Dacor Wall Oven CPO230 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Dacor CPO230 Wall Oven?

Timer part number 82811 for Dacor CPO230

The CPO230 Wall Oven uses timer part number 82811.

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CPO230 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Chassis assy Parts diagram
CPO230 Wall Oven Chassis assy Parts diagram
Door assy Parts diagram
CPO230 Wall Oven Door assy Parts diagram
Trim assy Parts diagram
CPO230 Wall Oven Trim assy Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Patchogue, New Yorkoven fan on top oven not functioning as well as all other oven functionsAwaiting receipt of timer
Bloomfield, MichiganF1 code that clears with CANCEL
Upper oven shuts off after 2sec when heating elements are plugged in (seems to work when heating elements disconnected).

Common problems for Dacor Wall Oven CPO230 Timer Repair

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Dacor CPO230, can't get lock to engage for self cleaning. I follow step clean symbolcomes up door lock moves into locked position then beeping starts and the word door flashes and the lock opens up.
looking for technical documentation for dacor cpo230 oven. evidently light socket in lower oven shorted(found big solder blob in it when i took bulb out and then traced wires back that had melted insulation)this inturn took out entire control system (clock, temp set mode light etc. the only thing that still ran was cooling fan, They don't make boards anymore, They look relatively simple compared to com gear and radar gear I worked on in military so I figured with some schematics I may be able to repair since no appliance people go past board changing.may need some help since theory of op on oven probably differs from radar.also if there is a pc board repair service or supplier for dicontinued parts available that knowledge would help
My lower Dacor double oven CPO230 convection plus has locked and I can't open it. I was trying to clean the oven and after the cycle started, and the oven locked and a warning busser came on flashing "F8". I kept repeating even after I hit the cancel button, so I turned the circuit breaker off. The next morning I threw the circuit breaker back on, but the lower oven is locked. How do I unlock it?
I own a Dacor CPO230 double oven, top oven is convection. After using the built-in cleaning function the top oven stopped working most of the time. I noticed that the glass cover for the oven light was badly cracked with a piece or two missing. The function display works perfectly for both ovens. (bottom oven works perfectly) Also the clock and clock function works fine. Every once in a while I would try the top oven and it would work. Sometimes the oven would start to heat and them quit, most often nothing. I have tried all the convection oven functions, eg. convection, broil, bottom heat, etc., and had them work at one time or another so I know that the heating coils do work. I have removed the oven face plate, and It apppears that a relay board is setting very near the light socket position and probably got toasted. What do you think? What do I need?
Our Dacor CPO230 owen starts beeping in the middle of the night and displays an F2 owen failure code for the lower (non convection) owen while the owen is off. The manual says F2 means owen temperature exceeded the cooking runaway temperature, or the clean runaway temperature (but we have not used self cleaning in a while). The reset button stops the beeping, but sometimes the beeping restarts after a few minutes, and sometimes the beeing does not return for a few days. Both owens work just fine. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thank you!
The Dacor double oven CPO230 is evidently extinct as are all the PCBs that make up the control panel, clocks ,clocks, etc. is there a PC board repair outfit to do the work on these boards and where might I find the pin out/schematic for the boards input and output. I have the wire diagrams but they don't show board function or whats supposed to be where feeding what they only have blank boxes where the PC are. Come to think of it a parts list for these boards. I've been out of it a while ..in my days used to buy schematics for just about everything from SAMS
Dacor Oven Model CPO230 - Can I order a complete control panel (not the Glass Cover but the electronic controls and knobs. Have problems with temperature control, F2 failure code in the lower oven, broken control knob for the upper pven and missing pushbutton knobs.
oven alarm goes off at any time showing F1 on our cpo230 double electric oven
I have a cpo230 dacor oven. the upper oven works just fine but the lower oven recently developed a problem of not heating. The oven will start to heat up but stop before the temp reaches 200 degrees. When the problem first started you could restart it a couple of times and it would eventually heat up and maintain the temp. I believe I replaced the temp sensor on the top oven several years back. I purchased the unit in 1994.