Whirlpool Built-In Electric Oven GBD307PDT7 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Whirlpool GBD307PDT7 Built-In Electric Oven?

Timer part number 973354 for Whirlpool GBD307PDT7

The GBD307PDT7 Built-In Electric Oven uses timer part number 973354.

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GBD307PDT7 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Lower oven/literature Parts diagram
GBD307PDT7 Built-In Electric Oven Lower oven/literature Parts diagram
Upper oven Parts diagram
GBD307PDT7 Built-In Electric Oven Upper oven Parts diagram
Oven door Parts diagram
GBD307PDT7 Built-In Electric Oven Oven door Parts diagram
Latch Parts diagram
GBD307PDT7 Built-In Electric Oven Latch Parts diagram
Internal oven Parts diagram
GBD307PDT7 Built-In Electric Oven Internal oven Parts diagram
Control panel Parts diagram
GBD307PDT7 Built-In Electric Oven Control panel Parts diagram
Top venting/optional Parts diagram
GBD307PDT7 Built-In Electric Oven Top venting/optional Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
West Chester, OhioIntermittent display with fault codes - E6 F2. After power was turned off and timer was cleaned it displayed a fault code E1 F2. If timer can not be repaired, please send a reconditioned one.Awaiting receipt of timer
Brandon, FloridaIt started off as intermittent, now it is just blankAwaiting receipt of timer
Gloucester, VirginiaIt slowly died over a few days. One morning screen was blank, cycled the power, and I got a E6 F2 Error code. Then, there is no error code oven screen is blank, door opens and light goes on, buttons beep when pressed. I replaced the 5 capacitors on the board, and it worked for about 8 hours, then the next morning the screen was blank and cycling the power had no effect.Repaired

Common problems for Whirlpool Built-In Electric Oven GBD307PDT7 Timer Repair

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The display in my 2.5 year-old double oven went blank. I can turn the lights and fans on but I cannot read anything in the screen (not even the clock). I tried resetting, cleaning connectors and any suggestion posted on the web. My conclusion is that I will have to replace parts... My question is: should I replace the control panel (P/N 8302319) or the display component ( P/N 8300435)? or both? Is there any way to know for sure where is the problem?
I have a Whirlpool Gold double electric wall oven (upper Convection) stainless/ black. Model#Model GBD277PDS09 Ser#XP4504175. I purchased it new in 10/11/03. As of late the oven has started beeping. I reset the breaker. panel shows PF. The clock will set however a padlock symbol appears and the word "Start" I then press the start button to find the clock will go out. If I press and hold the "Upper oven off" button a fault code of E6oNF2 appears. After reading several posts in your forum I am guessing I have an issue with the keypad, clock, membrane or control board. Or a combination with some or all the above. I have looked at it a little so far and the connection between the pad and control board looks in tact. I'm hoping you can help me out.
I have a Whirlpool double oven (electric) that started beeping and gave the error message E6 F2 back in August. I checked your forum and found the meaning of the error code, ordered a new control panel from you, and it worked like a charm...until now. Now the oven will beep occasionally, but the control panel is dark...no error messages...nothing. Since the panel was under warranty, you guys sent me another, but it didn't fix the problem. What now? I know I have power, because the buttons will "beep," but everything's dark.
However, whether I press down or press the tabs together towards the connector body, I see no movement in the connect pin connections inside the connector. I am afraid to force the ribbon cable in as I might damage the frail ribbon cable and then I would need to buy the keypad replacement. Any ideas on how to properly insert the ribbon cable from the keypad into the control board?
Hello and I hope you can help with a very stange problem. Installed an IM4 brandnew GE sealed add on icemaker kit to a bottom mount fridge. Not problem with the install. Went to test and water valve did not energise. Tested voltage at water valve input and reads 120V. Assumed bad valve came in the kit. Replaced the valve and same problem. This time I tested valve coil by applying 120V direclty to the terminals (safely of course) and valve fires no problem and water feeds to ice maker. Tested origianl valve as well and its coil works with 120V direct. Very very rangen. Could there not be enough current from the 120V signal from the icemaker to the valve ? Have you ever seen something such as this ?? Totally stumped. Hope you can help.
My Whirlpool double oven display is blank. Pressing most of the buttons gives a short long short short short beep sequence. Is there anyway to reset this or does one of the modules need to be replaced? If it a module fault would it be the control panel or the clock control module? I suspect the control module. Dave Jupin
We have a whirlpool built in oven that has oven lights on but no lights on the display and the oven will not come on.
I have Whirlpool Gold Double ovens GBD307PDS7... I was self cleaning them. I did the top oven it finished and started the bottom oven. Half way through the cleaning the process stopped. The lights in side the oven still work, if i push a button on the panel it makes noise but nothing happens the oven does not turn on the panel does not light up Help!
Have a Whirlpool Built in Electric Convection Oven Model GBD307PDS7 Serial #XM1808420 that is acting erratic and displays error codes E6 F2. Is the board bad or what is my problem?
I have a built-in double oven (Model GBD307pds7). Panel at the top has died (second time). Last time I replaced the tech told me it would be better to buy a new oven. I'm not going to repair again and am looking at new built in units. How do I figure out the size of the ovens I currently have? I'm looking at a 27-inch unit.
Why my whirl pool built in electric convection oven console blower will not shut off?