ERC14500RP General Electric/Kenmore Range/Stove/Oven Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for General Electric/Kenmore timer model # ERC14500RP

General Electric (GE) ERCs and General Electric (GE) stove clocks and timersKenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  General Electric/Kenmore
Part Number :  ERC14500RP
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color : 
Description :  Electronic Range/Oven Timer

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Waynesboro, TennesseeKenmore911.4832990ERC-14500-RPF1Went away for a few days and to conserve electric we turned the heat down to 55F. When we came back oven was beeping and flashing F1 & would not clear. Do you think having it cool and damp in the home made it go out? Also, when mailing back, just mail it back cheapest way possible, not in a huge hurry for it, but of course would like for you to repair it as soon as possible as well though. I didn't know exact what to click on for return shipping so I thought I would just write it here...Beyond Repair
Kings Mountain, North CarolinaGEERC-14500-RPF1F1 came on and beeped. Tried to reset timer by using clear off button but continued to have failure. Turned off main power for few hours, turned power back on and after one minute the F1 alarm came on and could not reset.Beyond Repair
Pearland, TexasGEERC 14500 - RPnoneOven does not heat to proper tempature. Checked sensor and it read approx 1100 ohms at control panel per tech sheet in oven. Clean cycle works correctly.
Too low temp, preheats too quickly to wrong temp although read out says it is to desired temp.
I would like control from inventory if available.

Awaiting receipt of timer
Round Rock, TexasGeneral ElectricJKP13G0P4BGERC-14500-RPF1Beeps, displays F1, and fault will not reset.Awaiting receipt of timer
Falls Church, VirginiaGeneral ElectricJRP14ERC-14500-RPF1F1 fault with beep - persistent.Beyond Repair
Elm Grove, LouisianaKenmore9114742593ERC-14500-RPF-1Stove/oven will power up then start beeping and displaying code F-1Beyond Repair
Allen, TexasGeneral ElectricJKP13GOT1BBERC 14500-RPNONEOven fails to heat to temperature set on timer. Replaced probe.Awaiting receipt of timer
Allen, TexasGeneral Electricjkp13got1bberc 14500-rpNoneOven does not heat to control setting. Replaced temperature probe.Repaired
Natchez, MississippiKenmore911.9359181erc-14500-rpN/Athe timer is dead. no read out!!Beyond Repair
Lawrence, KansasKenmore911.4042990ERC-14500-RPF1?The customer says he gets an error code occasionally, I believe it was F1, but not positive. (tech couldn't remember) Tech sheet said the error meant to replace ERC. Sears lists the part number RFR-CGI, and my distributor lists the part number as 343439. The part numer I listed above is what is on the timer itself (ERC-14500-RP).Beyond Repair
Allen, TexasGeneral Electricjkp13got1bberc 14500-rpNoneOven does not heat to ERC setting. Replaced temperature probe.Repaired
AMHERST, New HampshireKenmore911-4012190ERC-14500-RPF-1REPAIR OR EVEN PIRCHASE REFURBISHED IF AVIALBLE.Awaiting receipt of timer
Kuna, IdahoSears911 9352191ERC14500-RPN/AOven temp starts out at 350 degress and beeps,only turns on element if set to 450 to 500 degrees. Checked oven temp senosr and it measures 1100 ohm"s cold and is in spec as per wiring diagram.Repaired
Akron, OhioKenmore911.95999181erc-14500-rpnoneOven will turn on but before heating the oven shuts off. No error code just shuts off. If you try to start again you'll hear a noise like it's shorting out then shuts down.Beyond Repair
Plano, TexasGeneral ElectricJKP14WP3WGERC-14500-RPF1Error F1 flashes and timer beeps. Error persists when touch pad is disconnected.Awaiting receipt of timer
Hixson, TennesseeKenmore911.4012190ERC-14500-RPnoneOven temp is too low, approx 150F less than setting. Indicates preheated too soon and temp is too low. Temp sensor verified good. No failure codes are indicated.Repaired
Cape May Court House, New JerseyKenmore9117359180ERC-14500-RPF1Turn oven to bake and buzzing sound followed by code F1Awaiting receipt of timer
charleston, West VirginiaSears95999erc-14500-rpn/aup and down arrow buttons do not work. cannot make any number settings on timer, clock or temp.Repaired
Sikeston, MissouriKenmore911 4132993ERC-14500-RPF1Not sure what you mean by problem is intermittent.Repaired
Evans, GeorgiaGeneral ElectricJKP14WOP3WGERC-14500-RPnoneWill not reach temperature. Controller reads target temp, and acknowledges temp. Oven will not reach more than 300 degreesAwaiting receipt of timer
Mt Airy, MarylandGeneral ElectricERC-14500-RPnoneDoes not heat. No error codes. Will not self clean. Checked thermo sensor and is correct ohms at room temp.Repaired
Imperial, MissouriKenmore911.9369181ERC-14500-RPUnknownWhen we turn on the oven, it starts to heat up an then turns off after about 3 minutes. The broiler did the same. The burners all work fine. We replaced the temperature probe on teh oven, but it continued to operate the same - start to heat up and then turn off.Repaired
Williston, VermontGeneral ElectricGE wallovenERC14500RPF1Please send unit to the "SHIPPING" address.

Please include in the box my home shipping address that I originally sent you.
Jim Saltsman, 16 Currier St, Barre, VT 05641
Thank you for your help with this.
Beyond Repair
collierville, TennesseeGeneral Electricjkp26gop4bgerc-14500-rpf1f1 code and constant beeping.Awaiting receipt of timer
Lawrenceville, GeorgiaGeneral ElectricJKP14W0TWWERC-14500-RPF2 and F3Sometimes it works but it will sometimes fail usually during the warmup period nearing 400 degrees with F2 or F3 accompanied by beeping.Repaired
fort worth, TexasGeneral Electricjkp13got1bberc14500-rpnoneoven temp starts at 210*. set it at 450* and only warms up to 220*. thermistor ohms out ok.Awaiting receipt of timer
Highland, IllinoisKenmore911.9369181ERC-14500-RPN/AWhen you press "Bake" and then set the temp it shows it's on but goes blank after a short interval. It does work correctly sometimes, but most times does not.Repaired
OLD LYME, ConnecticutGeneral ElectricJKP13GT1BBERC-14500-RPF1FLASHING F1Beyond Repair
Palmetto Bay, FL, FloridaGeneral Electricjkp14wtERC-14500-RPWill not show codesOven bake temperature will not heat up to level set on timer, except for range of 500+ degrees or more. The ohms readings on sensor and heating element would indicate these parts are okay. But since the timer doesn't show faults as it supposed to, I cannot really tell why the temperature of the oven doesn't reach the level set.Repaired
Jasper, TexasGeneral ElectricJKP14WP3erc14500rpnoneThe display shows to be workiong, however nothing happens in the oven. All modes on the touch pad beep when pushed with the exception of the "Clean" mode.Repaired
East Chatham, New YorkGeneral ElectricWB27K5054ERC-14500-RPF1F1 code and beeping - all the timeAwaiting receipt of timer
Owings Mills, MarylandGeneral ElectricJKP26G0P4BGERC-14500-RPF-1Fault code F-1 displayed and audible alarm constantly. Can not be turned off or reset by controls. This unit was returned to you in July 2012 with same symptoms and repaired successfully. Please indicate what part(s) are failed or replaced.Awaiting receipt of timer
Bowie, MarylandKenmore9114832993erc14500rpF-1F-1Beyond Repair
San Rafael, CaliforniaGeneral ElectricJKP13GP1BGERC-14500-RPNoneOven does not reach set BAKE temperature. Display can be set, but regardless of the BAKE temperature setting - never reaches beyond warm. I had replaced the probe in the unit with a service technician. No change. He said: you need a new ERC. The panel displays and runs up thru the temperatures as if it is heating up to bake. It ticks up thru all the numbers, and beeps when it stops at the set temp. Display works fine and accepts input. Shows correct time. The Broiler works. No error codes ever. I have had power outages but the thing always came back on.Repaired
Brighton, MichiganGeneral ElectricJ SP26 GOP 4ADERC-14500-RPBad TransistorOven and Broiler will not turn on. I do not hear the timer relays turning on.Repaired
mayfield, KentuckyGeneral Electricjkp1360p1bgerc14500rpe1no heatRepaired
Jonesboro Ga., GeorgiaGeneral Electricjkp27wop3wgerc14500rpF1F1 code comes up when power is applied to the oven.Beyond Repair
glen ellyn, IllinoisGeneral ElectricJGSP31ERC 14500 RPF-1beeps f-1 code continuously.Repaired
Point Reyes Station, CaliforniaGeneral ElectricJRP15WP1WGERC-14500-RPn/aNeutral problem caused surge. Oven (and many other appliances) stopped working.Awaiting receipt of timer
OLD LYME, ConnecticutGeneral ElectricJKP13GT1BBERC-14500-RPF1FLASHING F1Beyond Repair
Cincinnati, OhioGeneral ElectricJKP26GOP4BGERC-14500-RPF1Last 5 Years Oven Displays F1 Code shortly after applying power. We have been switching the main off and on for 5 Years. We can get the oven to operate by quickly pushing random keys on the pad and it will eventually go to heat mode. I talked to one of your techs on the phone and did the test he recommended. I applied power and set the clock then disconnected the key pad ribbon. It held time for about 30 seconds and as soon as the minute digit changed, the F1 Code returned. The Tech said this indicates the ERC has failed.Beyond Repair
Beaver Falls, PennsylvaniaGeneral ElectricJKP27WOT1WWERC-14500-RPF1sometimes after use of oven F1 flashes in window and beeps. sometimes you can push different buttons and make it stop, but this last time it would go away for 20 seconds and start beeping again flashing the F1 code. Had to pull breaker to kill power. turn power on beeps again.Repaired
Bowie, MarylandKenmore9114832993erc14500rpF-1F-1Beyond Repair
glen ellyn, IllinoisGeneral ElectricJGSP31ERC 14500 RPF-1f-1 code even after unpluggingRepaired
Fayetteville, TennesseeGeneral ElectricJ KP27W0P3WGERC-14500-RPF-1GE electric double wall oven: Model no J KP27W0P3WG serial no: AL621076Q

The oven is making a "dinging" noise every time the oven has power. There is an F1 fault code although a couple of times it has shown F2. We tried to figure this out on our own and even tried running the oven through a cleaning cycle. It dinged the whole time but the door locked, the oven heated, and it went through an entire cleaning cycle. Thats all the info we have been able to see.
St Petersburg, FloridaGeneral ElectricJKPWOP3WGERC 14500-RPF1Failure code flashing. Timer beeping. Will not clear. Will not re-set. Ovens will not operate.Repaired
Tucson, ArizonaGeneral ElectricJKP13GOT1BBERC-14500-RPF1timer beeps continuously and displays "F1 code"Beyond Repair
Goldfield, NevadaGeneral ElectricJKP13GOP1BGERC-14500-RPN/A: Turns off afterOven S/N LF6317690: Entire clock and display work properly showing time, set temperature, bake/broil, etc. However, 5-10 seconds after manually setting a bake temperature or broil mode, the units simply turns off, returning to its standby state with just the clock showing. Please service as quickly as possible since I have a large group of guests arriving in ~10 days.Repaired
Tucson, ArizonaGeneral ElectricJKP13GOT1BBERC-14500-RPF1timer beeps continuously and displays "F1 code"Beyond Repair
Tucson, ArizonaGeneral ElectricJKP13GOT1BBERC-14500-RPF1timer beeps continuously and displays "F1 code"Beyond Repair
Matthews, North CarolinaGeneral ElectricJMP28GOT1ADERC-14500-RPF1F1 error code, can clear by holding reset for 10 seconds, but than soon after it begins beeping again. It will send power to oven element but it will start beeping after a few minutes.Repaired
Tucson, ArizonaGeneral ElectricJKP13GOT1BBERC-14500-RPF1timer beeps continuously and displays "F1 code"Beyond Repair
Tucson, ArizonaGeneral ElectricJKP13GOT1BBERC-14500-RPF1timer beeps continuously and displays "F1 code"Beyond Repair
Noxon, MontanaKenmore911.4832992ERC-14500-RPno codewhen bake or broil is selected timer receives info and temp setting but does not energize the elements.Repaired
Yorktown, VirginiaKenmore911-4742594ERC-14500-RPF1F1 error code displayed with constant alarm "beep"Awaiting receipt of timer
Tallahassee, FloridaGeneral Electricsp31gdp2wherc-14500-rpn/aat start of heating shoes 300 degrees, when shows 550 degrees the actual temp is much lowerRepaired
Hemet, CaliforniaGeneral ElectricJKP13GPERC-14500-RPN/AThe oven turns on and allows you to make your cooking choice. It then says 100 degrees and it never heats up. The elements will not heat on broil or bake.Repaired
Edmond, OklahomaGeneral ElectricGEERC-14500-RPF1F1 codeAwaiting receipt of timer
Milton, WisconsinKenmore9114132991ERC-14500-RPnoneOven does not heat.
I have power, elements are ok, thermal couples 1.1k, relays not closing
Awaiting receipt of timer
San JuanGeneral ElectricJKP14WP3ERC-14500-RPF1F1 fault with beep. Turned power braker off for a day, then on: same fault. Oven sensor resistance is ok (1.1 Kohms @ room temp).Awaiting receipt of timer