Amana Gas Range ACS3350AB Timer Repair

Amana ACS3350AB Gas Range Features:

Amana ACS3350AB Gas Range
  • One 5,000/4,000 BTU, one 9,100/8,000 BTU and two 12,500/10,000 BTU burners are designed to reduce burnouts from drafts or spills
  • Insta-Broil™ element uses infrared heat; meat cooks extra fast and stays juicy
  • Touchmatic™ Electronic Oven Control; precise control at your fingertips
  • Interior Oven Light lets you check your food without opening the oven door
  • Extra-Large Viewing Window keeps every last cupcake in view
  • Two oven racks let you bake twice as many double chocolate brownies
  • Removable Full Width Storage Drawer keeps pots and pans handy
  • Porcelain Broiler Pan and Grid cleans up easily even after barbecued ribs
  • Self-Cleaning Porcelain Oven makes having a clean oven effortless
  • 30" gas range provides a seamless, built-in look
  • Full-Coverage Grates provide commercial look; makes it easy to move large pots across surface
  • Available in White, Bisque, Black and Stainless Steel to fit you

What is the timer/clock part number for the Amana ACS3350AB Gas Range?

Timer part number 31944801 for Amana ACS3350AB

The ACS3350AB Gas Range uses timer part number 31944801.

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ACS3350AB are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Whirlpool ACS3350AB Gas Range, ACS3350AB-PACS3350AB0, ACS3350AB0

ACS3350AB Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Cabinet Parts diagram
ACS3350AB Gas Range Cabinet Parts diagram
Cavity Parts diagram
ACS3350AB Gas Range Cavity Parts diagram
Main top Parts diagram
ACS3350AB Gas Range Main top Parts diagram
Control panel and gas supply Parts diagram
ACS3350AB Gas Range Control panel and gas supply Parts diagram
Oven door & storage drawer Parts diagram
ACS3350AB Gas Range Oven door & storage drawer Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Mount Airy, MarylandOven would not bake. Set temperature, but oven never warmed up. Clock does work. Service technician did troubleshoot and said cause of failure was timer/control module. Call 301-509-1118 if any questions.Repaired
grand rapids, MichiganThe timer works until it gets hot, maybe 20 minutes or so. then it goes blank and the oven doesn't heat anymore. then after it cools down it comes back to like. sometimes you can just push buttons and it comes back to life. but it is getting worse. Please test it and repair it if possible. Any questions please call me at 616-460-3142 my name is Al Koopman . Thank youAwaiting receipt of timer
Barrie, OntarioGetting F3 code.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Stoneham, MassachusettsTimer pad shuts off and goes black, clock loses time, oven shuts off and pad goes black until it cools downRepaired
Berkeley, CaliforniaOven self-cleaning cycle appears to have burned up some of the the appliance controller circuit board's circuitry.Beyond Repair
Berkeley, Californiaburned out circuit boardBeyond Repair
Mount Airy, MarylandOven does not bake. You set the temperature and the oven never warms up. Clock does work. Local Service Technician did troubleshoot and said cause of failure was electronic timer/control module.Repaired
Jessup, MarylandTimer is shot. Oven door problems let heat cook it and the tabs for the bottom screws slowly broke off. It become harder to set and harder we pushed. It finally fell in, exposing the real problem, heat. Door fixed. The little plastic push pins in the control were so distended from all that pushing that they rested on the little buttons inside when I glued the case together. Pried it apart and added a sliver of plastic to the joint to keep the case from closing all they way. It all works, but a hot oven will shut it down. Don't know if my timer is worth anything at this point, but I would like to get a refurbished unit.Repaired
Hinesburg, Vermontclear face pad is Torn I have another
Oven would operate as long as you had a pot on the stove
Now it shuts itself off after comming to tempature and flashes F3
Abington, PennsylvaniaF3 error code, verified sensor is not at faultRepaired
Montreal, Qu├ębecStops functioning and oven turns off when hot (usually within 15 minutes or so)Awaiting receipt of timer
Chicago, IllinoisA short circuit caused one of the components to burn out.Repaired
Glen Allen, VirginiaDisplay failure and intermittent beeping. Was failing intermittent lay now it fails completely and beeps.Awaiting receipt of timer
Mohnton, PennsylvaniaOven heats up and then the F3 code flashes and beeps. Sometimes it goes off before 350 degrees and sometimes it will heat up to 350 and then go off 10 min later.
Replaced sensor temperature unit - did not solve the problem. Hopefully the problem is now in the control panel and that you can fix it.
Grandville, Mi. 49418, MichiganSometimes oven will not ignite and sometime after oven comes up to
temperature it does not reignite and maintain temperture.
Beyond Repair
Dacula, GeorgiaDear Sirs. (Howard).. I just sent another inquiry to the email listed in here along with a picture of the part and another overview of what is wrong.

At the time, Howard you quoted me a price of $40 for the piece/part but I'm not sure it's what I really need. After reviewing the previous email..please advise.
Thank you ..Frank
Awaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for Amana Gas Range ACS3350AB Timer Repair

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We have an Amana gas slide-in oven/oven. The bake and broil units stopped working (won't ignite) after we had a brownout. The ignition clicks, but no gas or ignition. Surface burners ignited even during the brownout. Amana model #ACS350AB Model 12721346EV Purchased Nov 2004
How is the front panel removed in order to clean lint buildup. Maytag Atlantis Model# XXXXX Ser. # XXXXX Thank you
trying to replace the keypad on my kitchenaide KGRK806. Is there anything online that might help me figure out how to do this on my own? I removed 8 bottom screws from front, but cannot get the entire front off to remove the old keypad.
I own an Amana Md# XXXXX oven. When I turn on the oven the ignitor (glow light) lights up but no gas. If I tap on the gas value then I get gas the the oven ignities. Is it the ignitor or gas value? Thank You John
I have an Amana ACS3350AB gas slide in oven. Recently the electronic control panel began shutting off while I am baking. The oven goes off, the clock, etc. The front panel gets very hot to the touch on the outside of the range. Repair people have been here twice and appear to be guessing about the cause. Any ideas?
I have an Amana gas range with a self clean oven, model ACS3350AB, SN 11541019CR. The oven does not light up and if it does it is done very slowly. Are there any maintenance service for Amana in Puerto Rico?
We got this ac 3 or 4 years ago. Something in moter has failed. It ceases up. My husband kept it working last year by oiling it. Well whatever is supposed to turn doesn't and now oiling doesn't help it to either. My husband order a part from a local place in town and they have to get it from you and they joked that it would take 2 months. Then they said it would take a couple days. one week later my husband called to see if it was in and it wasn't he was told it would take 10-14 days. Well its been over 3 weeks. That way too long. The part cost $60 that is hard enough for us to come up with but we can't afford a new refrigerator either. What's my refrigerator have to do with the AC? Well, when it gets hot and humid my refrigerator does not work well. Last spell the temp was 53. That's not cold enough to keep food but because the house was hot a humid that was the best my fridge could do. I have asthma breathing is not so easy when it's like that either and i have to use my inhalor and