Amana ARGS7650WW Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Amana ARGS7650WW Electronic Range/Oven?

Timer part number 31944801, AP4041311 for Amana ARGS7650WW Range

The ARGS7650WW Electronic Range/Oven uses timer part number 31944801, 053-00131-00 or AP4041311. This part has been permanently discontinued by the manufacturer.

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Schematic Diagram for Amana ARGS7650WW Range

Amana ARGS7650WW Range Schematic Diagram
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CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Oakville, OntarioShuts Down Mid CookingRepaired
Burr Ridge, IllinoisF3 alarm intermittentlyRepaired
North Caldwell, New JerseyF3 error happens at any point before the oven reaches 350. will not stay on longer then 10 minutes. Replaced heating element and thermostat twice still issue continues. Service tech says we need a new electronic control panel for the oven. will this part work? How much will it cost.Awaiting receipt of timer
North Caldwell, New JerseyF3 error happens at any point before the oven reaches 350. will not stay on longer then 10 minutes. Replaced heating element and thermostat twice still issue continues. Service tech says we need a new electronic control panel for the oven. will this part work? How much will it cost.Awaiting receipt of timer
Morpeth, OntarioOven Clean and Broiler and Bake are not responding
Along with Temp Settings not working Could be Relay's ?
Woodbridge, VirginiaThe male part of some of the buttons are broken and face plate of the unit does not stay connected to the back half, tabs are all broken off.Awaiting receipt of timer
WENTZVILLE, Missouriafter a power failure the display was out and the oven would not work.
There was 120 VAC at J4 on the circuit card.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Peterborough, Ontariodead - does not show anything on screenBeyond Repair
Portland, OregonDead. Power to unit but no display. No Clock, timer, oven contorol etc.Repaired
Eugene, OregonClock sometimes blinks.

Clock is sometimes completely blank, and control panel is unresponsive.

Oven sometimes shuts off during cooking.

Usually, it works fine, but malfunctions are becoming more frequent.
Ardsley, New YorkEverything on the digital panel has stopped working - clock , all selections on touch pad.Awaiting receipt of timer
brooklyn, New YorkTurns off intermittently. Returns with blinking time.Awaiting receipt of timer
Sand Springs, OklahomaWe had a lightning strike in vicinity that damaged several items in the house that had electronic circuit boards. Routers, garage door openers, TV, electronic range control, etc. The ERC was giving an F5 code, which according to the manual is a “control malfunction”. I have sent the board in to one of your competitors and they have been unable to fix the problem. The ERC has 3 connectors, the J4 connector (power to the board), the J5 connector (igniters for bake/broil), and the J2 connector (temp sensor and door lock switch). I have plugged in the 3 connectors sequentially (J4, J5, J2) and the F5 code only appears after the J5 connector is plugged in. This leads one to suspect that the temp sensor or the door lock switch is the problem. However, the temp sensor reads 1080 Ohm at room temp and the door lock switch has continuity across the proper terminals. In addition, when the F5 code is present, you can put ERC in “Bake” mode and the oven will turn on, come up to set temp, and cycle the gas on/off to maintain temp. It is only when the ERC is not in “Bake” mode that the F5 code returns. It appears to me that the temp sensor and door lock switch is fine. The temp sensor read about 1580 Ohm a few minutes after the oven was warmed to 350F and then turned off.Repaired
Boulder, ColoradoOven often turns itself off.Replaced with reconditioned timer
London, OntarioAfter a baking session , the timer blacks out (loses power) for 2-5 minutes, then comes back on.
From past experience ( we're on the second timer) we know this will get worse.
Shapleigh, MaineOven does not reach temp.Replaced with reconditioned timer
North Vancouver, British ColumbiaOven will not maintain temperature during baking. Warms up initially but will not re-ignite gas once oven cools during baking cycle.Repaired
Sanford, MaineAt first, when oven was turned on, unit lost power and reset.
Now, unit has no power to it.
Santa Fe, New MexicoNo Digital DisplayAwaiting receipt of timer

Common ARGS7650WW timer/clock/ERC problems

Amana gas oven Model #ARGS7650WW. How does the top of the oven come off to access the wiring act.? It doesn't have a flip top. Do the sides of the cabinet have to come off to access screws to the top?
Amana Natural Gas oven model ARGS7650WW. Problem is that it begins to heat up then stops heating. Strong smell of gas is present. I took of the regulator and tried to clean it out with a can of compressed air. It seemed to work for a couple of days and now problem is back. I don't know if it is the regulator but I suspect that is the problem. I checked the shut off valve also and it seems fine. I looked for the regulator on line and it is a discontinued part so will be difficult to find. Do you have any recommendations?
I am looking for an Amana oven manual for gas oven model ARGS7650WW. The oven does not heat. The indicators show on but the temp does not get above 100 degrees. Tom McLaughlin
How do I remove the front control panel to replace the touch pad? Not obvious to me.
I have a gas range/oven ARGS7650WW. The oven suddenly will not heat up and I have been told the element is gone. How do I order a replacement?
Amana oven (model# ARGS7650ww) needs new igniter I have an Amana oven (model# ARGS7650ww) in which the oven has stopped working. I believe it might be the igniter because the oven says it's on, but won't heat up. How difficult is it to replace the igniter? I am thinking of doing it myself. Thanks in advance. Pat
my burner igniters will not stop sparking, regardless of position, unless the unit is unplugged. Is there anything I can do to reset the unit? Amana ARGS7650WW
Replacing the ERC in an ARGS7650WW Hello. I want to replace the ERC in my oven. Can you verify that I can remove the cooktop by removing the center screws in the burners. Will that give me good access to the ERC area? Thanks! EMG
Oven gas does not come on? I have an Amana Gas range model# ARGS7650WW. When push the oven on button to bake and I set a temp. the oven does not turn on. I can not hear the gas coming into the oven as I would in the pass.
I have an Amana ARGS7650ww. The igniters will not spark.