3169259 Whirlpool Range (Stove, Oven) Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Whirlpool timer model # 3169259

Whirlpool ERCs and Whirlpool stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Whirlpool
Part Number :  3169259
Appliance Type :  Range (Stove, Oven)
Color : 
Description :  Electronic oven control assembly white

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
rochester, New York3169259f-3will not control temp accuatly also has a stake on broke off on small relay.Repaired
Omaha, NebraskaWhirlpoolRB270PXBQ23169259N/AThe control board makes a whining noise when turned on. The lower element of the upper oven does not heat. Found burnt wires on the back of the element and repaired. Tried new heating element and same problem. Removed the control panel and found charring around where the wires for the lower element of the upper oven connect. Please repair, or if unrepairable please sent a refurbished unit if available.Repaired
Shreveport, LouisianaWhirlpoolRB170PXBQ23169259N/ALooking to purchase one from your inventory.Awaiting receipt of timer
Omaha, NebraskaWhirlpoolRB270PXBQ23169259N/AThe electronic control makes a whining noise when oven is turned on. The lower element in the upper oven does not heat. Tried new element, same problem. Found burnt wires leading to the element and repaired. Removed control panel and where the element wires connect into the control panel have burn marks around them. Everything else seems to work fine.Repaired
Commerce, GeorgiaWhirlpoolRB160PXBQ23169259NoneNothing showing on display panel. No controls work. Checked power to unit and it was good.Repaired
Ocala, FloridaWhirlpoolRB260PXBQ23169259N/ABroil and Bake elements will not heat. All other functions work (clock, timers, temp set).Repaired
Commerce, GeorgiaWhirlpoolRB160PXBQ23169259NoneNothing showing on display and none of the controls work. Power to unit is good.Repaired
richmond, VirginiaWestinghouserb260pxyq3169259F-1F-1 codeAwaiting receipt of timer
Glendale, ArizonaWhirlpoolRS696PXYQ23169259noneOven heats below set temperatureRepaired
abbeville, South CarolinaWhirlpoolRB260PXYQ3169259f3we have replaced the sensor and oven still isn;t working correct... It is like it gets hot but never gets food done in the middle. We had the elements checked and they are ok. It didnt have a code on it until we called a repair man out and when he finished it showed f3 and he left to go on another call took our sensor and never came back so we bought a new sensor and put it in and it does the same thing it was doing before we replaced it............. So pleas help me out.......Awaiting receipt of timer
Indian Land , South CarolinaWhirlpoolRF396PXYQ03169259F! F3Visible burn outBeyond Repair
Carlsbad, New MexicoWhirlpoolRB270PXYQ13169259none indicatedoven baking element glows red as expected initially but the oven never reaches the selcted temperature. The baking element does not cycle on and off to maitain selected temperature.Repaired
Lynnwood, WashingtonWhirlpoolRs675pxyq3169259F1Oven will not work. F1 codeRepaired
Tucson, ArizonaWhirlpoolRB77OPXYQ3169259NoneThe top broiler will not turn on. The oven does not seem to hold the desired temp.Awaiting receipt of timer
bovina, TexasWhirlpoolrb270pxbq23169259N/AshortingRepaired
Willis, TexasWhirlpoolrbb760pxyb43169259N/Aboth relays burntAwaiting receipt of timer
Marysville, WashingtonWhirlpoolRs675pxyq3169259F1,f3Oven will not workRepaired
Bovina, TexasWhirlpoolRB270PXBQ23169259nonethe timer still works while self cleaning the relay melted and now when I turn it on the relay smokes and i turn it off I just need the relay changed outRepaired
meridian, MississippiWhirlpoolrb760pxyq-431692599Went dead. The number 9 was displayedBeyond Repair
Arlington, TexasWhirlpoolRB270pxyq3169259N/AOven will not get up to temp.Repaired
Palatine, IllinoisWhirlpoolRB760PXY3169259noneDisplay dimming, barely readableAwaiting receipt of timer
Carlsbad, CaliforniaWhirlpoolRB270PXBQ23169259N/ADIGITAL NUMBERS ARE FADED MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE TO READ IN THE DAYAwaiting receipt of timer
Walker, MinnesotaWhirlpoolRB260PXBQ23169259noneMy oven beeps after approx. 10 minutes indicating it is up to temp however, it is not. It takes approx. 30 plus minutes for the requested temp to be reached. Once reached, it is consistent with the set temp. I do not get any error messages on my board.Awaiting receipt of timer
Jackson, MichiganWhirlpoolRB260PXY03169259N/Abroiler will not heatAwaiting receipt of timer
Anna, OhioWhirlpoolRS696PXYQ3169259F1F1 error. Oven will not turn on. Stove works.Awaiting receipt of timer
Anna, OhioWhirlpoolRS696PXYQ3169259F1F1 error. Oven will not turn on. Stove works.Awaiting receipt of timer
Lauderdale By The Sea, FloridaWhirlpoolRB260PXYQ3169259N/AThe oven starts to work ok and then it stops, timer wont work properly, I want to bake something for 4 hours and after the first hour is just stops heating. In Peru they said it's the range control board.Awaiting receipt of timer