Amana ACS3350AS Timer Repair

Amana ACS3350AS Electronic Range/Oven Features:

Amana ACS3350AS Electronic Range/Oven
  • One 5,000/4,000 BTU, one 9,100/8,000 BTU and two 12,500/10,000 BTU burners
  • Insta-BroilTM infrared heat element
  • TouchmaticTM Electronic Oven Control
  • Extra-Large Viewing Window
  • Removable Full Width Storage Drawer
  • Interior Oven Light
  • Two oven racks
  • Self-Cleaning Porcelain Oven
  • Porcelain Broiler Pan and Grid

Common ACS3350AS timer/clock/ERC problems

Error code displayed on screen

Manufacturer: Amana
Model: ACS3350AS Electronic Range/Oven
Description: If the oven is plugged in for more than a couple minutes, it makes a beeping sound and error code F3 is displayed on the screen.
Resolution: Repair the clock oven control board

Display is dead

Manufacturer: Amana
Model: ACS3350AS Electronic Range/Oven
Description: Amana ACS3350AS gas range display does not show anything and seems to be dead.The on/off light switch as well as the gas ignitor for top burners are working fine
Resolution: Main display control board has shorted and will need to be replaced

Control panel goes off

Manufacturer: Amana
Model: ACS3350AS Electronic Range/Oven
Description: The heat from the oven makes the control panel display go off
Resolution: This is caused by a bad ERC/Clock on the range. Clock should be repaired by an experienced technician.

Fingers went through control panel

Manufacturer: Amana
Model: ACS3350AS Electronic Range/Oven
Description: The control panel needs to be replaced because my fingers went though the display and it no longer works.
Resolution: This needs to be replaced with part number 31944801

What is the timer/clock part number for the Amana ACS3350AS Electronic Range/Oven?

Timer part number 31944801 for Amana ACS3350AS Range

The ACS3350AS Electronic Range/Oven uses timer part number 31944801.

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Schematic Diagram for Amana ACS3350AS Range

Amana ACS3350AS Range Schematic Diagram
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CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Merlin, OregonOven shuts down after 45-60 minutes in use. Repair guy says it is the control shutting down. This is a gas range. I need to make sure what parts need to be repaired or sent.
Thank you,
Regina S
Awaiting receipt of timer
Howell, MichiganTimer fails and oven will turn off, timer goes black, can push buttons randomly and sometimes it comes right back on. There is no logic to why it happens. Sometimes right away and other times not at all. Call my mobile with questions Craig Fisher 586-839-6328Repaired
santa fe, New Mexicocustomer first noted F3 with beeper continuous - never tried cancel key just hit breaker as user guide suggests... symptom repeated...
i pre-heated to 240 then 325 then 350 and at 350 control at some point no longer lit bake lights and temp set/read - - i hit bake again and got the F3 but i hit oven cancel instead of breaker and control continued to work... dissembled to re-seat temp sensor wiring and re-assembled but this time the key strokes wouldn't always take and i couldn't use the up down keys in clock mode but were ok in bake... then the key strokes began to work less and less...
Awaiting receipt of timer
Burlingame, CaliforniaControls don't work. Will not start the oven igniter. Clock does blink.Repaired
FLINT, MichiganTimer does not turn onAwaiting receipt of timer
Orland Park, IllinoisTimer turns on with no error code, but oven, broiler and shelf clean do not work. I replaced the igniter/glow thingy and still not working. I tested the old and new igniter in 120v outlet and they work. So I disconnected the igniter and attached multimeter and turned on oven and I got no reading. I also tested the outlet where the stove plugs into with multimeter and it works fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
ARLINGTON, MassachusettsButtons no longer work. Oven doesn't turn on as a result.Awaiting receipt of timer
Milltown, New JerseyOven wont stay on, error code, display panel blinks on and off or stays off.Awaiting receipt of timer
NORTHBROOK, IllinoisOven shuts off during use and control goes black, after time display comes back on with flashing clockRepaired
Brooklyn, New YorkOven turns off while cooking, screen goes completely blank like the power has been cut off. can temporarily restart after about 10 mins or so but will go off again once it gets hot.Awaiting receipt of timer
vancouver, British ColumbiaF3 error codeAwaiting receipt of timer
Grosse Pointe Woods, MichiganThe oven will not get hot/ sometimes shows code F3. There will sometimes be smoke from the display area. From what I've read online it's not the temp sensor (F3) but actually the control board (also the smoke)Awaiting receipt of timer
MONTREAL, QuebecOven Cancel button broken. Cannot stop oven (had to turn electrical breaker off for stove to stop).Awaiting receipt of timer
Tigard, OregonAfter oven is on for 10-15 minutes, it shuts itself off and have to wait for it to cool down.Repaired
Blue River, OregonOven control board is not working. Face panel got very hot, then quit working - there was no digital display and it was not responsive to input. Somewhat later the clock reappeared (with a delayed time) but the rest of the panel is still unresponsive.Awaiting receipt of timer
Massena, New YorkMy fingers went through the display. The unit seems to still work properly. Please replace the membrane as well if you can repair the part.Repaired
Trabuco Cyn, Californiaoven turns off after about 1 hour , not always but generally when the oven has been on a few hours of baking sometimes it turns off within an hour . I can turn it back on sometimes sometimes F3 code comes on and the clock flashes.Awaiting receipt of timer
Stamford, ConnecticutNo display, cannot use oven.Repaired
Pawtucket, Rhode IslandOven and display intermittently cut out. Display is cracked. Seems pretty clear it's due to the bent door allowing heat to escape and cook the ERC and display.Awaiting receipt of timer