Kenmore Electric Buil-In Oven 9114018813 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Kenmore 9114018813 Electric Buil-In Oven?

Timer part number 342145 for Kenmore 9114018813

The 9114018813 Electric Buil-In Oven uses timer part number 342145.

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9114018813 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Sears 9114018813 Electric Buil-In Oven

9114018813 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Control panel section Parts diagram
9114018813 Electric Buil-In Oven Control panel section Parts diagram
Wire harnesses and components Parts diagram
9114018813 Electric Buil-In Oven Wire harnesses and components Parts diagram
Body section Parts diagram
9114018813 Electric Buil-In Oven Body section Parts diagram
Oven door section Parts diagram
9114018813 Electric Buil-In Oven Oven door section Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
OLIVE BRANCH, MississippiBake or broil is not working there was an error code but not nowBeyond Repair
Jesup, GeorgiaOven heats then shows -F3- after a few minutes after preheating is completed. oven will not stay on. Replaced temp sensor twice as well as bottom burner.Awaiting receipt of timer
Danielsville, Georgiaelements don't heat. have checked elements. one pot swelled up at bottom right corner and leaking onto diodes below it.Beyond Repair
DeQueen, ArkansasBroil still works, when you push the Bake button nothing happens. I had a tech come out and check it, he said the computer board was out. Checked the bake element, it is good.Repaired
holly, Michiganbottom element comes on sometimes even if oven is not turned on. and other times it shuts off when on. temp sensor was tested ok.Awaiting receipt of timer
frederick, Coloradodgital readout not onAwaiting receipt of timer
Miami, FloridaBake element do not work ( it burnt out, and I replace it for a new one) broil part is fine, Thank you for your help.Awaiting receipt of timer
byhalia, Mississippican't set temp on ovenAwaiting receipt of timer
byhalia, Mississippican't set temp on ovenAwaiting receipt of timer
centreville al., Alabamaintermittent f2 and f3 faults. sensor reads good with ohmmeterRepaired

Common problems for Kenmore Electric Buil-In Oven 9114018813 Timer Repair

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Hello, I had a bad clock / oven control unit p/n WB27T10007. On you Kenmore Radiant 30'' Electric Free-Standing oven. I ordered an new unit from Sears. I recieved a replacement part p/n WB27T10208. This is suppose to be a replacement for the old part number. It has a different layout on the back for the wiring to plug in. I dont want to install it wrong and have to start over. I called Sears and asked for help with this, They said i should have recieved a instruction sheet with the new unit. But they dont have a copy. They will try to research this and get back to me in 3-5 days. This is no help and i dont think they are going to be of any help at all. Could you please give me some help with this?
Freestanding electric oven/range Kenmore/Roper Model: 911.9554591 Age: 12 Fault code: None Oven and range seem to work fine, the problem is with the clock/clock. Tried turning the breaker off and then back on and when it comes on it beeps intermittently and the the clock blinks, but neither seem to be at full power. The beeping can hardly be heard at all, and the the clock is so dim I have to cup my hands around it to read it. When I touch any other buttons nothing happens, except when I touch the hour or minute buttons, the beeping changes to one continuous beep. Of course I don’t want to put anything into this old unit, but I don’t want to replace it yet either. We look forward to remodeling in the next year or so. So my questions are not only how to fix it, but if it is too much, how can I disconnect the clock/clock so it stops beeping until it is replaced? I can live with the blinking, but not the beeping.
The oven/broiler/and self-cleaning features are not working. We think it is the clock/oven control (part # WB27T10027). We are wondering, since the range is almost 12 years old-how would we replace a burner if one went out. Is the smooth top, easy to remove, etc. Can you please advise us. We are debating between repairing and replacing the range. Nancy Taylor
The Oven on my Kenmore Self Cleaning Electric oven will not turn off without throwing the Breaker. This just started today, and resulted in a near catastrophe as an unattended casserole was burned to a crisp because the heat was too high (had it set at 250/ appeared to be cooking at 450). The oven is turned off at the control, but comes on when I reset the breaker. Any ideas?
We have a Kenmore radiant free standing oven, model#:911.95482990. It is over 10 years old. We have not had any problems until last evening. I turned the oven off after baking. Sometime after I heard a a loud pop, I wasn't sure where it came from, I looked around the house and didn't notice anything unusual. Later we had left we were gon about 1 1/2 hours. When we returned we smelled something burning in the house. We had discovered our oven was on, with the knob turned off, and it was very hot. My husband pushed the clock buttons and removed the knob, the oven was still on. The only way to turn it off was to unplug it. We checked it again this evening, we are still having the same problems. I had found some similar post with part suggestions. The suggested part is almost $200. I do not want to put a lot of money into a 10 year old oven, and from the research I have done it appears the Kenmore ovens have a long history of issues in this area.
when i turn the oven on the temperature setting appears on the display and the red light comes on but the bake element usually does not heat up.sometimes the element will work.although the last three or four times i tried it would not work.the broiler element does work.i was going to replace the bake element but the guy at the appliance parts store said that if the bake element comes on sometimes then that is not the problem.can you give me any advice.
I have a Magic Chef OVen Model 9112WUA. The oven is going on by itself with the knob in the off position. The ignitor comes on and the gas valve opens with the the knob turned in the off position and it just keeps running as if it is set to broil. I have had to disconnect the ignitor and turn off the gas to get the oven to turn off. Could anyone please give me any halp as to why this would be happening.
Our oven continues to give us an error code of F2. When we hit cancel it goes off for just a few minutes. The upper heating element never comes on. When we put it on bake it goes from 100 to 350 in just a few seconds. Please help