8523665 Whirlpool Range (Stove, Oven) Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Whirlpool timer model # 8523665

Whirlpool ERCs and Whirlpool stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Whirlpool
Part Number :  8523665
Appliance Type :  Range (Stove, Oven)
Color : 
Description :  Electronic control board

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Renton, WashingtonKenmore8523665F5Broiler unit stays onAwaiting receipt of timer
Toronto Ontario, OntarioKenmore665 958020008523665E1 F2Clock works fine but the oven and grill does not.Beyond Repair
Colonial Beach, VirginiaKenmoreKenmore8523665none1. Oven come on when cooktop turned on
2. Oven temperature cannot be adjusted; operates at high temp only
Beyond Repair

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