Magic Chef 64HN4TKVWEV Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Magic Chef 64HN4TKVWEV Range?

Timer part number 7601P179-60 for Magic Chef 64HN4TKVWEV

The 64HN4TKVWEV Range uses timer part number 7601P179-60.

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64HN4TKVWEV are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Maytag 64HN4TKVWEV Range, Whirlpool 64HN4TKVWEV Range

64HN4TKVWEV Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Manifold panel - main top Parts diagram
64HN4TKVWEV Range Manifold panel - main top Parts diagram
Body Parts diagram
64HN4TKVWEV Range Body Parts diagram
Gas controls Parts diagram
64HN4TKVWEV Range Gas controls Parts diagram
Door Parts diagram
64HN4TKVWEV Range Door Parts diagram

Common problems for Magic Chef 64HN4TKVWEV Timer Repair

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My Maytag slide-in range Model # XXXXX keeps flashig F - 2. I can make it stop flashing but wonder what it means.
Looking for manual and trouble shooting for Magic Chef range Model 64HN-4TKVW. Broiler either won't go on or goes on and then turns itself off after 10 seconds.
We have had problems with the oven portion of Magic Chef gas range. Range info: Make: Magic Chef Model: 64HN-4TKVW Code: EV Serial Number: 40C2325219866 Date of Purchase: September 1992 The oven portion will not start at times. The oven is set to "bake." The display then shows 100 Deg F for a few seconds, then the display goes blank - the oven does not start. The same thing happens when set to "broil." The igniters do not glow. All of the stovetop burners work ok. Several attempts were made but nothing happened. About 24 hours later a few more attempts are made and eventual both the bake and broil functions are ok. The oven was not used previously for about 1 week. This the second time this has happened in the past 6 months.
Our oven (purchased in '91) doesn't heat to full capacity. When you look thru the holes in the bottom, there are not flames. At this stage, I'm wondering if it's worth the cost of repair or better to buy new.
You gave me a part # XXX a Magic Chef oven Model #64HN 4TKVW EV as #709207. I located the part on the Repair Clinic site, but the panel does not look the same as my oven. The 7 buttons are in one line (see below) whereas, the buttons on my oven are are triangles and alternate up and down, as follows V^V^V (this the best I can do). Is the item # XXX gave me a substitute or compatible with the item #7601P179-60 which is what Sears gave me? Sears advised that their item #7601P179-60 has been discontinued. If this is so, can you advise where I can locate part #7601P179-60 if it is the correct item. Thanks, Glenda Meyer
The LED on the front of my range beeped and went out. The light in the oven and the range top still work.
Magic Chef oven - Mdl# XXXXX SERIAL#41C248824105 . The computer in the oven does not work. Because of this, the oven does not heat up. I have already paid $85. for a technician for an in house diagnosis. I was told that the computer cannot be replaced since Magic Chef is no longer in business. The oven is only approx. 12 years old. How and where cvan I get this repaired/ replaced. I live in New York, my zip code is 10530.
my oven does not heat up like it used to when cooking at 350 it took our turkey more than 3 hrs to cook can you help