318010900 Frigidaire/Kenmore Range/Stove/Oven Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Frigidaire/Kenmore timer model # 318010900

Frigidaire ERCs and Frigidaire stove clocks and timersKenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Frigidaire/Kenmore
Part Number :  318010900
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color :  Black
Description :  Clock/Timer

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Mississauga, OntarioKenmorec970-415724318010900N/AdeadTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
statesboro, GeorgiaFrigidaireFeb766cjba318010900N/ANo display on front of ovenAwaiting receipt of timer
N Chesterfield, VirginiaFrigidaireFEB27S5Abb318010900N/Abake element not heating. replace that and did not solve problemRepaired
Gresham, OregonFrigidairefeb30s5aba318010900broil don't come on Broil says it's on, can hear relays clicking but element won't get hot.Awaiting receipt of timer
Gresham, OregonFrigidairefeb30s5aba318010900broil don't come on Broil says it's on, can hear relays clicking but element won't get hot.Awaiting receipt of timer
BIBLE HILL, Nova ScotiaFrigidaire318010900N/Anot heatingReplaced with reconditioned timer
New-Liskeard, OntarioKenmore318010900N/AThe display is not very brightReplaced with reconditioned timer
Parham, OntarioKenmore318010900N/ALower element will not heatReplaced with reconditioned timer
silver point, TennesseeFrigidaireFEB30S5ABB318010900noneBroiler will not heat. Want to know if it can be repaired if a replacement can't be found. Will also accept rebuilt part.Awaiting receipt of timer
spartanburg, South CarolinaFrigidairefeb27s5asa318010900N/Abake cycle will not work had technician check unit and he determined that i need a timerAwaiting receipt of timer
Palmerston, OntarioKenmore318010900N/ACurrent one has a burn markAwaiting receipt of timer
Hugo, OklahomaFrigidaire318010900N/Amajor short in circuit board and is not repairableAwaiting receipt of timer
fayetteville, TennesseeFrigidairefrididare318010900N/Aoven cuts off before time is upRepaired
fayetteville, TennesseeFrigidairefrididare318010900N/Aoven cuts off before time is upRepaired
Orefield, PennsylvaniaFrigidaireFEB556CETH318010900F1The F1 code comes up continuously now,had to shut off at breakerAwaiting receipt of timer
BridgetownFrigidaireFBE374CB318010900unknownintermittent the display is blank. no display indicators and does not power up the oven.Awaiting receipt of timer
Portugal Cove, Newfoundland and LabradorKenmoreC970-417757318010900nilUpper and lower elements don't work. Stopped working separately. Continuity test indicates elements are ok.Repaired
flint, MichiganFrigidairefeb556cetc318010900nonewhen setting temp you can not read the displayRepaired
Columbia, TennesseeFrigidaire318010900N/Aheating element not working after replacing element with a new one.Repaired
Streator, IllinoisFrigidaireFEB374CCTH318010900N/ATemperature readout is very faint. I am purchasing a reconditioned timer you have in stock.Replaced with reconditioned timer
prairieville, LouisianaFrigidairefeb30s5aba318010900N/Abaking element is to heatingAwaiting receipt of timer
Eugene, OregonFrigidaireFEB30S5ABA318010900NAWhen the oven is turned on the Bake Element does not come on & the Boiler Element comes on instead. On PreHeat only the Broiler Element comes on.It appears that the relays are not working as I believe that they are "Open" ??
The cycling while in "PreHeat" doesn't cycle - the Broiler Element comes on only!
Both of the Element have been check & have Continuity, There is no problem with the power source either.
Seguin, OntarioKenmoreC970-417727318010900N/ABottom/ bake oven element does not work. We changed the element but it still doesn't work.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Lethbridge, AlbertaKenmoreC970-417757318010900NILWhen "bake" is selected, wall oven temperature will not climb beyond 330 degrees. "Broil" function appears to work, but lower element does not get warm. Lower element has been replaced as well as the temperature probe. T9AP1D52-9 relays appear to be working (switched them, still no power to lower element).Repaired
mississauga, OntarioKenmoreC970-415757318010900N/Abake element not workingRepaired
Pembroke, OntarioSearsC970-417758318010900N/AThe up and down buttons do not work, so the clock, heating,broil,cleaning cycle will not start as we cannot set the temperature.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Tilbury, OntarioKenmoreWall Oven model C970-417726318010900no code - no displayNo display, nothing functions.Repaired
Tilbury, OntarioKenmoreWall Oven model C970-417726318010900no code - no displayNo display, no functions. Power is provided to the control board terminals.Repaired
Chapleau, OntarioKenmorec970-415726318010900-f3- when press "BakSuddenly stopped during a bake at 375F and showed code "F3". Had an electrician look at it in case it would be the thermometer. Definitely the board malfunctioning.
Everywhere we searched, the part # is discontinued. Looking for a substitute or a way to repair that one as the oven still look brand new.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Brockville, OntarioKenmoreC970-417728318010900noneNo heat on bake or broil.
No error codes.
Control panel works ok and also oven light works.
Statesville, North CarolinaFrigidaireFeb26s5asa318010900F3Continued F3 errorAwaiting receipt of timer
Berwick, Nova ScotiaKenmoreC970-417757318010900N/AElements not heating up. Oven not turning onRepaired
RR1 Pain Court, OntarioFrigidairec970417722318010900no displayoven functions but no displayRepaired
Sault Ste. Marie, OntarioKenmoreC970-415721318010900F1Will not heat up, gives one beep then error code F1Repaired
FORT SASK>, AlbertaKenmorec970 415751318010900N/Alower oven heat element not coming on when switched on.Repaired
FORT SASK>, AlbertaKenmorec970 415751318010900N/Alower oven heat element not coming on when switched on.Repaired
Elgin, IllinoisFrigidaireFEB30S5ASB318010900N/ALower oven element suddenly won't heat, but continuity is good and replacement unit made no difference. Upper (broiler) element still works. Temp probe conductivity is about 1100 ohms.Awaiting receipt of timer
Mershon, GeorgiaFrigidaireFEB27S5ABB318010900N/Aappliance has no powerAwaiting receipt of timer
Tazewell, VirginiaFrigidairefeb2755ab318010900no displayno displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Osseo, MichiganFrigidaireFEB556CETC318010900Can’t read digitalDigital display vary faint can read oven temperature settings
Oven dose turn on .
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Drayton Valley, AlbertaKenmoreC970-417757318010900NoneSelf clean quit years ago then the broil element. The bottom element quit working recently. Testing the element shows continuity.Awaiting receipt of timer
conestogo, OntarioFrigidaireCFEB786JGB3318010900f3after awhile heating up oven it shuts off and f3 appears and beeps checked thermostat and its 1100 ohms purchase precondition timer or new one or have mine fixed can you send me all prices
thanks Mark
Awaiting receipt of timer
N Scituate, Rhode IslandFrigidaireFEB27S5ABB318010900noneno display but has powerAwaiting receipt of timer
Regina, SaskatchewanKenmoreC970-417756318010900F1 , F3Ten minutes after the oven has reached selected temperature, it goes into F1 failure. Earlier, after about 5 minutes, one could get it to operate again for another 10 minutes. Sometimes F3 would come up.
The temp sensor was replaced but no change.
Replaced with reconditioned timer
REGINA, SaskatchewanKenmore318010900U/kBottom element will not heat.Repaired
REGINA, SaskatchewanKenmore318010900U/kBottom element will not heat.Repaired
Everett, OntarioKenmoreC970-417726318010900NoneDisplay is working. The broil function stopped working a few months ago. Now the bake function is not working. I can turn each function on but no heat.
The elements and temp probe were checked and are ok.
Voltage inputs to the board are ok.
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Saint-Laurent, QuebecKenmoreC970-417727318010900N/AThe display works but the oven (including the broil element) will not heat. When you set the oven temperature the display shows 100 and that the oven is on, then there is a clicking sound, but no heat is produced.
An oven repair person inspected the oven and diagnosed a failed control board.
Prairieville, LouisianaFrigidairefeb374chba318010900N/AFaint temperature readout, otherwise functions properlyAwaiting receipt of timer
Kippens, Newfoundland and LabradorKenmoremem-a-016318010900F1 f3F1 f3Repaired
Margaree Valley, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCFEB374JHB1318010900n/aTemperature display is very dim to invisible in an intermittent way making temperature setting a guess work or by memory per number of time you press the temp up button.Awaiting receipt of timer
Ottawa, OntarioKenmoreC970-417724318010900F3Turning oven on bake, after 5-10min f3 error code.Repaired
Waterloo, OntarioKenmoreC970-417726318010900See my emails to youTop element/brioler does not come on AND the display is very dim. See emails for more details or call 519 885 7369Repaired
london, OntarioKenmoreC970-415725318010900N/ANo display power, looks burntAwaiting receipt of timer
Columbus, IndianaFrigidaireFEB556CEBH318010900N/AOven will not turn off. Have to shut off breaker to get it to turn off.Awaiting receipt of timer
Goulds, Newfoundland and LabradorKenmore318010900F-3Comes up to temperature and then after a few minutes at temperature, F-3 error comes up and beeping starts.Repaired
Fredericton, New BrunswickKenmore41775318010900NoneHeard pop. Display LCD fully lit. No error code displayed. No buttons working.

Notes: Board previously had bake relay replaced years ago. Broiler has not been working, assume bad relay there, too.
Awaiting receipt of timer
richmond hill, OntarioKenmore318010900N/Ano heat on elementsAwaiting receipt of timer
Saint John, New BrunswickKenmoreC970-417752318010900Dim DisplayDim Display. Please repair.Repaired
Phoenix, ArizonaFrigidaireFEB27S5ABB318010900N/AFace won't turn onBeyond Repair
Windsor, OntarioKenmoreC970-417758318010900N/AOven does not get hot. First the broiler stopped working and then the bake function stopped working several months later. I had an appliance repair technician troubleshoot it and they believe the problem is with the timer/control.Repaired
chelmsford, OntarioKenmoreC970-415756318010900F1BOTTOM ELEMENT NOT WORKING WE CHECK ELEMENT IT IS GOOD.Repaired
Richmond, British ColumbiaKenmoreC970.625431318010900N/ADim/partial display. Model # is based on found receipt I had. Not 100% sure about timer part number. Internet research concluded that was the part number.Awaiting receipt of timer
Houston, MissouriFrigidaireFEB374CHBB318010900F1error code f1 continues after resetTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
Fredericton, New BrunswickKenmoreC970-417728318010900N/A120 volts missing from controller to one side of the broil and bake elementsRepaired
Charlottetown, Prince Edward IslandKenmoreC970-415751318010900F1I’m getting continual F1 and F3 faults, so it’s either the board or sensor - but I’m inclined to think it is the board. Would like either a new or refurbished partRepaired
Hillsburgh, OntarioSearsC970-417727318010900Not heatingOven not heating.Awaiting receipt of timer
Fredericton, New BrunswickKenmoreC970-417728318010900N/Ano power to bake and broil elementsRepaired
Airdrie, AlbertaFrigidaireCPCS389EC5318010900NoneBroiler does not turn on
Temp probe & element fine
All wiring fine & terminal board.
Sault Ste. Marie, OntarioKenmoreC970-4177318010900F3Overheat top element, no Heat bottom element. F3 displays and oven shuts off.Repaired