Electrolux Laundry timers

We have over 40 years experience in troubleshooting, testing, repairing and rebuilding most faulty Electrolux laundry controllers and timers. We also sell rebuilt Electrolux laundry timers from our stock.

Below are some Electrolux laundry timer models that we have experience with. If your Electrolux laundry timer model is not listed below, please contact us now since we should still be able to repair your timer.

We guarantee all of our repaired and stock Electrolux laundry timers for one full year.

Timer Model Description
131964100BMechanical Washer Timer
131489900Motor control circuit board
131490000Motor control board
134409904Control board motor (part number 134409904 replaced with 134743500)
5300809222Control board
5303273077Dryer control board
134484019Control board (part number 134484019 replaced with 134732919)
134208151Control board
134523103Control board (part number 134523103 replaced with 134732003)
5300809231Control no longer available, must be repaired
134466000Control and panel assembly
131690700Spin control board (part number 131690700 replaced with 131725300)
5303272059Control - Discontinued by the manufacturer
131789600Motor speed control board
131887601Spin control board assembly (part number 131887601 replaced with 134149220)
5303272132Electronic control washer - Discontinued by the manufacturer
5303300360Control-electrical - Discontinued by the manufacturer
5303273076Control dryer - Discontinued by the manufacturer
131167400Motor control board (part number 131167400 replaced with 131490000)