Dacor Oven CPS127 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Dacor CPS127 Oven?

Timer part number 62692 for Dacor CPS127

The CPS127 Oven uses timer part number 62692.

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CPS127 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Door assy Parts diagram
CPS127 Oven Door assy Parts diagram
Non-conv oven Parts diagram
CPS127 Oven Non-conv oven Parts diagram
Conv oven Parts diagram
CPS127 Oven Conv oven Parts diagram
Cabinet Parts diagram
CPS127 Oven Cabinet Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Etobicoke, OntarioError code F1 displayed on touch pad.Awaiting receipt of timer
Atascadero, CaliforniaOven starts to heat up, then shuts itself off. Problem was intermittent, now goes to F1 error code.Beyond Repair
Seneca, South CarolinaTimer was sent and could not be repaired due to bad EPROM. Need to pay shipping to for return shipment. Talk to Howard Simons for detailsBeyond Repair
Piedmont, CaliforniaWhen you start it, the oven stays on for about 7 seconds and then goes off.Awaiting receipt of timer
Mountain View, CaliforniaUsed to be intermittent F1 error after cooking. Now it is always in the F1 error state. Cancel button stops it, but it recurs in 25 seconds if no cook function selected.

Tested voltage at J2 1-3, showed 24.9 volts.
Awaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for Dacor Oven CPS127 Timer Repair

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Dacor Oven model # CPS127 - part # 13158B - discontinued. How to find Model# CPS 127 - part# 13158B is discontinued. How to find one?
decor oven I have a dacor convection oven model # cps127.  No heat.  I'll set the temp to 350, it shows a temp of 135 and after approximately 7 seconds I hear a click and then another click.  The boat is dead in the water. ÂÂ
dacor convection oven cps127/130 failure code f1 book says code f1 means element relay circut failure, does this mean i must replace the main relay circut board?? thanks, steve
I have a CPS127 Decor oven. it keeps showing a failure code of F1. How do I fix it.
After cleaning my Dacor CPS127 oven the oven will not heat up. The last time this happened the technician reset the manual rest on the oven hi temp limit. I have looked around the main relay board in the panel compartment but can't seem to find the reset. HELP!
I have a Dacor CPS127 that won't come up to temperature most of the time, sometimes it does. I've put in a new 220V breaker, and a control panel board and pressed the red reset button. The clock has always worked as have all the controls during all this. Do I now replace the relay board?
I have a Dacor CPS127 oven and got an error code F2 (oven overheat). Is this a bad panel in the pushbutton/bezel or is this a bad board where all the high voltage terminates?
We just cleaned our Dacor CPS127 Convection Oven (max time, max heat). Now it won't heat...user manual is deficient on how to reset. What is protocol, please. Thanks.
Hi! I have a Dacor Convection Plus Oven Model #CPS127.. Now when I touch pad to set the oven, I get a clock beep and a F4 readout instead of the oven set mode...I need help! Thanks in advance!!! Ken!
My Dacor oven has f8 error message which means there is something wrong with the latch. Is there any way to overide this so we can open door and press the reset. The latch will not unlatch and the beeping is driving us batty.
I have a dacor cps127 27 single electric over. When I start the oven in bake, convection, and any of the other modes the oven turns on for several seconds and then turms off. Can you tell me what is wrong?
I have a Dacor CPS127 Oven. It turns off after approx 7sec. How do I reset Temp sensor?