318019900 Kenmore Range/Stove/Oven Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Kenmore timer model # 318019900

Kenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Kenmore
Part Number :  318019900
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color : 
Description :  Clock/Timer

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Tallahassee, Florida318019900F1Not respondingAwaiting receipt of timer
scarborough,, Mainefrigidaire318019900f1f1 fault code which happened 1 day after lost power (lightning damage?) shut off breaker and reset within 5 minutes f1 code comes backTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
Fairburn, GeorgiaKenmore790 46803 991318019900F-1Oven failure, unplug, plug back in, F-1
returns in 5 to 15 minutes. Baking mode
or cleaning mode will start when F-1 is not
displayed on keypad. F-1 always returns
when plugged back in with room temp.
St Petersburg, FloridaKenmorekenmore elite dual fuel318019900f1will display f1 and oven functions will not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Fairburn, GeorgiaKenmore790 46803 991318019900F-1F-1 constant. See page dated 11/12/2009.Repaired
Portland, OregonKenmoreDual Fuel Slide-in Range318019900F1F1 error code started a couple of weeks ago. Was intermittant but now does not reset.Awaiting receipt of timer
Largo, FloridaKenmore46809 (Elite 30" Radiant Slide-In)318019900F1When powered down and then up the timer immediately displays F1. Reseating the ribbon cable connecting the touch panel to the circuit board cleared the code and enabled full functionality but it only lasted about 20 minutes until "F1" was again displayed.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Methow, WashingtonElectroluxKenmore Elite318019900F1Electric oven will sometimes come up to temp, but then fail shortly with an accompying F1 error code. Installed new RTC sensor probe without any change in symptoms.Awaiting receipt of timer
Troy, MichiganKenmore79046813991318019900F1This will be the third timer I have replaced. They seem to last about 2 years or so then one day after we start the bake option, the oven shuts down and trouble code "F1" appears. The range is a very nice unit but I am very dissapointed in the problem. Is there additional advice you can give me to get more time out of these timers? Thanks, JoeRepaired
Port Orchard, WashingtonFrigidaireKenmore Elite318019900F1F1 error code normally happens within an hour of power connection.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Littleton, ColoradoKenmore79046803992318019900F1Error code F1 in digital display, cannot clear it. Tried to unplug range but did not workAwaiting receipt of timer
San Diego, CaliforniaFrigidaireKenmore Elite318019900F1Oven displays "F1" and will not clear.Awaiting receipt of timer
West Baldwin, MaineKenmore318019900f1Recurring F1 error code. prevents oven from working and causes keypad to go haywire. Appears ribbin tape comes off contact point at keypad and circuit board.
Happens often after use of oven so wonder if temperture change is causing ribbon material to shift. looks like it may have been repaired once before
Awaiting receipt of timer
Mentor, OhioKenmore790.46813992318019900F1In the past, if the oven got too hot, it would throw the F1 code. Once it cooled down, the error code could be cleared and nominal operation restored. Recently, it threw the F1 code when the oven was not in use and cool. The code could not be cleared.

In addition to repair price, I am interested in a refurb.
Dallas, TexasKenmore79046813992318019900F1There is an F1 code that comes on whenever we try to start or clean the oven. This is the second time this part has gone out, and the first time it was replaced.Awaiting receipt of timer
Zionsville, IndianaKenmore79046813991318019900F1Please send new/reconditioned timer. We will send ours back for you to reuse.Awaiting receipt of timer
Fairburn, GeorgiaKenmore790 46803 991318019900F-1Oven failure. Unplug, plug back in, F-1 returns in 5 to 15 minutes. Baking mode
or cleaning mode will start when F-1 is not displayed on keypad. F-1 always
returns when plugged back in with room temperature oven.
West Roxbury, MassachusettsKenmore79046813992318019900F1just stops working and error code F1 comes upAwaiting receipt of timer
Hood River, OregonKenmoreKenmore318019900F1Does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Framingham, MassachusettsKenmore79046803992318019900F1Timer says F1. Oven keeps shutting off.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Virginia Beach, VirginiaSears790 46813 992318019900F1Cycling power to oven on/off does not fix failure. Problem seems to be related to ribbon cable connector. Cleaning cable contacts fixes problem, but problem always reoccurs again at a later date. Failure code is always F1.Repaired
alexandria, VirginiaKenmore79046813992318019900F1F1 error code, beeps every minuteAwaiting receipt of timer
Saginaw, MichiganKenmoreDuel Fuel Range318019900F1The oven doesn't work. Displays the F1 code. If I unplug it for a while and plug it back in it will work for a while and then display the F1 code again.Repaired
Blue Springs, MissouriKenmore79046813991318019900F1F1 codeBeyond Repair
Kansas City, MissouriKenmore790.468130318019900F1Error Code F1 coming up regularly on my dual fuel range. If unplugged over night I regain usage but, will not correct otherwise. Convection stopped working some time ago when code first appeared. Have been living w/o it and using "bake" up until now. I would like to use convection again if possible. Perhaps is it all related to this timer/control panel? Thanks in advance for your time.Awaiting receipt of timer
Santa Cruz, CaliforniaKenmore790 46813 992318019900F1This is the second timer I've put in this stove in 11 years. Same thing both times -- timer throws F1 error and nothing works.Awaiting receipt of timer
Topeka, KansasKenmoreKenmore318019900N/AF1 code. Power off at breaker and code will go away for a while and then come back on.
Part number 318019900
Beyond Repair
portland, OregonKenmore318019900F1Awaiting receipt of timer
Topeka, KansasKenmoreSears Kenmore 79046803992318019900F1Oven will not work with F1 code.Beyond Repair
CANTON, MichiganKenmore79046803992318019900F-1Awaiting receipt of timer
Campbell, CaliforniaKenmore790 46813 992318019900F1Consistent F1 error. "Reset" will not correct (temp. fix, but error returns in minutes).Awaiting receipt of timer
boulder, ColoradoKenmore79046813992318019900F1F1 displays and oven or timer will not operate.Awaiting receipt of timer