318193201 Kenmore/Electrolux/Frigidaire Range/Stove/Oven Timer

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Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Kenmore/Electrolux/Frigidaire timer model # 318193201

Kenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timersElectrolux ERCs and Electrolux stove clocks and timersFrigidaire ERCs and Frigidaire stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Kenmore/Electrolux/Frigidaire
Part Number :  318193201
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color : 
Description :  Electronic Range/Oven Timer

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Recent Service Requests for Kenmore/Electrolux/Frigidaire Part Number 318193201

CityManufacturerModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Scarborough, OntarioKenmoreN/APlease note, your timer has been repaired but it appears that you did not click "Finish" to complete the service request. Therefore we have entered this request on your behalf so that we can generate an invoice.Repaired
surrey, British ColumbiaFrigidairepglef385cb2N/Ano output from relays when oven is in bake or broil mode
ex. oven says bake but doesn't output on the terminal that goes to element
dark spots where relay solder joint has acred.
Beyond Repair
st-hilarion, QuébecFrigidairebfef386cs2N/Aburn circuitAwaiting receipt of timer
Gatineau, QuébecKenmoreC970-657084N/AThe clock works but the oven doesn't heat.Repaired
North Vancouver, British ColumbiaFrigidairepglef385cs2n/adead - 220 volt at terminal - not repairable according to Howard.

Not shipping for repair, keep costs down. Please send a REBUILT not new timer from your stock
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Edmonton, AlbertaFrigidairePGLEF 385CB2NoneHoward verified my timer cannot be repaired, therefore I need one from your inventory and will not be sending the damaged one.

Replaced with reconditioned timer
BIBLE HILL, Nova ScotiaFrigidairecges388ab1N/Aplease send a new timer.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Edmonton, AlbertaFrigidairePGLEF385CS1NONEOven stoped working bake and broil elements at the same time .
Top of stove works fine
Estevan, SaskatchewanKenmoreC970-657093nothingWe let the smoke out turning on the oven and no fuses or breakers blew. The electronic display has the two dots for the clock and two other little ticks but no failure codes and nothing works when you push the buttons.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Orillia, OntarioKenmorec970-657-084f-1Burners would not word send rebuilt timer as are conversation...Replaced with reconditioned timer
Sherbrooke, QuébecFrigidaireN/AAs discussed with Howard, he said that part # 316272210 can be use insteadReplaced with reconditioned timer
Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly, QuébecKenmoreC970-658081noneOven doesn't work but top do.Repaired
Surrey, British ColumbiaFrigidaireN/AHoward has told me that my timer is beyond repair and not to send it to you.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Surrey, British ColumbiaElectroluxPGLEF385CS2N/ANot workingReplaced with reconditioned timer
Waterloo, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CSNoneEverything works EXCEPT no heat on bake or broil.
I spoke with Howard today and he said there was one part in stock. I will come in tomorrow morning (Friday) with my timer and exchange it for the one in stock.
Saint-Nicéphore, QuébecFrigidaireN/AOven is not working anymore.
Service repair guys told me the electronic control is deffective....
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Sooke, British ColumbiaFrigidairePGLEF385CS2ocPOP, Burning Smell
Removed circuit board and found relay lead on PCB burned and open.
Clock Flashing, no input from panel, steady "oc"
Awaiting receipt of timer
sudbury, OntarioKenmoreN/AElectronic oven control is not working, all top elements of the range are working except for the oven. Only 13 is displayed on the clock and flashing. I removed and inspected the circuit board and a distinct area has been over heated i.e., caused by a power surge etc.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Fort McMurray, AlbertaFrigidairePGLEF385CS2none, timer went toaYou had mentioned over the phone that the electronic stove controller 316272210 would work as well. My timer went pop and went black after I tried to turn the over on with it.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Gatineau, QuébecKenmoreC970-657084N/AThe clock works but the oven doesnt heat.Repaired
Montreal, QuébecFrigidairePGLEF385CS2N/AThe main element and the broiler element stop working.
Main display still indicate that the oven is working
Saint John, New BrunswickKenmoreN/ABoard burnt, looks like the Omron 10Z1H2 relay shorted and destroyed boardReplaced with reconditioned timer
st-hilarion, QuébecFrigidairebfef386cs2N/Adon`t lightingAwaiting receipt of timer
Aurora, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CF 1 ERRBake and broil elements fail to operate, but convection fan motor will operate. Start button on membrane keypad fails to operate. Code -F-1 ERR will appear when pressing keypad.Repaired
Pembroke, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CS3N/ALOSES DISPLAY INTERMITTENTLYAwaiting receipt of timer
Charlesbourg, QuébecElectroluxpglef385cs1F1 ERRF1 ERR

the oven dont start in all mode
Awaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidairePGLEF385CS1N/AWhile using the oven we heard a "pop" sound, the oven stopped working and the panel display went blank. There is no display or beeping sounds when we push the panel buttons.Repaired
LaSalle, OntarioSearsC970-657092N/ARequest new part, old timer will not be sent by customerReplaced with reconditioned timer
Ottawa, OntarioKenmoreC970-657021Oven does not work aTimer sparked when baking cycle was on and now the oven does not work at all.Repaired
Quebec, QuébecFrigidaireBFEF386CS3F1Display F1 and lock the oven door
when I do ERC on board diagnostic test it fail to sensor test
Awaiting receipt of timer
Lac du Bonnet, ManitobaFrigidairePGLEF385CS2noneOven elements do not turn on broil or bake. Service tech determined ERC faulty.Replaced with reconditioned timer
whitby, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CS1noneoven does not work but the cooktop worksAwaiting receipt of timer
Hilden, Nova ScotiaKenmoreN/AWe already determined the micro processor in mine is blownReplaced with reconditioned timer
Sooke, British ColumbiaFrigidairePGLEF385CS2E0After turning on oven there was a pop and burning smell then oven control panel just flash "E0"Awaiting receipt of timer
Coquitlam, British ColumbiaFrigidairePGLEF385CS1F1F1 alarm came in. Turned power off to appliance at breaker panel. F1 alarm will not come in anymore. Broil and bake elements do not put out any heat. The stovetop elements, convection fan and all buttons on the touch pad are working correctly.Repaired
Mississauga, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CB2NONEI heard a pop and the home circuit breaker went. I reset the breaker and teh dispay was gone. It shows tme, but none of the oven functions work any longer. stove top works fine.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Calgary, AlbertaKenmoreC970-657022not shownOven quit working suddenly. Heard loud bang. Removed rear cover plate and found diode had exploded. Found schematic which shows diode in circuit around convection fan element. Fan works fine. Schematic does not give any part numbers or description. Broil and bake elements do not work, all the rest of stove does work. No error codes given.

Further inspection shows that relay in timer/oven control board had also failed.
Leamington, OntarioFrigidaireN/AOven dosnt work. Big relay on circuit board is burnt out (black everywhere). Loud POP! before it went Kaputt.Awaiting receipt of timer
Ottawa, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CS2N/AAfter a loud poping sound the touchpad doesn't work, hence none of the oven functions. Heating elements work just fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Port Coquitlam, British ColumbiaFrigidairePGLEF385CQ1N/AI spoke to Howard and he said that the timer I have is not rep[airable and therefore to just order a replacement timer.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Lakefield, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CB22 Puffs of SmokeNo timer or oven control. Dead.Awaiting receipt of timer
québec, QuébecKenmorekenmorepfpf code on the panel and the control stove doesnt workAwaiting receipt of timer
Winnipeg, ManitobaElectroluxPGLEF385CB1n/aAfter putting on the oven to convection bake 350 C. Element started heating up and heard a pop and the display went blank and the element went from red to off. The buttons that DON'T work are: Start, Clear, 0, 7, 8, 9, Stop Time, Bake Time, Bake, Broil. I was afraid to try the Clean and Lock button in case they worked and I couldn't stop them!Awaiting receipt of timer
Conception Bay South, Newfoundland and LabradorKenmoreC970-657024N/ARelay BurntRepaired
Surrey, British ColumbiaFrigidairePGLEF385CB1NoneThe oven does not heat up. Everything looks normal when operating the oven on the control panel, and it looks as if it is working, but the oven does not heat up.

The burners work fine, and the controls all work fine.

I noticed that a clicking sound happens when I turn on the oven but it doesn't heat up.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Ottawa, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CS2noneTimer appears to have full functionality, but oven elements do not come on neither top nor bottomRepaired
Surrey, British ColumbiaFrigidairePGLEF385CB1NoneThe oven does not heat up. Everything looks normal when operating the oven on the control panel, and it looks as if it is working, but the oven does not heat up. The burners work fine, and the controls all work fine. I noticed that a clicking sound happens when I turn on the oven but it doesn't heat up.Awaiting receipt of timer
Burlington, OntarioFrigidaireN/ABuzzing then popping sound came from oven. Baking element was blown. Replaced baking element but neither broiler or bake elements are heating. Checked voltage on both sides while turned on, one side 120V other side 0V. Range burners, timer, clock all work. Checked voltage going to timer and was good. Not getting output voltage from timer when bottom oven turned on.Repaired
BIBLE HILL, Nova ScotiaFrigidairepglef385cs2N/Aoven elements not heating.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Regina, SaskatchewanKenmoreC970-657083N/AOven not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Brampton, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CS3N/ATimer inspected, no repairs necessary
north vancouver, British ColumbiaFrigidairePGLEF385CS2F1Door Locked, Press a button says F1 - ERR and beeps.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Orillia, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385-CS2N/AVoltage to coils is 120 volts. Not high enough to heat them up.Repaired
Red Deer, AlbertaFrigidairePGLEF385CB2NoneThe timer appears to work as normal. The buttons work and the display shows information as normal. The iven will not heat even though it shows the element as being on.Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidairePGLEF385CB2NoneNeither oven elements, (bake or broil), will heat up. Display works normally and shows selected temperature and element bar. No fault codes displayed. Convection fan works ok.Repaired
Grand Bay, New BrunswickKenmoreC970-657024N/ANo power to oven (all three burners and fan) but the oven light did work. Stovetop burners functioned properly and all buttons functioned as they should but with no response from oven. Checked the oven elements for shorts but they all seem fine. Girlfriend saw a flash out of the corner of her eye when the oven was on and did not respond after that.Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidairePGLEF385CS1F1Oven bake and broil elements stopped working, surface elements, timer, door lock, light are fine. F1 error goes on and off periodically.Repaired
beauharnois, QuébecElectroluxbfef386cs3N/Athe oven dont start le four ne demare pasBeyond Repair
beauharnois, QuébecElectroluxbfef386cs3N/Athe oven dont startBeyond Repair
mattawa, OntarioKenmoreC970-657022PFOven and broiler not working, I tested it and its my clock/timer.Awaiting receipt of timer
Longueuil, QuébecFrigidairePGLEF385CS3NoneBaking element not working although the cooking del is showing the element is on. Broil and surface elements are fine, no error codes though. Got a technician check the appliance and he found the timer was the issue as the bottom element was tested ok.Repaired
Waterloo, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CB2Bank DisplayLoud Pop sound after turning the oven. Circuit breaker tripped. Afterwards, nothing on display and nothing related to the oven is working. Top burners, and lights are fine.

As discussed on the phone today, please send me a new control unit (electronics w/o the box).
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Cochrane, AlbertaFrigidairePGLEF385CS2NoneI heard a "pop" from behind display when I touched start for preheating. Resulted in the broil and bake element not heating up. All other functions, including the clock, still work.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Surrey, British ColumbiaFrigidairePGLEF385CS1no code- buttons notDisplay flashing PF 12:00 - buttons don't work. stove top works fine. This occurred after a power failure\surge.

We have had this issue with this unit in the past as well and the part was replaced under warranty.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Toronto, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CS4n/astovetop elements work, oven does not; randomly beeps on occasion; when selecting any of the oven buttons it just beeps and say ERR.
When I spoke to your rep last month, he said to mention that you offer circuit boards-only for $225, but I'm concerned about damaging the board while installing it.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Cambridge, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CB2N/ADisplay turns on it shows its working but stove elements dont heat upRepaired
Hanmer, OntarioKenmoreC970-628041none displayedCorrect beeps while setting oven, but no heating. No output voltage to oven elementsReplaced with new in-stock timer
Saskatoon Saskatchewan, SaskatchewanKenmoreC970-657083cant remenberOven does not work Took ECM apart and has large burnt area on inside board. Not repairable.Awaiting receipt of timer
vancouver, British ColumbiaFrigidairepglef385cs2no codeOven was on bake when a loud pop was heard. Breaker was tripped and when reset the oven no longer worked. Stove top, lights, outlets still work. No error codes showing. What is the price if I send in my old timer and purchase a reconditioned timer?Replaced with reconditioned timer
Fort McMurray, AlbertaFrigidairePGLEF385CB2N/AAll of the buttons function properly and display works properly; however neither the top nor bottom stove element heat up.Repaired
mississauga, OntarioFrigidairepglef385cs1N/Apurchase new timerReplaced with new in-stock timer
saullt ste marie, OntarioFrigidairepglef385cq1f1fi code sets no matter what key is pressed on touch padAwaiting receipt of timer
Montreal, QuébecFrigidairePGLEF385CS2N/Abake... display but oven is not hotRepaired
Lantzville, British ColumbiaFrigidaireGallery Series, PGLEF385CS2N/AOven upper and lower elements produce very little heat, warm but touchable on any setting.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Barrie, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385C3N/AThe oven was on when the main breaker for the house was tripped (for the first time ever.) The oven now doesn't work, although the elements still do. The control panel shows "PF" steadily, and the time display flashes. There is no response from any of the panel buttons, other than to make the display dim somewhat when the buttons are pushed.
I previously filled in a Service Request with this information, and you have advised me that the timer is beyond repair. I'd like to order a new replacement for the time.
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Hamilton, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CS2N/AOven stopped - bake & broil not working. Clock panel is normal, the oven light & convection fan are operational. I spoke with service today and was told there are no reconditioned timers in stock & was quoted $255.00 for a brand new timer which is less than the original $325.00. I was informed this cheaper timer will provide the same functions as the other & is less because my stove has manual burner knobs. What are my options if this is not the case?Replaced with new in-stock timer
Medicine Hat, AlbertaFrigidairePGLEF385CS1NONEIN past the buttons would not work ocasionally then when we went to turn oven on we heard a loud crack sound and nothing was on led screenRepaired
Copper Cliff, OntarioKenmorec970-658022N/A4 butons dont workAwaiting receipt of timer
Medicine Hat, AlbertaFrigidairePGLEF385CS1N/ASTOVE WENT POP AND TIMER DOESNT WORKRepaired
Island View, New BrunswickKenmorec970-657022PFTimer arched and burnt. Clock still flashes and shows PF but no buttons function.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Whitby, OntarioKenmoreC970-658082NoneA distinct POP was heard while baking a pizza. House circuit breaker tripped. Reset breaker and all stove top elements and clock working. Oven will not heat up.Replaced with new in-stock timer
London, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CS1PFOven elements do not heat. Both bake or broil. "PF" code displayed when first plugged in. display and stove top elements all work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Barrie, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385C3N/AThe oven was on when the main breaker for the house was tripped (for the first time ever.) Cause or effect? The oven now doesn't work, although the elements still do.
The control panel shows "PF" steadily, and the time display flashes. There is no response from any of the panel buttons, other than to make the dispay dim somewhat when pushed.
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Saskatoon, SaskatchewanKenmoreN/AWould like to purchase New Replacement board w/o enclosure $225
as per email from Howard.
Replaced with new in-stock timer
vancouver, British ColumbiaFrigidairepglef385cs2no codesOven was on bake when a loud pop was heard. Breaker was tripped and when reset the oven no longer worked. Stove top, lights, outlets still work. No error codes showing.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Prescott, OntarioKenmoreN/AAwaiting receipt of timer
Mount Forest, OntarioElectroluxPGLEF385CS1F1Began by displaying F1 error intermittent for approx. 1 week then quit working completely.Repaired
Napanee, OntarioElectroluxPGLEF385CB2NACurrent control board faulty - range elements work, oven not functional.Awaiting receipt of timer
pickering, OntarioFrigidairefrigidaireN/Anot workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Burnaby, British ColumbiaElectroluxPGLEF385CS4f1Intermmitent F1 code when pushing oven bake, or timer buttons.Awaiting receipt of timer
Montreal, QuébecKenmoreN/Anot workAwaiting receipt of timer
Kanata, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF38SC52F1F1 error code. Oven and clock won't turn on. Stovetop still works fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Mississauga, OntarioKenmoreC970-657082unknowntimer for oven not workingBeyond Repair
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidairePGLEF385CB2NoneLarge pop and then smoke from control panel, oven would not work nor anything on display besides clock.Beyond Repair
Edmonton, AlbertaFrigidairePGLEF385CS2NoneBake element will not heat after self clean cycle was completed.Repaired
St-Adolphe-d'Howard, QuebecKenmoreC970-628082noneOven wasn't working. Repair guy came and told us the timer had to be replaced.Repaired
Winnipeg, ManitobaKenmoreC970-6577024N/AThe control panel operates/functions fine with no errors on display, but when you turn the oven Bake or Broil elements on there is NO HEAT. The inner light turns on and the fan turns but there is no heat coming from the elements.Awaiting receipt of timer
Moose Jaw, SaskatchewanKenmoreC970-657093naburnt smell in control, pops breaker. request replacement part or new part prices. thank youAwaiting receipt of timer
sudbury, OntarioKenmorec970-657932N/AOven does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Sudbury, OntarioKenmorec970-657932N/AThe main oven element will not work even though the broiler element does. Everything else works include the clock and the cooktop.Awaiting receipt of timer
New Westminster, British ColumbiaKenmoreN.A.when oven door opens, the upper element begins heating up.Awaiting receipt of timer
Keene, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CS2F3F3 code, sometimes instant and sometimes oven will heat up. temp sensor has been replaced new with no change, resistance verified, wiring inspected. Also keypad is intermittently dead or not responsive. Power down will most always reset itAwaiting receipt of timer
Vernon, British ColumbiaKenmorePGLEF385CS3N/AOven does not operate, broil and burners work. Not elementAwaiting receipt of timer
Saskatoon, SaskatchewanFrigidairePGLEF385CS3ERR F1ERR F1 and beeps constantly.
Oven door is locked
Awaiting receipt of timer
NIAGARA FALLS, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CB2N/ATIMER IS BLANKAwaiting receipt of timer
NIAGARA FALLS, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CB2N/ABLANKAwaiting receipt of timer
CHILLIWACK, British ColumbiaFrigidairePGLEF385CS2F1ERROR CODE WHEN PUSHING OVEN CONTROLSAwaiting receipt of timer
Hammonds Plains, Nova ScotiaKenmoreC970-657084F1- errorpressing any button on the control pad results in the F1 - error on the screen and the beeping timer alarm. pressing the cancel button puts the screen back to the clock display and silences the beeping.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Ste-Croix, QuebecKenmoreC970-657024N/AOven does not work. Everything else is working fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Ottawa, OntarioFrigidaireN/ASpoke to Howard
Model: 318193201
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Norwood, OntarioFrigidairePGLEF385CS3No codes, black dispDigital display is black. Top elements working as is light inside oven. Was in use when this happened. Continuous clicking noise emitting from control about every 2 seconds.Awaiting receipt of timer
Coquitlam, British ColumbiaFrigidairePGLEF385CB2board has arced (burboard has arced (burnt)
Need replacement (beyond repair)
Awaiting receipt of timer
cremona, AlbertaKenmorec9070-657093N/Ano oven controlsAwaiting receipt of timer
Gibsons, British ColumbiaKenmorec970-445581noneBake and broil elements do not work, all other functions work on EOC but no heat in oven. Temperature sensor and elements checked and are ok.Repaired
Saskatoon, SaskatchewanFrigidairePGLEF385CB4n/aMy old control board no longer fires up the oven.Replaced with new in-stock timer