Frigidaire Electric Range PLES389DCC Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Frigidaire PLES389DCC Electric Range?

Timer part number 316272204 for Frigidaire PLES389DCC

The PLES389DCC Electric Range uses timer part number 316272204.

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PLES389DCC are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Electrolux PLES389DCC Electric Range

PLES389DCC Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Backguard Parts diagram
PLES389DCC Electric Range Backguard Parts diagram
Body Parts diagram
PLES389DCC Electric Range Body Parts diagram
Top/drawer Parts diagram
PLES389DCC Electric Range Top/drawer Parts diagram
Door Parts diagram
PLES389DCC Electric Range Door Parts diagram
Wiring diagram Parts diagram
PLES389DCC Electric Range Wiring diagram Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Loomis, Californiawas reinstalling the Range and the power in white neutral wire did not get hooked back up and.when right burner was turned on it shorted that part of the timer. If it coast a little more to fix it that's Ok. Ernie phone 916-276-8799Beyond Repair
Philadelphia, TennesseeEverything works, except both heating elements in the oven which do not turn onRepaired
Wewahitchka, FloridaHalf of display not working. Bake and other functions not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
MELROSE, MassachusettsOven DOES NOT HEAT (in Bake or Broil or Clean Mode) and the Fan Does NOT Operate as usualAwaiting receipt of timer
Charleston, South CarolinaControl board failed; stove top still works, but timer/clock/control pane all stopped working spontaneously. Control board had a small component with some charring around it on the circuit boardAwaiting receipt of timer
MELROSE, MassachusettsOven DOES NOT HEAT (in Bake or Broil or Clean Mode) and the Fan Does NOt Operate as usualAwaiting receipt of timer
CarolinaOven Will not turn onRepaired
North Caldwell, New JerseyWith no oven or stove top activity the F1 and beeping began. Power shut off and then restored with the same results. Thermal Interruptor switch replaced. Power restored and 57 minutes later the F1 and beeping began. No activity, not even resetting the clock, was done in the 57 minute period.Repaired
North Caldwell, New JerseyWhen oven cleaning is selected, the cycle starts and then goes into error code F1Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Seattle, WashingtonCannot get the Bake button to work so have to use pre heat. Now cannot get the start button to work. Warming drawer buttons no longer workAwaiting receipt of timer
FORT MYERS, FloridaDOES NOT WORKReplaced with reconditioned timer

Common problems for Frigidaire Electric Range PLES389DCC Timer Repair

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On a Frigidaire PLES389DCC how do you replace the electronic controls. I mean how do you get to it?
I have a Frigidaire oven model PLES389DCC, it's top cooking function well, but display panel PF show, the clock start from 12:00 (after off/on circuit breaker) and kicking. I have order the control panel and replace with new one and still the same problem. Where is another p[lace should I check.
I need to know if replacing the clock control board curcuit- don't know the exact name for it. I know it is f20 on parts diagram. How hard is it to replace this myself. I am very fimailar with replacing computer circuit boards and etc... is it similar? Do I need any special tools? It looks like a few screws, and unpluging and repluging several wires. (which I will label as I remove from board.) any advice would be welcome! I was really hoping that I could repair this my self, otherwise I'll have no oven until the end of the month when I get my social sercurity check... to pay a repair man. please help advise if possible Dawn
I have a frigidaire oven with a bad control panel or some call it electronic clock.I want to know if i replace it will it work by simply replacing it or does it need some special programing after it is installed? The motor latch assembly is also bad that opens and closes the door when it is in clean mode if i dont replace this will the oven still work as long as i dont use the clean cycle.Also ithe locking rod easy easy acessed from under the oven top could i just turn it to locked and clen it and turn it back after it has finished and cooled down.Just trying to go the cheapest route.I know this is whats wrong because i took it to a frigidaire repair place but they wanted $460 to replace everything and i could buy a new one for that.I can get the control panel on your site for $190 and the motor latch assembly for $75 but would rather not replace this if i dont need to.
replace control panel
Frigidaire PLES389DCC MODEL Electrolux Professional Series My glass cooktop is cracked, where is the cheapest site to find a replacement glass
I'm getting an F1 error on my Frigidaire PLES389DCC. I have to flip breaker to clear, and it comes back quite often. help!
Help! My Frigidaire oven (Model PLES389DCC) left front burner will go off by itself in about 1 min after turning it on. Then, it will back come on for a short while and goes off again in cycles. I can hear a click when it goes off and a humming sound when it comes back on. Do I need to change the burner element or it's a different problem?
i have a whirlpool oven model #ples389dcc....the letters & temp. settings have rubbed or faded off....what would be the name of the part I need? Is it the face plate?
My Frigidaire model ples389dcc will not heat up on any of the rangetop elements, the over or the broiler. The burner on indicators light when a burner is turned on but the element does not heat up and the hot element indicator on top of the range never comes on. I can set the oven temperature but the oven elements never come on and oven does not heat. There is no failure indication on the control panel. Can you help?
I have a Frgidaire Convection Oven oven Model PLES389DCC and it looks like the clock/clock in the front panel has gone bad, How do you remove the front panel assembly?
I have a Frigidaire Slide in range/oven (PLES389DCC) and the oven is displaying a PF (Power Off) periodically. It is NOT due to an electical power failure (circuit is fine) but appears to be a short? If I turn a burner know the Oven/Display will show (12:00 PF) and then I can reset via clock and the oven resumes heating. I am thinking it is a electonic board and the range is 6 years old. Any estimates of how much this would cost and your thoughts to replace vs repair?
I have a frigidair range Mod PLES389DCC. My question is the control panel does the ooven wire go to P11 or P13
We have a slide in oven Frigidaire model PLES389DCC. We heard and saw a spark when we turned on the warmer burner. We turned it off but it continues to heat. The only way to shut it off is by unplugging the oven. Can you help?
To replace the door hinge on a PLES389DCC there are two pieces. One in the door itself (easy to replace) but the other is in the front face of the oven. How do I get to the back of the oven face to replace the second part of the hinge.
i have glass top oven model PLES389DCC - door lock is not working - need to know the secret to removing top to gain access to lock motor