Worton, MarylandThermadorRED 30 VRSdon't know. Oven temOven temp is hard to readReplaced with reconditioned timer
St. Petersburg, FloridaThermadorRDDS30VRSN/ADisplay dim, oven not heatingAwaiting receipt of timer
Comox, British ColumbiaThermadorRdf30N/ADim display - looks like only 1/2 the diodes lighting upAwaiting receipt of timer
Nellysford, VirginiaThermadorRDSS30QBN/Atemp and time displays fading and almost unreadable.

I will send the current timer after I install the replacement.
Replaced with reconditioned timer
CALGARY, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30RSN/Ano bakeRepaired
Midland Park, New JerseyThermadorRDF30RSF1oven does not start.
Failure code and chime.
Chandler, QuébecThermadorRED30VQWN/ANumber is pale, dont see the number temperature corectlyReplaced with new in-stock timer
Uxbridge, OntarioThermadorREF30no codeI can't be sure of the part #. The number I provided was pulled from the internet. The problem is the bake element does not work. Broil works fine. I reversed the bake and broil wires on the timer and then the bake element works and broil does not.Awaiting receipt of timer
Cambridge, MassachusettsThermadorRED30VRSE6Bake setting does not work - bottom element will not heat up. Checked element and it is fine (all other functions work broil etc that do not involve bottom element)Replaced with reconditioned timer
glen rock, New JerseyThermadorrdf30rsN/Aoven will not heat beyond 150 degreesReplaced with new in-stock timer
Eveleth, MinnesotaThermadorRDSS30VRS SN37208008112600115noneOven will not heat
Would like to purchase a reconditioned board and send in mine
Replaced with reconditioned timer
calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDDS30VN/ADIM OVEN TEMPReplaced with new in-stock timer
belleville, New JerseyThermadorrdss30qwN/Ano oven heatReplaced with reconditioned timer
Sudbury, MassachusettsThermadorRDDS30VN/Abroiler element goes on in bake mode and causes overheating.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Kamloops, British ColumbiaThermadorRDDS30VRSN/ABake element will not heat up. Swithed ba wire to br and the broil would not heat up indicating it is the relay.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Skaneateles, New YorkThermadorRED30VQN/ALED's don't illuminate and do not response to control buttons - oven will not turn on & oven door lock is manually slidable which turns the oven fan onReplaced with reconditioned timer
Honolulu, HawaiiThermadorThermador RDSS30QWN/AThe range/oven timer is so dim we cannot see oven temperatures, and barely see the time.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Merrick, New YorkThermadorRDF 30 RSN/aHeating tempture light very very dimRepaired
COL,ORADO SPRINGS, ColoradoThermadorRDF30N/ADIM DISPLAYReplaced with reconditioned timer
Jackson, WyomingThermadorRDFS30QSN/ADim Display
Will not allow self clean mode
Greensboro, North CarolinaThermadorRDDS30VRS/03FDN/AQuit workingReplaced with reconditioned timer
Tigard, OregonThermadorRDSS30QWN/ACan't read tempReplaced with reconditioned timer
Thornhill, OntarioThermadorRDFS30RSF1F1 code flashes. both broiler comes on even when bake is selected. no control of temperatureAwaiting receipt of timer
Portland, OregonThermadorrdss3030rsN/ADisplay dimmed and dimmed till no longer able to read it.Replaced with reconditioned timer
STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, ColoradoThermadorrdds30rsN/Aoven not heating, E 1 error codeReplaced with new in-stock timer
Chicago, IllinoisThermadorRDF 30N/ADisplay is dim and unreadable. Oven turns off on its own during baking. Oven can be restarted by simply turning oven back on at control panel.Repaired
Clay, MichiganThermadorThermadore RDFS30QSN/AAll functions work, but readout display has been gradually growing dimmer with time. Cannot see oven temp anymore.
It never showed a failure code.
san rafael, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RSN/ATime & temp control blankReplaced with reconditioned timer
Stillwater, MinnesotaThermadorN/AVery dim temp lightsReplaced with reconditioned timer
plymouth, MichiganThermadorRDDS30VRSF1Purchase a reconditoned timer.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Raleigh, North CarolinaThermadorRDSS30RSN/AElectric oven only reaches 285F after an hour of pre-heating. Tested element and it is fine.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Beverly, MassachusettsThermadorThermador RDSS30RSDim Display, IgnitioDim Display, Random ignition clicks.Replaced with reconditioned timer
springfield, OregonBoschrdds30vrsn/abake element will not come on.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Kensington, MarylandThermadorRDDS30VRSNAClock time is visible but oven temperature is extremely dim.Repaired
Cedar Ridge, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VQWN/AAmber oven temp light dimming. Though fixable, desire a new timer.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Salem, OregonThermadorRDFS30QWN/ADigital numbers of oven temperature are fading and difficult to see. We want to replace the unit with a new unit before it fails completely.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Seattle, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30Vbake function not woBake function not working. No electrical exchange.
Gas range and broiler function still working.

So excited my teenage son found you! Great talking to you!
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Clayton, MissouriThermadorRDDS30VN/Atimer is too dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Saranac Lake, New YorkThermadorRDDS30VRSN/ATimer failureReplaced with new in-stock timer
gustine, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RSN/ACant read temp very dim.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Danville, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VRSnoneThe red bake temperature display is too dim to read. Not other issues. I would like a replacement card and will return the core.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Renton, WashingtonThermadorN/Adoes not heat ovenReplaced with new in-stock timer
Centennial, ColoradoThermadorN/ADimmed timer displayReplaced with new in-stock timer
Chandler, QuébecThermadorRED30VQWN/ANumber is pale, dont see the number temperature corectlyReplaced with new in-stock timer
ORANGEVALE, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VN/AOven won.t heat service call said it was the ERC but they were NLA from the Company or the local suppliers.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Portsmouth, VirginiaThermadorf1Displaying off constantly the flashing f1 when not in useReplaced with reconditioned timer
Tucker, GeorgiaThermadorRDSS30noneRange and broiler work, but oven will not heat. Two repair men have confirmed that the problem is the timer.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Atlanta, GeorgiaThermadorRDSS30f1I'm planning on sending in the old one when I put in the new one. Is that okay? I realize I pay a core charge up front.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Vashon, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VRSN/ATimer is completely out. Does not show any sign of service. Has been evaluated by an appliance technician who gave us this part number to request.Replaced with new in-stock timer
West Des Moines, IowaThermadorRDF S30QWN/ACant readReplaced with reconditioned timer
Chester, New YorkThermadorRDSS-30RSN/ADisplay darkReplaced with new in-stock timer
COURTICE, OntarioThermadorN/ANAReplaced with reconditioned timer
Centennial, ColoradoThermadorN/ADimmed displayReplaced with new in-stock timer
San Jose, CaliforniaThermadornaburned outReplaced with reconditioned timer
McLean, VirginiaThermadorRES-30 RSN/ASpoke with Howard on March 19 -- he said to set a refurbished part aside for me when one comes in. (Need to purchase the part--original got lost in UPS.)Awaiting receipt of timer
Pitttsburgh, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDF30RSN/AThe light was very dim and the temperature readout was not visible.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Seattle, WashingtonThermadorRdSS30VDim ScreenDim ScreenAwaiting receipt of timer
Randolph, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30N/ADim Display, especially on oven temperatureRepaired
Knoxville, TennesseeThermadorrdds30vqN/ADisplay does not work to show oven function/temp.Awaiting receipt of timer
QUEBEC, QuébecThermadorRDDS30VQBDIMM LIGHTTHE LIGHT IN TIMER AS VERY LOW LIGHTReplaced with reconditioned timer
Natick, MassachusettsThermadorRDSS30QWN/AThe temp control buttons short out - it won't hold a set temp but keeps going up or down. We would like to buy a new or reconditioned unit. This has been repaired a couple of times (not by you).Awaiting receipt of timer
Suwanee, GeorgiaThermadorRDF30RSF1When oven is set it cuts off. F1 error code comes on intermittently.Awaiting receipt of timer
Tulsa, OklahomaThermadorRDSS30RSNACan no longer read the digital display.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Richmond, VirginiaThermadorrdfs30rsdeaddeadReplaced with new in-stock timer
Clayton, MissouriThermadorRDDS30VN/Aneed to replace timerReplaced with new in-stock timer
Rochester, New YorkThermadorRDFS30RS?not workingReplaced with reconditioned timer
Santa Rosa, CaliforniaThermadorRDFS30RSnoneActually I am sending in the timer, but if it can't be fixed I want to buy a rebuilt timer.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Northport, New YorkThermadorRDF30QBdisplay does not ligDisplay does not light up, so I can not see the oven temp or which function it is on.Replaced with reconditioned timer
boulder, ColoradoThermadorRDSS30N/ADisplay is dim and left front burner does not work. (igniter works but gas does not come out [no solinoid click like other burners])Repaired
Fairport, New YorkThermadorRDFS30QWN/AOven temperature cannot be controlledReplaced with reconditioned timer
Menlo Park, CaliforniaThermadorRDF30N/ALower oven heating element does not get hot (although it was just replaced anyway). Clicking coming from electronic clock control (timer) suggests that relay is bad or that voltage that powers relay coil is intermittant.Replaced with reconditioned timer
princeton, New JerseyThermadorrdfs30qsN/Aoven and broiler not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Van Nuys, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VRSN/ANot workingReplaced with new in-stock timer
Minneapolis, MinnesotaThermadorThermadorN/Athe digital reader is so faint it is barely readableReplaced with new in-stock timer
Royal Oak, MichiganThermadorRDSS30QWN/ADisplay is dim -- functional otherwiseReplaced with reconditioned timer
boise, IdahoThermadorrdss30noneno display. This problem occured when stove was pulled out to put in new countertops. Working fine before. When put back in, no display on control panel, and oven would not heat.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Spokane, WashingtonThermadorrdds30vrsf1, f3runaway heat, failure codes F1, F2,Replaced with new in-stock timer
Boston, MassachusettsBoschThermadoren/aCleaned oven manually with spray and elbow grease, thursday. Timer/display stopped working on friday.Replaced with new in-stock timer
San Diego, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30N/AOven temperature display is very dimReplaced with new in-stock timer
Chandler, QuébecThermadorRED30VQWN/ANumber is pale, dont see the number temperature corectlyReplaced with new in-stock timer
Falls Church, VirginiaThermadorThermador RDDS30VRS - 98030264none - very dim readMy only problem is very dim readout on the orange temperature reading. The green clock displays fine and the entire unit is fully operational.

How do you recommend i proceed? I really can't live without the oven for a week while i take out the existing part and wait for shipping, repair, return shipping etc.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Mount Prospect, IllinoisThermadorN/AUnable to see temperature setting.....lighting is dimmedRepaired
Newton, MassachusettsThermadorRDDS30VRSnone; was told it's Two service technicians from different companies told us our main control board on our range was broke. It has to be replaced and they could not replace it "Thermador doesn't make those anymore" soooo "Buy a new range!" Oiy vay. What a racket.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Nashville, TennesseeThermadorRDDS30VN/Atoo dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Seattle, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AThe bottom element of the oven stopped working. When a techncian from Appliance Service Center here in Seattle came out he determined that it was the timer/motherboard.He has removed the timer/motherboard in case it can be shipped for repair.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Bellingham, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VF1, F3We've spoken twice now and I greatly appreciate your assistance. We had a runaway oven with an F1 fault code. Canceled oven setting, reset, and had same problem with F3 fault code. Broiler seemed to be stuck on. We didn't use the oven for a few days until a Thermador repair person came out and the oven seemed to work fine. We have used the oven twice since and it has seemed to work fine. After speaking to you we would like to go ahead and replace the timer with one of your reconditioned units.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Mountain View, MissouriThermadorRDFS30QWN/ATemperature is erratic. Seems to reach low temps (350 & below) fine. However, when setting board to higher temps, board doesn't want to reach temperature. You can set board to 400 degrees it will get to 360-375. If you set board to 550, control never reaches over 400 degrees.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Ponte Vedra Beach, FloridaThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AI cannot see the red numbers for the oven temperatureReplaced with reconditioned timer
Auburndale, MassachusettsThermadorRDSS30RSN/AThe oven doesn't work...The broiler works, but NOT the ovenReplaced with reconditioned timer
Atlanta, GeorgiaThermadorRDDS30VN/ADoes not work following severe electrical storm.Repaired
Charlotte, North CarolinaThermadorRdss30rsN/ARepairman said needs ERC replaced. Unable to adjust temp in ovenAwaiting receipt of timer
Pennington, New JerseyThermadorRDDS30VN/AOven temperature display cannot be seenReplaced with new in-stock timer
Richmond, VirginiaThermadorRDSS30RSN/ACLEAN CYCLE WORKS ONLYAwaiting receipt of timer
burnaby, British ColumbiaThermadorrdds30vrsN/AnaReplaced with new in-stock timer
Alexandria, VirginiaThermadorRDDS30VQWN/AThe face is very dimRepaired
Barnard, VermontThermadorRDSS30N/ATemperature LED set as dimmed to unreadable state. Clock keeps irregular time.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Atlanta, GeorgiaThermadorRDDS30VN/ADoes not work following severe electrical storm.Repaired
Jackson, WyomingThermadorRDFS30QSN/ADim Display----
Will not allow self clean mode
Franklin, MassachusettsThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AI am looking to purchase a complete reconditioned timerAwaiting receipt of timer
boise, IdahoThermadorRDSS30noneoven does not work. Clock/timer display is blank.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Seattle, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VRS/03N/AOven would not heat above 200-some degrees. Sent part to Core Centric for repair. After Thermator-authorized repair service installed timer, oven was working, but when stovetop burner was turned on while oven was operating, big flash/pop then oven and stovetop stopped working again.

Returned timer to Core Centric, they say unit is now unrepairable and failure was caused by improper installation.
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Lake Oswego, OregonThermadorRED30vqbcan't see red temp scan't read display - clock faded, temperature almost invisibleAwaiting receipt of timer
Lake Forest, IllinoisThermadorRDSS30N/ALEDs are dimReplaced with reconditioned timer
Arlington, MassachusettsThermadorRDSS30noneTimer occasionally resets and clock is blinking even though power never cycled to unit.
Would like to try a new timer to see if this is the problem. I'd like to own a backup timer anyway, even if this isn't the problem. Do you have any reconditioned units in stock (Thermador 486752) or just nee units?
thanks, Andrew Kuklinski
Awaiting receipt of timer
Princeton, MassachusettsThermadorN/ATemperature runs awayReplaced with new in-stock timer
Doral, FloridaThermadorrdss30F1no oven working. no spark working buzz loud beep permanentAwaiting receipt of timer
Chicago, IllinoisThermadorRDFS30RSN/ADisplay is dimReplaced with reconditioned timer
Jersey City, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30RSN/ADisplay is very dim, beeps for no reason, touching the whole panel activates somethingAwaiting receipt of timer
Cary, North CarolinaThermadorRDDS30deadboard is friedReplaced with new in-stock timer
new bern, North CarolinaThermadorrdds30vnonelower element does not heat... replaced element same problem, broiler element worksReplaced with reconditioned timer
Greensboro, GeorgiaThermadorRRSS30RSF1-F3Failure to regulate oven temperature. Display numbers fadding.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Wilton, ConnecticutThermadorRDSS30N/AYou just serviced this part for having a dim display problem. it worked for about one hour and then caught fire.
Spoke to Howard who said to send it back.
Beyond Repair
Cardiff, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RSnoneThe oven will not heat but broiler works. It tried to heat (clicking sound) and it gets to about 160 degrees very slowly and then stops heating. A factory repairman looked at it and said the timer needed to be replaced.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Chestertown, MarylandThermadorRDSS30F1Repeated error code F1. No ability to operate the oven or low level range burnersReplaced with reconditioned timer
Island Heights, New JerseyBoschRDFS30N/ABroiler works intermittently and turns on during over cycle. Readout is dim.Replaced with reconditioned timer
San Diego, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30N/ADo you sell the white insert buttons also?Replaced with new in-stock timer
beaufort, South CarolinaThermadorrdds30vrsN/ANo bake. No power of board at bake pin.Replaced with reconditioned timer
University Place, WashingtonThermadorRDSS30N/ABroiler and burners work, oven does not.Replaced with new in-stock timer
alpharetta, GeorgiaThermadorrdss30rsN/AI will send you my damage clock broad that can not be repaired for a core refund upon after receiving my new timerReplaced with reconditioned timer
Wall Twp., New JerseyThermadorRDF30QWN/AThe temperature display went dim years ago. Recently It's displaying nothing with no function of clock timer bake or broil.Repaired
Appling, GeorgiaThermadorRED30Velement burned outoriginal timer has internal problem, need new oneReplaced with new in-stock timer
Fairport, New YorkThermadorRDF30QWN/AOven will only heat to 200Replaced with reconditioned timer
Franklin, MassachusettsThermadorRDFS30QBF1The oven temperature would not get above 250 degrees even after hours of operation. The next time we went to use the oven the bake element would not get hot at all. The broil element still works, but not the bake element. I have replaced the bake element, but it still does not work which leads me to believe that the problems is with the oven control panel.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Brentwood, TennesseeThermadorrdss30N/AThe oven control panel shorted out when the broiler element blew out.
Thermador couldn't repair the panel
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Plymouth, MinnesotaBoschRDD S30VQNone - Very Dim LighDim light barly visibleReplaced with reconditioned timer
Bristol, PennsylvaniaThermadorThermador -Convection rdf30qsf1Light is very dim,Oven failled and F1appeared after oven cleaning, In the past we have pressed reset button and solveed the problem, this no longer does the trick.Awaiting receipt of timer
Rochester, New YorkThermadorRDDS30VN/ABadReplaced with reconditioned timer
cody, WyomingThermadorred30vrsN/Adisplay dimReplaced with reconditioned timer
San Francisco, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VRSClock does mot respoWhen selecting any option such as bake or broil the erc responds with off in the display. This leads me to believe the off button is stuck.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Charlotte, VermontThermadorRDSS30 year: 1998N/AOven and broiler temperature readout faded. Time and timer are bright.
Sent an inquiry 2/25 and received an e-mail saying you have a rebuilt part in stock.
Replaced with reconditioned timer
e.setauket, New YorkThermadorred30vrsN/An/aReplaced with new in-stock timer
Macon, GeorgiaThermadorRDDS30 ??N/ALight display is dim.

In the question above, I need a timer. I have no use for this if it cannot be repaired, however repairing this one is my preference.

Thank you,
New York, New YorkThermadorRDF30QBCAN' T SEE TEMP SEYYcAN'T SEE THE OVEN TEMPERATURE SETTINGSReplaced with reconditioned timer
GARDEN GROVE, CaliforniaThermadorRDFS30QWNOVERY DIMAwaiting receipt of timer
Sonoma, CaliforniaThermadorrdss30rsN/Aread out dim, brioler goes on no mater what and fault codesReplaced with reconditioned timer
TUALATIN, OregonThermadorRDDS30VRSNONEDefective Bake relayReplaced with new in-stock timer
Overland Park, KansasThermadorblank display, oven Oven doesn't work, & electrical display is down. Technician came out & diagnosed that the board is bad & needs replaced. We'd take a reconditioned part if available since I understand the part has the same warranty as new. We plan to return our original part for return of the core charge.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Sheffield, AlabamaThermadorRDSS30QBnone dimmine is dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Oakland, CaliforniaThermadorRdss30rsNoneDisplay unreadableReplaced with reconditioned timer
Brookneal, VirginiaThermadorN/ATalked to service representative just a few minutes ago. My timer on Thermador Rdss30 (purchased in 1999) is very dim. He said I could buy a replacement and then send in my timer in.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Oak Park, IllinoisThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AThe bake control on the ERC has failed--it no longer tells the oven to heat up. I verified this by switching the bake and broil leads on the board. The actual bake heat element is fine.

The ERC part number is also listed as 14-33-347.
Replaced with new in-stock timer
NEPEAN, OntarioThermadorRDSS30N/ABAKE CYCLE doesn't function....no heat.Replaced with new in-stock timer
QUEBEC, QuébecThermadorRDDS30VQBDIMM LIGHTTHE LIGHT IN TIMER AS VERY LOW LIGHTReplaced with reconditioned timer
MURRELLS INLET, South CarolinaThermadorRED30VQWNONEINTERMITTENT BAKING /BROILINGTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
Lily Lake, IllinoisThermadorRDF 30n/aDisplay is dimReplaced with new in-stock timer
Lake Forest Park, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VQWN/ALED display has dimmed to the point where you can't read it.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Langley, British ColumbiaThermadorRDSS30QWFunctions - just verI need a recondtioned timmer that will show the tempature and oven fucntion bright enough that we can see it.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Santa Rosa Beach, FloridaThermadorRDDS 30VRSN/Acan barely read displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Freeman, MissouriThermadorRES30N/AThe temperature of the oven LED display does not work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Princeton, New JerseyThermadorRDDS30VN/AinoperableRepaired
Mukilteo, WashingtonThermadorRDFS30N/ADim clock and oven temp display.Repaired
Divide, ColoradoThermadorRES30QWn/aconvection mode will not go beyond 250Awaiting receipt of timer
Webster, New YorkThermadorrdf30qwN/Aclock flashes changes time randomly, open shuts off randomly while bakingAwaiting receipt of timer
Preston, MarylandThermadorRES30QBNoneDisplay started fading out and then went totally blank.Repaired
Highlands Ranch, ColoradoThermadorRDDS30VN/ALower oven element not getting power. Broiler works. Very dim temperature display.Repaired
Etobicoke, OntarioThermadorRDSS30N/AFluorescent display varies in brightness. Green clock bright, temp dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
Endicott, New YorkThermadorRdds30vqbNoneDisplay is dim cancle did not work one timeAwaiting receipt of timer
Snohomish, WashingtonThermadorRDSS0N/ANo display visible.Awaiting receipt of timer
Spring Branch, TexasThermadorRED30VRSN/ABaking element does not work. Element passes continuity and shorting tests but is not getting power. All other elements and features of the oven work properly.Repaired
Baltimore, MarylandThermadorRDDS30N/AOven will not heat over 250Awaiting receipt of timer
Northborough, MassachusettsThermadorRDSS30RSF1Very dim display, broiler button sticks, shows F1 codeAwaiting receipt of timer
Chapel Hill, North CarolinaThermadorRDSS30N/AThe digital readout of the temperature is so dim, that I cannot see it at all.Awaiting receipt of timer
Webster, New YorkThermadorRDF30Q-WN/AClock randomly flashes, changes time, and must be reset to correct time.
While baking, oven randomly shuts off and must be turned on again to continue baking
Awaiting receipt of timer
Gulf Breeze, FloridaThermadorRES30qwN/AClock works but temperture settings are unreadable.Awaiting receipt of timer
Farmington Hills, MichiganThermadorrdfs30N/Avery dim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
St Lambert, QuébecThermadorRES00QS(RS)N/AHello,
Our thermador stove dates from 2000; we fixed the burners a few years ago. About 6 months ago the broil stopped working and now both the convection and bake no longer work. The oven light inside and the fan still work. Also we checked the broil coil and bake coil with an ohmmeter and the current is continuous. Through internet research we figure the electronic panel is the problem.
If you can't repair it we would like to know why before you scrap it.
thank you very much.
staten island, New YorkThermadorrdf30rsdoes not displaydoes not display any light or sound or beepRepaired
Medford, OregonThermadorRDF30QWN/AThe digital display has slowly been getting darker and now we can barely read it.Awaiting receipt of timer
Tulsa, OklahomaThermadorRDDS30VRSDim LEDLED readout is dim and unreadableRepaired
Stuart, FloridaThermadorRDDS30VQBnoneWill not heat in clean, bake,convection or broil mode. Display is weak, dim. I just replaced Simmer controller, 2 potentiometer, Kit # 497235. All 4 surface gas burners now working satisfactory. Maybe lighting damage.Awaiting receipt of timer
Southampton, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDF30QBN/ABroiler remain on continuously when bake or convect is selected. Rest works fine.Repaired
Birmingham, AlabamaThermadorRdf30rsN/ADisplay too dark to readAwaiting receipt of timer
shawinigan, QuébecThermadorRED30VQWN/Athe oven is not baking at more than 220 FRepaired
Southampton, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDFS30QBN/ABroiler stays on whenever the oven turns on and does not turn off until cancelled. The lower element appears to work correctly.Repaired
san rafael, CaliforniaThermadorrdss304N/AdimAwaiting receipt of timer
San Jose, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VnoneWon't heat past 260 degrees. Diagnosed at timing by service.Repaired
staten island, New YorkThermadorrdf30rsdoes not displaydoes not display any light or sound or beepRepaired
shawinigan, QuébecThermadorRED30VQWN/AThe temperature in the oven don't go up than 220 at bake. The element is good.Repaired
Etobicoke, OntarioThermadorRDSS30N/AFluorescent display varies in brightness. Green clock bright, temp dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
North Vancouver, British ColumbiaThermadorRDFS30RSN/AWill not heat oven to proper temp.Repaired
Portland, OregonThermadorRDDS30N/AThe oven worked intermittently for quite a while. However, it no longer worksw at all.Repaired
Oxford, ConnecticutThermadorRDF30N/AThere is no displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Swansea, MassachusettsThermadorRDF30dimdim displayReplaced with reconditioned timer
millburn, New JerseyThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AControl module heats broiler on bake mode. Bake element not heating at allRepaired
Dearborn, MichiganThermadorRDFS30None - Just dimDisplay is dim. Sometimes oven will not heat to set temp, but if I unplug the range and replug it it will function.
I have a core that I can send in after I get the replacement. I don't want to be without an oven for two weeks.
Thanks in advance,
Kevin Skazalski
Honeoye Falls, New YorkThermadorRDDS30VRSNo Failure Code - daThis is a duel fuel range. All burners and the oven light work (there is power to unit) but the oven controls and clock/temperature readout are all non functional - dark.Awaiting receipt of timer
Litchfield, New HampshireThermadorRDDS30VRSNoneThe oven stopped working with no failure code. There appears to be a "burn mark" on the bottom right hand corner of the display.Repaired
Prospect Heights, IllinoisThermadorRDSS30N/AThe timer functions properly, but the digital display is becoming "very" dim. As per your
repair service information, please repair/replace any relays or other components that commonly fail.
Martinez, CaliforniaThermadorRED30VRS/01does not display or The oven control panel does not work, which means that the oven, clock, and timer don't work either. The stove top burners wook, the fan, and the light in the oven all work. The technician that Thermador sent said that the part was no longer made and that he could not order it from Bosch/Thermador. So I am looking for a new control unit or a rebuilt one.Repaired
Fairway, KansasThermadorThermador RDDS30VRSN/ADisplay is dim and unreadable, have trouble setting temp. Temperature seems to overshoot.Awaiting receipt of timer
MexicoThermadorRDDS30VRSNAOven not workingRepaired
Lake Worth, FloridaThermadorRES30RSN/AI'm trying to purchase a board.Awaiting receipt of timer
Lachine, QuébecThermadorres30rsN/Abroil not work, oven and burners do workAwaiting receipt of timer
Palm Springs, CaliforniaThermadorRDF30QWN/AThe LED read out is nearly non-existent. Cannot read the time, oven temp, etc.

If it is unrepairable please provide a new or reconditioned one.

Raymond, MaineThermadorRDSS30vN/ADoaReplaced with reconditioned timer
Placerville, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AThe broiler is not receiving proper Vac. The broiler element has the proper resistance.Awaiting receipt of timer
Newmarket, OntarioThermadorRDF30QBF1F1 error code, display going dimmer over time, control reset many times during cooking cycle, timer resets tooRepaired
Milpitas, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30QSNo CodesDisplay, particularly oven temperature, became very hard to read. If you turn off all the lights in the kitchen and you wait until nighttime, maybe you could read it.Awaiting receipt of timer
San Rafael, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30N/AAll works but can not see the Oven temperature range on the right end.Repaired
San Jose, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RSNoneDisplay readout is very dim, especially the red oven temperature readout.Repaired
Flowery Branch, GeorgiaThermadorRDSS30RSdim displaydim display, everything else functions. I cannot do without my oven for weeks, so if I purchase a new one and sent in my old one, will you refund the old one?Repaired
Endicott, New YorkThermadorRdds30vqbNoneDisplay is dim cancle did not work one timeAwaiting receipt of timer
MexicoThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AThe Oven won't workRepaired
Falls Church, VirginiaThermadorRDDS30VRSN/Aour timer was sent out for repair (numbers too dim to read) and lost when the technicians van was broken into.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Camano Island, WashingtonThermadorRED30VNoneDark face. No oven. Stovetop works fine. slowly got dimmer and dimmer.Repaired
Greenbank, WashingtonThermadorRDF30QBUNKTimer lights have become too faint to read. In other regards oven works fine.Repaired
Maplewood, New JerseyBoschRDF30QNoneLED is very dim. Cannot read the settings.Repaired
Redmond, WashingtonThermadorRED30VQWN/AOven bake element will not energize. Broil element, convection, clock and timer functions appear to be working correctly.Awaiting receipt of timer
Redmond, WashingtonThermadorREDVQWN/ADon't remember, this was the one that went bad first, so we bought a new one (which has now also failed, wee Appliance Timer 1).Awaiting receipt of timer
Redmond, WashingtonThermadorRED30VQWN/AOven bake element will not energize. Broil element, convection, clock and timer functions appear to be working correctly.Awaiting receipt of timer
Redmond, WashingtonThermadorREDVQWN/ADon't remember, this was the one that went bad first, so we bought a new one (which has now also failed, wee Appliance Timer 1).Awaiting receipt of timer
Bergenfield, New JerseyThermadorRDF30QWNoneBake relay not pulling inRepaired
mamaroneck, New YorkThermadorRES30Qtimeri assume the small lettering at the bottom of the display that says 'TIMER' is the failure code.Awaiting receipt of timer
Palo Alto, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VQSSF1Dim display for a long time, and more recently the "F1" display.Repaired
La Crescenta, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30F-1F-1 WILL NOT RESETRepaired
Afton, MinnesotaThermadorRDSS30RSDimDim displayRepaired
Libertyville, IllinoisThermadorRDFS30QSN/Atemp control,time control,fadeAwaiting receipt of timer
Pleasant Hill, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30N/AThe instrument panel is very dim and it makes it difficult to read the time and temperature.

I spoke to the gentleman on the phone and he told me the part #. I am have someone coming today to remove the part and will send express mail tomorrow. Thank you
Seattle, WashingtonThermadorRES30N/AOven turns off intermittently. Will work for a time, and then shut off completely for a couple hours. Doesn't impact range and eventually re-sets on its own.Awaiting receipt of timer
Kalispell, MontanaThermadorRDDS30VF-1F-1 after a power failureRepaired
North Vancouver, British ColumbiaThermadorRDFS30RSN/AWill not heat oven to proper temp.Repaired
Rye, New HampshireThermadorRDSS30QN/AThe only issue is dim display

All timer and control functions work fine.
Concord, MassachusettsThermadorRDDS30VR-01NONEOven does not heat. Lower heating element does not work. Stovetop works.Awaiting receipt of timer
Chapel Hill, North CarolinaThermadorRDSS30N/AThe digital readout of the temperature is so dim, that I cannot see it at all.Awaiting receipt of timer
West Chester, PennsylvaniaBoschRDFS30QBN/Ascreen is blank , nothing worksAwaiting receipt of timer
San Jose, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30Vnone.Fails to heat to temp.
Max is 260 degrees
Prescott, ArizonaThermadorRED30VN/ADisplay is dimReplaced with reconditioned timer
Saint_Lambert, QuébecThermadorRDDS30VN/ABoard as burnedReplaced with reconditioned timer
Kingston Springs, TennesseeThermadorRDSS30N/AEvery other line of the display is outAwaiting receipt of timer
Bethesda, MarylandThermadorN/AF3, overheatingReplaced with reconditioned timer
Vancouver, British ColumbiaThermadorRED30YQBNONEBUTTONS NONE RESPONSIVEReplaced with new in-stock timer
Seattle, WashingtonThermadorRDSS30QWN/ADIM DISPLAYReplaced with reconditioned timer
TRUCKEE, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30N/Adisplay dimReplaced with reconditioned timer
Nutley, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30RSN/Aoven does not work, broiler does, timer starts beeping at tines and gets F1, cleaning cycle doesn't work. sometimes timer doesn't workRepaired
long beach, CaliforniaThermadorN/Aoven failureReplaced with reconditioned timer
Harrison, TennesseeThermadorrdds30vqbNoneLookiing for a replacement oven control board for the Thermador Dual Fuel rdds30vqb board #486752Awaiting receipt of timer
highlands, North CarolinaBoschrdds30vqbN/Adim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Del Rey Oaks, CaliforniaThermadorN/ADim displayReplaced with reconditioned timer
saltspring island, British ColumbiaThermadorrdss30rsN/ARepair man says I need a new oneReplaced with reconditioned timer
Harrison, TennesseeThermadorRDDS30VQBNoneConvection blower runs all the time, control board is blank, No oven controlsAwaiting receipt of timer
Commerce Twp, MichiganThermadorRDDS30VRSn/aOven element shorted and blew the control panel.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Falls Church, VirginiaThermadorThermadorvariousWant to purchase new timer.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Reynoldsburg, OhioThermadorRDSS30RSNoneThe oven was set at convection bake 375 degrees for 7 minutes. It was baking fine until 3 minutes were left on the timer. All of the sudden, the broiler kicked itself on and burnt the cookies that were in the oven.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Knightstown, IndianaThermadorRED30VF-1Oven/Convection no longer worksReplaced with reconditioned timer
CALGARY, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30N/ADisplay is not showingAwaiting receipt of timer
Mooresville, North CarolinaThermadorRED30VRSNAI will return my timer (as CORE) for refund upon receipt and installation of the ordered reconditioned 486752 Bosch/Thermador Range/Stove/Oven - ApplianceTimer.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Jersey City, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30RSF1F1 code
very dim display, cannot be read unless kitchen is dark
broil at times turns off by itself
Awaiting receipt of timer
Pagosa Springs, ColoradoThermadorRDDS30VN/ALighting very very dim. Thus very hard to readAwaiting receipt of timer
Reno, NevadaThermadorRDDS30VQBN/ADim display cannot readAwaiting receipt of timer
marblehead, MassachusettsThermadorRES30RSF1I am sending the timer,Repaired
Portland OR, OregonThermadorRDFS30QBFaded displays F1 ocWill send core when have installed the replacement. Original unit has faded displays especially for oven temperature which is unreadable. Has given F1 error twice, have eliminated error by pretending to program cook time and canceling.Awaiting receipt of timer
Fountain Hills, ArizonaThermadorRED30VQB/01-V02N/Adim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
manhasset, New YorkThermadorrdss30rsN/AMy thermador model rdss30rs duel fuel display board does not function. I believe it is a Bosch AP2836528 part number or also known as part number 486752-display board. Do you have this part in stock or reconditioned? If not can I send in non working board for repair? Thanks, Erich WunschBeyond Repair
St. Catharines, OntarioThermadorthermador rdss30rsf1when oven bake and convection are used the broil element comes on instead and the self clean does not work either. when the broil element is turned on it does not work . intermittently the bake function will work. when the oven is turned on bake or convection the f1 failure code also beeps once in awhile. maybe it has something to do with the relay. all of the elements do work. we had that checked first.Repaired
Oakville, OntarioThermadorRDFS30RSnone1 - lower element not heating up; repair technician has checked the element for continuity and electrical wiring were both found to be in working order

2 - temperature display dim and difficult to read
Replaced with reconditioned timer
staten island, New YorkThermadorrdds30vrsN/Adisplay very dimReplaced with reconditioned timer
Seattle, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30QWNone1) Dim Display
2) range top ignition striker is always firing when gas is on; it does not stop even after the burner is lit and control dial moved away from the "ignite" position
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Hansville, WashingtonThermadorRDSS30VNoneStove top & broiler element work, but lower element does not. Continuity OK.Awaiting receipt of timer
Mooresville, North CarolinaThermadorRED30VRSNAI will return my timer (as CORE) for refund upon receipt and installation of the ordered reconditioned 486752 Bosch/Thermador Range/Stove/Oven - ApplianceTimer.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30RSNo codeOven will not heat, Broiler does work, bottom heating element checked out O.K., burners work and the display still works. The temperature stays at 100 F, oven keeps clicking on but heat does not increase. Had a repair person take apart oven, do diagnostics and stated he was certain it was the circuit board control panel, but no parts were available from Thermador therefore unfixable. Same part was replaced 3 years ago when the display dimmed and was unreadable.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Montclair, VirginiaThermadorREF30RSlights to dim to seeToo dim, not able to read displayAwaiting receipt of timer
bedford, New HampshireThermadorrdss30f1F1Awaiting receipt of timer
Cumming, GeorgiaThermadorRDFS30N/ANo Bake ElementReplaced with reconditioned timer
SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MichiganThermadorRDSS30RSoven temp not visibloven temp dim to not visibleAwaiting receipt of timer
San Jose, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RSN/AOur Thermador RDSS30RS oven element does not heat. Traced problem to our Control board Part #486752. Would like to purchase a new/reconditioned unit.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Edmonton, AlbertaThermadorREF30RSN/ABroiler doesn't workReplaced with reconditioned timer
Concord, MassachusettsThermadorRDFS30N/AOven does not work (Part missing)Replaced with reconditioned timer
Knightstown, IndianaThermadorRED30VF-1Oven/Convection no longer worksReplaced with reconditioned timer
Needham, MassachusettsThermadorRDF30NAInitially only problem was bake element not working. Sent to CoreCentric for repair and now nothing works. If this can not be refurbished, I would like to buy a reconditioned one with the Refundable Core.Awaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRES30N/AControl timer works fine but read out is extreamly dim, especially for oven temperature which is almost impossible to read.Repaired
Swanzey, New HampshireThermadorThermadorN/AWorks, just very dim, can no longer see anything on the face of the timer. We now have to "count" the beeps to know the temp!

Thermador Drop-In RED30V
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Niagara on the Lake, OntarioThermadorRDSS30RSF3Oven overheats - broiler does not turn off when oven temperature is reachedReplaced with reconditioned timer
Concord, MassachusettsThermadorRDFS30N/AOven does not work (Part missing)Replaced with reconditioned timer
CHARLESTON, South CarolinaThermadorRDDS30VRS/02NONEBUTTONS ARE STUCK AND OVEN NOT WORKINGReplaced with reconditioned timer
Barrington, Rhode IslandThermadorRDF30RSF1F1 code; beeping alarm which does not turn off.Awaiting receipt of timer
Toronto, OntarioThermadorrdf 30 rsf1F1 message
starts to Beep
Perkasie, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDSS30RSF1No oven function at all.Awaiting receipt of timer
Hampstead, New HampshireThermadorRef30rsN/ADim readoutAwaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30RSN/AThis is a return of the original timer we have just replaced with a reconditioned one you just sent us. We are sending this one in for the refund. New one works great!Awaiting receipt of timer
Los Gatos, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VN/ADisplay is too dim to read.Repaired
Savannah, GeorgiaThermadorREF30QWN/AThe display on the clock/timer is very dim and can only be read with the kitchen lights turned off.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Hanover, MassachusettsThermadorf1f1 code is flashing and range is beeping. will not reset. possibly due to power outageRepaired
Englewood Cliffs, New JerseyThermadorRangeN/AI purchased the 5 year extended warranty on the appliance timer I purchased back in October of 2012. The oven does not work. It is the same problem I had back in 2012. But the cook top still works. I would like to activate the warranty that I purchased on this product to see if I can get my oven back to working.Repaired
Granite Bay, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30N/AFaded display can barely seeAwaiting receipt of timer
Seattle, WashingtonBoschRDSS30NoneDisplay is too dim to read.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Niskayuna, New YorkThermadorRDFS30F1loud beeping / oven does not work at all / convection oven does not work properly / burner and broiler work fineAwaiting receipt of timer
Knightstown, IndianaThermadorRED30VF-1Oven/Convection no longer worksAwaiting receipt of timer
Placentia, CaliforniaThermadorRED30VQBnoneTotally dark, only oven light works. Hear click when bake button is pushed but no heat.Repaired
Tiburon, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RSN/ADisplay is very dim and flickers slightly. All functions work but it is very hard to read.Repaired
Greensboro, North CarolinaThermadorrdds30vrs/03fdoffTry to turn on oven to bake, broil or anything and it says off. Purchased from you june 11, 2013.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Pine Valley, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30QBN/AOven works fine; however cannot see temp displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Dayton, OhioThermadorrdf30NoneBottom heating element in oven not working, appliance repair man says it is relay for bake element failing to close.Awaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30RSN/ALCD display no longer lights up and the oven intermittently turns on and off. Temperature display no longer lights up as well.

(NOTE: Upon removal from the oven a resistor was shorted out and hence the burn marks on the board)
CholomaThermadorThermador RDF30QWF1after electrical storm the oven let to workAwaiting receipt of timer
bedford, New HampshireThermadorrdss30f2F2Awaiting receipt of timer
Manchester, WashingtonThermadorThermador RDSS30noneThe temperature light is so dim as to be unreadable--been that way since 2011. The part number I used is from a quote sent to me by your firm on 12/28/2011. We have just been limping along with it since then. I don't use the timer because I have one on my microwave that times more than one operation at a time. I am not sending my old unit, but I could if you wanted to buy it if it could be fixed.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Clermont, QuébecThermadorRDSS30QQN/AThe board is malfunctionning, it locked the range door and doesn't work anymoreRepaired
Ovid, New YorkThermadorRDDS30VQWN/ATimer dim cannot readAwaiting receipt of timer
Richmond Hill, GeorgiaThermadorRDSS30RSN/AMissing timer and face coverReplaced with reconditioned timer
Statesville, North CarolinaThermadorThermador RES30RSN/ABroiler will not workAwaiting receipt of timer
michigan city, IndianaThermadorrdss30f-1in the BAKE mode the BROIL element "runs away" and does not cycle on and off causing over-heat, alarm to sound and F-1 error code. all other functions of the range are normal

Appears to be a broiler relay problem according to the thermador service technician
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Pataskala, OhioThermadorThermadorNoneTimer is functioning but with dim / partial missing numbers. Marcone was going to repair it but they sent it back to me because they only replace relays. I talked to Howard Simons about this repair and he offered me a $40.00 discount if I was to refer Marcone to appliancetimers.com for future repairs that they cannot complete. I did in fact give Marcone the contact information for appliance timers.com in hopes that both can and will build a business relationship together. THANK YOU Howard, Troy SniderRepaired
COURTICE, OntarioThermadorRDF30N/ADEADRepaired
Charlotte, North CarolinaThermadorRDSS30QBNo CodeI have a Thermodor oven RDSS30QB and need to replace the oven control board #486752. I received an email from your company indicating that this part is in stock.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Bremerton, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30V486752Can't read the temp.Repaired
north provIDENCE, Rhode IslandBoschthermador res30nonei need to buy a new timer/control. please send you your best priceAwaiting receipt of timer
CALGARY, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30N/ADisplay is not showingAwaiting receipt of timer
Kingston, OntarioThermadorRDDS30VRSF1Oven does not workReplaced with reconditioned timer
Suwanee, GeorgiaThermadorRF30RSf1The oven intermittently turns off, the temperature does not register correctly. the clock time blinks and does not keep correct time.Awaiting receipt of timer
Kingston, OntarioThermadorRED30VRSsee attached note frI have attached the note provided by the service department of Black's Appliances in Kingston Ontario. The part number provided is one that I believe is correct but I could be wrong.Repaired
vineland, New JerseyBoschrdf30qwN/AI will send old one for coreAwaiting receipt of timer
Hornell, New YorkThermadorRDDS30VQSN/AClock will turn off when oven is on, and this turns off the oven. I am assuming the part number is correct. I can never seem to find my specific model (we bought it in 1996 in New York State). I would think it would be the same part that would fit the RDDS30V series.Awaiting receipt of timer
Windsor, CaliforniaThermadorRDFS30RSN/ALower oven element will not get hot. Broiler element does work. Was told by technician that the relay was bad and part needed to be replaced. In addition, the digital clock can barely be seen.Repaired
Vancouver, British ColumbiaBoschRDSS30N/ARight side of bake element has no juice. Traced back to control panel; no power coming out to right bake wire.Repaired
San Francisco, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VQWN/Aevery button I push says "Off" I purchased this timer from you in February.
Invoice No. 107588 so it is under warranty
Awaiting receipt of timer
south salem, New YorkThermadorN/Aoven is not heating upReplaced with reconditioned timer
Seattle, WashingtonBoschRDSS30NoneDisplay is very dim. Cannot see termperature or other display items.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Petaluma, CaliforniaThermadorRED30VRSN/ABroiler comes on in BAKE mode.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Saint-Laurent, QuébecThermadorREF30RSF1 + dim displayF1 Error
Dim display
Replaced with new in-stock timer
montreal, QuébecThermadorRDSS30DIMDIM DISPLAYReplaced with reconditioned timer
Excelsior, MinnesotaThermadorRDSS30N/ATurns on and keep broiler element on with ovenAwaiting receipt of timer
Essex, MassachusettsThermadorRdf30qbNaNeed new or reconditioned timer/control panelAwaiting receipt of timer
Morton Grove, IllinoisThermadorRDSS30RSN/AThe oven broiler works, but the bake does not. The back heating element works. The time on the clock is dim and the temperature is almost not readable. Repair man said everything else on the over is in good working order. Repair man said clock module/board was no longer available.Replaced with reconditioned timer
TRUCKEE, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30Dim displayDim DisplayReplaced with reconditioned timer
Pagosa Springs, ColoradoThermadorRDDS30VN/ALighting very very dim. Thus very hard to readAwaiting receipt of timer
Princeton, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30F1I have a Thermador RDSS30 Dual Fuel Downdraft Slide In. After a power outage, I got an "F1" error code when power returned. I have hit cancel button, made sure no other buttons were stuck, turned off circuit breaker and restarted. Still getting F1.Awaiting receipt of timer
Escondido, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RSN/ADisplay is dim and not readable. If reconditioned display is not available, please send new. If you have instructions on how to remove/replace, that would be appreciated.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Laval, QuébecThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AREF # COM-69052 // Oven self clean will not start and only door shows up on the control panel and bipsReplaced with new in-stock timer
Somerset, WisconsinThermadorN/ACurrent timer is defective. No lights. The screen is completely blank.

Looking for a reconditioned timer. I can send in the current defective timer upon removal for the refundable $50.00 core.
Awaiting receipt of timer
ADANCE, North CarolinaThermadorRDDS30VRSBlankIs dead, nothing is working.Repaired
goodlettsville, TennesseeThermadorRDFS30RSnaVFD displa yis dim, a few segments not working. Otherwise functions properly. Prefer to buy a new one, or get a rebuilt one. Would be nice if I could cross ship mine for exchange. If I cna't do that, I need instructions on how to get the old one out please.Awaiting receipt of timer
Arlington, VirginiaThermadorThermador rdds30vrsN/APreheat doesn't turn off. Oven temp too high. Lower heating coil turns off but upper stays lit.Awaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30N/ATemp display is so dim that it is unreadableRepaired
Farmingdale, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30n/aBlow out Circuit board and shorted oven and logic board melted into circuit boardAwaiting receipt of timer
Toronto, OntarioThermadorREF30RSF1After power outage, display flashes error code F1 and alarm beeps non-stop. Neither pushing 'Cancel' button nor power on/off restores oven operation.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Voorhees, New JerseyThermadorRDF30RSN/AHeating element blew and single blackout moment now control timer does not go on at all. Replaced heating element but still nothing. Need to replace.Awaiting receipt of timer
Telluride, ColoradoBoschRDSS30N/Ayou can barely see the lights to read what it saysAwaiting receipt of timer
Poulsbo, WashingtonThermadorRDF30QBNoneOven controls don't work at all. No Display Visable. Oven light and Gas cooktop still work.Repaired
Rancho Palos Verdes, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RSDIM DISPLAYoven temperature display is very light and hard to read in daylightAwaiting receipt of timer
vineland, New JerseyThermadorrdf30qwf 1Want to know if you have a new one or can repair my old one?Awaiting receipt of timer
Greenwood Village, ColoradoThermadorRdss30vLight inopThe unit is hard to read. The one side does not have a lightAwaiting receipt of timer
Etobicoke, OntarioThermadorREF30QWF1, F#Will not power on the oven, goes right to F1 or F3 error code.Repaired
SANTA FE, New MexicoThermadorRDSS30NoneAlmost Invisible DisplayAwaiting receipt of timer
Falls Creek, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDSS30RSDim Display, Bake TeDim Display, Incorrect Bake Temp, Broil Not Working.Repaired
Brooklyn, New YorkThermadorRef 30 rsN/ATemp display is too dim to readAwaiting receipt of timer
NORTH BEND, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VN/ADISPLAY IS DIMReplaced with reconditioned timer
Port Townsend, WashingtonThermadorRDSS30RSN/ADisplay is dim, particularly the oven temperature.Repaired
Sisters, OregonThermadorRdds30vrsN/ANo bakeRepaired
Burlington, OntarioThermadorRDSS30N/Adisplay is very dark. can't see the orange oven set points anymore unless completely dark room and then it's still difficult to see.Repaired
Spring Lake Park, MinnesotaThermadorRDFS30RSN/AThe display doesn't light upAwaiting receipt of timer
Québec, QuebecThermadorRDSS30QS gas stoveNAthe oven temperature display has been getting progressively dimer over the last few yearsRepaired
SISTERS, OregonThermadorRDDS30VRSN/ANo bakeRepaired
Cheyenne, WyomingThermadorRDFS3QWnaOven temp not visible.Awaiting receipt of timer
Nantucket, MassachusettsThermadorN/ADisplay is dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Seattle, WashingtonThermadorRES 30No code - shuts offOur problem was intermittent only turning off if above 400 for 30-60 min. Repair person said we'd need to replace. We initially had a code but can't remember. No will not stay on after short periods of time - maybe 5 min. Will click and electrical panel will short out completely. Used to be able to hit cook or timer button and would turn back on.Repaired
Perrysburg, OhioThermadorRDDS30VQJust says "Off"Timer is shorted outAwaiting receipt of timer
Ann Arbor, MichiganThermadorRDDS30V...F-1We had a power failure - during which our backup generator operated other circuits. When power was restored from DTE, our range/oven began beeping and flashing F-1. It won't reset or go away - so I have thrown the circuit breaker. (We spoke about this on 24 Aug - in the morning.)

Please extend the warranty only if you can assure me that repairs will be possible during that time.
Shaker Heights, OhioThermadorRDSS30RS?oven not heating or takes a long time to heat. Service man identified problem as "bad oven control board".Repaired
Rome, New YorkRCArdf30N/Adim displayRepaired
Brookfield, ConnecticutThermadorSlide-In RDSS30N/AControl panel is black. I can hear a "click" when buttons are depressed, but oven functions do not work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Snohomish, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VQWN/ABottom oven element does not get power. Ohm'd out element and it is good, not power to terminals. Broiler element works and power to control board but control board is dimly lit.Repaired
Dallas, TexasThermadorrdds30vN/Awil not heat oven above 180 degreesRepaired
Port Townsend, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VRSdid not see oneOven not heating up to higher temperatures. When set to 350 reads 100 right away and then clicks on a regular basis. Red lights on panel that show temperature are dim and hard to read.Repaired
Island Heights, New JerseyThermadorRDS30[broiler not working[broiler not working]Awaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDDS30VRSF1F1 code a couple of weeks ago. Reset by cutting power. No problem for another week then F1 again. Reset, worked for a couple of days. Finally F1 and not able to reset.

First time oven had preheated to 425 as set and been operating for about 25 min. Next time had set to preheat to 375. Last time used successfully at 350. Last F1 at 350.

Broiler seems to come on and not go off before F1 alarm.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Dallas, TexasThermadorRDDS30VN/AWill not heat oven above 180 degrees and light to read the number of degrees is faint.Repaired
Dallas, TexasThermadorRDDS30VN/AWill not heat oven above 180 degrees and light to read the number of degrees is faint.Repaired
Wakeman, OhioBoschRDDS30VN/ATimer went blank, nothing on the stove worksAwaiting receipt of timer
Delson, QuebecThermadorrdfz30qbN/Alight does not work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Goderich, OntarioThermadorRDSS30N/Adisplay dim unreadableRepaired
Goderich, OntarioThermadorRDSS30N/ANo displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Murray, KentuckyThermadorN/Aoven will not come onRepaired
Bellvue, ColoradoThermadorref30rsF1My timer has dim display and intermittent F1 error.Awaiting receipt of timer
Manasquan, New JerseyThermadorRDS30 with down draftNo code, too dim to Unable to read oven temperature on panel. Light is too dim to read. It works, but is too light to read.Repaired
Ferndale, MichiganThermadorRDF30RS??The main oven bake element will not heat at all. Prior to this failure, the control would sometimes reset/turn off in the middle of a baking cycle, or would randomly enter a blinking mode.Awaiting receipt of timer
LaSalle, QuebecThermadorRES30RSNone.Bake element don't eat.Repaired
Huntington Beach, CaliforniaThermadorRED30VN/A (display is dim)Display is dim.
Note: the color of the display itself is black. The color of the front panel is white as are the buttons.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Lawton, MichiganThermadorRDSS30RSN/AJust bought a house with a Thermodor Gas top stove w/electric convection oven. The oven comes on but we cannot read the temp and therefore have no good way to control. Please assess and call with estimateAwaiting receipt of timer
Marysville, OhioThermadorRDF30F Codes 1 and 6?Bake and broil not working properly. Run away temperate. Dim readout.Awaiting receipt of timer
Marysville, OhioThermadorRDF30F1 and F6Bake and Broil not working....run away temperature. Display very dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
SILVER SPRINGS, NevadaThermadorRDDS30VRSNONEOven will not heat. Voltage measured at relay is approx. 120 VACAwaiting receipt of timer
Bloomfield, ConnecticutThermadorRed30vf-1F1 error after a few minutes in bake...also, display is getting hard to readAwaiting receipt of timer
Columbia, South CarolinaThermadorRDDS30VQBN/ABake element not heating at all. Display has been dim for some time.

Serial number is 37 2 09 008112400057
Friday Harbor, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VRSno code , just dim dThe oven temperature display is very dim. Do you replace the original capacitors with higher temperature rated ones?Awaiting receipt of timer
Lemont, IllinoisThermadorRDDS30VRNone- Display is totEverything seems to work perfectly except the clock and thermostat are so weak it is hard to see them.Awaiting receipt of timer
Manassas, VirginiaThermadorRED30VN/ADisplay problems. Time/oven temp display is so dim we cannot see it. Otherwise unit works o.k.Repaired
Queen Charlotte, British ColumbiaThermadorDual propane top and electric ovenNoneAfter electrical outage, clock, bake functions (oven) not working. Read out not available for clock, temperature or function and pressing the buttons does not turn on the oven or clock. Propane burners work and downdraft vent rises. One Electrical snap disc one is open and one is closed. Can’t test it.
Please also send snap disc heat sensor part # 3612222473F300-30F and red burner Orings?gaskets
Lenexa, KansasThermadorRDFS30RSN/ABake element only receiving 120 volts. Display dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
Outremont, QuebecThermadorThermador RDDS30N/ADisplay very dim. Difficult to readAwaiting receipt of timer
cincinnati, OhioThermadorrdss30rsdim displaydim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Champaign, IllinoisThermadorRDDS-30-VRSN/ALCD screen dim, temperature control difficult to bring back to accuracyAwaiting receipt of timer
Oak Harbor, WashingtonThermadorNoneDisplay dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Houston, TexasThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AHole in circuit board
Please contact wife Irene with shipping rates at primary phone number 281-701-5933. Thanks - Matt
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Lower Burrell, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDF30RSNo CodeThis old timer was damaged when the broil element failed and arced to the case of the oven. The timer displays the entire display character set but never boots the oven control. I talked to Howard Simons about this earlier today, we talked about shipping that would get this here before the end of this week, I suspect that is the one I selected if not please ship it via the method that will get it here before the end of this week. Questions? call my cell 724-493-2321. I will send you the old timer when I get it out of the client's range.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Charlestown, MassachusettsThermadorRDSS30Nonefunctions but LED's are no longer visableAwaiting receipt of timer
Bellingham, WashingtonThermadorRDF30QBdim display.Original symptoms were dim diplay, no oven and no broiler, only clock function. Already had Circuit Board Medics repair the board. They informed me that I had a bad display, and could not repair that problem.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Bellingham, WashingtonThermadorRDF30QBdim display.Original symptoms were dim diplay, no oven and no broiler, only clock function. Already had Circuit Board Medics repair the board. They informed me that I had a bad display, and could not repair that problem.Replaced with reconditioned timer
lincoln, MassachusettsThermador30RSnothing...Range is working. Oven is NOT working. we had a service person come out who said we need new or repaired electronic control. Hoping you can repair enclosed part.Repaired
Sudbury, OntarioThermadorRDFS30QWF1error f1 cleared by power off then on. lights dimRepaired
Palm City, FloridaThermadoridk right now, email if needed & I'll find it outnot knownIntermittent broiler and self clean. Now all oven functions do not work. no broiler, no bake, no self clean..... needs repair.

Display is bright and other functions (clock, timer, etc) work well. Was purchased (new) from you in 2011, Invoice # 103449
martinez, CaliforniaThermadorRED30VrsNAoven will broil but only heat to 200 degrees...have replaced the control panel twice before :( display/timer still works-no fault code.Awaiting receipt of timer
Smyrna, GeorgiaThermadorrdss30N/Adim temp display and no bake functionAwaiting receipt of timer
woodside, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30QW s/n 97010034dim displaydim display. got dimmer over last few years. All other functions ok
tag on timer reads 14-33-347
Awaiting receipt of timer
Clarksburg, New JerseyThermadorRDDS30VQB - Serial No. 99110117N/AOriginal Timer's only problem is dim red display lights. Green clock light is ok. No error codes ever. Oven works fine.
Hoping to correct dim red lights, I replaced 2, 470, and 1, 100 capacitors. No change. I also repaired unit mounting flanges that showed signs of cracking. The vacuum display has a small burn mark in the upper left hand corner.
I would like to buy new or reconditioned.
Beaverton, OregonBoschRDDS30VRS/03UnknownOven won't heatRepaired
WEST MILFORD, New JerseyThermadorRDF30RSN/ADim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
West Chester, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDSS30RSN/Ayou previously repaired this on your invoice #105765Repaired
Palm Springs, CaliforniaThermadorRDF30QWf1We had a power surge during a major storm. Ever since then the f1 flashes on the screen and there is constant beeping. If you are unable to repair we would like to purchase a replacement.Repaired
Columbus, GeorgiaThermadorRDDS30VN/ACan't see display. Oven works.Awaiting receipt of timer
Bronx, New YorkThermadorRDSS30RSno fail codesOven does not heat to selected temp. ( example: oven set to preheat 350 and not even reach 185) Checked heating element and temp sensor, all ok. Called in and spoke to gentleman, he suggested it was the relay board that needs replacement. Please inspect and replace the display as well. It's functional however.Awaiting receipt of timer
Shoreview, MinnesotaThermadorrdds30vrsN/AOven does not work but broiler does, the heater checked out good and the thermostat checked out good. I think the relay is bad on the boardRepaired
BIrmingham, MichiganThermadorRDFS30N/Adim and also oven not heatingAwaiting receipt of timer
Montreal, QuebecThermadorRDFS30QW bought in 1999F-1The clock / timer shows the code F1, and there is an alarm sound emitted every few seconds. As stated in the owner manual, I closed the electricity and restarted it, and gigled all the buttons with no avail. Now, the oven (electric) does not work, but the two standard burners do (but not the 2 XLOs). Everything was working fine before the clock / timer started displaying the F1 code, except for the rather dimmed display.Awaiting receipt of timer
Faison, North CarolinaThermadorRDSS30n/aoven bake mode not working and display very dimRepaired
Rock Springs, WyomingThermadorREF30RSNoneControl became erratic and then failed completely---blank and no pushbutton response. Stove top elements and oven light still work. Bake element replaced since it went out also.Repaired
QUALICUM BEACH, British ColumbiaThermadorrdds30vrsN/Athe top broil element didn't work but element is ok. Then broil and bake element came on and wouldn't turn off at set degree. then went back to no broil. no self cleaningRepaired
Farmington Hills, MichiganThermadorRDFS30 RSN/A1.)Display has been dim.
2.) Now Bake will not warm oven although active (relay?)
clicking can be heard.

Notes: a.)Broil works.
b.)Oven temperature value seems correct. During bake
=100. After turning on broil function = 350.
Cincinnati, OhioThermadorred30vN/Abake element does not heat up
over temp dim hard to read
Awaiting receipt of timer
Chicago, IllinoisThermadorRdfs30qwN/AOven and clock frequently reset when the simmer burn ignitor is activated.Awaiting receipt of timer
Cincinnati, OhioThermadorred30vN/Abaking element will not heat up
temp of oven dim
Awaiting receipt of timer
Palo Alto, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VF1Intermittent F1 code. Has been going on about a year.Awaiting receipt of timer
Nutley, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30RSNone1) Bake Element will not heat up, Only gets slightly warm.
Bake element tests good.

2) Display seems to be getting dim.
Shaker Heights, OhioThermadorrdds30vrsN/APower is not being sent to the element. The element is good. The broiler is working. Technician diagnosed that it is the ERC unit.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Brewster, New YorkThermadorRDSS30RSno failure codes at Temperature display (orange) is very dim, and in some lighting conditions cannot see it at all. Sometimes the oven does not get up to temperature. In the past, have seen F1 error codes, but that has not happened in a long time. The clock display (green) is good.Awaiting receipt of timer
Rochester, New YorkThermadorRDSS30N/ADim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
lake zurich, IllinoisThermadorf1turn power off and on and the f1 code appears without even useing the rangeAwaiting receipt of timer
Unionville, OntarioThermadorRDDS30VRSNo codeOven NOT working, but broiler is working.Repaired
wet des moines, IowaBoschN/Anot working properly, intermittent time keepingAwaiting receipt of timer
blainville, QuebecThermadorRef30N/AAwaiting receipt of timer
South Saint Paul, MinnesotaThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AI was checking to see if you had this board available reconditioned, customer wanted it as soon as possible, the bake element burnt out and now the bake element will not turn off thanks. Greg.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Rohnert Park, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30none, just going dimOven gauge read out is becoming so dim that it is barely visible.Awaiting receipt of timer
Rohnert Park, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30n/afor a back upAwaiting receipt of timer
Rohnert Park, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30none, just going dimOven gauge read out is becoming so dim that it is barely visible.Awaiting receipt of timer
Rohnert Park, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30n/afor a back upAwaiting receipt of timer
Concord, New HampshireBoschN/Aoven won't come to temperature
display is dim
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Litchfield, New HampshireThermadorRDSS30Dim temperature dispDim led temperature display on RDSS30Awaiting receipt of timer
marietta, GeorgiaThermadorRDDS30VRSN/Adim screenReplaced with reconditioned timer
Lebanon, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30RSF1rdReplaced with reconditioned timer
Camano Island, WashingtonThermadorThermador RDDS30VN/ABroiler will not workRepaired
Chilliwack, British ColumbiaThermadorRDFS30QBN/ADisplay too dull to readRepaired
Kansas City, MissouriThermadorRDFS30QBF1F1 code - oven doesn't workAwaiting receipt of timer
St Mathieu de Beloeil, QuebecThermadorRed 30 vrsN/ABroil is failled no powerRepaired
Lebanon, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30RSF-1Please reserve this part for me as soon as it becomes availableReplaced with reconditioned timer
Saint-Jean-Port-joli, QuebecThermadorRED30VQVery pale numbersVery hard to see numbersAwaiting receipt of timer
Minneapolis, MinnesotaThermadorrdss30rs?The timer no longer controls the bake coil and the display is dim. I have connected the bake coil to the broiler control and it heats up.Awaiting receipt of timer
GAFFNEY, South CarolinaThermadorRED30VQBN/Abaking element not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Santa Fe, New MexicoThermadorRDSS30F1Flashing F1 message on display. Oven does not operate. Also, display has been very dim.Repaired
Minneapolis, MinnesotaThermadorrdss30rsCoil doesn't heat upBake coil doesnt heat up. Broiler worksAwaiting receipt of timer
Lakewood, ColoradoThermadorRDSS30RSN/AOven bake element not heating, broiler element working (heating). Oven bake element has continuity, good resistance (~21 ohms). According to your webpage (and testimonials), the timer (486752) is not functioning properly. Additionally, the display is loosing fidelity and is very dim. I want to see if replacement is available, cost, and if not, send in my timer for repair.Repaired
Bolivia, North CarolinaThermadorrdss30rsNAThe only issue I am having is seeing the temperature and function of the oven when using it. All of the controls work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Boston, MassachusettsThermadorRES 30 RSF1Door locks, oven stops, erratic operationAwaiting receipt of timer
Blaine, WashingtonBoschRDDS30VRSNoneBottom element will not heat broil worksAwaiting receipt of timer
Waterford, ConnecticutThermadorRES30N/ACenter temperature digit blank, oven operation intermittent (will not come up to set temperature), clean cycle does not work.Repaired
Waterford, ConnecticutThermadorRES30N/ACenter temperature digit blank, oven operation intermittent (will not come up to set temperature), clean cycle does not work.Repaired
Lévis .QC. .Canada, QuebecThermadorRdss30N/AOven not heatingAwaiting receipt of timer
Port Austin, MichiganThermadorRdss30UnknownThe numbers run uncontrollably and do not result in any action - no heat in oven or broiler. Meanwhile the stovetop and downdraft work perfectly.

Want to know if a new part is available and if so how much it will cost
Awaiting receipt of timer
Charles City, VirginiaThermadorRDSS30N/ANO OUTPUT L1 / TERMINAL E6 BROKERepaired
Phoenix, ArizonaBoschThermador REF30display too dim to rdisplay too dim to readAwaiting receipt of timer
Truckee, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VN/ADisplay is dim. Oven temperature cannot be read without great difficulty.Repaired
Syracuse, New YorkThermadorRDDS30VN/Ano oven element heatRepaired
Longueuil, QuebecThermadorRDDS30VRSN/ALower oven element not heating even after replacing the element.Repaired
Syracuse, New YorkThermadorRDDS30Vnoneoven does not come on. Broil and every other function works fineRepaired
Syracuse, New YorkThermadorRDDS30VN/Ano oven element heatRepaired
Millen, GeorgiaThermadorRDSS30noneThe oven baking element (bottom element) will not energize.Repaired
e.setauket, New YorkThermadorred30vrsno codeoven not heating....appliance repair says we need a new
control board
Keene, New HampshireThermadorN/ANo functionAwaiting receipt of timer
Champaign, IllinoisThermadorthermador RDDS30vrsnone listedoven temperature to dim to readRepaired
Saint-Laurent, QuebecThermadorREF30RSN/ABake burner will not turn on and timer display is fading. Check continuity on bake turner and it works fine so problem is not the burner.Repaired
Lebanon, TennesseeThermadorRES30QWN/AWhen oven is put on 350 degrees, for example, the oven temperature runs way past and overheats.  Steam comes out of the door visably.  The lights on the oven display are so dim that you can not read the temperature.
Please install all new relays and displays.  Please send our old part back.  Thank you.
San Jose, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RSF1Food was burning on top and not cooking through. Oven overheated one time so door locked. Food was not baking properly.Repaired
Cherry Hill, New JerseyThermadorRED30noneNo bake operation. Bake element is goodRepaired
Tampa, FloridaThermadorRES30N/ADim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Toronto, OntarioThermadorRDSS30RSN/AOven only heats partially. Lower element coldAwaiting receipt of timer
San Jose, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VNoneFails to heat to temp. Max is 200 degrees. Not sure if part number indicated is correct. To be determined by Appliance Timer.Repaired
Elm Grove, Village of, WisconsinThermadorRED30VRSUNKNOWNYou can see the time, but you can not see the temperature setting. The time is illuminated in white and the temperature is illuminated in a faint red which can not be read. Will this part give us the temperature control information irf repaired or replaced?Repaired
North Falmouth, MassachusettsThermadorRDDS30VRSnoneLower bake oven element does not heat up when bake or convection mode is requested. Element seems to be OK (about 22 ohms). Broiler and all other functions are normal.Awaiting receipt of timer
SOCIAL CIRCLE, GeorgiaThermadorRDSS30RSN/ACan not read oven temperature, too dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
Forest Park, IllinoisThermadorrdf30noneTimer resets from time to time. No F codes.Awaiting receipt of timer
staten island, New YorkThermadorRDDS30VRSnone1. Clock will not keep time after setting numerous times.
2. Display is dim
3. Bake temp is very difficult to set. Temp display jumps around
while setting temp. Often the control will not allow certain temps.
to be set.
Awaiting receipt of timer
cologne, MinnesotaThermadorrdss30F1, now will not powclassic F1 code. Oven went into overheat condition. Both the oven and broiler would come on and over heat.
very obvious the Omron relays were fried, but the tech shorted the control board on removal. Not sure if its a transformer that was zapped or the microprocessor (which is no longer available)
Beyond Repair
Rye, New YorkThermadorRDDS30vN/ABroiler will not heatAwaiting receipt of timer
Toronto, OntarioThermadorN/AOven problemsRepaired
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRED30VRSF1Broiler comes on when bake function selected. Temp display is very dim.Repaired
Oakland, CaliforniaThermadorThermador RDDS30VF5, F3When oven heats up F5, F3 code

Self cleaning does not turn on
Awaiting receipt of timer
Billerica, MassachusettsThermadorRDF-30RSN/ADim readout.
I will send part back for core after replacement
Awaiting receipt of timer
Lilburn, GeorgiaThermadorRdss30ssIt’s dim especiallIt’s dim especially the red temperature numbers for ovenAwaiting receipt of timer
CALGARY, AlbertaThermadorRDD30VRSN/ADisplay dim, function buttons sometime not responding. If oven started, sometimes it shut down by itself.Repaired
Renton, WashingtonThermadorRDFS30RSN/ATimer Oven Temperature display has faded out. Clock and timer display still normal display quality. All control functions OK.Awaiting receipt of timer
Montréal, QuebecThermadorRDDS30VQOven won't work (codOven would stop after time. Then the F1 code appears and cannot be disarmed.
If you don't have a reconditioned timer, I am willing to buy new times.
Sebastopol, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30QBn/aOven will not heat up. Broiler works. Dim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Briarcliff Manor, New YorkThermadorRDSS30RSnoneDisplay is functional (all buttons work) but the LEDs are dim, especially for the temperature when using the oven.Repaired
North York, OntarioThermadorRdds30vqN/AVery dim displayRepaired
Bainbridge Island, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VN/ADim display, broiler fails to heat up. With the broiler turned off, there is a continuous 3.5 VAC at the element connectors (element detached). When the controller indicates that the broiler is turning on there is an audible relay click and the terminal voltage jumps to 34 VAC (regardless of the broiler heat setting). The element resistance is about 18.5 ohms.Repaired
Toronto, OntarioThermadorRES30RSN/AVery dim display. I would like to purchase a reconditioned one. I can return the old one after if you can use it.Awaiting receipt of timer
Atlamta, GeorgiaThermadorN/AOven will not heat above 250Awaiting receipt of timer
Charlestown, MassachusettsThermadorRDDS 30 VRSNo codeI have a gas top and electric convention oven- Thermador was bought in Jan/Feb 2000.
over ten years or more ago the self cleaning option stopped working, but about 5 to 8 years ago the LED is extremely hard to see, unless at night and pitch dark, so controller/timer needs to be reconditioned….I would prefer a reconditioned unit be sent, I replace and ship back my unit, so I am not without while we await reconditioning
Lafayette, ColoradoThermadorRDDS30VF1Oven works most of the time,
but sometimes faults out in various ways:
Broiler burner sometimes turns on when mode is in Bake and overheats.
Broiler burner sometimes does not turn on when mode is in Broil and oven goes cold.
VF display is getting quite dim, hard to read during the day.
Generates F1 error occasionally.
Berkeley, CaliforniaThermadorRDDSS30N/ADoes not bake, only broils and overheatsAwaiting receipt of timer
New Denver, British ColumbiaThermadorRDDS30VRSnoneno power past the board,Repaired
Saint Lambert, QuebecThermadorRES30(QS) RS serial number 20680020N/AYou have repaired this Thermador oven timer in May-June 2015. It worked fine until recently. Now the oven and the broil do not work, and the right front burner works only on high. Would you be able to repair again this timer, as we like very much the unit and cannot find a nice comparable model. Thank you, George MandichTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
Danville, VermontThermadorrdfs30rsN/ADim display and oven relay not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Baraboo, WisconsinThermadorRDDS30N/ADim DisplayAwaiting receipt of timer
Port Townsend, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VN/APush oven button and it reads "off"Repaired
Longueuil, QuebecThermadorRDDS30VRSF1Oven turns on by itselfAwaiting receipt of timer
Greensboro, North CarolinaThermadorFree Standing RDDS30VRS/03FD (#840300136)No failure codesMy bottom heating element is not heating up. I have replaced the element and the issues still remains. I think the issue is in the control panel. Can someone please call me if you think that this is not the issue? My cell is 336-202-3582Repaired
Greensboro, North CarolinaThermadorREF30RSnone (Display too diDisplay is very dim. Clock is not *too* bad - but temperature & operating mode (broil/convect/etc) unreadable unless middle of the night with the lights turned off. All other functionality seems OK.Repaired
Swanzey, New HampshireThermadorRDS-S30N/AHello! My Thermador RDSS30 is no longer heating when set on BAKE. The timer in the oven currently was one you supplied to me back on 2014 when I could no longer see the display it was so dim, Invoice#107600. All other functions currently work fine and the oven/burners/timer has worked fine since replacing the timer with your services back in 2014. I have tested and replaced the bake element with a new element and same problem, the bake element remains ice cold when oven is set to BAKE, though the Broil element does heat up slightly. Display states BAKE and remains at 100 degrees F.Repaired
Bolivar, TennesseeThermadorRdss30rsN/AOven temperature readout to dim to seeAwaiting receipt of timer
Naples, FloridaThermadorRDDS30VN/ADisplay is so dim it is unreadable on unless the room is dark. Gas stove & oven work fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Vancouver, British ColumbiaThermadorRDSS30noneWhen setting temperature for oven with either bake or convection the control immediately runs to highest setting but oven doesn't come on. Also when setting the timer it runs to the max. and stops dead. This timer was repaired by you in October of 2014. We purchased an additional 5 year warranty in addition to the one year you provide...so I think the timer is still under warranty. If it is under warranty I will return it; if not I would like to purchase a reconditioned timer. My original invoice # 108415.Repaired
Toronto, OntarioThermadorrdss30N/Auneven/dim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Vancouver, British ColumbiaThermadorRDSS30N/ASame problem as recent warranty repair. When setting oven control runs to highest setting and doesn't come on. Also setting timer runs to max. and stops dead. This control did work again after the most recent repair; but failed again yesterday.Beyond Repair
Cedar Grove, IndianaThermadorRDDS30VF1, F3Randomly F1 or F3 codes flash when using the oven. Only happened on conventional oven, did not happen so far on convection. We will return the old controller when we install the reconditioned unit.Awaiting receipt of timer
Edmonton, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30RSF1Oven bake element will not heat. F1 error code comes on intermittentlyRepaired
Cedar Ridge, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VQWN/AClock gains time and no longer accurate for either a clock or the timer. Display on right side showing oven temperature, is dimming.

Clock went bad after a now infamous California power outage!
Awaiting receipt of timer
Cedar Ridge, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VQWN/AThis is a spare for us since we've replaced this part in the past and we don't want to replace our unit in case it is no longer available from you.Awaiting receipt of timer
Cedar Ridge, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VQWN/AClock gains time and no longer accurate for either a clock or the timer. Display on right side showing oven temperature, is dimming.

Clock went bad after a now infamous California power outage!
Awaiting receipt of timer
Cedar Ridge, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VQWN/AThis is a spare for us since we've replaced this part in the past and we don't want to replace our unit in case it is no longer available from you.Awaiting receipt of timer
Boucherville, QuebecThermadorRDSS30N/AWe purchased this reconditioned timer from you in 2011. The temperature display started to dim about three years ago and is now not visible at all. We set the temperature by sound. For the past week, the bake setting is not working properly. It takes a long time to preheat and doesn't get to the desired temperature. Convection still works.Awaiting receipt of timer
Bragg Creek, AlbertaThermadorRDDS30N/AAfter turning on bake or convection, the broil and bake elements come on, and will not turn off. Suspect a stuck relay on pre-heat.
Also, the display is almost entirely dimmed out.
Seattle, WashingtonBoschThermador rdds30vrsf3very faint numbers
f 3 code
Vaudreuil-Dorion, QuebecThermadorRDS30naBake element don`t work. Only 110 volts coming from bottom relayRepaired
San Diego, CaliforniaThermadorRDF30QBN/ADim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Burnaby, British ColumbiaThermadorRDSS30RSN/ALed is very dim and hard to read.
Lately oven temperature too hot with top burner kicking in burning food.
Cedar Grove, IndianaThermadorRDDS30VF3, F1F3 flashes after oven is on for 15-30 minutes. Problem was intermittent but now oven fails with F3 reliably.Repaired
Nashotah, WisconsinThermadorRDDS30VRSN/AOven would turn on, appear to heat and then shut off as if the oven had been unplugged. After a period, the power would return with the clock blinking - as if the oven had been unplugged.Awaiting receipt of timer
Kapaa, HawaiiThermadorred30vN/ALower Element not heating also dim display temperature barely visibleAwaiting receipt of timer
RED BLUFF, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30QBnoneEverything on face is dim and clock is missing every other row on the display.Awaiting receipt of timer
Sebastopol, CaliforniaThermadorRed30vrsnoneCannot read temperature Clock led is fine
Contact info
Awaiting receipt of timer
Acworth, GeorgiaThermadorRdds30vrsDimWorks okay, but plasma display is dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Bloomfield, ConnecticutThermadorRDDS30VRSF1Intermittent F1 code. Dim display.Awaiting receipt of timer
Saratoga, New YorkThermadorRDDS30VRSF1. F3Continues to Auto lock for Self CleanAwaiting receipt of timer
Elmhurst, IllinoisThermadorN/ADim lightAwaiting receipt of timer
Talent, OregonThermadorRDFS30QWN/AToo faded to see well.Awaiting receipt of timer
Minneapolis, MinnesotaThermadorRDSS30QWN/ACan't see temperature display, extremely dim. Sometimes the timer readout out won't stop when you let go of up or down button. Have had a code display a few times over the years but hasn't really ever been a problem. Has been like this for many, many years. Can still use the oven just need to count out every time you push button to sent temp.Repaired
Wakefield, MassachusettsThermadorRDF30RSNoneBaking heating element is not working if set for baking.
Heating element was replaced and same problem.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Huntington Beach, CaliforniaThermadorRED30VQWNoneControl panel LED is getting very dim. Everything else seems to be working fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Malden, MassachusettsThermadorRDSS30QBNALED Display is very faint, almost unreadable. Everything else works fineRepaired
Lee, MassachusettsThermadorref30qbN/Alcd is too dim to read, i'm not sure if there are any other issues.Repaired
WOODSBORO, MarylandThermadorVTN30RQF1F1 Code, Alarm beeping, Turning on and off does not solve problemAwaiting receipt of timer
PORTLAND, OregonThermadorRDF30QB Aug 1995dim1st problem is display is very dim. 2nd problem is random reset -- clock reset and oven turns off -- happens several times per day. The easiest / most sure-fire way to reproduce that problem is to set the clock and wait 24 hours. It will definitely reset in that time. If it still has correct time after 24 hours, then you fixed it! If unable to fix, please contact me -- I prefer to wait for a refurbished unit to become available instead of getting this one back.Repaired
Cedar Ridge, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VQWN/AOven display is growing dim and cannot see during daylight hours.Awaiting receipt of timer
Rimouski, QuebecThermadorred30vrN/Abroil in place of bakeAwaiting receipt of timer
GLEN ARM, MarylandThermadorRDDS30VQBNoneLower heating element does not get hot when oven is turned on. Element has continuity & upper element gets hot.Repaired
Wyncote, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDSS30none - oven temp it Oven temp is too dim to read.Repaired
Valencia, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VRSClock and Oven IndicClock and Oven Indicators are very dim and are unreadable.Awaiting receipt of timer
Lakeville, MinnesotaThermadorRDSS30RSno failure codeeverything works. just have a dim display.Awaiting receipt of timer
Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDSS30RSN/ADim displayRepaired
Norwood, MassachusettsThermador14-33-347nonebake feature non-functionalAwaiting receipt of timer
Falls Church, VirginiaBoschRDDS30N/AExtremely dim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Woodside, CaliforniaThermadorThermador RDF30QBN/ADim displayRepaired
Short Hills, New JerseyThermadorRDDS30VRSN/ATimer is too dim to be usedAwaiting receipt of timer
Lake Forest Park, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VQBN/AThe orange temperature display on my control panel is very dim and hard to read. The part number is based on your webpage (I have not accessed the part directly yet to confirm the part number). I'd consider either a refurbished part or a repair to my present part. I can send back my old timer after I replace it with one from you (we'd rather do this than send back mine first to minimize how lIg our oven is unusable)/Awaiting receipt of timer
Alameda, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VRSF1F1 ErrorAwaiting receipt of timer
Woodland Hills, CaliforniaThermadorThermador RDDS30VRSunreadable displaydisplay is mostly unreadable other than the (very dim) time.Repaired
BelÅ“il, QuebecThermadorRed 30 vrsN/ACan’t read the degrees on the ovenAwaiting receipt of timer
Goodlettsville, TennesseeThermadorRDFS30DimTimer VFD is too dim to read. I wanted to price a refurb, if one available, price to recondition mine.Repaired
Morgan Hill, CaliforniaThermadorno display totaly deDead - nothing works -Awaiting receipt of timer
Grantham, New HampshireThermadorRDFS30N/Acannot read the tempAwaiting receipt of timer
Santa Rosa, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RSF1oven quits working after initial warming, shows F1 codeRepaired
Wheat Ridge, ColoradoThermadorRDF530RSdim lightreadout is so dim that you can't read oven temperatureRepaired
Winnemucca, NevadaThermadorRdss30qbstNoneNot able to see displayRepaired
West Linn, OregonThermadorRDDS30VQWN/AUnit is functional. Problem; display is very dim . . . very difficult to see numbers.Repaired
Bethesda, MarylandThermadorRDDS30VRSF1F1Awaiting receipt of timer
Santa Rosa, CaliforniaThermadorRdss30rsN/AOvernight does not heat, broiler works

Bake relay comes on but drops off after about 2 seconds and does not come on again
Beyond Repair
Jericho, VermontThermadorRDDS30VnoneDisplay has slowly become so dim that the display is hard to readRepaired
Laguna Woods, CaliforniaThermadorRES30QWN/ADigital read out unreadableRepaired
Troy, MichiganThermadorRDFS30QDim DisplayDim DisplayRepaired
Houston, TexasThermadorRES30N/AWe had a generator that sent 274 voltsRepaired
Mississauga, OntarioThermadorREF30F1Hi...I'm getting a F1 code on my timer. I have removed all buttons and depressed them with a Qtip and they all seems to be working , moving up and down ,fine. When I restored the power the code reappeared.
I also had noticed then the display was getting very dim before the F1 code appeared...Any help in repairing this back to working order would really be appreciated. Thank you in advance...David
Boring, OregonThermadorRDF30n/aHeat to oven clicks off, nothing visible on timer face.Awaiting receipt of timer
mississauga, OntarioThermadorref30F1F1 Code is coming up.Repaired
Belmont, MassachusettsThermadorRDFS30NoneDisplay is DIM / UnreadableAwaiting receipt of timer
Tofino, British ColumbiaThermadorRDDS 30 VRSN/ACannot see display Oven not heating properlyRepaired
Medusa, New YorkThermadorRDF30QN/Aoven does not heatAwaiting receipt of timer
SOUTHPORT, ConnecticutThermadorRDF30 30"N/AREADOUT IS FAILINGAwaiting receipt of timer
Webster, New YorkThermadorRDF30QBN/ACannot read display and minus button is not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Beaconsfield, QuebecThermadorRED 30 VRSjust flashingJust the oven not working. It will turn on but after a few minutes it turns off.Awaiting receipt of timer
Edmonton, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30N/AThe temperature display on my Thermador dual fuel range is too dim to read.Awaiting receipt of timer
Howell, MichiganThermadorRdf30N/AOnly cancel button works.
None of the othe buttons work
Awaiting receipt of timer
Los Altos, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VUnknown -- but appliI had my Thermador timer repaired by you back in March 2017. It has worked well since but this February unfortunately the appliance failed again and was beeping constantly. We are not currently at the house but a repairman diagnosed a failed control board. The tenants had to disconnect power to the appliance stop the beeping. The repairman wants to replace the appliance but I would prefer to replace the timer/control board. I will be at the house the weekend of May 13th-14th and can do it then. I can return the broken timer afterwards to you. Can you ship me a reconditioned model to install?Awaiting receipt of timer
Langley, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30Vnone1) LCD is dim, cannot read it. And 2) Upper right button does not catch and stay in; falls out during cleaning, black plastic nib is broken. And 3) If any button stuck F1 appears.Repaired
Littleton, ColoradoThermadorRDDS30VQNoneDisplay went dim and now out completely.Repaired
toronto, OntarioThermadorrdss30dim displaydim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
toronto, OntarioThermadorrdss30dim displaydim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDFS30noneDoes not heat the oven well. The top coil only turns on for a very brief amount of time. The bottom coil doesn't turn off at all. Test heating coils with 220V and both work. The thermister is also working properly. Problem likely exists in the two Omron relays (that control the power to the two coils), which need to be replaced on the board.Repaired
brossard, QuebecThermadorref30rsnonetime and oven temperature indicater very dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Bountiful, UtahThermadorRDDS30VQBN/AThe Oven will not turn on and the temperature adjustment is not displayed.Awaiting receipt of timer
Soquel, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30N/ATemp display dim/not legibleAwaiting receipt of timer
Pinellas Park, FloridaThermadorRDDS30VRSF1Broiler works fine. Oven does not sense when has reached set degree than F1 error occurs. Example cookies burn within minutes.
Closing on house need first available part refurbished or new.
Awaiting receipt of timer
coquitlam, British ColumbiaThermadorRDSS30RSN/AOven produces heat but will turn off at random - sometimes in just minutes and sometimes after 30 or more minutes. At times it can be restarted immediately and other times it needs to sit for a bit before it can be restarted. We have tried turning breaker off and letting sit for a while to see if that would reset it, but the oven continued to perform intermittently.Repaired
Takoma Park, MarylandThermadorREDFS30QN/ATimer readout is too dim to be visibleRepaired