Whirlpool Electric Built-In Oven RB260PXYB Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Whirlpool RB260PXYB Electric Built-In Oven?

Timer part number 3169258 for Whirlpool RB260PXYB

The RB260PXYB Electric Built-In Oven uses timer part number 3169258.

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RB260PXYB Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Control panel Parts diagram
RB260PXYB Electric Built-In Oven Control panel Parts diagram
Oven Parts diagram
RB260PXYB Electric Built-In Oven Oven Parts diagram
Oven door Parts diagram
RB260PXYB Electric Built-In Oven Oven door Parts diagram
Wiring harness Parts diagram
RB260PXYB Electric Built-In Oven Wiring harness Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
HENDERSON, TennesseeIn 1993 the oven timer had to be serviced due to improper installation on a 480 service in my home. Went to turn the oven on the other day and noticed that the digital lighting wasn't operating.Repaired
Las Vegas, NevadaOven will not achieve set temp, starts by heating (glowing red) but soon cools and does not cycle. Replaced the bottom element, did trouble shooting on power, elements and temperature probe, all tested good. I concluded that the timer must be the problem.Repaired
Tulsa, OklahomaBroiler / self clean does not heat from top element. Replaced top element.Awaiting receipt of timer
Salem, WisconsinOven temp not accurate. Does not respond to temp change input after preheating. Broiler doesn't come on/heat properly.Awaiting receipt of timer
KARVAL, ColoradoDOES NOT KEEP ACCURATE TEMPATUREAwaiting receipt of timer
sugar land, TexasSet at any temp it wont heat past about 235. Food doesnt cook.Repaired
Cowpens, South Carolinawill not maintain temperatureRepaired
Seminole, TexasWill not come on until you press CANCEL/ENTER several timesAwaiting receipt of timer
Great Falls, MontanaWill not maintain heat. We set the control to say 350 and it turns on. Sometimes it gets to 350 degrees but most of the time not.Beyond Repair
Awaiting receipt of timer
Inver Grove Heights, MinnesotaDoes not control temperature. Usually does not reach set point. Sometimes it will overshoot the set point. When stuck below set point, it does not appear to be calling for heat (the "heat" indicator is not on). Cycling the oven off and back on again will sometimes get it heating again. The problem is somewhat intermittent, but will happen about every other time the oven is used.
Other Notes:
1) The oven is rated at 5.6 KW at 240 VAC.
2) Both the upper and lower heating elements are working and will turn red depending on the function selected.
3) Temp sensor measures 1090 ohms at the board when at 70F. Temp appears to display accurately when oven is running (compared to a mechanical thermometer).
Wausau, WisconsinOven temp not accurate. Does not respond to temp change input after preheating. Broiler doesn't come on/heat properly.Repaired
Colorado Springs, ColoradoNo display.Beyond Repair
Wausau, WisconsinOven temp not accurate. Does not respond to temp change input after preheating. Broiler doesn't come on/heat properly.Repaired

Common problems for Whirlpool Electric Built-In Oven RB260PXYB Timer Repair

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Whirlpool Built-In Oven model RB260PXYB with electronic controls. Oven heats but temps are 25-60 deg below panel setting. Is the thermcouple/temp sensor the most logical culprit? Thanks, Bob
We have a Whirlpool RB260 built in oven. Lately when preheating, let's say at 350F it only gets up to 270F. If you keep it on for an extended period of time it eventually gets to about 320F. The other problem is that it doesn't seem to respond when you try to increase the temp. For instance, you have it set at 350F and want to increase to 400F. There is no response. If you then turn it off and back on and set for 400F both elements will come on and it tries to get up to 400F Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks. Bernie Wisconsin
Oven Mod # RB260PXYB O If you set temperature to 425 degrees it will warm up to about 350 (on a analog thermometer). It will not hold that temlperature. It will trickle down to about 259. All this time the "heating" indicator is lighted. The heating element does not glow red except for the initial heating period. If I flip the circuit breaker off and then back on, the heating element once again glows bright red and the temp rises to about 350 where it again begins to cool to 250.
I need a wiring diagram to wire my oven to the house power. Whirlpool electric model# rb260pxyb
wont heat past 200 degres model rb260pxyb. I oven will not heat past 200 degrees reguardless what i set the bake temp to.
F9 error error code won't go away, even when turn oven off whirlpool RB260PXYB under counter oven checked air vent is OK, not clogged checked circuit board looks OK, relays look OK
My name is Val, and I own a WHIRLPOOL RB260PXYB OVEN and neither heating element is coming on. I even tried using the cleaning setting and the element did not come on. I checked the circuit board and found no burnt marks, I checked voltage and had 240 volts in the box. The display does not indicate any fault. The display looks normal. Everything worked yesterday.When calling for bake the display shows a signal of heat but the element is not recieving any volts. Is there an in line fuse somewhere or is my board not working properly. Can you send me a wiring diagram for the oven please and any helpful hints for troubleshooting this oven.