3169257A Whirlpool Range/Stove/Oven Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Whirlpool timer model # 3169257A

Whirlpool ERCs and Whirlpool stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Whirlpool
Part Number :  3169257A
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color : 
Description :  Electronic Range/Oven Timer

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
scottsboro, AlabamaWhirlpoolRB260PXYQ3169257-AN/AI do not want the timer repaired; I want to purchase a replacement timer from your inventory per our conversation on 9/8/10Replaced with reconditioned timer
Tigard, OregonWhirlpoolRM 770 PXBQ13169257-AN/Adid not work after a power outtage...Repaired
Miami, FloridaWhirlpool3169257-AN/ASpoke to Howard and I will take the black one in stockReplaced with reconditioned timer
Miami, FloridaWhirlpool3169257-AN/AStopped working after power outage.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Poulan, GeorgiaWhirlpoolRS696PXYO3169257-AF-3When turn on oven it will start to heatup then error code F3 pops up.
Something throu the bearker switch & when I turned it back on everything seem to
work but a few days lady tried to use Oven & it would not come on. Thru Error
Code F3. So I think A surge of Electricity got the Timer Board.
Thanks BNH
Beyond Repair
Madison, WisconsinWhirlpoolRF396PXYQ3169257-AF1 & F3Error codes F1 & F3 making keypad inoperative. If oven door is latched for a CLEAN cycle the keypad and all functions work.Beyond Repair
Cherry Valley, CaliforniaWhirlpoolWhirlpool RB170PXY3169257-AN/APlease diagnose.
I believe that there's a burnt Resistor, Diode, Capacitor, & ???.
Thank You,
Atlanta, GeorgiaWhirlpool3169257-ano code just blankoven was in self clean mode and it stopped running after about an hour and twenty minutes the display unit showed nothing it was just deadAwaiting receipt of timer
Starkville, MississippiWhirlpoolRB770PXBQ3169257-AF3Oven quit working, gave failure code F3, now not responding at allAwaiting receipt of timer
Terrebonne, OregonWhirlpoolRS675PXYQ3169257-AN/AOne leg of the power to heating element does not energize through controler.Awaiting receipt of timer
Ann Arbor, MichiganWhirlpoolRF385PXY3169257-Atotally blankTimer was completely blank and oven inoperable after power outage.Repaired
Peachtree City, GeorgiaWhirlpoolBuilt Oven3169257-AN/AThe bottom heating element would not work. Purchased another element and did not solve the problem. Removed the timer and located a burned spot on relay. The microwave is directly above the oven and something was likely spilled on the timer.Repaired