WB27K5172 General Electric Range (Stove, Oven) Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for General Electric timer model # WB27K5172

General Electric (GE) ERCs and General Electric (GE) stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  General Electric
Part Number :  WB27K5172
Appliance Type :  Range (Stove, Oven)
Color : 
Description :  Electronic clock control

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Valrico, FloridaGeneral Electricjtp16WB27k5172F1Control panel buttons do not work except for "STOP Time". Clock works but cannot set time. Beeping sound about every 15 seconds. Oven controls do not work. F1 error code appears intermittently. I replaced Control Panel about 6 monthes ago for similar problem. Oven has functioned OK since replacing Control Panel, but Broil control has only worked occasionally, cannot set time on clock, & sometimes Roast control doesn't work. Have been using oven several times per week since Control Panel replacement until stopped working yesterday.Awaiting receipt of timer
New Bern, North CarolinaGeneral Electric#JTP17W0T1WWWB27K5172N/ALCD read out is dimming and I cannot see the time or temperature or what mode the oven is operating inTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
North Granby, CT, ConnecticutGeneral ElectricJtp 19WB27K5172F!FI error code. Have not checked if error is in Touch padTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
Westminster, CaliforniaGeneral ElectricJTP16GV2BBWB27K5172N/ABake feature is non-functional. All other features are OK. It made rapid clicking noises the last time it functioned, then immediately failed. Was told by a previous serviceman it was the bake relay.Beyond Repair
North Granby, CT, ConnecticutGeneral ElectricJtp 19WB27K5172F!FI error code. Have not checked if error is in Touch padTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
San Antonio, TexasGeneral ElectricJTP17WOT1WWWB27K5172noneOnce set to bake and temperature, there is a click and then a few seconds later it goes off.
No fan or baking.
Beyond Repair
North Granby, CT, ConnecticutGeneral ElectricJtp 19WB27K5172F!FI error code. Have not checked if error is in Touch padTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
Mooresville, North CarolinaGeneral Electricjtp17w0v2wwwb27k5172N/AOven turns on and after about 30 seconds shuts down. GE repairs diagnoised the problem but offered no repairs options. This is a GE Profile Oven.Awaiting receipt of timer
Lake Havasu City, ArizonaGeneral ElectricJTP16Gt1BBWB27K5172N/AWhen turning on the heat it would start then turn off.Repaired
orange beach, AlabamaGeneral ElectricJTP16GV2BBWB27K5172N/Aselect function, select temp, oven turns on briefly and then it turns itself off.Beyond Repair
FOLSOM, CaliforniaGeneral ElectricJTP18AV2AAWB27K5172NO CODE - JOST STOPPset oven and then set temerature; after about 20 seconds field selected clears from screen; oven never turned on; have tried turning fuse off and then on after 30 secodns; doesn't correct problem; GE service guy was out and said needs new ERC and they don't have it.Beyond Repair
Holiday, FloridaGeneral Electricjtp17w0v2wwwb27k5172fi oven not turn onstarted with f1, then f1 went away but when you try to turn on oven, it shuts off.Repaired
Winchester Center, ConnecticutGeneral ElectricJTP10GS2BGWB27K5172F1F1 error and beeping continuous. Power cycling ineffective at resetting.
No oven functions work
Tested keypad. OK
Disconnected keypad, returned power to oven, still F1 and beeping
Beyond Repair
Colts Neck, New JerseyGeneral ElectricJTP17WOV2WWWB27K5172noneThe oven will not operate on BAKE. All other settings seem to work. I recently replaced the bake heating element but forgot to turn off the power. A small spark shot out when the element touched the oven wall. A service tech that came to my home stated this to be the cause of the problem and result of that error.Repaired
belle plaine, IowaGeneral Electricjtp16gt1bbWB27K5172f1flashes f1 and beeps, tried new sensor, sometimes oven heats a few min then flashes f1 and beepsRepaired
Wise, VirginiaGeneral Electricjtp16gv2bbwb27k5172N/AWill not illuminate.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Kitty Hawk, North CarolinaGeneral ElectricJTP16GT1BBWB27K5172NONEIntermittent...sometimes it heats but most times it does not work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Houston, TexasGeneral ElectricJTP16G0T1BBWB27K5172N/AThe oven will not heat. I called a repairman, and he said the timer was the problem and that the part was NLA. I will purchase a new timer or get the old one repaired. Whatever you suggest.Awaiting receipt of timer
Valley Cottage, New YorkGeneral ElectricJTP17WV1WWWB27K5172N/ANo heating. Oven lights all work, control panel works, but no heat, not broil, not convection, and not bake.Repaired
Brooklyn, New YorkGeneral ElectricJTP17WV1WWWB27K5172NoneNo yet at all. All electronics in oven are working, but no heat. Light works(usually, although sometimes I think the bottom sticks), and the display always works. As well as all controls. Only issue is that no heat. No bake, no convection bake, no fan, no broil...

It first had an issue only with convection not working, now after doing a self clean, everything stopped.
Newton, North CarolinaGeneral ElectricJTP18A0V2AAWB27K5172Screen is BlankScreen is blank. Oven will not turn on. None of the controls will activate.
The failure occurred immediately following a self cleaning event.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Newton, North CarolinaGeneral ElectricJTP18A0V2AAWB27K5172N/ADisplay will not light.
Display went out immediately following a self cleaning operation cycle.