1433347 Thermador/Bosch Range/Stove/Oven Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Thermador/Bosch timer model # 1433347

Bosch/Thermador ERCs and Bosch/Thermador stove clocks and timersBosch ERCs and Bosch stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Thermador/Bosch
Part Number :  1433347
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color : 
Description :  Electronic Range/Oven Timer

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Richmond Hill, OntarioThermadorThermador - RDDS30VRS14-33-347N/ALCD is faint - Discussed with Howard. He said he has in stock to repair LCD.Repaired
norwich, VermontThermadorrdfs3014-33-347N/ADigital display is blank. Able to press bake and hear click but nothing displays and we are able to cancel as well hearing another click. LEDs were sharp and bright and suddenly the oven stopped functioning. Propane burners still function correctly.

Please repair and return asap.


Bill Mann.
Snow Camp, North CarolinaThermador14-33-347N/Acomputer chip is burned outRepaired
Capitola, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VRS14-33-347N/AOven does not heat up. Element keeps turning off.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Denver, North CarolinaThermadorRDSS3014-33-347N/ATimer/Clock/Controls no longer function.Repaired
Redmond, OregonThermadorRED 30VQ14-33-347N/AOld timer light is extremly dim and unreadableReplaced with new in-stock timer
San Bernardino, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VRS14-33-347NoneHAROLD said "this part is still under our warranty. Send it back and the repair is at no cost except for postage."

If the part cannot be repaired, please call us for further solutions as to what to do. Thank you Harold for all your help!! You made our day!!
Beyond Repair
Banks, OregonThermadorRDDS30VRS14-33-347noneOven would work properly but then suddenly heat out of control with broiler element on high. Replaced both elements (bake and broil, broil element had low resistance from element to jacket), now only broil element comes on.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Blainville, QuébecThermadorRDSS30RS14-33-347F-1We had a power failure 2 weeks ago. When power came back the error code was flashing with the bip bip. Try the cancel button, try to put the power off nothing would do. please fix the problem and have it return if possible by this friday it would be greatly appreciated. ThanksRepaired
Katonah, New YorkThermadorRDDS30V14-33-347F1After requested oven temperature is input it shows it rising then shows requested temp and within minutes it displays F1 and the oven is clearly way too hot.

Temp sensor and wires to sensor were checked and register at 1000 OHMs.
west Chester, PennsylvaniaThermadorRED30V1433347noneBake element not coming on. Switching bake circuit to broil relay got us through the holiday. Thanks, Howard!Repaired
Maplewood, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30 QB14-33-347N/AClock/panel stopped working after power outage. Display was fully lit prior to outage.Repaired
Boise, IdahoThermadorrdfs30qw14-33-347no code, no display,range gets power, but no display, oven light works, igniter sparks, no display. Overheat shutoff not at fault (checked).Awaiting receipt of timer
Brighton, MichiganThermador14-33-347N/AStove top works but not oven. When "bake" is pressed no clicking sound (or any sound whatsoever) is heard.Awaiting receipt of timer
HOWELL, MichiganThermadorRDFS3014-33-347N/AReplaced with new in-stock timer
Rockwood, OntarioThermador14-33-34714-33-347N/Aall oven features don't workTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
evain, QuébecThermadorthermator vtn30rq14-33-347f1f1 code and burn contact on element relayRepaired
Pullman, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30VRS14-33-347F1Clock timer is bad.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Santa Rosa, CaliforniaThermadorrdss3014-33-347N/AOven does not turn on or self clean. Oven fan will not turn off. Two left burners will not release gas (not sure if that is related to timer).Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Bethesda, MarylandThermadorRDS530RS14-33-347blackit used to show F1 after we turned the oven off. Now the lower heating element doesn't turn on. The broiler still works with the control.Awaiting receipt of timer
Sherwood Park ,, AlbertaThermadorRDDS30VRS14-33-347F3Howard, this is Andy Clark whom you spoke to yesterday on the phone a couple of times.
Oven just stopped working, so per your instructions I'm sending the part in to you for repair.
Sandy Springs, GeorgiaThermadorRED30VQ14 33 347constant.Oven temp will not exceed 250F
You repaired this timer Jan 13
Toronto, OntarioThermadorRDSS3014-33-347noneTimer went blank, oven doesn't work, but stovetop still functionsRepaired
Box Elder, South DakotaThermadorRES30Q14-33-347None--LEDs need replLEDs not bright enough to read in normal lightAwaiting receipt of timer
Phoenix, ArizonaThermador14-33-347N/AOven element blew out. Popped breaker. Replaced element. Timer did not come back on.Beyond Repair
Solon, OhioThermadorRDDS30VRS14-33-347n/adim displayRepaired
Sandy Hook, ConnecticutThermadorREF30RS14-33-347F1Dim screen for a while. Started throwing F1 codes during baking. Held inconsistent heat. Uneven cooking. Eventually would throw F1 during preheat and never got to temp.Repaired
Phoenix, ArizonaThermador14-33-347N/AOven timer does not workBeyond Repair
Branchburg, New JerseyThermadorRES30QB14 33 347N/AWhen oven heats it does not stop at selected temperature but continues to rise .
The digital readout showing the temperature is too dim to read.
Sandy Springs, GeorgiaThermadorRED30VQ14 33 347N/AOven Temperature light failedRepaired
Riverdale, MarylandThermadorRED30VQ14-33-347NAdim display and relayBeyond Repair
El Segundo, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VRS14-33-347NoneNo heat from bake element. Measured 120v on one leg and Ov on other leg. At other time measured 240v on one leg and Ov on other.Repaired
Cherry Hill, New JerseyThermadorRED30VRS14-33-347noneBurnt element damaged boardReplaced with reconditioned timer
Morganton, North CarolinaThermador14-33-347Dim displayDisplay has dimmed to point cannot be readReplaced with reconditioned timer
Norfolk, MassachusettsThermadoroven-range with glass top, white glass front14-33-347N/ABake did not work but broil did; after a few weeks, broil stopped working, too. Service man said it was the timer.Repaired
Riverdale, MarylandThermadorred3014-33-347N/Adead not lightsRepaired
Naples, FloridaThermadorREF30QW14-33-347NoneDisplay is dim and barely readable. Especially the oven temperature.Repaired
Lake Oswego, OregonThermadorNot sure14-33-347leds unreadableleds are unreadable. Otherwise it works fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Stittsville, OntarioThermadorRDF 30QW14-33-347?dim readoutReplaced with new in-stock timer
harrison, OhioBoschthermador14-33-347dim oven temp displadim oven temp displayReplaced with reconditioned timer
Black Earth, WisconsinThermadorRDDS3014-33-347N/ADIM DISPLAYAwaiting receipt of timer
dracut, MassachusettsThermadorRDDS30V14-33-347N/AIntermittent. when in bake mode, after some period of time, broil element will turn on and remain on resulting in very high oven temperature. this condition persists until oven has been cooled down completely.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Norfolk, MassachusettsThermadoroven-range with glass top, white glass front14-33-347N/ABake did not work but broil did; after a few weeks, broil stopped working, too. Service man said it was the timer.Repaired
Renton, WashingtonThermadorRDSS30RS-F-D14-33-347N/ADOES NOT GET UP TO TEMPReplaced with reconditioned timer
Riverdale, MarylandThermadorred30vq14-33-347N/Adim display oven not turning onReplaced with reconditioned timer
Naples, FloridaThermadorRDF30QW14-33-347N/AVERY DIM (BAD) DISPLAYRepaired
Lunenburg, Nova ScotiaThermador14-33-347N/AVery Dim
Temperature control for Bake inoperative
Seattle, WashingtonThermadorRED30V14-33-347noneBottom element would not heat due to faulty timer (as told by appliance repair service). Top element & convection fan work fine.

(If it cannot be repaired, notify me first & I'll then decide whether to scrap or return.)
Awaiting receipt of timer
overland park, KansasThermadorRED30VQ14-33-347N/AMy timer light is too dim to see. I am replacing.Repaired
Haymarket, VirginiaThermadorRES3014-33-347NoneBottom oven element does not heat. Measured element resistance of 22 ohms. Confirmed continuity to element leads in oven.Awaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaThermador14-33-347N/ADisplay is faded and cannot be readRepaired
Azle, TexasThermadorRef30bc14-33-347N/ATime. Display cannot readAwaiting receipt of timer
mont-st-hilaire, QuébecThermadorrdds14-33-347f1heat never stop and create alarm f1, also the number showing the temperature is hard to see

la temperature n'arrete jamais et ca cree une alarme f1, auusi l'eclairage qui indique la temperature est vraiment faible,tres difficile a lire
Egg harbor Township, New JerseyThermador14-33-347noneOven temperature display is not readable everything else is OK.Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRED30VQ14-33-347N/ADisplay is dimRepaired
Arlington, VirginiaThermadorRDDS30VRS14-33-347NoneOven not properly heating. The bake and broiler elements are not damaged. Also, the LED display for heat is very dim.Repaired
Barnesville, OhioThermadorRDSS30RS14-33-347timer works, readoutOven temperature readout so dim it is almost unreadable, clock dim but readable.Repaired
Stone Ridge, New YorkThermadorRDDS30SVRS14-33-347N/APower in no timer lite or anything.Repaired
mont-st-hilaire, QuébecThermadorrdds14-33-347f2heat never stopRepaired
Howell, New JerseyThermadorRDFS3014-33-347N/AUnit does not energize bake elementAwaiting receipt of timer
Egg Harbor Township, New JerseyThermador14-33-347noneoven heat display is nor readable.Repaired
charlotte, North CarolinaThermador14-33-347No codeDisplay is blank. Everything else works. You just can't see what you are doingRepaired
St James, New YorkThermadorRES30RS14-33-347noneDisplay and oven did work intermittently, but now won't turn on at all. Burners work fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Sunderland, MassachusettsThermadorRDFS30 RS14-33-347None.Lower element won't heat (element has been replaced). Display dim and fragmentary.Repaired
Doraville, GeorgiaThermadorUnknown14-33-347NoneThe timer display is completely blank as if the oven was unplugged. The oven light and burner ignitors function normally.Repaired
Danbury, ConnecticutThermadorRed30V14-33-347no codeflickering followed by loss of power to stove top/oven.Repaired
Novato, CaliforniaThermador14-33-347N/Alower bake element no longer works, clock face is dimmingAwaiting receipt of timer
Boucherville,, QuébecThermadorRED30VQW14-33-347000Beyond Repair
Woodridge, IllinoisThermadorRDDS30VRS14-33-347NO OVENOVEN DOES NOT WORKAwaiting receipt of timer
Menlo Park, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30V14-33-347N/AEverything works properly except part of the display (orange oven temperature) is dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
Downingtown, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDF30RS14-33-347deadWas going dim/ now no function at all.Repaired
Riverside, ConnecticutThermadorRES3014-33-347N/ABake element not working does not heat (we have new bake element).
Will send our timer after receiving reconditioned
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Capistrano Beach, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS14-33-347N/ANo lights, no ovenReplaced with reconditioned timer
Grosse Pointe Farms, MichiganThermadorRDDS30V14-33-347N/ACan no longer read the oven temperature set display.
Orange phosphor is gone.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Martinez, CaliforniaThermadorRDDS30VRS14-33-347noneStove top works fine. Oven does not work, it will only heat up to 200 degrees MAXIMUM. heating element has been replaced with no changeRepaired
Spanaway, WashingtonThermadorred3014-33-347bake element is not The oven works but the lower bake element is not coming on. The broiler works good. There is no voltage at the bake plug in at all, checked with meter. The bake was working intermittenly before it quit.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Morganton, North CarolinaThermadorRDDS30V14-33-347N/ATimer itself works correctly. The display is so dim it is almost unreadable.Repaired
Mason, OhioThermadorRDFS 30Q; S/N 9610008914-33-347noneThe oven timer (14-33-347) I will send in for core charge return has several issues:
- no codes apparent, but intermittent flaky operation
- sticky relays, while baking, broiler may come on as unit cycles
- cannot read temperature, LED very faint or burned out.
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Kiowa, ColoradoBosch14-33-347N/ADoes not turn on at allRepaired
Vancouver, British ColumbiaThermadorThermador Range & Convection Oven14-33-347Screen is too dimm bScreen is dim and hard to read.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Sun City Center, FloridaThermadorRDDS30V14-33-347unknown - electricalElectricians shorted out the line, oven is dead but stove top still functions.Repaired
La Grande, OregonThermador14-33-347N/AThe lower heating element will not heat up. Element is OK at 21.6 ohms, broiler works ok. Oven will not heat up.

Replaced with reconditioned timer
Boucherville,, QuébecThermadorRED30VQW14-33-347N/AReplaced with reconditioned timer
Helena, MontanaThermadorRdss301433347Low LED lightingLoe LED LIGHTING. On face all functions operational also damage "broiler" button top left buttonAwaiting receipt of timer
Boucherville,, QuébecThermadorRED30VQW14-33-347000Le timer indique seulement l'heure. Toutes les autres foctions ne fonctionnent pas incluant l'alimentation du four et broilBeyond Repair
Sun City Center, FloridaThermadorRDDS30V14-33-347unknown - electricalElectricians shorted out the line, oven is dead but stove top still functions.Repaired
Kansas City, MissouriThermadorRDSS30RS14-33-347F1/F31) Broil comes on when bake is selected. Probably a sticky relay will work if tapped on.
2) Display is dim and barely legible.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Bothell, WashingtonThermadorRDF30QS14-33-347NoneBake element (lower) does not heat. Confirmed to be timer problem by swapping Broil and Bake element wires. When wires swapped and oven set to broil, bake element functions.Awaiting receipt of timer
Charlotte, VermontThermadorRDD530VRS14-33-347noneOven will not heat. The element conducts electricity across the terminals. There is no voltage across the terminals when the oven is on. The ground wire tests good to the ground on the broiler element. The red power wire tests good to the timer. This leads me to believe that the timer relay is bad. Also, the display has faded and it is difficult to read the over temperature. Please send in stock reconditioned timer and I will return mine to you.Replaced with reconditioned timer
lake forest, IllinoisThermador14-33-347N/ARelay failure (fire)Replaced with reconditioned timer
Ottawa, OntarioThermadorRDFS30RS14-33-347-F1--F1- error with periodic beeping (1x1Sec Beep per 3 Sec interval)
Gas Range works, Oven does not.
St-Félix-de-Valois, QuébecThermadorRED30V14-33-347F1Short circuitReplaced with reconditioned timer
Richmond, IllinoisThermadorRDSS3014-33-347Display is deadHeating element shorted and the timer unit went blank. No power to oven unit.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Lake Forest, IllinoisThermadorRED30VRS14-33-347N/ARelay fire on boardReplaced with reconditioned timer
Boucherville,, QuébecThermadorRED30VQW14-33-347000Beyond Repair
Sun City Center, FloridaThermadorRDDS30V14-33-347unknown - electricalElectrical contractors shorted out the line. Oven is completely dead, stove top still works.Repaired
Olympia, WashingtonThermadorRDSS3014-33-347noneTimer works ok. Problem is displays (time and esp. temp setting) are very dim. Temp setting unreadable.

Not sure of part number, there are several numbers on a tag on the part.

I assume you will fully test to make sure there are no other problems?
Daphne, AlabamaThermador14-33-347F-1Oven does not work, F-1 alarm is on. Cook tops still function.Repaired
Montreal, QuebecThermadorRES30RS14-33-347F!F1 code. Top oven element works but bottom element does notRepaired
Putnam Valley, New YorkThermador14-33-34714-33-347F1Oven will not work. F1 and beeping.Repaired
Boucherville, QuebecThermadorRDDS30V14-33-347F!F! not workingRepaired
Bethesda, MarylandThermadorrdss3014-33-347F1Dim display for years. Power outage caused failure, F1 error code.Repaired
Essex Junction, VermontThermadorRDDS30VQW14-33-347NoneBroiler element stays on when in Bake mode. Test mode is OK for Bake and Broil.Repaired
Frenchglen, OregonThermador1433347N/ABottom heating element not heating up.Awaiting receipt of timer
Frenchglen, OregonThermador1433347N/ABottom heating element not heating up.Awaiting receipt of timer
Portland, OregonBoschThermidor RDDS30V14-33-347Dim LCDUnit functions perfectly, but the LCD has become very dim in recent years and is difficult to see.Awaiting receipt of timer
DUNWOODY, GeorgiaThermador14-33-347F1I sent my timer in earlier this summer because it would not turn on the oven. I received my timer back from you last week. When I installed it I got a F1 error. This should be under warranty.Beyond Repair
Muskego, WisconsinBoschThermador RED30VQ14-33-347NAPurchase a reconditioned timerAwaiting receipt of timer
San Jose, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS3014-33-347N/ALower heating element not working. I tested it and the ohms were correct. No voltage coming out of the wires to element with oven turned on. Upper broil function works.Awaiting receipt of timer
Jerome, IdahoThermadorRDSS3014-33-347N/ADisplay is dim.
Range igniters do not spark or click intermittantly. (mostly not)

The model number came from the manual front cover. I need to confirm the number from the range itself.

In and attempt to repair I replaced the electric caps (c5, c8, c9 and the large 3300mfd c?; please replace this one with the correct size). I apologize for the bad soldering. I only had a high wattage soldering gun.
Oregonia, OhioThermador14-33-347N/ASome displays are fading...mainly the temperature.Awaiting receipt of timer
Stoughton, WisconsinThermadorRDDS30VQB14-33-347NONETimer just went black, no oven/broiler readout, no clock, no timer no nothing!Repaired
St. Petersburg, FloridaThermadorrdds30vrs14-33-347dim - oven does not oven not heatingRepaired
La jolla, CaliforniaThermadorRdds30V14-33-347NoneDim light and stuck buttonsAwaiting receipt of timer
Vancouver, British ColumbiaThermadorRED30VRS14-33-347F11) Display has been dim for a long time.
2) a month ago, broiler stopped working
3) two days ago, oven set to 375, but oven heated up much higher, smell was like self clean. Got F1 message
Port Byron, IllinoisThermadorRDFS30RS14-33-347N/ADisplays "locked" in lower right corner of display. Oven controls non-functional. All other features work, i.e. timer, burners, clock. Input from door lock mechanism may have had a shock due to contact with ohm meter with power on. Door lock switches tested and are functional and providing correct signals to timer.Repaired
Albemarle, North CarolinaThermadorDuel fuel convection oven14-33-347Dim displayVery dim displayReplaced with reconditioned timer
Los Altos, CaliforniaThermador14-33-347N/ATimer does not display anything (display dark) nor operate oven after house experienced an electrical issue (neutral line from power company to house became disconnected) resulting in some outlets having 170V and others 70V. Suspect transformer may be fried (this was the case for our furnace which I repaired).Repaired
Repentigny, QuebecThermador14-33-347N/AProblem with the display. It becomes dimmerRepaired
Rohnert Park, CaliforniaThermadorRDFS30Q14-33-347Oven inop/broil okOven inop
Broiler & timer functions seem ok
Heating element tested good continuity @22 ohms.
Alpharetta, GeorgiaThermadorRED30VRS1433347N/AI have an oven controller and the LCD is not working. It only faintly shows the time. The over use to turn on and you could click the buttons to increase the temp but there was no display - we just guess at the temp. Yesterday it would not beep or increase temp it just beeped and I believe it showed an error of F1 and the only way to turn it off was to click the "CLock" button. So the issues are multiple - If there is a new one, reconditioned one or repair I am interested in what every is available. I hope my part number is rightAwaiting receipt of timer
Soquel, CaliforniaThermadorrdfs3014-33-347N/Aneed reconditioned boardAwaiting receipt of timer
Levis, QuebecThermadorRES30RS14-33-347N/Athe lighting is no longer visible, it is too pale. In case this is not repairable, I will take a reconditioned.Repaired
Hollister, CaliforniaThermadorRES3014-33-347NoneDim Display and (2) burners coming on at the same time from (1) temp control knob.Awaiting receipt of timer
Sherwood Park, AlbertaThermadorRES3014-33-347offOven will not turn on (convection, broil, or heat)
Read-out gives low values, 177 - 280
Santa Cruz, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS14-33-347f1oven not working.Awaiting receipt of timer
Milton, TennesseeThermadorRDDS30VRS14-33-347N/ALower element not working, replaced element still not working.Repaired
Raleigh, North CarolinaThermadorRDSS30RS1433347N/ALower element is not getting hot. Checked connunity of lower element and it reads 25 ohms.Repaired
California, MarylandThermadorRED30V14-33-347N/ABaking element does not heat. Replaced element, but did not correct the issue. Broiler element works. Repairman says I need a new timer.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Montreal, QuebecThermadorRDS3014-33-347F1-F3Controller not working and showing error codes F1 and F3Awaiting receipt of timer
Bellingham, WashingtonThermadorRED30V14-33-347Don't knowThe oven relay does not work. It turns on the broiler after heating to 350 for awhile. Sometimes the broiler works and sometimes not. Also the screen that shows the temperature is not lit very well. Also do you have a replacement switch for the left element? Mine is broken off. I have the knob.Repaired
Howell, New JerseyThermadorRDFS3014-33-347n/aUnit fails to come to tempRepaired
port angeles, WashingtonThermadorref3014-33-347N/AVery dim display. oven burns food.Awaiting receipt of timer
Quebec, QuebecThermadorRDF30RS14-33-347N/ADead - Hoping for a replacement - Do You Have IT?Awaiting receipt of timer
Forreston, IllinoisThermador14-33-347N/AClock flashes but won't keep time. This problem keeps the oven from staying up to the desired temperature.Awaiting receipt of timer
Richfield, MinnesotaThermadorRDFS3014-33-347can't read displayThe liquid crystal display is so dim that it can't be read. Every thing else seems to work fine.Repaired
Matthews, North CarolinaThermador14-33-347LED display is not vwould like to buy reconditioned unitAwaiting receipt of timer
Mississauga, OntarioThermadorRTDSS30QB14-33-347F1Beeping, Oven controls not operating, Burners work ok, No timer functions. Display reads --F1--.Repaired
North East, PennsylvaniaBoschRDSS3014-33-347nonedim displayRepaired
West Linn, OregonThermador14-33-347no code. Does not wThe timer and the clock work, and beep when I press the buttons.

Bake, Broil and Convection do not work, and do not beep

When I press the clean button, it beeps and it locks the oven, but does not heat or clean.

The convection fan goes on and off, all the time.

The stove top burners click and start.
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDFS30RS14-33-347NoneBake element won't come onRepaired
MITCHELLVILLE, MarylandThermadorEDSS30RS14-33-347parcial displayDisplay not showing oven temp.Repaired
Lynden, WashingtonThermadorRDSS3014-33-347N/AOven temp was dim, then unreadable.Awaiting receipt of timer
WAYNE, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDFS 3014-33-347no failure code presNeither Bake or Broil relay will pull in.Awaiting receipt of timer
AMHERST, New HampshireThermadorRDFS30RS14-33-347noneNeed refurbished Timer/ Control boardAwaiting receipt of timer
Seattle, WashingtonThermadorRDFS3014-33-347nonedisplay is very very dimRepaired
Kalamazoo, MichiganThermadorRDDS30V14-33-347?When using the bake function or the convection bake (i.e. required to setting the temperature), only the upper broiler element comes on. The lower baking element does not come on.Repaired
North York, OntarioThermadorRDF30RS14-33-347N/AOven temperature numbers faded.
Clock numbers faded.
Carmel, IndianaThermadorRDF30Q or RDFS30Q14-33-347n/aDisplay is dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
cologne, MinnesotaThermadorrdss3014-33-347F1, now will not powclassic F1 code. Oven went into overheat condition. Both the oven and broiler would come on and over heat.
very obvious the Omron relays were fried, but the tech shorted the control board on removal. Not sure if its a transformer that was zapped or the microprocessor (which is no longer available)
Beyond Repair
Saint-Lazare, QuebecThermadorThermador REF30CQ/RES30CQ14-33-347naDim displayRepaired
Sainte-marguerite du lac Masson, QuebecThermador14-33-347?Fading displayRepaired
Montréal, QuebecThermadorRES30Q14-33-347NOSometimes, the broil starts when it is the standard oven that I am starting...
And sometimes the normal oven starts when I want to use the broil.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Mount Vernon, WashingtonThermadorRDDS30V14-33-347N/AHouse power went out after a long brown out and when it came back on control didn't work.Repaired
Dobbs Ferry, New YorkThermadorREF30QS14-33-347deadlost display- then over time Turing on oven was hit or miss- back-beep, + beep.. for a year , now no beep , no heat.Awaiting receipt of timer
Irving, TexasThermadorRDF30QS14-33-347N/ADim display, oven seems to workRepaired
Irving, TexasThermadorRDF30QS14-33-347N/ADim display, oven seems to work, also the oven light stays on all the time, pushing the button will momentary turn it off. If not to expensive I would like it replaced.Repaired
Lake Tapps, WashingtonThermadorRED30VQB14-33-347Very dim readoutVery dim display. I need a replacement ASAP, as I’m selling my home. So if you have a new or reconditioned unit that’s fine too if the repair on this one would take awhile with shipping etc. closing is July 21st and it needs to be installed no later than 3 days prior.Repaired
Biggar, SaskatchewanThermadorRDF30Qb14-33-347noneOven keeps heating even after reaching set temp
display dim
Spring Grove, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDSS553014-33-347N/Ascreen blankAwaiting receipt of timer
Murray, UtahThermadorRDF3014-33-347Timer dim and broileTimer dim and broiler does not heat top elementAwaiting receipt of timer
Seattle, WashingtonThermadorRDSS30QB14-33-347NADim display, bake element not getting power, right front burner spark missingRepaired
Santa Clara, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS14-33-347F1Oven controller beeps and displays F1. Previously I was able to clear this condition by pulling out the pushbuttons. This fix no longer works.Repaired
Durham, ConnecticutThermadorbosch thermado over/stove14-33-347N/Adisplay is dim and does not light up enough to seeAwaiting receipt of timer
BOULDER, ColoradoThermadorRDSS3014-33-347NADisplay of the Thermador Oven Control Board is too dim to read, oven and range function normally.Awaiting receipt of timer
Rochester, New YorkThermadorRDSS30RS14-33-347See SymptomsDim display
Sometimes control needs to be reset (Power removed) in order to operate oven. (I think the previous owner said the code was F1, but not sure)