154445803 Frigidaire Dishwasher Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Frigidaire timer model # 154445803

Frigidaire ERCs and Frigidaire stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Frigidaire
Part Number :  154445803
Appliance Type :  Dishwasher
Color : 
Description :  Electronic Dishwasher Timer

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CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Arborg, ManitobaFrigidairePLDB999CC0154445803CLapprox 30 minutes into wash cycle it begins to click and intermitently from the control panel and flash a CL error code. If left it will get worse and completely shut down. All other components seem to work fine.Beyond Repair
Crested Butte, ColoradoFrigidairePLDB998CC0154445803N/Acontrol lights flash and washer motor makes bumping soundTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
Chicago, IllinoisFrigidairePLDB999CC0154445803N/AMakes a clicking sound and stops during the cycle.Awaiting receipt of timer
Granby, ColoradoFrigidaireGLDB958AB2154445803noneThe dishwasher start normally and then stops partway through the program. Sometimes it stops with a clicking sound at the 27 minute point in the cycle. But it has stopped at other points as well.Repaired
Westmount, QuébecFrigidairePLDB998CCO154445803N/AThe cycle begin normaly and after 15 minutes it stop and start each 20 secondsAwaiting receipt of timer
Crested Butte, ColoradoFrigidairePLDB998CC0154445803N/AControl panel flashes and washer makes bumping noises as it operates.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Meridian, IdahoFrigidairePLDB99BCC0154445803N/ADisplay flashes and clicks. Appliance repairman isolated problem to control board (most likely relay failure). Cannot find a replacement.

Display flashes quickly between time remaining in cycle and "HO" (heating interrupted).
Unit washes OK, but heating for drying is interrupted every other second
Awaiting receipt of timer
Prescott, ArizonaFrigidairePLDB999CC0154445803N/ATries to complete cycle but gets stuckAwaiting receipt of timer
Edina, MinnesotaElectrolux154445803No CodeControl board does not work. Power going in but does no turn on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Goodrich, MichiganFrigidaire154445803CLAwaiting receipt of timer
Cutler Bay, FloridaFrigidairePLDB998CC0154445803N/AThe dishwasher start and cycles normally and then stops partway through the program. It constantly intermit start stop with a clicking sound and the motor bumps on and off at the 33 minute point in the cycle. Then it completely stops.

If cannot be repaired- would like to purchase a reconditioned timer
Beyond Repair
Powder Springs, GeorgiaFrigidairePLDB98CC0154445803N/Aclicking and skipping throughout cycle; never completes. Troubleshot with appliance repair man and came to the conclusion that it is circuit board/timer.Awaiting receipt of timer
Ipswich, MassachusettsFrigidairegsb5712bc1154445803N/Awater got into timer boxBeyond Repair
Ottawa, OntarioFrigidairePLDB998CC0154445803CLThe dishwasher start normally and then stops partway through the program. Sometimes it stops with a clicking sound at the 27 minute point in the cycle. But it has stopped at other points as well.

Control panel flashes and washer makes bumping noises as it operates.
Awaiting receipt of timer
verona, WisconsinFrigidairepldb998cc0154445803N/Adishwasher motor will not run no power from controlBeyond Repair
Homer Glen, IllinoisFrigidairePLDB999CC0154445803FLashes tiem and cliAt start of wash cycle the time display starts flashing every second with a click sound. After a while the pipes would make a bump noise as if the pump is gpoing on and off. Sometimes the cycle will complete with just the clicksin and flashing and no bumpoing noise. Also believe the defautl hot airt dry is no longer working.Awaiting receipt of timer
Liverpool, New YorkFrigidaire154445803N/AAwaiting receipt of timer
beauharnois, QuébecFrigidairePLDB998CCO154445803CL & NAAwaiting receipt of timer
W. Kelowna, British ColumbiaFrigidairePLDB998CC0154445803CLPartway through cycle, Code CL flashes, clicking sounds like a relay, washer eventually quits.Awaiting receipt of timer
andover, MinnesotaFrigidairepldb998cc154445803ho,clto hotAwaiting receipt of timer
Cambridge, MassachusettsElectroluxPLDB998CC0154445803N/AAfter about 30 minutes of running the wash the washer starts to make a clicking sound about once a second and the lights flash. The display flashes alternately CL and whatever the appropriate value is for the state of the wash.

Frigidaire recommended changing the control panel but they are out of stock.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Whittier, CaliforniaFrigidairePLDB998CC0154445803N/AWater got in to the control boxAwaiting receipt of timer
Spokane, WashingtonFrigidairePLDB998CC0154445803RandomRuns through partial cycle then starts random blinking of LEDs, motor, relays, and starts and stops, rapidly. Have to shut down the dishwasher, as it will continue to do this randomly.Awaiting receipt of timer
MIAMI, FloridaElectroluxpldb998cc0154445803N/Asmoke started coming out of dishwasher. Turned off breaker. when turned back on there are no lights and it will not start.Awaiting receipt of timer
Richmond Hill, OntarioFrigidairePLDB998CC0154445803N/ANo lights are on. The dishwasher heating element is constantly on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Edmonton, AlbertaFrigidaire154445803ClFailedAwaiting receipt of timer
Port Moody, British ColumbiaFrigidairePLDB998CC0154445803No code displayedThe display flashes on and off rapidly from about 20 minutes into the cycle. The control relays start clicking on and off rapidly, the dishwasher overhears during the dry cycle.Awaiting receipt of timer