Dacor Oven CPS130 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Dacor CPS130 Oven?

Timer part number 82759 for Dacor CPS130

The CPS130 Oven uses timer part number 82759.

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CPS130 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Door assy Parts diagram
CPS130 Oven Door assy Parts diagram
Non-conv oven Parts diagram
CPS130 Oven Non-conv oven Parts diagram
Conv oven Parts diagram
CPS130 Oven Conv oven Parts diagram
Cabinet Parts diagram
CPS130 Oven Cabinet Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Paradise Valley, ArizonaWhen I turn on my electric Dacor Convection oven, it will start for 30 sec then it shuts down for all functions. (strangely the clock works fine). Thank you.Repaired
Brooklyn, New YorkF1 beeps whenever oven is not onRepaired
Green Brook, New JerseyWhen I turn on oven, stays on for 30 seconds and then turns off. This happens with bake & broil, Standard and Convection modes. Also sometimes it works.Repaired
Green Brook, New Jerseywhen I turn on the oven, it will start to work for around 30 second then it shuts off. This happens in bake or broil convection or regular .Repaired
Unionville, OntarioF1 error code comes on every 30 secs when oven is not in use.

Alarm goes off when oven is in use and oven works perfectly normal.
Unionville, OntarioF1 error code comes on every 30 secs when oven is not in use.

Alarm goes off when oven is in use and oven works perfectly normal.

Common problems for Dacor Oven CPS130 Timer Repair

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dacor cps130 wall oven f1 error My oven works fine when cooking, but after the oven is shut off I get a f1 error. The oven works well but often, and out of the blue, the oven will beep with f1 error posted. Help!
dacor touchpad on my dacor oven cps130 set temperature at 350 then shutoff tried several times and did same thing prior to that we were getting f1 code after cooking something...if i need a need touch pad need in white its discontinued where can i get discontinued dacor partsthank you nancy
dacor cps130 wall oven f1 error My oven works fine when cooking, but after the oven is shut off I get a f1 error.Dacor cps130 wall oven f1 error: I am getting an F1 Error and the oven beeps pretty much every 30 seconds. Please help.
My Dacor wont heat, broil or convection after self cleaning. No heat but everything else works The bake, broil, and convection elements on my Dacor CPS130 electric wall oven will not heat.  The oven has full power, all cooking modes (including delayed start) and self clean have been checked and all appear normal except that the elements do not heat (the display reads 135 pre-heating.  Dacor tech support said (because I had recently broiled with the door open) that the high limit switch needed to be reset and that would have to done by a service tech.  If possible I would like to do this myself.  What is involved?  How is this done?
I have a Dacor Convection Plus Oven model CPS130 (about 13-15 years old) that no longer heats, convection fan works, not lower or broiler elements working? Any suggestions? Repair or replace?
I have a dacor convection plus wall oven model #CPS130. It is probably 10+ years old and it will no longer turn on at all. A service repair agent said it will need an entire new mother board which will end up costing over $800.00. For an older oven, does it make sense to spend this amount of money to get it fixed - or is it likely that something else could go wrong as well and it would have been better just to get a new oven?
Dacor CPS130: The oven stopped working and the clock, oven temperature settings starting going backwards. So, we replaced the Touch Pad which corrected the temperature settings from going backwards. HOWEVER, it would not heat. So, we replaced the Control Panel and everything appears to work and we hear the click to start heating yet nothing heats at all. Is there a re-set button/switch to reset the oven?! OR what else is wrong? Please advise.
I have a dacor cps130 oven. Started to do a self clean, the oven appeared to be self cleaning, but the oven did not complete the self clean. The oven started to beep continually read "F1" on the control panel. The oven failure code says that an element relay circuit failure occured. I was a electronic tech before I retired, I know I can replace a relay or the whole electronic circuit board if necesary. I was pertty good with a soldering iron. Can I fix this unit myself?
We have two Dacor CPS130 ovens. The glass door panels in both doors have cracked. Can I get replacement parts and repair these myself? Also, the + and - key on one oven does not work. I suspect an air bubble below the membrane. Is there a way to remove the air bubble? Thanks
Dacor CPS130 Oven - F1 error I have ran the ERC test and found that the cooling fan does not turn on. It also fails to initiate as the oven heats beyond 210 220 degrees. However, the fan operates when I have manually jumped it via separate power. I thought this problem was a result of a bad Main Relay Board - and I have replaced it with a new board. Still fails to work. With power on and oven temperature above 220 I tested the power supply for the fan - it reads 7.9 - should read about 120. I have inspected and cleaned all wiring connections. A further test I tried was to disconnect the oven membrane switch panel ribbon from the clock/brain module - after turning the power on the F1 DID NOT display F1 - just the F4 code The ohm test for the oven temp sensor reads 1030 +- I live out in the Stix - and Dacor provides NO tech support. Any help/guidance is much appreciated. thanks
cps130 purchased 1999-2000 Unit appears to work and allows you to select mode and temp then displays preheat info and begins with fans blowing etc. In about 15 seconds the display goes back to off just like you pressed the cancel button.
We have a Dacor CPS130 30" single electric oven w/convection. Last night the oven started beeping and we can't get the beeping to stop. There is an F1 code on the panel. Any advice?