Appliance Timer Models

General Electric Range timers

We have over 40 years experience in troubleshooting, testing, repairing and rebuilding most faulty General Electric range controllers and timers. We also sell rebuilt General Electric range timers from our stock.

Below are some General Electric range timer models that we have experience with. If your General Electric range timer model is not listed below, please contact us now since we should still be able to repair your timer.

We guarantee all of our repaired and stock General Electric range timers for one full year.

Timer Model Description
WB36K5592control panel - Discontinued by the manufacturer
WB12K005Electronic Range/Oven Timer
3AST51T170A1FMechanical Range/Oven Timer
WB12K5Electronic Range/Oven Timer
5303207805154712924Mechanical Range/Oven Timer
3373963Electronic Range/Oven Timer
WB12K05Electronic Range/Oven Timer
HB27K5107Electronic Range/Oven Timer
PS245904Electronic Range/Oven Timer
316229Pcb kit-cont (part number 316229 replaced with 320071)
320071Pcb kit-cont
328195CLOCK-60CY (part number 328195 replaced with 323254)
335245Relay circuit board (part number 335245 replaced with WB27K5072)
336327Control no longer available, must be repaired
346103Electronic clock control (part number 346103 replaced with WB27T10327)
WB12K0006Timer ERC2