General Electric Electric Range JBP56GR1WH Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the General Electric JBP56GR1WH Electric Range?

Timer part number WB27X5476 for General Electric JBP56GR1WH

The JBP56GR1WH Electric Range uses timer part number WB27X5476.

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JBP56GR1WH are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

GE JBP56GR1WH Electric Range, JBP56G*R1

JBP56GR1WH Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Control panel & cooktop Parts diagram
JBP56GR1WH Electric Range Control panel & cooktop Parts diagram
Body Parts diagram
JBP56GR1WH Electric Range Body Parts diagram
Door & drawer Parts diagram
JBP56GR1WH Electric Range Door & drawer Parts diagram

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Common problems for General Electric Electric Range JBP56GR1WH Timer Repair

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I have a GE self-cleaning electric oven model JBP56GR1wh. With the oven not in operation I get an error code F2 and the oven beeps and will not operate. I can reset the oven, but the error code and beeping starts again in about a minute What does the error code tell me? John
When I press on "Bake" on my GE oven, and then enter a temperature, it accepts the temperature and after a moment displays "100 degrees, bake ON", as is customary. However, exactly 17 seconds since I pressed "Bake", the display clears all the baking display data, leaving just the clock time. No error codes are displayed, it looks like the oven has simply canceled the "bake" without any message. A similar things happens with "Clean" and with "Broil", they are canceled after 17 seconds, without any message, just the clock remains on the display. I tested the Oven Sensor Assembly (GE # Part number: WB21X5301 $(document).ready(function() { $('.partvideo_WB21X5301').load('/videoproxy.php?partid=WB21X5301'); });