Amana Slide-in Self Cleaning Gas Range ACS3350AW Timer Repair

Amana ACS3350AW Slide-in Self Cleaning Gas Range Features:

Amana ACS3350AW Slide-in Self Cleaning Gas Range
  • One 5,000/4,000 BTU, one 9,100/8,000 BTU and two 12,500/10,000 BTU burners are designed to reduce burnouts from drafts or spills
  • Insta-Broil™ element uses infrared heat; meat cooks extra fast and stays juicy
  • Touchmatic™ Electronic Oven Control; precise control at your fingertips
  • Interior Oven Light lets you check your food without opening the the oven door
  • Extra-Large Viewing Window keeps every last cupcake in view
  • Two oven racks let you bake twice as many double chocolate brownies
  • Removable Full Width Storage Drawer keeps pots and pans handy
  • Porcelain Broiler Pan and Grid cleans up easily even after barbecued ribs
  • Self-Cleaning Porcelain Oven makes having a clean oven effortless
  • 30" gas range provides a seamless, built-in look
  • Full-Coverage Grates provide commercial look; makes it easy to move large pots across surface
  • Available in White, Bisque, Black and Stainless Steel to fit your style
  • Storage Drawer keeps pots, pans and lids within easy reach
  • Removable Counterbalanced Glass Oven Door stays open in any position
  • 1 yr. Full, 2 and 5 yr. Limited Warranty means peace of mind

What is the timer/clock part number for the Amana ACS3350AW Slide-in Self Cleaning Gas Range?

Timer part number 31844801 for Amana ACS3350AW

The ACS3350AW Slide-in Self Cleaning Gas Range uses timer part number 31844801.

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ACS3350AW are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Whirlpool ACS3350AW Slide-in Self Cleaning Gas Range, ACS3350AW0, ACS3350AW-PACS3350AW0

ACS3350AW Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Cabinet Parts diagram
ACS3350AW Slide-in Self Cleaning Gas Range Cabinet Parts diagram
Cavity Parts diagram
ACS3350AW Slide-in Self Cleaning Gas Range Cavity Parts diagram
Main top Parts diagram
ACS3350AW Slide-in Self Cleaning Gas Range Main top Parts diagram
Control panel and gas supply Parts diagram
ACS3350AW Slide-in Self Cleaning Gas Range Control panel and gas supply Parts diagram
Oven door & storage drawer Parts diagram
ACS3350AW Slide-in Self Cleaning Gas Range Oven door & storage drawer Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Atascadero, CaliforniaTimer powers down when gets to HOTRepaired
Kenmore, WashingtonOven either fails to ignite or ignited, brings to temperature, holds for a while & then fails. We had a service company come out & replace the ignitor but he noticed the LED was fading & he mentioned it may not last much longer. We actually had this new control panel installed in the range about 10 years ago & it's lasted this long...took us 3 mos to get that one back then. Let me know if you can help me...thanks!Awaiting receipt of timer
West Hempstead, New YorkThe electronic clock is not working at all - DEADAwaiting receipt of timer
Cato, New YorkDead, doesn't light at all. Died suddenly.Repaired
Pasadena, TexasGetting hard to make Oven button work. All other functions still work.Repaired
Modesto, CaliforniaIn bake mode, oven will only hold temperature for short time and then display F3. Can be reset by tripping breaker.Beyond Repair
Nampa, IdahoWas shutting of while baking. Tapping on frame would restart. Problem became more frequent. Wife lost patience trying to restart and hit face of control panel repeatedly while yelling at it. Sheared of lower 3 pins on display. Now its dead.Awaiting receipt of timer
Minneapolis, MinnesotaFace plate brokeAwaiting receipt of timer
Burnsville, MinnesotaTimer does not work and it also is smoking.Awaiting receipt of timer
Bear Valley Springs, CaliforniaThe Amana Gas Range emits a continuous signal/alarm once oven temperature reaches 250 degrees F. When this happens, the range "shuts down". The only way to clear the problem is by disconnecting the power. The burners operate satisfactorily, so the problem appears to be isolated to the oven control.Awaiting receipt of timer
Apple Valley, MinnesotaAll oven/range functions work. Following shut down, control alarms and displays the F5 code. Oven had a lightning hit which caused the control problem.Repaired
Merrimack, New HampshireIntermittent reset.Awaiting receipt of timer
Duluth, MinnesotaWhen I try to start the oven [bake or broil ] I hear a tic and a few sec. later a little smoke comes out of the control panel and a tic again and the clock starts to blink on and off the time. On codes?Repaired

Common problems for Amana Slide-in Self Cleaning Gas Range ACS3350AW Timer Repair

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your ACS3350AW timer-related problem.
We had a lightning strike and lost our oven to error code F5-Failed circuit in control. I have looked online and found the part #31944801 is no longer available. I called Repair and they do not repair it. Do you have any suggestions for a repair. Currently we are leaving the oven plugged in to maintain the electronic ignition for the top burners and to use the clock and clock, this means we must set the oven to a temperature and let it think it is trying to bake. This lasts for 12 hours then it gives up trying to turn on and we get the F5 code with beeping until we cancel and set the oven to a temperature again.
I have an Amana oven, model # XXXXX Last night an alarm sounded within the oven when I was broiling. I do not know how to turn it off and I have no idea if this oven has a "reset" button. So, I turned off the circuit breaker and this morning I unplugged the oven. Can you tell me what steps to take to get this appliance back in working order and also if there is a reset button?
We have a Amana oven model acs3350aw, when baking it will shut off and the led display well be blinking the time. I just changed the Ignitor because the burner would not lite. The current problem started not long after changing the ignitor
You already responded to me, but it didn't work. Why would the alarm come back on? It's a continuous alarm and came on when the oven reached 250 degrees.