316080102 Frigidaire/Kenmore Range/Stove/Oven Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Frigidaire/Kenmore timer model # 316080102

Frigidaire ERCs and Frigidaire stove clocks and timersKenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Frigidaire/Kenmore
Part Number :  316080102
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color : 
Description :  Clock/Timer, EOC

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
evansville, Indiana316080102f1turn power on and the display goes to a f1 default and beeper goes off and on till range is unplugedRepaired
Evansville, IndianaFrigidaire316080102F11plug range in outlet and on the display code come up and i was told bad timercode f11?Repaired
evansville, Indiana316080102f1turn power on and the display goes to a f1 default and beeper goes off and on till range is unplugedRepaired
Houston, TexasFrigidaireFrigidaire Gallery Series316080102N/AOven won't work. Can not set clock. Can not set timer. Stove top works. Time still shows.Awaiting receipt of timer
ElyriaSears790-77478792316080102F1Can you give us a price on and purchaseAwaiting receipt of timer
Edina, MinnesotaFrigidaireFGF379WECE316080102?N/ADim light on readout. Barely legible. Controls seem to work OKRepaired
Captain Cook, HawaiiFrigidairefgf378wccb316080102N/APanel is dim and lost temp reading [while cooking turkey].Awaiting receipt of timer
Sandy, UtahFrigidairefgf378wccc316080102N/Avery dim readoutRepaired
Pittsford, New YorkFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ADisplay is completely blankRepaired
Los Angeles, CaliforniaFrigidairefgf379wecs316080102N/Aclock and temp are so dim I can't read themAwaiting receipt of timer
Edmonton, AlbertaFrigidaireFrigidaire316080102N/AAwaiting receipt of timer
Beamsville, OntarioFrigidaireFGF378WCCB316080102Dim DisplayThe display is very dim and it's hardly readable.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Whittier, North CarolinaFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/AScreen is dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaire316080102N/ANo displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Bolton, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WECR316080102N/APurchasing a reconditioned timerReplaced with reconditioned timer
Brockville, OntarioFrigidaire970-339526316080102None - dead displayFor the last year or so, the display has been dim, but the timer and stove continued to operate correctly. Then, one day, we came home from work to find the display dead and no response from any of the buttons. From my research, and reading through your site, this seems like a stereotypical scenario [shrug/smile].Replaced with reconditioned timer
Chicago, IllinoisFrigidaireFgf316080102NoneDim readoutAwaiting receipt of timer
San Diego, CaliforniaFrigidaireFGF378WCCE316080102F1Display is unreadable (very dim) and the occasional F1 error pops up.

If repair is an option please let me know but we can't live without our range for extended period so i would rather buy a reconditioned timer (then send you the old board if you want).
Awaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireFGF378WCCC316080102N/ATemperature readout is practically invisibleAwaiting receipt of timer
Mount Vernon, WashingtonFrigidaire316080102N/Atoo dim to readAwaiting receipt of timer
new york, New YorkFrigidairefgf379wecg316080102N/Athe timer is very dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireGallery316080102N/ATimer and all functions seem not powered. Display is black.Repaired
sparta, MichiganElectrolux316080102N/Apreheat turns burner on but bake temp will not thermo coupling is working temp will change on display when pre heat is usedRepaired
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ADisplay is very dim and unreadable. Would rather purchase a reconditioned timer than new.

Awaiting receipt of timer
Richmond Hill, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WECN316080102N/ANOT LONGER WORKSRepaired
Port Washington, New YorkTappanTGF355BEDB316080102Dim displayDisplay has gradually dimmed over the years.Repaired
Cleveland, GeorgiaFrigidairefgf378wccb316080102n/acurrent unit's display is very dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Lake Hopatcong, New JerseyFrigidaireFGF379WECR316080102N/Afading LEDAwaiting receipt of timer
Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaFrigidaireFrigidaire Gallery Professional Series316080102n/acannot see the led timer/clock or can't tell temperature settings to be turned on for oven. the led does not display anything on this partRepaired
Great Falls, MontanaFrigidairefgf379wecs316080102f1f1 errorAwaiting receipt of timer
Princeton, New JerseyFrigidaireProfessional Series Gallery316080102N/AThis is a control panel for a gas-fired oven and stove. The control panel reading shows the temperature, time, cooking timer. Buttons along the sides are used to raise or lower the settings, and when you do this the control panel shows the temperature and the temp. you will be raising it to. But the panel has become so dim that you can't read the temperature when you set it for oven baking.

It has not gotten so bad as to produce a failure notice. But it is so dim, you can't read it.
Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaFrigidairegallery professional series316080102n/aour led light for using the oven/timer is completely unaluminated making it impossible to bake or broil or clean.Repaired
Richmond Hill, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ADisplay dimmed over time and is now blank. Oven settings did function while dim, but no longer works since display went blank. No longer beeps when pressing any buttons.Repaired
Farmington Hills, MichiganFrigidaireFGF378WCCC316080102Can't Read itCannot read LCD Display. Pre-Heat doesn't workAwaiting receipt of timer
Los Angeles, CaliforniaFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102F1F1 Code, needs repairRepaired
Franklin, TennesseeFrigidaireFGF378WCCB316080102UnknownThe oven works, but the time clock and the temperature are so dim they are not readable.Awaiting receipt of timer
ORANGE, CT., ConnecticutFrigidaireFGF379WECR316080102N/ADIM BACK LIGHTRepaired
Drumheller, AlbertaFrigidaireFgfwccg316080102Extremely dim read oDifficult to see the display - trying to set temperature and cannot see it - oven still functions properlyAwaiting receipt of timer
Delavan, WisconsinFrigidairefgf379wecj316080102N/Alight for clock is dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Lake Villa, IllinoisFrigidaireFGF378WCCG316080102None - Diaplay not wInitially the display was dim, now it does not show at all. Nor can we turn the oven on but the burners work.Repaired
Dallas, TexasFrigidaireFGF379WECR316080102N/AWe would like to purchase a new/refurbed. control board.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Uxbridge, OntarioGeneral ElectricFgf379wecm316080102N/AEOC light has faded to point it is no longer displayingRepaired
Lockport, IllinoisFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102No codesTimer functions correctly, however the display LCD is extremely dim where the oven temp and ON indicator are displayed. I had a board technician replace all capacitors but no changes were seen.Repaired
Staten Island, New YorkFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ASTOVE TEMP MELTED KNOBS ON TIMERAwaiting receipt of timer
Milwaukee, WisconsinFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102NoneThe temperature on the oven does not display, only clock works and lights are dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
DOBBS FERRY, New YorkFrigidaireFGF378WCCD316080102N/APre-Heat and broiler working, oven will not turn on, LED's are dim and not readableAwaiting receipt of timer
Stamford, ConnecticutFrigidaireFGF379WECM316080102N/AVery, very dim. Cannot read it. Owners guide says it is supposed to glow.Repaired
Chicago, IllinoisFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ATemp display does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Juneau, AlaskaFrigidaireFrigidaire316080102N/ADisplay is dim. Unable to read oven temperature (red).Awaiting receipt of timer
Morton Grove, IllinoisFrigidaireFGF379WESD316080102N/ACan't read LCD oven temps,timer, clocks ectAwaiting receipt of timer
Stamford, ConnecticutFrigidaireFGF379WECM316080102N/AVery, very dim. Cannot read it. Owners guide says it is supposed to glow.Repaired
Brighton, MichiganFrigidaireFGF379WECR316080102Blank displayThe clock display just stopped working.

No functions on the oven worked there after.
Avenel, New JerseyFrigidairefgf378wccc316080102n/abake button doesn't work to activate temp select. Broiler and top range works.Awaiting receipt of timer
Barkhamsted, ConnecticutFrigidairefgf379wecm316080102N/Atransformer from power surge (not working)Repaired
New York, New YorkFrigidaireFGF379WECT316080102N/Avery dimAwaiting receipt of timer
New York, New YorkFrigidaireGallery316080102no codeno displayRepaired
2, IllinoisFrigidaire316080102N/ATimer/Controller works fine, display is DIM and hard to read. Needs new Fluorescent display.Awaiting receipt of timer
new albany, OhioElectroluxfgf379weca316080102N/Awas dimming,then nothingAwaiting receipt of timer
Fontana, CaliforniaUnknownfrigidaire gallery professional series316080102?oven will not work at all. the stove top works fine. and it is propane , electronic start. but nothing on the oven works.Repaired
Los Angeles, CaliforniaFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ADim readoutAwaiting receipt of timer
EMMONS, MinnesotaKenmore790.77471790316080102N/ANO DISPLAYRepaired
LAS VEGAS, NevadaFrigidairefcf379wecr316080102deadno heatAwaiting receipt of timer
manhattan, New YorkFrigidairefgf379wecs316080102clock fadeingcant see the time clear and light to lowRepaired
delavan, WisconsinFrigidairefgf379wecj316080102n/aI would like to purchase a new control board or refurbished one, per refurbishedAwaiting receipt of timer
manhattan, New YorkFrigidaireFGF379WECS(316)080-102N/Acant read timer
cant see clearly
Berthoud, ColoradoFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102n/aDisplay for oven not readable. The red display , also check calibration of unit.temps run low on oven.Repaired
Wheaton, IllinoisFrigidaireKenmore316080102BlankDeadAwaiting receipt of timer
Nevada City, CaliforniaWestinghousefgf379w316080102N/Aoven doesnt work. Time shows, but heating indicators dont workAwaiting receipt of timer
Denver, ColoradoFrigidaire316080102N/ADim clock lightRepaired
Alexandria, VirginiaFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/AFor months, the LED display was very dim (nearly unreadable). Then the display went dead. No sounds emit when pressing buttons to set temp or cancel. Tested the outlet, and the outlet is fine.Replaced with reconditioned timer
gilberts, IllinoisFrigidaireFGF379WECT316080102NONE LIGHTS ARE DIMEverything works lights are just dim. How much for a reconditioned timer and once I replace I can send you back mine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Avenel, New JerseyFrigidairefgf378wccc316080102N/Aall buttons work except pre heat and bake. they beep but don't activate the ovenAwaiting receipt of timer
Grimsby, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102no codedisplay is very dim. Time can be read (green/blue) but oven temp is barely readable (red/orange)

Looking for the most feasible solution of control/timer replacement or repair of display.
Awaiting receipt of timer
El Paso, TexasFrigidaire316080102N/AF1 errorAwaiting receipt of timer
HAYWARD, CaliforniaFrigidairefgf379wecs316080102leds outleds outAwaiting receipt of timer
Southbury, ConnecticutFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102dim display, no codeThe display is very dim and almost unreadableRepaired
wellsburg, West VirginiaKenmore79077471790316080102N/Atimer works, display is too dim to seeAwaiting receipt of timer
Kitchener, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WECN316080102DimmedWorking fine, but dimmedRepaired
Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaFrigidairefgf379wecs316080102N/Atimer clock is dim to the point where it is difficult to seeRepaired
spring lake, New JerseyFrigidairefgf379wesg316080102N/AThe display has gotten so extremely faint that it can barely be read. (If I turn out the kitchen lights I can just about make out the numbers.) The controls still work once I am able to read the display but it is just about invisible.

So hopefully you can restore the brightness of the display.
Cornelius, North CarolinaFrigidaireFGF379WECD316080102N/AThe brightness of the clock has been getting dimmer over the past year. Now it is completely black. It does not light/work at all.

I would like it rebuilt if possible. Thank you, Freda
Chelmsford, MassachusettsFrigidaireFGF379WECR316080102N/Apre heat and oven temp does not disply anymore.Awaiting receipt of timer
rogue river, OregonSearssears790.774717900316080102N/Acannot read displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Encinitas, CaliforniaFrigidairefgf379wesj316080102N/ADim Temperature light, Bake, Broil indicatorsAwaiting receipt of timer
Nantes, QuébecFrigidaireFrigidaire Gallery series professionnel316080102-F1-After the electric current was cut off a few times, the oven timer began to beep every few seconds and the F1 code flash even after disconnecting the device.Awaiting receipt of timer
blue bell, PennsylvaniaTappan10075401316080102N/Ait dosent torn on the oven and the blink light is lowAwaiting receipt of timer
Anchorage,, AlaskaFrigidaireFrigidaire galaxy stove316080102N/ALight so faded cannot read oven temperatureRepaired
Hillsdale, New JerseyFrigidaireFgf379wecn316080102N/ADim display on oven tempAwaiting receipt of timer
Anchorage,, AlaskaFrigidaireFridigaire Galaxy316080102N/Aoven temperature faded, difficult to readRepaired
NY, New YorkFrigidairefgf379wes316080102N/ALED readout getting dim.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Goochland, VirginiaFrigidaireFGF378WCCD316080102N/AReadout on timer is very dim and almost unreadable.Replaced with reconditioned timer
CALGARY, AlbertaFrigidaireGallery Gas Range316080102N/ADisplay is very dim. Otherwise all functions work fine.Repaired
Morgantown, West VirginiaFrigidaireFGF379WJCB316080102noneelectronic control panel is not relaying information to start ovenReplaced with reconditioned timer
Davis, CaliforniaSears316080102No displayNo display.Awaiting receipt of timer
Brooklyn, New YorkFrigidaireFGF379WJCB316080102no code givenOut of the blue, the timer buzzer gave a steady signal until I managed to turn it off. When I turned it off, the entire timer mechanism display went blank and died.Repaired
Colorado Springs, ColoradoFrigidaire316080102F1I set my oven on the "Clean" cycle. The oven door locked and began heating. After a few minutes, my wife couldn't stand the smoke created during the Clean cycle and hit the "Cancel" button. The oven then began to beep about every five seconds and displayed a "F1" error on the display. I tried starting the Clean cycle again, as well as other oven inputs, but the oven would not respond and continued to beep and display the "F1" error. I unplugged the oven and waited about five minutes before plugging it back in, but the "F1" error and beeping remained. In addition, the oven door remains locked.Awaiting receipt of timer
ozone park, New YorkFrigidairefgf379wecr316080102N/Abush buttons have melted and are stuck in placeAwaiting receipt of timer
mount vernon, New YorkFrigidairefgf379wjcb316080102no displayalarm went off, no fault code displayed. pressed clock button and alarm stopped. no display.Replaced with reconditioned timer
spring lake, New JerseyFrigidairefgf379wesg316080102N/AThe oven temperature display panel is very very faint. If I turn out all the lights in the house, I can barely make out the numbers, but then (in the semi-dark) I can enter the desired oven temp setting and the oven does function.

So the only real problem is the extreme faintness of the display.
Pleasant Ridge, MichiganFrigidaireFGF379WECR316080102N/ATimer not illuminated (e.g., not showing digital clock and oven will not turn on) but other electric functions of gas stove (e.g., the electronic start for burners) are still workingRepaired
Nantes, QuébecFrigidaire316080102F1Replaced with reconditioned timer
SPRING LAKE, New JerseyFrigidairefgf379wesg316080102N/AThe old time panel display lights are very dim and just about unreadable, so I think a replacement / rebuilt unit is my best besRepaired
Goochland, VirginiaFrigidaireFGF378WCCD316080102N/ALED Readout is very faint.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Goochland, VirginiaFrigidaireFGF378WCCD316080102N/AWarranty Service Requested:

When I received my reconditioned timer I removed the old timer, which had a very faint LED readout, and replaced it with the recondtioned timer. The timer immediately began smoking when I plugged in the range. I unplugged the range, took out the timer and replaced it with my old one. My old timer still worked as it had.

The timer back has a series of alphanumeric codes that correspond to the same codes on the wires (E1 thru E9, with E8 not being used. Those were installed correctly. The harness plug has space for seven contacts; five in a row, one space, then two more. Because the harness plug has no opening for a contact at that one space, the harness can only be hooked up one way.

The timer I was sent was different in two ways from my original timer. There is a contact for an E8 wire and my timer has no E8 wire and does not have a contact to snap a wire to. Also, the timer I was sent has nine contacts for the harness plug. My timer, as stated above, has seven. However, there is still only one way to hook up the harness because of the blank space between the first and second row of contacts.

Because of these two differences in my timer and the reconditioned one I was sent, and also because the reconditioned timer failed immediately but the old timer, when reinstalled, was servicable, I am concerned I was sent the wrong timer. Also, none of the numbers on the reconditioned timer correspond to the part number given above.

Please send me the correct reconditioned timer or, if the one sent was an authorized replacement, please repair it and return it. My preference is that you send me another timer.

Also, I am unsure what to select for the question above "If your timer cannot be repaired." There is not a good answer for this warranty service request. I selected N/A.
Beyond Repair
Vancouver, British ColumbiaFrigidaireGallery Series Gas Stove316080102N/Adisplay dim and unable to read oven controls.Awaiting receipt of timer
Southbury, ConnecticutFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102no failure codes disThe clock and oven temp displays are very dim and almost unreadableRepaired
EL PASO, TexasFrigidaireFGF379WECR316080102WONT TURN ONDISPLAY WILL NOT TURN ONReplaced with reconditioned timer
Woodside, CaliforniaFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/AI can send failed timer in return after receiving refurbished oneRepaired
ozone park, New YorkFrigidairefgf379wecr316080102N/Abush buttons have melted and are stuck in placeAwaiting receipt of timer
Redwood Meadows, AlbertaKenmore970-336516316080102deaddisplay was dim, now it is blank, buttons do not work to ignite oven (gas range).Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCPEB30S9FC4316080102NoneBlank DisplayReplaced with reconditioned timer
Woodside, CaliforniaFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ALCD display out.Repaired
ozone park, New YorkFrigidairefgf379wecr316080102N/Abush buttons have melted and are stuck in placeAwaiting receipt of timer
College Station, TexasFrigidaireFEF389WECC316080102N/AReadout is very dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Courtice, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WECG316080102N/Aoven temp in red is very faint to read and clock is dim as well.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Tidioute, PennsylvaniaFrigidaireFGF378WCCB316080102cant set temp. no I have pre heat - clean - clock - timer set & a very low light ,with zero fail. codesAwaiting receipt of timer
Windsor on., OntarioFrigidairefgf379wecs316080102noneDisplay has gone out. The oven worked before I changed 4 caps to address the display dimming issue. After the change the display showed no change and the board relay(s) buzzed. After this there was no point in attempting the oven control since the screen was now blank. We now use the top burners only.Repaired
Mobile, AlabamaFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ALights are dim and oven does not heat properlyAwaiting receipt of timer
east gwillambury, OntarioFrigidairegallery series316080102N/Adisplay of oven temperature and clock is not visibleRepaired
Windsor on., OntarioFrigidairefgf379wecs316080102noneDisplay has gone out. The oven worked before I changed 4 caps to address the display dimming issue. After the change the display showed no change and the board relay(s) buzzed. After this there was no point in attempting the oven control since the screen was now blank. We now use the top burners only.Repaired
Madison, WisconsinFrigidaireFGF379WECT316080102NoneThe timer LED display is too dim to read.Awaiting receipt of timer
Brampton, OntarioFrigidaireFGF378WCCD316080102N/ACAN NOT SEE THE STOVE TEMP DISPLAY, THE CLOCK WORKS FINE AND THE STOVE WORKSReplaced with reconditioned timer
Gillies Bay, British ColumbiaFrigidaire970-569512316080102blank screenBlank screenAwaiting receipt of timer
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireFGF378WCCG316080102Dim displayDim displayRepaired
Bradford, OntarioFrigidaire316080102N/AThe digits aren't readable on the Timer.Awaiting receipt of timer
Western Springs, IllinoisFrigidaireFGF379WJCB316080102N/ADisplay is very dim and hard to read; works fine otherwiseAwaiting receipt of timer
Princeton, New JerseyFrigidaireFGF379WJCB316080102dimDisplay is dim or not completely lit. Oven controls work fine.Repaired
High Point, North CarolinaFrigidairefgf379wecr316080102no code, no power, nBlank oven timer, no panel functions At allRepaired
Red Deer, AlbertaFrigidairefgf378wccb316080102Verr Dim Oven TempVery Dim Oven TempRepaired
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WECG316080102N/AHi there, I had reached out to you last year (Oct 25, 2017) about my display unit being dim. I've removed it from the housing and will mail it in.

Hello Mr. Lai,

The timer you have requested part# 316080102is currently out of stock. Fortunately, we have successfully rebuilt many of these controls so I encourage you to send it in for repair. The repair cost is only $187 plus shipping. In most cases, our repairs will be completed within 5 business days from when we receive your timer. The control must be shipped to our production facility at the address on the service request.

We warranty all of our repairs for a full year and you can purchase longer warranties if you wish.

Here is a link to a page on our website that addresses most questions about our Repair and Return Service. If you don't find the information you are looking for, please call toll free at 1-888-519-1939.

Before sending your timer in for repair, please complete a Service Request and include a copy with your timer.


Howard Simons
Dorchester, MassachusettsFrigidairerange316080102no code. it is complwithout even pushing any of the timer buttons, the clock reading went blank and it just started to beep continuously and then when I started pushing buttons to get the noise to stop, the beeping ended.Awaiting receipt of timer
Verdun, QuebecFrigidaireFGF378WCCC316080102noneOld clock timer LCD screen is to dim to readRepaired
West Long Branch, New JerseyFrigidaireFgf379wecg316080102N/ADisplay is dimAwaiting receipt of timer
OAKLAND, CaliforniaFrigidaire316080102N/ADim display.Awaiting receipt of timer
Cranston, Rhode IslandFrigidaireFGF379WECE Gas Range316080102N/AWhen the oven is plugged in you can hear the beeps from the buttons Being pressed but there is no displayRepaired
San Francisco, CaliforniaFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102?display does not light upAwaiting receipt of timer
Weatherford, TexasFrigidaire316080102Digital readout dimDigital readout very dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
Almonte, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ANo fault codes. Unit is operating but the display is dim and the oven temperature display is very dim.Repaired
Beaverton, OregonFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ADim display, unable to set oven temperature etc...Repaired
vaudreuil-dorion, QuebecFrigidairefgf379wect316080102nothingBeyond Repair
Plainfield, New JerseyFrigidaireFgf379wecr316080102N/ADisplay now blank and oven will not work. Display had been dim for some time prior to failure.Awaiting receipt of timer
LOUISVILLE, KentuckyFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ADisplay is dim and unreadableAwaiting receipt of timer
North York, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WECR316080102FI -ERROR CODEOVEN OVERHEATED AND TRIGGERED OFF ALARM AND FI-ERROR CODEAwaiting receipt of timer
Horseheads, New YorkTappanVF54906677316080102NADigital display is too dim to see.Repaired
vancouver, British ColumbiaFrigidairepro gallery316080102VFD no longer lightsboard does not light up.Repaired
Milton, OntarioFrigidaireFGF378WCCB316080102nonedim display set button does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Kelowna, British ColumbiaKenmore970-339521316080102N/AMy display is too dim to read anymore, and a new one or refurbished one is what I need.

Awaiting receipt of timer
Lehi, UtahFrigidaireGally professional316080102F1Display code: F1
Very dim display.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Pine Brook, New JerseyFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ADim readout.Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaKenmore970-339521316080102F-1have replaced igniter, checked switches for sticking, oven still won't light, just throws F-1 code. Spoke with Howard around Dec. 6th concerning my problem.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WECN316080102Dim displayDim Display. All functions workReplaced with reconditioned timer
Jersey City, New JerseyKenmore79077471790316080102? Temperature too diTemperature too dim to read. Am not asking for repair, though; just want a replacement.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Jersey City, New JerseyKenmore79077471790316080102? Temperature too diTemperature too dim to read. Am not asking for repair, though; just want a replacement.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Dallas, TexasFrigidaireFGF379WJCB316080102N/AEntire control panel is very dim especially red temp numbers. Clock is legible, but probably 50% brightness.Awaiting receipt of timer
Houston, TexasDacor316080102dim dispplay and altDim display and alt. temperature control problemsRepaired
Houston, TexasDacor316080102dim dispplay and altDim display and alt. temperature control problemsRepaired
Amarillo, TexasFrigidaire316080102N/ANo power on entire board.Awaiting receipt of timer
St. Albert, AlbertaFrigidaire316080102N/AEverything works fine but the digital numbers for the oven temp are so dim the can't be read anymore.Awaiting receipt of timer
Houston, TexasElectroluxDacor316080102n/aOven functions do not work properly. Display very dim if not at all.Repaired
Herriman, UtahFrigidaireFGF379WESA316080102BlankNeeds a new VFDRepaired
Mcdonough, GeorgiaFrigidairefgf379wecl316080102N/ADisplay not working but buttons workAwaiting receipt of timer
McDonough, GeorgiaFrigidaireFGF379WECL316080102N/ADisplay does not workRepaired
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireFGF379WECR316080102NoneDisplay is very dimRepaired
SAN FRANCISCO, CaliforniaFrigidaireFGF379WECR316080102N/AMy current timer has unreadably dim display and many buttons are unresponsive.Repaired
St. Louis Park, MinnesotaFrigidaireFGF379WJCA316080102N/ADimming during use of the oven.Awaiting receipt of timer
Tsawwassen, British ColumbiaFrigidaireFgf379wecg316080102N/AVery dim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Scottsdale, ArizonaFrigidaireFGF378WCCB316080102NoneDisplay is dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
Saskatoon, SaskatchewanFrigidaireFGF378WCCD316080102NoneScreen really dim. Came with new house. I don;t know if it has error codes but the LCD crystal has a small burn spot on it. I'd take a reconditioned one or a repair.Repaired
Scarborough, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WJCA316080102N/AThe display is very dim and I am looking for a replacement timer.
The model is FGF379WJCA
The serial number is VG02926807
Awaiting receipt of timer
Saskatoon, SaskatchewanFrigidaireFGF378WCCD316080102None that I know ofLCD Screen is very dim and unreadableRepaired
Guelph, OntarioFrigidaireGaLLERY PROFESSIONAL SERIES316080102N/Alighted numbers are too dim to see - functions fine just can't see the numbers etcAwaiting receipt of timer
FLINT, MichiganFrigidaire316080102F1Started randomly beeping and showing F1 on the display. Won't stop with the beep beep beep until it's unplugged. No matter how long you wait to plug it back in, it goes right back to beeping upon replugging it in.Awaiting receipt of timer
WASHINGTON, District of ColumbiaFrigidaireFGF379WESA316080102N/AStove works fine, but display is very dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
Guelph, OntarioKenmoreGLLERY PROFESSIONAL SERIES316080102N/Alighted numbers are too dim to see - functions fine just can't see the numbers etcAwaiting receipt of timer
Lafayette, CaliforniaFrigidaireFGF379WECR316080102N/AThe display is very dim and hard to read. As the over heats up the display goes blank.

It is rendering the oven useless.

Hopefully, you can repair and return.

Awaiting receipt of timer
Dover, New HampshireFrigidaireFGF379WECG316080102N/AOven will not turn off and dim display.Awaiting receipt of timer
Whittier, North CarolinaFrigidairefgf379wecs316080102N/ADim. This is the timer you shipped me in 2016, worked well until the past year or so.Awaiting receipt of timer
moyock, North CarolinaFrigidaireFGF378WCCB316080102very dim displaydisplay is very very dim.Repaired
Scottsdale, ArizonaFrigidaireFGF378WCCB316080102NoneDim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
ALBUQUERQUE, New MexicoFrigidaire316080102NALED display too dim to read easily. No other functional problems.Awaiting receipt of timer
Cambridge, OntarioFrigidaireFGF378WCCC316080102dim failing displayHello, timer display is severely fading. I am able to swap the display out but would prefer to not be without a working oven. Do you have a ready to go refurb for sale ? I can also receive a unit, swap it and send the old unit back if you wished as a trade in.Repaired
NEWTOWN, PennsylvaniaFrigidaireFGF379WJCB316080102N/AThe unit works, its just that the display for all the cooking (oven) functions are so light that you cannot read them in a well lit area. I have never seen a brightness adjustment, and its gotten progressively worse over the years.Repaired
Miami Lakes, FloridaGeneral ElectricFGF379WJCA316080102N/ADeadAwaiting receipt of timer
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WECL316080102F1Oven does not light ( intermittent )Repaired