WB27X5584 General Electric Range (Stove, Oven) Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for General Electric timer model # WB27X5584

General Electric (GE) ERCs and General Electric (GE) stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  General Electric
Part Number :  WB27X5584
Appliance Type :  Range (Stove, Oven)
Color : 
Description :  Electronic clock control

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Rockwell, North CarolinaGeneral ElectricJSP69WB27X5584F1Oven continues to heat after reaching desired temperature. It eventually overheats and displays an F1 failure code.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Middletown, CaliforniaGeneral ElectricJSP69BVBBWB27X5584noneInitial problem - oven does not heat up.

Additional - relay detached from timer circuit board
Awaiting receipt of timer
ROME, GeorgiaGeneral Electricjsp69bvbbwb27x5584f-3Heats for a while then begins to beep and show F-3Repaired
Dundee, New YorkGeneral ElectricJSP69BVBBWB27x5584screen deadThe timer went blank completelyAwaiting receipt of timer
Cheshire, ConnecticutGeneral Electricjsp69bvbbwb27x5584f3f3 appears intermittently when bake is pressedRepaired
Lake Park, GeorgiaGeneral Electricwb27x5584N/Awill not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Anchorage, AlaskaGeneral ElectricJSP69BVBBWB27X5584Oven will not come oOven will not come on the majority of time but has come on bye very very infrequently does that happenRepaired
Vina, AlabamaGeneral ElectricJSP6BVBBWB27X5584N/AOven will not heat up. Will not bake or broil.Awaiting receipt of timer
PAnama City Beach, FloridaGeneral ElectricJSP69BVBBWB27X5584F3F3 / F4 error code show intermittentlyAwaiting receipt of timer
Supply, North CarolinaGeneral ElectricJSP69WVWWWB27X5584N/ATemperature will not heat up at all.Awaiting receipt of timer
Massanutten, VirginiaGeneral ElectricJSP69BVBBWB27X5584F3 - also just shutsThe timer will shut off entirely (all display values go blank). You can turn it back on so that the display reappears(sometimes); sometimes you have to hit it to get the display to reappear. If you are using it for a few hours, you will get an F3 code. You can then stop the oven and reset the oven time and temperature. The longer you use it, the more often the display will go blankRepaired
Mill Hall, PennsylvaniaGeneral ElectricJSP 69 WVWWWB27X5584F3; also have seen FWhen oven reaches desired temperature, it may work for a while, but then typically it shows the F3 failure code. I will have to reset it 4-5 times before it will actually hold the temperature and stay on so I can bake something in the oven.

I did replace the temperature device inside the oven, so I know that is not the problem.
Portland, OregonGeneral ElectricJSP69WVWWWB27X5584F3The oven begins heating and then shuts off after about 5 minutes. It displays the F-3 error code and will not turn back on for at least an hour or so until it completely cools down.Awaiting receipt of timer
ALLENTOWN, PennsylvaniaGeneral ElectricJSP69WVWWWB27X5584NAUnit shows 100 degrees and does nothing. Local service said we need to find a replacement timer. I would be happy to return the bad one for refurbishment for another customer.Awaiting receipt of timer
West Chester, PennsylvaniaGeneral ElectricJSP69BVBBWB27X5584NoneWhen selecting the BAKE or BROIL functions, no heat results, although the Control CRC2C displays appear normal in all respects (e.g.for BAKE, 100 degrees is displayed as usual, but then never changes, & the element remains cold). Both elements and the thermostat,temp sensor, door latch switch & wiring all check out ok. Please service & return.Repaired
Mccoll, South CarolinaGeneral ElectricWb27x5584F1Oven will not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Eastover, North CarolinaGeneral Electricjsp69wvwwwb27x5584F03Oven begins to heat and then get an F03 error code. Replaced Oven temp sensor and still have problemRepaired
Osteen, FloridaGeneral ElectricJSP69BVBBWB27X5584N/ATimer goes blank when the oven is bumped. Lightly tapping on the controller brings it back.Repaired