WB12K005 Kenmore/General Electric Range/Stove/Oven Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Kenmore/General Electric timer model # WB12K005

Kenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timersGeneral Electric (GE) ERCs and General Electric (GE) stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Kenmore/General Electric
Part Number :  WB12K005
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color : 
Description :  Electronic Range/Oven Timer

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
chatham, OntarioGEwb12k005F3i checked sensor and wires for ground fault. checked ok.Awaiting receipt of timer
chatham, Ontariowb12k005f31 checked for 1100 oms on sensor and for shorted wires . checked okAwaiting receipt of timer
san francisco, CaliforniaGeneral ElectricWB12K005N/ATemperatur not corecteRepaired
Sacramento, CaliforniaGeneral ElectricXL44 - JGBP35GEP3WGWB12K005-F1-Error Code -F1- appears on display and timer alarm sounds. Pressing clear/off clears alarm momentarily, then it comes back. I tried removing and reseating all cables on the timer, but problem persists. I could not remove the ribbon cable beteween the controller board and the key panel, so I could not determine if the problem is in the key panel or the controller board.Awaiting receipt of timer
Racine, WisconsinGeneral ElectricXL44WB12K005F1I get a constant F1 code. Using the procedure from your web site I determined that the problem is in the keypad. I started to replace the keypad but soon realized that I was in over my head and that it was best to send the unit to you.Beyond Repair
Cleveland, OhioKenmore362.7361893WB12K005N/Ano bake commandAwaiting receipt of timer
Good Thunder, MinnesotaGeneral Electricwb12k005N/AThree of the buttonson the touch pad on the timer do not work. I would like to purchase a timer and send this one in for core.Repaired
Sturtevant, WisconsinGeneral Electricwb12k005N/AF code but I cant remember which one. My service manual told me the clock had bad touch panel
Pleased email back with cost
Awaiting receipt of timer
Westerville, OhioGeneral ElectricWB12K005F-1F-1 error codeReplaced with reconditioned timer
Walpole, MaineGeneral Electric362.7351192WB12K005N/ANo display. No chirp when keys are pressed.Repaired
Kenmore, New YorkGeneral ElectricJGBP34GEV3WHWB12K005F1After plugging the unit in after about 30 sec. the F1 alarm occurs and can not be reset.
(If the unit cannot be repaired please send one out of stock)
Thank you!
Beyond Repair
Ottawa, OntarioGeneral ElectricJGBP35GEP6WGWB12K005F1The timer started beeping and displayed code F1.Repaired
Fayetteville, New YorkGeneral ElectricJGBP34GEP1WB12k005N/Aclean, broil and bake buttons not responding.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Kansas City, MissouriGeneral ElectricWB12K005N/ATimer beeps saying oven temperature has been reached, but it has not actually. Temperature reading on timer shows higher than actual oven temperature.Awaiting receipt of timer
Coopersville, MichiganGeneral ElectricJGBP34GEP2WHWB12K005F1Temperature is not correct. Must set thermostat much higher to achieve desired temperature. Oven sometimes turns itself off and has displayed F1 error once. Have replace ignitor and temp probe.Repaired
Camp Hill, PennsylvaniaGeneral ElectricJGBP34GEP2ADWB12K005noneRepaired
Union, New JerseyGeneral ElectricJGBP26GENWB12K005noneCant turn on oven. Cant set temp, will only go in one direction (down I believe)Repaired
Vestal, New YorkGeneral ElectricGE XL44WB12k005None, oven heating iOven does not reach selected temperatureRepaired
Atlanta, GeorgiaKenmore362.7361191WB12K005F-1F-1 Code and beeping after plugging in unit. In reading reviews on your website, it appears sometimes in can't be repaired. While I would prefer you repair my Timer if possible, if it can't be repaired, please send me a reconditioned (or new) one. If you do send a reconditioned replacment, please be sure to include the black face pad from my old one or make sure the replacement has the same black face pad.Beyond Repair
Canton, MichiganGeneral ElectricJGBP34GEP3ADWB12K005F- 1 or 2Flashing an F-code. No ele ignition on burners. Clock, oven, all not working.Repaired
ISANTI, MinnesotaKenmore326.7231893WB12K005NONEIn broil or bake mode the oven goes into the lighting sequence and then shuts down, cann't hear the relays click. Oven temp. sensor is within 10 ohms of specs.Repaired
Edison, New JerseyGeneral Electricxl44wb12k005F1beepingAwaiting receipt of timer
Macomb, MichiganKenmore362.7361193WB12K005F-1F-1 code was blinking on the panel and it was beeping and could not be shut off.Awaiting receipt of timer
Macomb, MichiganKenmore362.7361193WB12K005F-1The control panel was beeping and flashing F-1 code.Awaiting receipt of timer
Honolulu, HawaiiGeneral Electricxl44wb12k005noneThough the overlay switches for up and down arrows required firm pressure to operate properly (as it aged from 1993), it always worked fine. Suddenly, the oven controls on right half of controls / overlay don't respond at all. This includes clean, bake, broil and up and down arrows. There is no audible tactile key press beeps and no display response. Left side (timing & clock) is fine. So oven cooking style and setting temperature is disabled. I know the clean bake, broil, clean overlay buttons/ switches are okay. They've never had an issue.Awaiting receipt of timer
Tustin, CaliforniaGeneral ElectricJGBP35GEP3WGWB12K005F1Alarm accompanied by Error Code FI that could not be clearedRepaired
san leandro, CaliforniaGeneral ElectricJGBP34GEV3ADWB12K005F1Stops heating and beepsAwaiting receipt of timer
Soulsbyville, CaliforniaGeneral ElectricJGBP34GEP1ADWB12K005naSince a sudden power outage, oven will not come up to desired temperature, even with the user adjustable +35%F adjustment set. Immediately following the power outage, there was an F code on the display, but I can't recall what it was, but it cleared itself. I replaced the oven sensor, but that had no affect on the situation. If it is not repairable, and you do have reconditioned or new units available, we would be interested in that.Repaired
voorhees, New JerseyGeneral ElectricJGBP34GEP1WHWB12K005NoneOven heats but is about 100 degrees below proper temperature. I have changed the probe sensor but no change in result.Repaired
pawhuska, OklahomaGeneral Electricwb12k005f1beeps f-1Replaced with reconditioned timer
Eden Prairie, MinnesotaKenmore3627361891wb12k005f-3doesn't ignite burners, turn on oven turns off after 5 secondsAwaiting receipt of timer
Eden Prairie, MinnesotaKenmore3627361891wb12k005f-3doesn't ignite burners, turn on oven turns off after 5 secondsAwaiting receipt of timer
Gahanna, OhioGeneral ElectricJGBP34GEPWB12K005F1Persistent F1 codeRepaired
Minneapolis, MinnesotaKenmore362.7351190wb12k005N/Adisplay went out, smelled a burn't odor. Removed unit and noticed burned area on 1 board.Awaiting receipt of timer
Seattle, WashingtonGeneral ElectricJGBP34GEP3ADWB12K005F1Failed after power outage caused by downed tree. Neighbor reported lots of sparking.Repaired
Bloomington, IllinoisGeneral ElectricGE XL44 model JGBP26GEN6WWB12K005noneMy 1995 GE XL44 model JGBP26GEN6WH range has some issues. The top burners work fine. Some days, the broiler works, some days it doesn't. Same for the oven. When I press broil, if the glow bulb fires, the burner fires. But, sometimes, nothing happens and the broil light on the control panel just goes out after 10-15 seconds. Same for the oven.Repaired
Rockville, MarylandGeneral ElectricJGBP35GEP3WGWB12K005UNKNOWNOven appears to heat to selected temp but does not hold that heat. Repairman says oven control board needed. Repairclinic.com refers requests for this part to WB27T10083. Your Howard Simons emailed me on 1-27-14 that you do not have the WB27 part and that I should send in my part for repair - so here it is.Repaired
Cornwall, New YorkGeneral ElectricXL44WB12K005N/AClock lights up.
Burners work.
Bake and Broil do NOT work. Pushing the buttons does nothing.
Calgary, AlbertaGeneral ElectricJGBP35GEP4WGWB12K005No CodeThe problem is that the oven will not work intermittently. Bake or Broil. After selection is made there are no clicks from the relays.Awaiting receipt of timer
SANTA CLARA, UtahGeneral ElectricXL 44 Model # JGBP35GEP4WGWB12K005F - 1Timer simply began beeping one morning. I unplugged the stove because the beep was loud and annoying.
I never tried to ignite a burner or the oven even after I plugged the stove back in. I thought it might re-set itself and the beep would re-set but no such luck.
Pawling, New YorkGeneral ElectricJGBP35GEP4WGWB12K005F1F1 code.Repaired
South Bend, IndianaGeneral ElectricGE XL44 JGBP34GEP3ADWB12K005F-1Beeping and flashing F-1 codeAwaiting receipt of timer
Wausau, WisconsinGeneral Electricxl44wb12k005none - oven inopthe oven will not work. the relay does not click and no power to the ignitor.Awaiting receipt of timer
Everett, WashingtonGeneral ElectricGE XL44 JGBP35GEP4WGWB12K005no codeWhen oven is heating to temp: ex. 350, it is only about 200 degrees inside. Only way I can keep it heating up is to set it to 550 and turn down when it gets to the temp I want.
Have replaced the thermostat. When it is heating the ignitor turns on right away the the gas is lit.
Etobicoke, OntarioGeneral ElectricGE XL44 oven Model: JGBP34GEPWB12K005N/ASelection of BAKE, BROIL, or CLEAN does not work. A Sears repair person diagnosed the problem onsite in my home, as "the Timer does not trigger the relay to activate any of the BAKE, BROIL, or CLEAN selections".Repaired
Libertyville, IllinoisGeneral ElectricJGBP34GEP2WHWB12K005F1F1 error code and beepingAwaiting receipt of timer
Gwynn Oak, MarylandGeneral ElectricJGBP35GEWB12K005N/A"Clean, Bake, & Broil" buttons do not work -- oven won't come on.Repaired
Highland, New YorkGeneral Electricxl44WB12K005registers lowelectronic control registers 100 degrees lower than what it should be.Awaiting receipt of timer
stonington, MaineGeneral Electricwb12k005N/Astove will light once an a whileAwaiting receipt of timer
Ramara, OntarioGeneral ElectricJGBP34GEV3WHWB12K005F1The control shows an F1 error and I am not able to make the oven work at all. I am not sure if I have the correct appliance model number or part numberRepaired
Kensington, CaliforniaGeneral ElectricJGBP75BEY1BBWB12K005N/AUP DOWN BUTTON (UP) NOT WORKING (GONE)Repaired
Thunder Bay, OntarioGeneral ElectricJGBP34GEP5WHWB12K005UnknownRelays don’t clickRepaired
Colleyville, TexasKenmoreWB12K005N/Aignighter will not power up and gas valve will not open.Awaiting receipt of timer
Livermore, CaliforniaKenmore362.75875961wb12k005noneoccasionally, oven shuts down after baking for a while. Everything else works.

I'd like to get a reconditioned unit in exchange for the one I have.
Awaiting receipt of timer