316418750 Frigidaire/Kenmore Range (Oven, Stove) Timer Repair

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Frigidaire/Kenmore timer model # 316418750

Frigidaire ERCs and Frigidaire stove clocks and timersKenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Frigidaire/Kenmore
Part Number :  316418750
Appliance Type :  Range (Oven, Stove)
Color : 
Description :  Clock/Electronic Timerronic, Es565

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Recent Service Requests for Frigidaire/Kenmore Part Number 316418750

CityModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
South Dayton, New York790.99124407F501There was a utility power failure and when the power came back on the range would not work. When range is plugged in I can hear a relay click and the burner displays show PF for 15 seconds then F501 and a beeping starts. There is never any light on the Oven Timer display.Beyond Repair
Calgary, Alberta970-698236F501As soon as the oven reaches over 400 degrees, error F501 appears, the stove beeps and it keeps doing it until unit is disconnected. Problem is intermittent, sometimes everything seems fine. Appliance tech deemed control board faulty (part# 316418750. Would like to see if you guys have a new or refurbished for same part #. Can send in the old after, it is a rental unit so I cant take the part out to send it to you until i have a new one in hand.Awaiting receipt of timer
N. Scituate, Rhode Island790.99129405N/AOven was heat and suddenly large spark out of the back, trip the breakers and everything was dow. REpair said the board was the problem, but they are no longer available locallyAwaiting receipt of timer
Riverton, Wyoming790.99122401N/ABake, broil, and clean functions don't work. Removing the temperature probe results in "err" message. The bake and broil elements measure about 14 ohms and appear open to ground. Note: the part number above is from the actual part. It also has Spitfire Controls SF5521-S8750-A, although Sears parts has it as 5304455004 at $270. Would also like the option of a reconditioned timer.Repaired
Topeka, KansasKenmore EliteN/AOven will not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Alderson, West Virginiakenmore elite 7909912440nonehad a sears repair man check problem,oven doesn't work at allAwaiting receipt of timer
Somerset, Ohio790.99123 403N/AOven stopped working in the middle of Broiling cycle. Will not Bake or Broil, but all other functions still work (clock, stove top, food warmer drawer, etc.)Repaired
Troy, Michigan7909912340aNaEverything works on the stove but the bake option, already replaced the burnerAwaiting receipt of timer
Rock Hill, South Carolina790.99123409F30Intermittent issues with an F30 fault. I have verified that the oven temp RTD is good and seeing good resistive value at the connector on the EOC board.Repaired
Melville, SaskatchewanEliteF13F13 on putting timer to broilerRepaired
Calgary, Alberta79099123407F5 00Confirmed input power to range to be correct. Power cycled many times. re-seated cables. Energized all relays on the board and they click. Checked wiring for continuity. Upon power up, there is nothing on the clock. No icons are illuminated. Touch control for top burners seems to work but when turned on, individual displays show F5 00 error on both sides. Top burners and oven do not work. Please ship back using Fedex Economy Express using my account: 241801098Awaiting receipt of timer
Shelby Township, Michigan790.99122405NAOven, broiler & bread warmer drawer does not work. Cooktop, clock, timer & convection fan continues to work.Repaired
Cowichan Bay, British Columbia970-512720N/AOven will not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Cincinnati, Ohio790.99122405N/ABake and Broil do not work. Appliance repairman came to my house and diagnosed that the EOC has failed.Repaired
Baton Rouge, Louisiana790..9503NoneAll Oven Heating does not work---Convection Fan Blows without heat--Stovetop burners workRepaired
Colborne, OntarioN/AAwaiting receipt of timer
Concord, North CarolinaN/ABeyond Repair
Mount Albert, Ontario970-6982n/aThe oven and the broil are not working. the surface elements are working.Repaired
coden, Alabama79099123400nonerange works fine, no bake heating takes place. the control panel shows the set temp but the element does not come on. I checked the element and wiring for continuety and all is okRepaired
Dighton, MassachusettsN/ALost output for oven bake, intermittent on broilReplaced with reconditioned timer