Dacor Gas Ranges RSD30 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Dacor RSD30 Gas Ranges?

Timer part number 701002 for Dacor RSD30

The RSD30 Gas Ranges uses timer part number 701002.

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RSD30 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers


RSD30 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Main top/lower oven assembly Parts diagram
RSD30 Gas Ranges Main top/lower oven assembly Parts diagram
Lower oven cabinet assembly Parts diagram
RSD30 Gas Ranges Lower oven cabinet assembly Parts diagram
Oven door Parts diagram
RSD30 Gas Ranges Oven door Parts diagram
Lower storage drawern200e09@gas components Parts diagram
RSD30 Gas Ranges Lower storage drawern200e09@gas components Parts diagram
Lower oven electrical components Parts diagram
RSD30 Gas Ranges Lower oven electrical components Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Richmond Hill, OntarioHi, I'm seeing an intermittent F1 after a few hours of operation. Hitting "cancel" clears the error, but it usually returns within a few hours.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Richmond Hill, OntarioHi, I'm seeing an intermittent F1 after a few hours of operation. Hitting "cancel" clears the error, but it usually returns within a few hours.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Bowen Island, British ColumbiaPower outage at house. Oven came back on, set time on clock, then F1 started coming on and beeping. I press cancel, but after 30 seconds or so F1 comes on again an starts beeping. Does not beep or come on if oven is functioningTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
Delta, British ColumbiaMain issue:
Select mode, mode displayed in amber on RHS of display. Select temperature, temperature is displayed in amber on RHS of display.
Either leave or select mode to lock in set temperature. Pre-heat mode illuminates, then "ON" flashes. Current temperature is displayed (i.e. 135 deg) and "ON" goes on steady. 7.5 seconds later, the amber mode, temperature and pre-heat goes blank. No tone, just blanks. If convection selected, fan goes on, but blanks like all other modes. Can hear relays on relay board changing state. Relay board and heat sensor have been replaced with new.
Can sometimes get oven to work by cancelling and reselecting mode and temperature, or selecting mode again and changing temperature, but not consistent.
Erie, PennsylvaniaF1 codeAwaiting receipt of timer
Cape elizabeth, Mainenot all of the touch spots are workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Ann Arbor, MichiganThe oven continually beeps as soon as it's off for a couple minutes.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Carlton, MinnesotaThe stove starts beeping and displays F1.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Taylorsville, UtahOven fails to warm up with pre-bake on indicated on panel.
Relays click every 30 seconds approx. Replaced relay panel with new, replaced heating element with new. 120v indicated at element while relays are clicking.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Rancho Santa Margarita, CaliforniaNo function other than oven light and clock. Cooling fan runs continuously and F8 appears with the beeping.Awaiting receipt of timer
Regina, SaskatchewanTimer no longer works. Makes loud buzzing noise constantly.Awaiting receipt of timer
Eugene, OregonPurchased new in 2000.
At first we had an Intermittent error but able to clear alarm at touch panel.
A few days later could only clear the error by interrupting power.
The next day the error returnes after 15 seconds of turning power back on.

Please send instructions for accessing and for removing the Control Board.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Coatesville, PennsylvaniaF1 error code with beeping. When cancel is pressed beeping stops but starts again momentarily. Can not clear code. Only way to stop it is to shut off power.Awaiting receipt of timer
Milwaukee, WisconsinI powered up my range, and I get an F1 code right away, the oven turns on, however it does not heat up, and the convection fan does not turn on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaClock, oven light and cancel work. Clock cannot be reset. Oven control pads do not work. Occurred after power outage. All as per our phone conversation of Nov.8. If unrepairable, only the membrane need be returned if is OK. This membrane is new and has not been used except to test the ERC. Thanks for your attention.Beyond Repair
Brooklyn, New YorkUsed to be intermittent F1 error after cooking and at random times during the day and night. Brief period of not being able to turn on oven, which corrected after a shut down at power source. Finally, now it seems to be permanently in an F1 error state. Cancel button stops it, but it recurs in 25 seconds if no cook function selected.

Tested voltage at J2 1-3, showed 24.9 volts.

Ideally, I would like a quick refurbished replacement and I will send you the old part. If not available, I will send my part for repair and wait for its return.

Thank you!
Beyond Repair

Common problems for Dacor Gas Ranges RSD30 Timer Repair

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I am trying to replace the front bezel on a Dacor rsd30 gas range (the part that holds the knobs). I have taken it apart put I cannot remove the indicator lights easily. Do I just keep pulling hard on them or is there an easy way to remove them. And are the rest of the parts (front plastic panel also easy to remove/replace?
My RSD30 oven control panel does not light up. Oven light works and gas burners light. Removed the front escutcheon but do not see a fuse, my first thought as to the problem.
I have a Dacor oven model RSD30, dual fuel purchased in 1997. I am getting the F6 error code, which according to the troubleshooting guide means it is a microoprocessor failure and I need to replace the ERC. Is this something a homeowner can do themselves? Also the front panel is cracked which seems a common problem on this range, what parts are needed to fix this and where do I get them. Thanks Janis XXX@XXXXXX.XXX
need to replace the front panel on RSD30
Dacor RSD30 I was getting a F1 oven failure code so I replaced the relay board. The oven continues to shut off / not start up. Sometimes it works and some time it doesn't. I also just replaced the front control panel. What is causing it to do this and is there some other part that needs to be replaced?
I have a Dacor gas oven model #RSD30. After using the self cleaning setting the oven will not work. This happened before and the service man said the hinges were bad and he had to hit the reset. We purchased the hinges and now several months later after using the cleaning mode again the oven will not work. I need to know where the reset is. I have had the back and also the front off with no luck. Help!!!
I have a 10 year old Dacor RSD30 dual fuel oven and have never had any problems with it. This morning I noticed that the control panel on the front was completely off and blank. The gas burners still light but when I reset the switch on the breaker panel the control panel was still blank. Any suggestions?
I need to replace glass on oven door for a Dacor model RSD30. How do I get the door off and remove the glass? Thanks
code F6 Oven will not work with any button, I get code F6 Oven will not work with any button, I get the clock beep and the Code F6. I have tried turning off the circit breaker to no avail. Burners are fine and is the clock and clock. Any ideas?
dacor oven code FO means keypad is in depressed mode How do we fix this problem?
Oven doesn't turn on, control panels " :0 " The only electronic button that does anything is the light button. The last time this happened, which was about a month ago, I turned the breaker off and back on. This worked, but why did it happen again? Is there a combination of buttons to press to reset the oven?
clock is in Military time...can't change it back... We have had a Dacor RSD 30 for 5 years...our clock suddenly displays in Military time. We have turned the breaker off...tried to set again. It reverts back. Also....the manual says it will display am or pm when setting...it doesn't.HELP....thanks
Oven is flashing F0 how do I tell if it needs the bezel with touch keys or a ERC?
Based on the number of posts on Dacor F1 problems and the limited number of replies and follow-ups either no one knows what to do or people replace the ECR at $400 and go happily on their way. In the interest of the psychological well-being of other Dacor owners, I implore those who have resolved this issue, to please speak up. Meanwhile, I will tell you my long tale. I bought a floor model dual-fuel RSD30 for a not-yet-built kitchen. Once the kitchen was ready, the oven went in. It all worked out just fine except for an F2 error. I replaced the oven sensor for about $50 because I did not want to get into the guts and find something more expensive. Luckily, it seemed to fix the error and all was okay for a while. After a few months of use, it started to give an F1 error. This started right after shutting off the oven from any mode of cooking. It usually took a few times (maybe 3-5) of canceling the beeping before it stopped. Sometimes I opened the oven door and this seemed to stop it f
All the functions in my dual fuel oven still works, but intermittently it beeps and show an F1 code. Resetting or turning off the circuit breaker stops the problem for a few minutes, and as long as a day. The keypad control, clock, etc. all function as they should. I am ready to replace the relay board 105C (your part AP3880742), but would like to know where it is located, and the most logical way to access it, without taking the entire range apart. Is it under the cook top, behind the control panel, behind the grille, which is located between the control panel and the top of the oven? I have tried to find a diagram of this range but have been unsuccessful. A step by step instruction would obviously be most welcome, but some general guidance would be equally appreciated. Marc