318183403 Kenmore Range/Stove/Oven Timer

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Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Kenmore timer model # 318183403

Kenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Kenmore
Part Number :  318183403
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color : 
Description :  Electronic Range/Oven Timer

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Recent Service Requests for Kenmore Part Number 318183403

CityManufacturerModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Toronto, OntarioKenmoreC970-445631N/ASpoke to howard, please ship a new timer / controlReplaced with new in-stock timer
Kitchener, OntarioKenmoreN/ATimer "beeps" when buttons are pressed, but oven does not work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Oshawa, OntarioKenmoreC970-445681F1Repaired
Victoria, British ColumbiaKenmoreN/AButtons on the timer all work but no heat from rangeRepaired
Kelowna, British ColumbiaKenmoreC970-445682F5Howard, please ship a replacement timer out of inventory, as we discussed this morning.
Thanks, Barry Wasyliw
Replaced with new in-stock timer
North York, OntarioKenmoreC970-445681F9Gives -F9- code ~2 min. after range is powered on.
Original board is send in with Reliable Parts.
I would like to get the new replacement board for $290, please.
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Mississauga, OntarioKenmoreC970-445631N/AIt made a pop sound and a little smoke. After that it didn't work at all.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Mississauga, OntarioKenmoreC970-445631N/ABurned.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Scarborough, OntarioKenmoreC970--445532N/Aoven not responding to entriesReplaced with new in-stock timer
Milton, OntarioKenmoreC970-445691F1-ErrorWhen the oven was set to clean the F1-error appearedReplaced with new in-stock timer
High River, AlbertaKenmore05 393G2 S1 C978-445631N/AHoward, as discussed today.

Panel dead except for the clock and bake /broil select
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Milton, OntarioKenmoreC970-445691F1 - ErrorWhen trying to set to cleaning fuction F1_ error appearsReplaced with new in-stock timer
Italy Cross, Nova ScotiaKenmoreC970-445691N/AThe micro processor is gone. The P7 and P8 outputs to broil element and bake element doesn't work. The elements tested fine. The clock works the convection element and fan works fine. I have discussed the problem with Howard Simmons on the phone and we agreed that your repair was best option.Repaired
Kanata, OntarioKenmorepfdoesnt workAwaiting receipt of timer
New Lowell, OntarioKenmoreKenmore Elite Gas RangeN/AEOC board is fried - beyond repair.Awaiting receipt of timer
Montreal West, QuebecKenmoreC970-445681noneClock works. Broiler and lower elements are not turned on even though display indicates they are. Convection fan will turn on, but oven does not heat with convection setting.Repaired
Mississauga, OntarioKenmoreC970-445632N/Aheard loud pop and smoke coming from the timer/control moduleReplaced with new in-stock timer
trois rivieres, QuebecFrigidaire52 393H3 3S1N/Aspark in tne elctronic cardReplaced with new in-stock timer
Victoria, British ColumbiaKenmoreC970-445632N/ASpitfire Control Inc SF5501-007C Model #318183403 oven control panel no longer works for Kenmore dual fuel stainless range model C970-445632.

Require new oven control timer
Awaiting receipt of timer
Kitchener, OntarioKenmorec970-445632black outdisplay black outBeyond Repair
Mississauga, OntarioKenmoreElite range/stove/ovenN/ASome of the buttons do not work anymore.Repaired
Ottawa, OntarioKenmoreC970-445681loud popping noise. Loud single pop noise. From then on, only a fraction of the buttons were functional.Replaced with new in-stock timer