Amana Gas Range ARGS7650LL Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Amana ARGS7650LL Gas Range?

Timer part number 315570 for Amana ARGS7650LL

The ARGS7650LL Gas Range uses timer part number 315570.

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ARGS7650LL are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Whirlpool ARGS7650LL Gas Range, ARGS7650WW-P1130758NWW, ARGS7650E-P1130755NE, ARGS7650E-P1130762NE, ARGS7650E-P1130757NE, ARGS7650LL-P1130760NLL, ARGS7650WW-P1130765NWW, ARGS7650WW-P1130762NWW, ARGS7650LL-P1130761NLL, ARGS7650CC-P1130766NCC, ARGS7650E-P1130756NE, ARGS7650E-P1130765NE, ARGS7650E-P1130766NE, ARGS7650E-P1130764NE, ARGS7650LL-P1130759NLL, ARGS7650E-P1130759NE, ARGS7650LL-P1130765NLL, ARGS7650LL-P1130758NLL, ARGS7650SS-P1130766NSS, ARGS7650WW-P1130759NWW, ARGS7650WW-P1130764NWW, ARGS7650SS-P1130765NSS, ARGS7650E-P1130752NE, ARGS7650WW-P1130755NWW, ARGS7650WW-P1130760NWW, ARGS7650WW-P1130761NWW, ARGS7650WW-P1130766NWW, ARGS7650E-P1130760NE, ARGS7650SS-P1130764NSS, ARGS7650LL-P1130752NLL, ARGS7650WW-P1130756NWW, ARGS7650CC-P1130765NCC, ARGS7650WW-P1130752NWW, ARGS7650E-P1130761NE, ARGS7650LL-P1130762NLL, ARGS7650E-P1130758NE, ARGS7650LL-P1130764NLL, ARGS7650LL-P1130756NLL, ARGS7650LL-P1130757NLL, ARGS7650WW-P1130757NWW, ARGS7650LL-P1130755NLL

ARGS7650LL Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Cabinet Parts diagram
ARGS7650LL Gas Range Cabinet Parts diagram
Cavity Parts diagram
ARGS7650LL Gas Range Cavity Parts diagram
Main top Parts diagram
ARGS7650LL Gas Range Main top Parts diagram
Control panel and gas supply Parts diagram
ARGS7650LL Gas Range Control panel and gas supply Parts diagram
Oven door & storage drawer Parts diagram
ARGS7650LL Gas Range Oven door & storage drawer Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Yuma, Arizonatimer clock went blank not showing a failure code...oven will not functionRepaired
Southold, New Yorkoven will not go over 100 degreesTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
Ojo Caliente, New MexicoClock and controls work but oven does not light and am assuming the broiler, separate in this stove also will not light.Beyond Repair

Common problems for Amana Gas Range ARGS7650LL Timer Repair

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I have an Amana args7650ss oven. We are using propane. A few months back we had the propane tank/regulator reworked. Since that time, the flame on the oven burners is ooven and one of the burners will not light automatically. Is there a way to adjust the air/propane mixture to improve the flame?
I have an amana args7650ss oven. Attempted to start cleaning cycle. Heard clicking sound while lock light flashed. Started to blink "door" then ended with an error code. Now door is locked. On-line suggestion was to start cleaning cycle, interrupt it and it would unlock itself. Problem is, the problem keeps the cleaning cycle from starting at all. So I'm stuck. How can I get the door open?
I have a Amana gas range model #ARGS7650SS. The oven, broiler and range top all work fine. When on the cleaning cycle only the broiler lights, no oven, therefore no cleaning. I put in a new oven ignitor. Len
i have amana args7650ss that is constandly when trying to bake at what ever temp is bip ping f3 code .. just change the sensor and still please
I have an Amana oven Model ARGS7650SS that both the broiler and oven won't light. They both stopped working at the same time. The top burners work fine and the digital controller thing seems to be working. I recently replaced that digital controller thing. Does one single igniter light both the broiler and oven? I would like to fix this thing myself, so what do you think the problem is. Frank
i have a args7650ss oven and want to convert to LP WHAT DO I DO.
My Amana drop-in range/oven (ARGS7650SS) clock goes blank in the middle of baking. Do I need to replace the Electronic clock? If so, how do I open the front to access the clock?
amana gas oven. model number args7650ss. The oven shuts off by it's self. It has an electronic control.