Thermador 30" Dual-fuel Range RDF30 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Thermador RDF30 30" Dual-fuel Range?

Timer part number 486752 for Thermador RDF30

The RDF30 30" Dual-fuel Range uses timer part number 486752.

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RDF30 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Bosch RDF30 30" Dual-fuel Range

RDF30 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

THERMADOR 30 diagram
RDF30 30" Dual-fuel Range THERMADOR 30 diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Webster, New YorkCannot read display and minus button is not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
SOUTHPORT, ConnecticutREADOUT IS FAILINGAwaiting receipt of timer
Webster, New YorkCannot read display and minus button is not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Medusa, New Yorkoven does not heatAwaiting receipt of timer
Boring, OregonHeat to oven clicks off, nothing visible on timer face.Awaiting receipt of timer
Woodside, CaliforniaDim displayRepaired
PORTLAND, Oregon1st problem is display is very dim. 2nd problem is random reset -- clock reset and oven turns off -- happens several times per day. The easiest / most sure-fire way to reproduce that problem is to set the clock and wait 24 hours. It will definitely reset in that time. If it still has correct time after 24 hours, then you fixed it! If unable to fix, please contact me -- I prefer to wait for a refurbished unit to become available instead of getting this one back.Repaired
Wakefield, MassachusettsBaking heating element is not working if set for baking.
Heating element was replaced and same problem.
Awaiting receipt of timer
San Diego, CaliforniaDim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Murray, UtahTimer dim and broiler does not heat top elementAwaiting receipt of timer
Biggar, SaskatchewanOven keeps heating even after reaching set temp
display dim
Toronto, OntarioOven display cannot be readRepaired
Irving, TexasDim display, oven seems to workRepaired
Irving, TexasDim display, oven seems to work, also the oven light stays on all the time, pushing the button will momentary turn it off. If not to expensive I would like it replaced.Repaired
Los Angeles, CaliforniaDisplay dim, cannot read.Repaired
Lower Burrell, PennsylvaniaThis old timer was damaged when the broil element failed and arced to the case of the oven. The timer displays the entire display character set but never boots the oven control. I talked to Howard Simons about this earlier today, we talked about shipping that would get this here before the end of this week, I suspect that is the one I selected if not please ship it via the method that will get it here before the end of this week. Questions? call my cell 724-493-2321. I will send you the old timer when I get it out of the client's range.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Carmel, IndianaDisplay is dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
North York, OntarioOven temperature numbers faded.
Clock numbers faded.
Quebec, QuebecDead - Hoping for a replacement - Do You Have IT?Awaiting receipt of timer
Mississauga, Ontariodisplay was dim now not operational at allAwaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for Thermador 30" Dual-fuel Range RDF30 Timer Repair

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thermador oven electric model ref 30 oven will not turn on; the range top work fine
Thermador Oven Professional PODC302 clock runs fast. Thermador Professional PODC302 clock runs fast. Do I really need to replace the whole User interface at $225? Should I really expect this to fail right after the 1 year warranty runs out?
how do i loosen the main top to replace clock clock on thermador model#rdf30rs ser.#96060027
Just tried to turn on our Thermador oven, model number RDF30RS. It has a gas oven and an electric oven. When we push any button to start the oven (ie. Bake, Convection, Broil, etc.) the only thing that displays is OFF. Any thoughts? The gas oven works fine. Thanks.
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We have a Thermador 30" free-standing duel-fuel oven. (RDF30RS and Serial # XXXXX). We have had it for around 10 years. Just recently, the oven started to heat up and not stop heating up, then the broiler came on. We have not been able to control this process and no one locally is able to address it. They said it is a clock problem, which I took to mean that the electronic panel has some kind of a problem. Can you help? Dan
I have a thermador range model # XXXXX I cannot set the oven temperature. This started after we changed the time on Sunday morning. Every time we turn the oven on it goes to off. The clock works fine.
I have a Thermador oven model RDF30QB where the bake element did not get hot. I replaced it with a new one and that didnt work either. Could it be the thermostat or something else? The broiler works fine though.
The oven in my Thermador RDF30QB won't heat up. I had a repair man in who said it was in the electronic control board 486752, I sent it to Core Centric Solutions. It was repair and the repair man returned to my house and installed the control board. The oven still won't heat up. He told to send it back to Core Centric and it came back a second time. And it still won't heat up. If I attach the wire for the for the broiler to the sensor for the oven the oven will heat up, but because it is the broiler I can't control the temperature. If I attach the oven wire to the broiler sensor the broiler won't come on. What should I try now? How can I get the oven to heat up? I have already paid the repair man $225 and with the cost to Core Centric and the shipping I am $375 into a 16 year old range. I don't want to give any more money to the repair guy and I would like to fix this one myself and save up for a new oven. Thank you in advance for your response.
I have a Thermador RDF 30 QW. When I press any button on the panel - it immediately says "OFF". I called my repair man and he said there might be a child lock on the oven. My manual doesn't say anything about that. Any ideas???
On my Thermador RDF30 oven, the self-clean will not work. I keep getting the "door" display. Per the user manual we have tried cleaning around the door, but it still will not start. Is there a door sensor that is senses when the door is closed that is different from the door light switch? I have tried removing the door and putting it back in. I also tried doing a power reset, but none of that worked. What can I do to tell the oven that the door is closed. Thanks, Tony
thermador RDF30 oven. I am attempting to install a new control panel and the insrtuctions say to "loosen and raise the maintop". I can't budge it and don't want to force it and can't see what's holding it. How do I loosen and raise the maintop?
I have a Thermador electric oven model rdf 30 or res30 it is a 30"free standing slide in oven I am not sure because I am looking at the installation manuel, I do love it but I bought it when we built our home in 2000 so it is getting old, but still perfect, it is a convection oven. How long do hese last, when will I know if it needs replaced. I do not even know what I paid for it in 2000, I was wondering if you might know in the ball park what they were going for in 2000. just wondering.Anyway I need a new refergerator, I really like the new tall ones, but I was wondering if they are going to make a duel one that has a freezer and ref. for small places like a pantry? I need to get a new one for my kitchen though now. I want a ice maker on the outside, a built in unit. Do you know which model is getting the best overall customer approvial? or which you like. One other question the is am sure stupid, can I add a gass top to replace my electric top on my current oven? Linda
Ours is a RDF30. The light bulb on the control panel is very dim and we cannot read the temperature. Should I order a new bulb and is it a repair I can make?
baking element in RDF30 will not get hot. stopped heating while being used. broiler element heats.
I have a Thermadore RDF30 range. The inner glass window on the oven door is cracked. What is the part number for the replacement of this glass and can I install it myself?
The oven door on my Thermador dual fuel RDF30 is broken at the right hinge. The door will not stay closed or in the upright position. How do I go about openin the needed panels and repairng or replacing the spring? or mechanisim?