WB19M318 Mabe/Camco/General Electric Range (Oven, Stove) Timer Repair

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Mabe/Camco/General Electric timer model # WB19M318

Mabe/Camco ERCs and Mabe/Camco stove clocks and timersGeneral Electric (GE) ERCs and General Electric (GE) stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Mabe/Camco/General Electric
Part Number :  WB19M318
Appliance Type :  Range (Oven, Stove)
Color :  White
Description :  Timer Overlay Use Wb36M1111 Rt22-370

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Recent Service Requests for Mabe/Camco/General Electric Part Number WB19M318

CityModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Stittsville, OntarioGrsr3940zww-4F1Beeps and f1 error when baking.Awaiting receipt of timer
Mississauga, OntarioGRSL364OZWW-3Broken up buttonBroken buttonAwaiting receipt of timer
Burnaby, British ColumbiaGRSR3920ZWW-4?The timer does not turn on the bottom heating element in the stove.Awaiting receipt of timer
calgary, AlbertaGRSR3920ZBB-4F1Stove will turn off and flash F1 if timer is usedAwaiting receipt of timer
Eston, SaskatchewanGRSR3920ZWW-3n/aNo voltage output to bake or broil elements.Repaired
Eston, SaskatchewanGRSR3920ZWW-3N/ANot supplying voltage to bake or broiler elements.Repaired
Mascouche, QuebecGRSR3920ZSS-1Broken buttonThe plastic button fell off, need a new buttonAwaiting receipt of timer
New Minas, Nova ScotiaHRSR3800AWW-2No DisplayNo Display, Confirmed Power Source and Appliance FuseRepaired
Surrey, British ColumbiaGRSR3920ZWW-3N/AThe up/ down press buttons for the timer / temperature are quite worn. ( I had to put some tape over them because a piece had broken.), When you turn the oven on it and push the up buttons, the temperature to say 400 degrees, the oven temperature won't actually climb above 116 degrees. It starts and then stops at 116 degrees. Also can the timer press buttons be fixed?Repaired
High River, AlbertaGRSR3920ZBB-4F1LOOKING TO PURCHASE OR REPAIR MY PART. NEW OR REFURBISHED. PLEASE CALL ME 403-333-9699Awaiting receipt of timer
Fort St John, British ColumbiaGrsr3920zF1While running a cleaning cycle we set for 3 hrs run time, with 1:15 left the oven tried an F1 code.Awaiting receipt of timer
Pefferlaw, OntarioGRSL3640ZWH-3no failure code appa2 plastic push buttons broken that raise and lower oven temp. timer releases spark and shuts off when choosing oven temp over 350 degrees.Awaiting receipt of timer
Cornwall, OntarioGRSR3911ZWW-3N/ACannot set the clock time, and the temperature setting for the oven it only went to 175 FBeyond Repair
Cornwall, OntarioGRSR3911ZWW-3N/ACannot set the clock time, and the temperature setting for the oven it only went to 175 FBeyond Repair
Sainte-Agathe des Monts, QuebecGRSRS3925ZSSF1We can see the degree's of the oven but after we turn it off it start to Beep for like 15 secondes and the f1 code show up. We cannot see the clock or the timer.Awaiting receipt of timer
North Vancouver, British Columbia12786-1N/AWhen oven reaches set temperature, broiler comes on! Sometimes, turning oven off and starting again works. However, now oven will not heat when attempting this procedure.Repaired
Sointula, British ColumbiaGRSR3920ZSS-1N/AOven starts to warm up ,sometimes comes up to temp before shutting off, sometimes shuts off while still warming. I replaced temp sensor but no improvementTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
Verdun, QuebecGRSR3920ZWW-4N/AYou have repaired my timer before. Same problem, when I set the heat, oven clicks off to Preheat and does not warm up. I purchased an extended warranty the last time (Dec 2018!). Now the timer needs to be repaired again.Beyond Repair
Calgary, AlbertaGRSR3920ZWW-4F3F3 code is persistent and does not allow the oven to operateRepaired
Toronto, OntarioGRSR3920ZBB-4F1, F3We have random beeps and F1, sometimes F3 error codes.Repaired